Braiding Hair Color Chart – Find Your Perfect Shade & Style 2024

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Discover the perfect braiding hair color chart for you with our easy-to-use color chart guide. We match Xpression, Model Model, Outre, Sensationnel, and other top brands’ color numbers to the coordinating shades and names. Find swatches and descriptions for black, brown, blonde, red, and ombre braiding hair. Our color chart helps you choose between dark, medium, and light shades to complement your complexion. You’ll also learn about different hair textures like kinky, yaki, silky, and curly. See vivid colors like bold purples, blues, greens, and vibrant rainbow hues.

Whether you want classic solids, hand-blended ombres, or trendy shades like platinum and blue-black, our extensive color chart has it all. Learn the differences between pre-stretched vs. non-pre-stretched hair. Get tips on styling techniques for box braids, knotless braids, faux locs, etc. Shop our unbeatable selection of braiding hair and achieve any look you desire with perfect color matches every time. Our color charts empower you to make informed decisions and get salon-worthy results!

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Decoding Braiding Hair Color Chart Numbers

braiding hair color chart numbers
braiding hair color chart numbers

When shopping for braiding hair extensions like Xpression, Model Model, or Outre, you’ll notice each shade is assigned a specific number code. Learning what these numbers correspond to makes selecting your ideal hue much easier. Popular colors for braiding hair include 1B blue-black, 27 medium brown, 30 dark brown, and 350 light brown. Blonde tones like 613 platinum are also trending. Ombre braids feature a fade from dark to light, such as 27/30 or 350/613. You may also see fun fashion colors designated by name, like PINK, PURPLE, and ORANGE.

The color number allows you to identify the exact shade and its undertones. This prevents surprises when your Kanekalon, synthetic, or human hair extensions arrive. Brands aim for consistency, but there can be subtle variations between color numbers across Xpression, Sensationnel, Outre, etc. View color swatches online to compare. And for the most accurate match, purchase from the same brand each time. With the right color chart numbers, you can perfectly complement your complexion and style your dream braided hairstyle.

Exploring the Ruwa Braiding Hair Color Chart

ruwa braiding hair color chart
ruwa braiding hair color chart

Ruwa is a premium brand of braiding hair known for its natural sheen and texture. It offers a diverse color palette for achieving any style. When browsing Ruwa synthetic hair online, you’ll notice each shade is designated by a specific number. Learning these color chart codes makes selecting your perfect hue easy.

Popular Ruwa braiding hair colors include 1B blue-black, 2 soft black, and 4 dark brown for those seeking classic dark shades. Light brown shades like 27 golden brown and 30 amber brown are ideal for a soft, natural look. Vibrant colors are also available, like 613 platinum blonde and 99J burgundy. You’ll even find ombre hair with hand-blended shades like 1B/350 black to brown.

Always reference the Ruwa color chart when ordering to get an accurate match. Comparing swatches across brands like Xpression, Model Model, and Outre can help you find the perfect coordinated shade. With the right color number and online swatch, you’ll get hair extensions that truly complement your complexion and style. Explore the possibilities with Ruwa!

Decoding the Ombre Braiding Hair Color Chart

ombre braiding hair color chart
ombre braiding hair color chart

Ombre braiding hair delivers a beautiful faded effect, with dark roots that gradually lighten towards the ends. When shopping for ombre extensions, you’ll see color combinations listed by number. Learning this color chart code helps you get the perfect shades.

Popular ombre options include 1B/27 for a black-to-brown fade. 4/30 blends dark brown to lighter brown seamlessly. For a more dramatic shift, try 27/613 from brown to platinum blonde. Some brands offer pre-blended ombré hair like Xpression, while others allow you to create customized fades by mixing solid colors.

Always reference ombre braiding hair color charts when ordering online. Swatch comparisons across brands like Model Model, Outre, and Sensationnel can help get accurate shades. Pro tip: stick to the same brand each time for optimal color consistency.

With the right ombre color numbers and swatch guidance, you’ll achieve flawless faded braids, faux locs, twists, and other protective styles. Explore the possibilities!

Choosing Blonde Shades with Braiding Hair Color Charts

blonde braiding hair color chart
blonde braiding hair color chart

Blonde braiding hair offers a fun, striking look for your protective styles. But with so many tones from platinum to strawberry blonde, how do you pick? Reference blonde color charts to find the perfect shade.

Braiding hair brands designate blonde colors by number. Popular options include 613 for an icy platinum and 130 for a buttery beige blonde. Golden hues like 6027 are prized for complementing warm, bronze skin tones beautifully. You can also find hand-blended blonde ombre braids like 27/613 fading from brown to platinum.

When ordering online, carefully compare blonde color swatches across brands like Xpression, Sensationnel, and Model Model. While numbers might match, there can be subtle variations in tone. For the most accurate color-matching, stick with the same brand.

With the right blonde braiding hair color number and swatch guidance, you’ll achieve flawless extensions to match your complexion and style. Explore everything from brilliant platinum to rich caramel blondes and rose gold shades in between. Let your locks shine bright with blonde!

Free Xpression Braiding Hair Color Chart – HfxExtensions

Xpression Braiding Hair Color Chart
Xpression Braiding Hair Color Chart

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Xpression braiding hair color chart! As a leading supplier of high-quality braiding hair extensions, we understand how confusing it can be to pick the perfect hair color when browsing our online selection. That’s why we’ve created this detailed color chart, to help you easily match your desired shade to the corresponding Xpression hair color number.

Whether you’re looking for standard solid colors, fashionable ombré, or even vivid rainbow hues, our color chart has you covered. We’ll explain the different types of Xpression braiding hair, provide color swatches for each shade, and give tips on choosing the right hue to complement your complexion. Read on for everything you need to know about Xpression hair colors!

Xpression Braiding Hair Color Chart Overview

Xpression is one of the most popular brands of synthetic braiding hair, well known for its diverse color selection and ability to hold curls and styles. The standard Xpression color lineup includes over 40 vivid, natural-looking shades ranging from jet black and dark brown to light blonde and platinum.

Recently, Xpression has expanded into trendy ombré braiding hair that fades from dark roots to light ends in two-toned or three-toned combinations. They also offer “Fun fashion colors” like electric blue, cherry red, and pastel purple for the braver fashionistas out there.

The key to easily finding your desired Xpression color is by referencing the specific 4-digit number code assigned to each shade. This takes the guesswork out of choosing between similar hues and ensures you get the exact color match you want.

Types of Xpression Braiding Hair

Xpression braiding hair comes in several different texture and stretch options, which can affect how the color is perceived. Here are the main types to be familiar with:

  • Prestretched – Prestretched Xpression hair has been extended up to twice its normal length through a special process. This allows the braids to hang longer without tangling. The color may appear lighter on stretched hair.
  • Non-prestretched – This is Xpression hair in its natural state before any stretching is done. The color looks rich and intense on non-prestretched braids.
  • Ombré – Ombré hair fades from dark to light, with a dramatic two-toned or three-toned effect. The color transition is seamless.
  • Solid color – This is a single, consistent shade from top to bottom with no color variation.

Choosing Between Ombre and Single Unit Braiding Hair

Ombré braiding hair provides a fun, modern look with an edgy color fade. It lets you enjoy both a darker and lighter shade in one hairstyle. The ombré tends to have a smoother texture and blends together beautifully.

Single-unit shades offer the versatility to mix and match solid colors for a customized, multidimensional look. The colors are rich and intense. You also have the freedom to create your own ombré effect.

Consider your personal taste, desired look, and budget when deciding between ombré or single-unit Xpression braiding hair. Both create stunning braided styles!

Pre-stretched vs. Non-pre stretched Braiding Hair Extensions

Should you choose pre-stretched or non-prestretched Xpression hair? Here are the main factors to consider:

  • Length – Prestretched hair hangs up to 100% longer, for braids that reach your waist or lower. Non-prestretched gives a shorter, more natural length.
  • Texture – Prestretching makes the hair softer and smoother in texture. Non-prestretched has a coarse, wavy texture that mimics relaxed African hair.
  • Color vibrancy – The color appears lighter and slightly muted on pre-stretched hair. Non-prestretched shows the color in its true rich intensity.
  • Styling – Prestretched hair holds curls longer, while non-prestretched may become wavy with styles. Both can be customized with rods or flexi rods.
  • Price – Non-prestretched costs a bit less than the pre-stretched option.

Take these factors into account when deciding between prestretched vs. non-prestretched braiding hair from Xpression.

Xpression Ombre Braiding Hair Color Chart

Here is the official Xpression color chart for their beautiful ombré braiding hair, in two-toned and three-toned options:

Xpression Color NumberColor NameColor Transition
OM1B/301B/30Off Black to Dark Brown
OM30/35030/350Dark Brown to Light Brown
OM2/3502/350Darkest Brown to Medium Brown
OM4/30/3504/30/350Dark Brown/Light Brown/Medium Brown
OM350/6350/6Light Brown to Dark Blonde

As you can see, the color numbers follow the ombré transition from dark to light. This makes it easy to decipher the color palette at a glance.

Keep in mind that ombré hair has a seamless, blended fade between shades. The colors listed indicate the starting and ending hues only. You’ll enjoy a beautiful spectrum of shades blended throughout each strand.

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X-pression Hair Colour Chart Details

Now let’s explore the specific color numbers, names, and swatches for the complete lineup of standard Xpression braiding hair colors. This includes all the gorgeous solids, natural tones, and vivid shades available.

Refer to this helpful chart whenever you need to decipher an Xpression color name or number:

Color NumberColor Name
1Off Black
2Darkest Brown
4Dark Brown
27Medium Brown
30Dark Brown
99JDark Burgundy
350Medium Brown
430Medium Red
450Dark Auburn

Swatches for each shade omitted for length

Whether you want a natural black or light brown or prefer vibrant red and burgundy tones, Xpression has every color family covered. reference this handy guide to match the exact braiding hair color number with its coordinating name.

Golden State Imports Color Chart

Golden State Imports is another top brand known for producing high-quality synthetic braiding hair. Their selection includes various textures like Silky Straight, Yaki, Deep Wave, and Kinky Curly.



The AFB FREED’M Silky Braid collection offers a premium synthetic fiber that mimics the look and feel of human hair. It comes pre-stretched for extended length and has a natural luster.

This line features beautiful solid shades like:

  • 1B – Natural Black
  • 2 – Soft Black
  • 4 – Dark Brown
  • 350 – Light Brown

The color palette ranges from blue-black and dark brown to light blonde and grays for creating natural highlights and dimension.



This pre-stretched AFB Silky Braid provides extra length and sheen for versatile styling. Popular colors include:

  • 30 – Medium Brown
  • 430 – Medium Red
  • 613 – Platinum Blonde

With dark, medium, and light shades available, you can easily match your natural hair color or experiment with highlights.



The AFB Freed’M Yaky texture mimics relaxed African hair with its wavy, crimped pattern. It comes in beautiful solids and blends:

  • T1B/350 – Faded Black to Brown
  • T27/30 – Dark Brown/Light Brown Blend
  • T350/27/30 – Triple Brown Ombre

This line adds bold color and bounces to your braided styles.



The extra long 84-inch Rapunzel braids are made of premium Kanekalon fiber. Vibrant solid shades include:

  • T1B – Pure Black
  • T350 – Rich Brown
  • T27 – Chestnut Brown

Achieve lengthy, lustrous locks in classic dark hues with the Rapunzel collection.



Make a statement with the 84-inch Highlight Rapunzel braids, featuring a hand-blended ombre effect. Shades like T350/30/27 combine brown, auburn, and black for gorgeous dimensions.



As the name states, these jumbo braids offer the original classic Kanekalon texture and sheen. Available in solids like:

  • T1 – Off Black
  • T4 – Espresso Black
  • T350 – Hazelnut Brown

Get that traditional box braids look with extra thickness and bold color.



The Kanekalon Highlight Jumbos feature hand-blended shades like T1B/350, T4/30, and T350/27 for depth and dimension.

Achieve an ombre effect in your jumbo braids without needing to buy multiple packs of hair.



Make a bold fashion statement with the vivid and funky Mood braid shades. This line includes:

  • PINK – Vibrant Pink
  • ORANGE – Fiery Orange
  • PURPLE – Royal Purple

Express your unique style with bright, head-turning colors!



This collection of pre-stretched 54-inch braids has beautiful bounce and waves. Popular natural tones include:

  • 1 – Jet Black
  • 1B – Off Black
  • 4 – Rich Chocolate Brown

Get lengthy, defined curls and coils in dark classic colors.



The Amazon 3X jumbo braids deliver extreme thickness and bulk for an ultra-dramatic look. Colors include:

  • 350 – Golden Brown
  • 613 – Icy Platinum Blonde
  • BLUE BLACK – Deep midnight blue-black

Make a seriously bold statement with these jumbo extra-large braids.



Add unique texture with the fluffy, crimped Feather braids in colors like 1B blue-black, 350 medium brown, and 99J vino red.

The feathered kinks and waves give an eye-catching 3D effect.



This Set of 7 ready-to-wear pre-looped braids makes styling simple. Just braid the extensions into your natural hair.

Shades include T1B black, T350 light brown, T30 chocolate brown, and more.

Solid Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

Solid Kanekalon Jumbo Braid
Solid Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

Kanekalon is loved for its bold color selection, sheen, and texture. Solid shades of jumbo Kanekalon include:

  • T1 – Off Black
  • T1B – Blue-Black
  • T2 – Soft Black
  • T4 – Dark Brown

Achieve beautiful dimensions and definitions with classic solids.

Blended and Mixed Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

Blended and Mixed Kanekalon Jumbo Braid
Blended and Mixed Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

These pre-blended Kanekalon jumbos feature hand-mixed highlights and lowlights for depth. Shades include:

  • T1B/350 – Faded Black to Brown
  • T4/2 – Brown/Black blend
  • T350/30 – Auburn Highlights

Add natural-looking lightness and dark hues throughout each braid.

Blended Ombre Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

Blended Ombré Kanekalon Jumbo Braid
Blended Ombré Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

Make a dramatic statement with Kanekalon’s ombre-effect jumbo braids like:

  • T1B/4/350 – Faded black to brown
  • T4/27 – Dark chocolate ombre
  • T30/350 – Rich auburn fade

The ombre effect provides a beautiful, multidimensional look.

Multicolored Kanekalon Highlight Braid

Multicolored Kanekalon Highlight Braid
Multicolored Kanekalon Highlight Braid

Add some vivid color to your braided style with highlights like:

  • T30/RED – Brown with red streaks
  • T1B/BLONDE – Black with golden streaks
  • T350/PURPLE – Light brown with purple strands

Make a vibrant fashion statement by incorporating fun pops of color.


We hope this guide provides you with everything needed to easily shop for the perfect Xpression or Kanekalon braiding hair color chart. Their diverse selections of solids, blends, ombres, and vivid shades offer gorgeous options for every skin tone and style preference.

Use the color name, number, and swatch comparisons to match your desired hue. And don’t forget to reference our tips on choosing between textures like pre-stretched vs. non-stretched.

With this color chart, you can confidently order your new Xpression braids and achieve a beautiful, professional finish! Reach out if you need any other guidance in selecting your ideal braiding hair color chart from our extensive inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions braiding hair color chart

Here are answers to 10 common questions about braiding hair color chart:

What are the color numbers for braiding hair?

Braiding hair uses a numerical code to identify each color, such as 1B for black or 350 for light brown. Brands like Xpression have their own standardized color numbers.

What color hair should I get for braids?

Consider complementing your skin tone – light bronze or tan skin suits warm shades like golden blonde or reddish brown. Darker skin-pops against black, dark brown, or ombre shades.

What color is 27 braiding hair?

Number 27 in the Xpression color chart means medium brown, which is a rich chestnut brown shade.

How do I choose a braid color?

Think about your skin tone, eye color, and personal style preferences. You can also base it on your current hair color. Highlights add dimension.

What are the color numbers for braiding hair?

Brands like Xpression, Outre, Sensationnel, and Model Model use numbered codes like 27, 350, 430, etc. to identify specific colors.

What color is a 27 in braiding hair?

27 is a medium brown color in brands like Xpression, Sensationnel, and Outre. It is a rich chocolate chestnut brown shade.

What braiding color is 30?

Number 30 is considered a dark brown in many brands. It’s slightly lighter than a 27, with warm chestnut undertones.

How do I choose a braiding hair color?

Consider skin tone, eye color, and personal style. Darker shades work well on darker complexions, while lighter bronze skin suits softer browns or blondes.

What is Ruwa braiding hair?

Ruwa is a top-quality brand of fiber braiding hair from Asia, known for its natural sheen and durability. It comes in colors like 1B blue-black, 613 platinum, and dark browns.

What color is 27 in braiding hair?

Number 27 is a medium brown shade in brands like Xpression and Model Model. It’s darker than 350 light brown but lighter than 4 dark brown.

This covers the key questions around selecting the perfect braiding hair color chart. Let us know if you need any other guidance in choosing your shades!