Baddie Hairstyles for Straight Hair That Slay 2024

Introduction to Baddie Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Baddie hairstyles have become a huge trend recently among women with straight hair who want to achieve an edgy and stylish look. Characterized by lots of volume, texture, and attitude, baddie hairstyles are perfect for making a statement and showing off your confidence.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about achieving the most popular baddie hairstyles if you have straight hair.

Overview of the Baddie Aesthetic

The “baddie” aesthetic originated from hip hop culture and has now expanded into mainstream fashion and beauty trends. The key aspects of baddie style include:

  • Edgy and bold makeup with a focus on eyes and lips
  • Form-fitting and cropped tops and bottoms
  • Designer, luxury fashion mixed with some casual elements
  • Confident poses and attitudes
  • High-glam beauty and hair looks

Baddie hairstyles are a crucial part of this aesthetic. These hairstyles make a statement with their big, voluminous shapes that add drama and interest. Keep reading to learn more about how to adapt baddie hair to straight locks.

Benefits of Baddie Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Here are some of the reasons you might want to try out a baddie hairstyle if you have straight hair:

  • Create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair
  • Add loads of volume at the roots to make hair look bombshell glamorous
  • Show off beautiful bone structure with slicked and swooped shapes
  • Make fine, limp hair look sexy and edgy
  • Enjoy an attention-grabbing look perfect for nights out and events
  • Express your confident, bold personality through your hairstyle

The Most Popular Baddie Hairstyles for Straight Hair

There are many different baddie hairstyles you can choose from if you have straight hair. Here are some of the most on-trend options right now:

High Ponytails

Slicked-back high ponytails are a go-to baddie hairstyle for straight hair. They create the illusion of longer hair by showcasing the length you do have. Top tips:

  • Use gel or mousse to smooth hair tightly against the scalp
  • Brush hair straight back and secure just above the occipital bone
  • Wrap hair around the hair tie to hide it
  • Leave a few shorter pieces out in the front to frame your face

Half Up, Half Down Styles

Whether it’s a perky half pony or a bouffant half updo, stylish two-part baddie hairstyles work perfectly with straight locks. Ideas to try:

  • Tease the top section for tons of volume
  • Incorporate a deep side part for extra attitude
  • Leave pieces out around the hairline for a face-framing effect
  • Add hair jewels or accessories for extra glam

Slicked Down Bombshell

Super smooth, tightly pulled back hair is essential for the baddie aesthetic. For straightened tresses, try:

  • Using heavy gel or pomade for a sleek look
  • Brushing hair directly back away from the hairline
  • Sitting under a hooded dryer to set the style
  • Applying hairspray for a durable, shiny finish

Textured Topknot Bun

Channel urban edge with a messy knotted bun atop straight stands. Create this look by:

  • Spritzing sea salt spray throughout mid-lengths and ends
  • Securing hair loosely into a top bun, leaving ends poking out
  • Pulling out pieces around the hairline for a casual vibe
  • Adding gold cuffs or chains around the base of the bun

How to Achieve Baddie Volume With Straight Hair

The number one key to perfecting any baddie hairstyle with straight hair is creating big, voluminous roots. Here are some proven tips:

MethodHow It Works
Velcro or Clip-In RollersBy curling just the roots of your hair underneath and leaving lengths straight, you get tons of bombshell lift.
Volumizing Sprays and PowdersSpritz dry shampoo or special volumizing products onto roots to instantly expand fine, flat hair.
BackcombingThis old school method really works! Simply tease hair at the crown backward with a comb for big, boosted body.
BumpitsThese cushiony volumizers were made for the baddie look. Just place one underneath hair at the crown and style as desired over top.

Investing some time into boosting roots pays off for baddie hairstyles. The added lift balances out longer lengths for a bombshell finish.

Additional Volumizing Tips

  • Give hair a blast of cool air all over with your blowdryer on the coldest setting before styling. This smooths the outer cuticle flat so roots have extra body.
  • Avoid conditioner on your scalp area when washing, as this can weigh down fine hair.
  • Add some layers around the crown to encourage the most volume where you want it.
  • Give a quick spritz of texturizing dry shampoo once your style is complete for a model-off-duty matte finish.


With imagination and the right techniques like root boosting, you can totally pull off trending baddie hairstyles even if you have stick-straight hair. A voluminous, interpreter look commands attention and perfectly complements the bold baddie fashion aesthetic.

Have fun trying out slicked back ponies, teased half dos, sleek bombshell looks, messy topknot buns, and more ideas from this guide. The edgy yet glamorous potential is endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baddie Hairstyles for Straight Hair

What hair products work best for baddie styles with straight hair?

Some of the top products for maximizing baddie styles on straight hair include mousse for flexible hold and volume, gel or pomade for slicking styles back sleekly, texturizing spray for messy looks, and dry shampoo for instant lift at the roots between washes.

How can you get volume at the crown if you have thin, straight hair?

Great ways to get lift at the crown if you have fine, straight hair include backcombing vigorously at the roots, using velcro rollers or clip-in hair domes underneath sections to add height, applying volumizing powder just at the roots, and placing a bumpit or hair volumizer underneath the top layer of hair.

What’s the best way to smooth down flyaways for a sleek baddie style?

To get a sleek finish for baddie hairstyles, always start with super straight, smooth dry hair. Then use a boar bristle brush to brush hair tightly back away from the roots and seal with a heavy gel or pomade. Sit under a hooded dryer on a hot setting for 10+ minutes to set the style. Lock everything in place with an ice cold blast from your blowdryer.

Should you create volume all over or just at the crown for baddie hair?

Focus volumizing efforts just at the crown/roots around the top of your head when creating baddie hairstyles. This creates the bombshell lift that’s key to the look while allowing lengths to fall smoothly towards ends. Volumizing all over can look overdone and messy.

How can you get longer-looking ponytails if your hair is medium length?

Try wrapping hair tightly around the base of the ponytail holder, then pancaking the ends by gently pulling & tapping them upwards with your fingers. This helps give the illusion of thicker, longer hair in ponytails. Using spin pins doubled over to hold the ponytail base also hides rubber bands beautifully.

What’s the best way to secure half-updos for the baddie look?

Getting sleek, tight half upstyles that last all day can be tough with fine or silky straight hair. Using some type of molding product like mousse as you pull back and secure sections helps grip hair better. You can also crisscross bobby pins ornately underneath half ponytails to provide a stronger, invisible hold.

How do you get volume at the roots of a top knot while keeping ends flat?

When creating messy top knot baddie buns on straight hair, mist the ends with a smoothing serum or cream to help weigh them down after tying your knot. Then spritz tons of volumizing spray or dry shampoo only onto the visible front roots for tons of lift and body without disturbing your ends.

Can you achieve baddie hairstyles using hot rollers instead of a blowdryer or flat iron?

Absolutely! Hot rollers are amazing for creating voluminous curves and bends at the roots needed for sexy baddie looks. Focus on using jumbo rollers around the crown to maximize lift. Then simply style hair overtop by smoothing back into a ponytail or half updo. The curves around the hairline create perfect bombshell baddie body.

What’s the best way to prep straight hair for effective overnight heatless styling?

Get some wave and volume in straight hair overnight by first washing with volumizing shampoo & conditioner for maximum lift at the cuticle. Skip conditioning the roots and towel blot hair 80% dry. Brush hair straight back using a vented brush before twisting up loosely to pin onto your head in flattened S shapes overnight. Mist with sea salt spray too!

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