Maintain the Glow : Tips for Gilded Cocoa Hair 2024

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Gilded cocoa hair color is taking the beauty industry by storm as a trend that flatters and illuminates brunette hair. With its multidimensional hues like ash brown, chocolate, and caramel, gilded cocoa brings out the depth and natural shine of brown locks. Celebrities and salon colorists alike are embracing this hair trend for its ability to make brown hair exciting yet wearable. Subtle or bold applications of cocoa butter balayage and babylights create glossy, shimmering chocolatey highlights tailored to enhance every brunette shade.

Hair color brands like Kevin Murphy are leading the way with salon-quality cocoa colors that keep hair healthy. For sensuous, dimensional hair color that intrigues the eye, it’s hard to beat gilded cocoa’s decadent, chocolatey allure. Brunettes, get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again with this sweet, spiced-up color trend.

Cocoa Butter Might Be Hair Color Brunettes Have Been Craving All Along

When it comes to hair color, brunettes know how to make an entrance. From rich chocolates to subtle caramels, brunette shades exude understated elegance and timeless beauty. Now more than ever, Gilded Cocoa hues are rising to the top as a trending color for brunettes.

These multi-dimensional brunette tones blend seamlessly to create looks that are simultaneously striking yet soft. Infused with glossy cocoa butter depths, this hair color trend lets brunettes make a statement while staying true to their roots.

Cocoa Butter Hair Color Demystified

Cocoa butter hair color has become a major trend, but you may still have questions about how exactly it works and the process behind it. Here’s a deeper look at what makes this dimensional brunette style unique:

The Technique

Cocoa butter hair is achieved using balayage, a freehand highlighting technique. The colorist paints buttery caramel and chocolate hues directly onto the mid-lengths and ends of hair strands to mimic natural variations of color. This creates a graduated, diffused look.

The Formula

What sets cocoa butter shades apart is the warm, brown color palette. Expect lush chocolates, shimmering hazelnuts, spiced cinnamon, and glistening caramels. Cooler ash browns may also be incorporated for added dimension. The formulas are semi- or demi-permanent dyes.

The Color Range

There are light, medium, and dark variations of cocoa butter hair. A light version might feature buttery caramel baby lights on a medium brown base. The darkest iteration could have ribbons of black cocoa woven through inky espresso-brown lengths.

The Maintenance

Upkeep is fairly easy since new growth blends into the highlighted lengths. Expect to get touch-ups every 10-12 weeks. Use a coloring conditioner or glaze in between for optimal shine and to combat brassiness.

The Cost

Pricing varies widely based on your natural hair and the skill level of the colorist. Partial highlighting can start at $150 but a full head of balayage at an upscale salon could run $400+. Upkeep touch-ups and gloss treatments will add to the cost. Shop around for pricing.

Discover the Irresistible Charm of Cocoa Butter Hair Color for Brunettes

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is known for its hydrating and nourishing abilities thanks to compounds like fatty acids and antioxidants. Turns out it also lends its glowing properties beautifully to hair color! Cocoa butter shades for brunettes are swirling with depth, dimension, and shine.

“Cocoa butter colors add shine and give off rich warmth without being brassy or overdone,” explains Kate Reid, COLOR.ME Collection Creator for Kevin Murphy. Rather than flat or monochromatic, cocoa butter hair incorporates contrast and texture.

“It’s all about seamless color melt – keeping the base and roots soft and natural but still weaving in those warm cocoa butter pieces to build out gorgeous dimension,” describes Reid.

Breaking Trends: The Allure of Cocoa Butter Hair Shades for 2018

Cocoa butter brunette is poised to become a major hair color trend this year and beyond. “No more tortured no-tone browns – this new breed of brunette has luminosity and life,” says Reid.

For brunettes, chocolate and caramel shades never truly go out of style. But there’s something special about the way cocoa butter colors are crafted that makes this trend feel fresh and exciting.

Cocoa butter hair stems from the balayage technique of painting on color for a natural look. But the colors used – rich mochas, shimmering hazelnuts, creamy caramels – give it that irresistible cocoa butter edge.

“It’s the perfect way for brunettes to indulge their sweet tooth!” Reid exclaims.

KEVIN.MURPHY’s COLOR.ME Collection Unveils the Magic of Cocoa Butter

The hair color experts at KEVIN.MURPHY is pioneering gorgeous cocoa butter tones with its 2018 COLOR.ME collection. Launched by Kate Reid, the collection focuses on wearable hair colors blended to perfection.

“Cocoa butter shades are a key component of the new collection. They’re rich and glossy yet soft enough to make hair touchable, healthy, and vibrant,” describes Reid.

The extensive range allows brunettes to find their perfect cocoa butter match. From barely-there babylights to warm caramel kisses, the possibilities are deliciously endless.

Elevate Your Brunette Look with the Richness of Gilded Cocoa

Ready to take your brunette hair to the next level of multi-tonal radiance? Cocoa butter hair color could be your new signature look. Here’s why this indulgent trend should be on your hair wish list:

The allure of depth – Cocoa butter shades incorporate light and dark for added dimension. The contrast creates volume and fullness.

Touchable texture – Pieces of cocoa butter hues woven throughout your hair mimic your hair’s natural variance. Looks touchably soft, not flat.

A glossy finish – Cocoa butter colors offer shine and luminosity without appearing greasy or fake. Your hair will radiate health.

Flattering warmth – The caramel and chocolate notes flatter a wide range of complexions with their rich, warm hues.

Low maintenance – Cocoa butter hair blends gracefully into your natural roots and tones as it grows out. Easy upkeep.

Subtle but statement-making – It makes an impact without going overboard. Proof brunettes can have fun with color too!

Gilded Cocoa Hair Color: A Timeless Twist on Classic Brunette

gilded cocoa hair color
gilded cocoa hair color

For devoted brunettes who aren’t looking to make a drastic change, cocoa butter hair color provides the perfect boost. It celebrates the depth and beauty of your natural brunette tones while adding a modern dimension.

Rather than covering up your base, cocoa butter shades find ways to enhance it. The look capitalizes on the relaxing and luxurious associations people have with chocolate and caramel hues.

“Cocoa butter hair creates glossy warmth and texture without compromising the integrity of your base. For brunettes, it’s an exciting way to bridge hair color trends with timeless style,” says expert Reid.

Whether you opt for subtle highlights or go for more defined ribbons of color, this mouth-watering trend lets your inner brunette shine.

The Art of Dimension: Gilded Cocoa Balayage for Brunettes

One of the most popular techniques for cocoa butter hair is balayage, a form of freehand highlighting. The stylist paints strokes of color directly onto sections of the hair to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

For brunettes yearning for the glossy multi-tonal dimension of cocoa butter hair, balayage is the perfect vehicle. The seamless blend of new and existing hair provides texture without bluntness or obvious regrowth lines.

“Balayage lets us craft that melting pot of cocoa depths – some pieces will catch the light, others will blend into the base. The effect is rich yet still undone,” says Reid.

Whether applied sparsely for a hint of caramel or generously to unveil more contrast, balayage with cocoa butter tones is a foolproof way to get dimensional color while letting your inner brunette shine through.

Gilded Cocoa Hair: Embracing Subtle Elegance in Brunette Tones

gilded cocoa hair
gilded cocoa hair

For those who cherish their natural brunette hair, the concept of dyeing it can be daunting. Will I still look like myself? Will I regret saying goodbye to my low-maintenance color? Cocoa butter hair is the solution.

Rather than overriding your natural hair, it works in harmony with those gorgeous brunette bases. No need to worry about outgrowing a fake-looking color.

“Cocoa butter hair is the perfect way for brunettes to enhance their color while staying true to themselves. It celebrates all the depth and glossiness that makes brown hair so beautiful,” says Reid.

The result is brunette hair brought to life – rich and multi-faceted without any harsh lines. For subtle elegance, cocoa butter hair colors lead the way.

The Allure of Gilded Cocoa Color

gilded cocoa color
gilded cocoa color

Gilded cocoa has emerged as a trendsetting hair color for brunettes wanting to add dimension and shine. With its blend of ash browns, chocolate hues, and glistening caramels, gilded cocoa delivers richness and warmth with a glossy finish. The seamless blend of dimensional tones creates natural-looking highlights and hair variations tailored to enhance brunettes’ natural beauty.

Salon colorists like Kate Reid of COLOR.ME recommends balayage and babylight techniques to paint hair with shimmering cocoa shades. When properly maintained with gloss treatments and products like Kevin Murphy’s COLOR.ME Collection, the subtle elegance of cocoa butter hair color can last 4-6 weeks. Gilded cocoa adds versatility for brunettes, allowing them to achieve a natural look with hair transformations that inspire. From subtle cinnamon shimmers to bold chocolate glazes, gilded cocoa’s color flow lets brunettes indulge in hair color luxury.

Kate Reid’s Insight: Crafting Seamless Dimension with Gilded Cocoa

Kate Reid is an acclaimed colorist and the creator of KEVIN.MURPHY’s 2018 COLOR.ME collection which spotlights wearable yet eye-catching hair colors like the cocoa butter trend. Here, she shares her expert tips for making this lush brunette look work for you:

Start with baby lights – “For brunettes new to hair color, I suggest starting subtle with baby lights – delicate strands of buttery highlights through the front hairline to brighten and frame the face.”

Focus on mid-lengths – “Concentrate any bolder strokes of cocoa butter color from the mid-lengths down to prevent obvious regrowth later on.”

Alternate tones – “Incorporate both cool and warm-leaning cocoa tones for maximum shine, depth, and dimension.”

Blend the base – “Use a demi-permanent glaze to soften and blend the base color into your highlights for a seamless look.”

Add gloss treatments – “Boost shine further with occasional clear glossing treatments. They’ll make cocoa butter colors come to life with glassy radiance.”

From Ashy Mocha to Chocolate Sundae: Cocoa Butter Hair Inspirations

Ready to indulge in Gilded Cocoa hair color? Here are 12 luscious shade ideas to inspire your next salon visit:

Ashy Mocha: Subtle Elegance in Chocolate Tones

Ashy Mocha
Ashy Mocha

For brunettes seeking a subtle update, ashy mocha adds seamless dimension in cool chocolate tones. “This look employs balayage and baby lights to create soft, face-framing brightness around the hairline and ends,” explains KEVIN.MURPHY Color Design Director Kate Reid. The ashy nuance modernizes the mocha base while creating movement.

“It’s perfect for low-maintenance clients who want to dip their toe into balayage but prefer a more natural look,” says Reid. The blend of chocolate and ash creates an elegant version of this trendy hair color.

Sun-Kissed: Adding Gold-Tinted Balayage to the Mix


Taking cocoa hair to a warmer place, sun-kissed introduces golden balayage for a summery radiance. Babylights start mid-shaft and continue through the ends, leaving the roots darker. The seamless blend of chocolate and caramel produces dimensional color with lots of natural light reflection.

“This is a beautiful option for brunettes with thicker hair textures who want lots of movement without high contrast,” explains Reid. The subtle sun-kissed pieces provide a radiant update while staying true to the model’s gorgeous chocolate base.

Toned Down Brown: Softness Through Natural Tones

Toned Down Brown
Toned Down Brown

Not every brunette wants bold balayage when enhancing their hair color. For a subtle sunkissed effect, toned-down brown employs gentle baby lights concentrated around the face. “This adds soft dimension while keeping the overall look natural,” notes Reid.

Neutral beige and mocha baby lights provide delicate brightness and dimension against the rich chocolate base color. The seamlessly blended tones create a multi-dimensional look with a soft, natural finish.

Chocolate Shag: Rich Warm Brown with Layered Style

Chocolate Shag
Chocolate Shag

The chocolate shag combines rich, warm chocolate hues with lots of layered texture. The shoulder-length cut with piece ends enhances the dynamic color. “This look is all about movement,” says Reid. “The color complements the shattered ends to create fluidity.”

The chocolate base incorporates ribbon-like stripes of lighter caramel and mocha babylights. The ribbons weave through the mid-lengths and ends. Together with the shattered cut, the stripes generate remarkable dimension and natural glow.

Dark Cocoa: Effortless Deep Brunette Beauty

Dark Cocoa
Dark Cocoa

For brunettes seeking a sultry update, dark cocoa delivers stunning depth through inky chocolate tones with blue undertones. The ultra-dark color embodies a lush, reflective dimension.

“This is one of the most luxurious cocoa variations,” explains Reid. “It has an expensive, salon-quality feel with its multidimensional cool undertones and insane shine.”

A touch of ash throughout maintains the cool undertone against the intense cocoa base. Dark cocoa brings out the most regal, polished dimension of this classic shade.

Face-Framing Babylights: Adding Dimension with Precision

Face-Framing Babylights
Face-Framing Babylights

Strategically placed baby lights transform hair color with subtle precision. As the name suggests, face-framing baby lights focus on the front hairline and crown to flatter facial features.

“I love this technique for creating natural-looking dimension and brightness exactly where you want it,” shares Reid. “It’s very customizable.”

The babylights can be any tone from platinum and buttery blondes to beiges, mochas, and caramels. Tailored placement during application makes for a polished yet organic color dimension.

Hazelnut Balayage: Enhancing Natural Brunette Hues

Hazelnut Balayage
Hazelnut Balayage

For brunettes seeking natural enhancement, hazelnut balayage introduces sun-kissed lightness while preserving the integrity of the base color. Ultra-fine babylights in beige-hazelnut tones are painted through the mid-lengths and ends.

“This technique flatters darker brunettes who want subtle warmth and brightness,” explains Reid. “The hazelnut ribbons blend seamlessly into the chocolate base for a soft, organic look.”

Concentrating the ribbons on the lower portions of hair prevents over-lightening at the regrowth. The result is a natural-looking balayage brightening.

Warm Cinnamon: From Chocolate Brown to Red-Brown Shades

Warm Cinnamon
Warm Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a gorgeous choice for brunettes seeking a seamless transition into red tones. Warm cinnamon mixes chocolate and cinnamon red hues for remarkable richness and shine.

“This color features a chocolate brown base that transforms into cinnamon at the mid-shaft and ends,” describes Reid. “It’s a beautiful option for fall.”

Fine baby lights in spiced auburn and red violet melt into the chocolate roots. The color shift appears organic but is done with great precision. Warm cinnamon lets brunettes go spicy for the season.

Caramel Kisses: Subtle Hues for a Lived-In Look

Caramel Kisses
Caramel Kisses

For brunettes who prefer subtle colorwork, caramel kisses impart barely-there brightness in buttery blonde tones—ultra-fine baby lights painted through the mid-lengths to ends provide delicate lightness against the neutral-cool cocoa base.

“I love using caramel babylights to create a lived-in look on darker hair,” shares Reid. The micro-fine ribbons of sunshine make hair color appear natural and organic. Caramel kisses are the perfect choice for low-key brunettes.

Warm Babylights: Vibrant Touches for a Blunt Bob

Warm Babylights
Warm Babylights

Short hair can still have fun with color! Warm baby lights enliven a classic blunt bob with face-framing pops of vibrancy. Beige and caramel ribbons are concentrated at the crown to maximize lightness and dimension.

“The placement is very intentional to create striking color around the face,” explains Reid. “This technique works beautifully on shortcuts to enhance the texture and movement.”

The baby lights provide a striking update against the sleek, geometric bob shape and chocolate base shade.

Cinnamon Mocha: Silky Finish with Cool and Warm Tones

Cinnamon Mocha
Cinnamon Mocha

Cinnamon mocha achieves stunning chocolate dimension through the artful blend of ash, chocolate, and red tones. The cool ash lowlights contrast beautifully with warm cinnamon and caramel ribbons throughout.

“This combo of tones creates amazing depth and luminosity,” says Reid. “It’s perfect for brunettes wanting lots of dimension with both cool and warm tones.”

The meticulous placement of the lowlights and baby lights allows the various hues to complement each other. The final effect is a silky color flow.

Chocolate Sundae: A Full Gradient of Chocolate Tones

Chocolate Sundae
Chocolate Sundae

Celebrating the versatility of chocolate hair, the chocolate sundae look incorporates five distinct cocoa tones in a seamless ombre cascade. The color journey goes from dark mocha roots to milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and cocoa.

“This look shows off how stunning and multidimensional chocolate brown hair can be,” says Reid. “The gradient effect creates color flow like a decadent sundae from root to tip.”

Blended with artistry and precision, the cocoa tones generate a rich, glossy dimension full of natural light-reflective tones. Chocolate sundae is a true celebration of cocoa’s beauty.

Whether you crave subtle natural enhancement or bold dimensional color, cocoa butter offers gorgeous versatility for brunettes. From ashy mocha to chocolate sundae, these chocolatey shades empower fabulous hair transformations. Consult your colorist to find your perfect cocoa variation for the season.

Step into the World of Multi-Dimensional Beauty with Cocoa Butter Hair

For brunettes, Gilded Cocoa hair color unlocks a decadent world of glossy multi-tonal radiance. It celebrates the irresistible depth of your natural hair while opening up new possibilities.

“This is chocolate and caramel hair done the sophisticated way – rich, shiny, and full of dimension. For my fellow brunettes, it’s the modern update your hair deserves!” says Reid.

So don’t hold back – unleash the possibilities of your hair with cocoa butter balayage, baby lights, ribbons, and more. This luscious hair color trend will leave people craving your shiny, touchable brunette mane.

Introduction The gilded Cocoa hair color trend is popular among brunettes


  • Flatters and illuminates brown hair
  • Dimensional, indulgent hues like ash brown, chocolate, caramel
  • Brings out depth and shine in brunette hair

Celebrity and Salon Popularity

  • Embraced by celebrities, colorists, brunette fashionistas
  • Fun yet wearable for brunettes

Hair Color Brand Popularity

  • KEVIN.MURPHY leading cocoa butter hair colors
  • Tailored to enhance all brunette shades

Sensuality and Allure

  • Hard to beat the chocolatey, dimensional allure
  • Brunettes fall in love with hair again

The gilded cocoa hair color trend allows brunettes to experiment with exciting new tones while keeping their natural base. Babylights and balayage techniques help paint the hair with nuanced cocoa shades that mimic natural highlight variations. When expertly blended, gilded cocoa adds a glossy definition and intrigues the eye through its melange of delicious, decadent hues.

As a bonus, the cocoa butter tones provide extra moisture to condition and soften tresses. With proper maintenance, the cocoa brown color lasts 4-6 weeks before needing a refresh. Whether you opt for subtle melted chocolate baby lights or go bold with swirls of cocoa glaze, gilded cocoa offers brunettes a chance to indulge in hair color luxury. Let this sweet trend add some spice and brilliance to your brown locks.

Exploring Cocoa Color and Its Design Applications

cocoa color
cocoa color

Cocoa is a rich, warm, and earthy medium brown color that takes its name from the seeds of the cocoa bean plant used to make chocolate. It falls within the brown color family and has a hue code of 22 degrees on the color wheel, placing it in the orange-to-brown color spectrum. With a medium lightness and medium saturation, cocoa is a versatile neutral that pairs well with many colors.

Cocoa color has RGB values of R 210, G 105, and B 30. In the CMYK color system used for print design, its percentages are C 16%, M 59%, Y 84%, and K 18%. The HEX code for cocoa is #D2691E. Other ways to specify this color include HSL 43°, 59%, 41%, and HSV 22°, 84%, 82%. Cocoa is slightly lighter and more muted than pure brown colors like raw sienna or burnt umber. It falls somewhere between the color of milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

In web design and digital applications, cocoa can provide a pleasant accent pop while still being legible against white backgrounds. For example, it works nicely for call-to-action buttons to capture users’ attention. Cocoa also looks modern and stylish when used subtly in page backgrounds or gradient effects. Combining cocoa with lighter tans or beiges creates an earthy, natural color palette. For printing projects like brochures and packaging, cocoa can establish a warm, inviting brand identity when used as a primary or secondary color.

Analogous colors that go well with cocoa include other earth tones like burnt orange, olive, gold, beige, tan, and light brown. Cooler complementary shades like pastel blue, slate gray, and pale purple also work nicely, creating a harmonious split complementary palette. Vibrant accents like teal, lime green, brick red, or bright yellow give an exciting and energetic contrast against cocoa’s mellow earthiness.

Cocoa color bears resemblance to the soft brown of a teddy bear, the tan clay used in pottery, or the rich dirt tones found in nature. Its versatility and inherently organic vibe make cocoa an ideal choice for designs wanting to convey comfort, approachability, and simple beauty. Whether used minimally or making a bold statement, cocoa’s blend of neutrality and color helps create engaging visuals across many contexts and media.

Cocoa for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

cocoa hair
cocoa hair

Cocoa, renowned for its rich sweetness and antioxidant qualities, also offers surprising benefits for hair health and beauty. With its wealth of essential nutrients, cocoa nourishes hair, enhances shine, and helps defend against damage when used in hair care regimens.

Cocoa is rich in vitamin B1, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients that promote strong, healthy hair. The natural oils in cocoa moisturize the scalp and hair. This helps reduce dryness and adds a luminous shine to hair’s appearance. The antioxidant properties of cocoa also help protect hair from environmental stressors and free radicals that can weaken strands over time.

Regularly using cocoa butter or cocoa oil can boost hair hydration and sheen while smoothing frizz and flyaways. The antimicrobial effects of cocoa may also help reduce dandruff by inhibiting fungal growth on the scalp. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can further soothe irritation and sensitivity. For curly hair types, cocoa’s emollient qualities enhance definition and cut down on frizz.

By nourishing the scalp and follicles, cocoa may prevent excessive shedding and hair loss. It stimulates circulation to encourage growth and new hair production. Using cocoa butter as a scalp massage oil or incorporating it into a deep conditioning hair mask provides these nourishing benefits. The rich oils help moisturize and hydrate hair without leaving excess buildup or greasiness.

At hair salons, cocoa can be an ingredient in customized hair treatments and products like shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams. Cocoa butter adds shine and softness to hair while providing protection. Stylists may also recommend home hair care regimens with cocoa butter to boost hair health between salon visits. For brides and special occasions, cocoa can add lasting shine and touchable softness to fancy updo styles.

The luxurious scent of chocolate provides sensory pleasure as well. Whether applied at home or by haircare professionals, cocoa imparts hair with beauty, vitality, and radiance. Regular cocoa hair treatments promote full, shiny, healthy locks from root to tip. Let cocoa’s sweet hydration and nourishment transform your hair into its most touchably soft, luminously beautiful state.

Cocoa Powder for Natural, Temporary Hair Coloring

cocoa hair color
cocoa hair color

Cocoa powder has become a popular natural hair dye option during quarantine. Made from pressed, fermented cocoa beans, the powder imparts a temporary chocolate brown tone when applied to hair. Besides coloring, cocoa also provides conditioning benefits for stronger, healthier hair.

Compared to chemical dyes, cocoa powder offers a gentle, low-risk way to experiment with hair color at home. It contains antioxidants, caffeine, vitamins, and minerals that nourish the scalp and strands. The coarse texture also provides light exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and product buildup.

To use cocoa for hair coloring, mix 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder with enough water or conditioner to form a thick paste. Apply this mixture thoroughly to clean, and dry hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Cover hair with a shower cap and let the cocoa treatment sit for at least one hour before rinsing.

For best results, apply gentle heat with a hairdryer while the cocoa is on your hair. The warmth helps the color better penetrate and absorb into hair strands. Rinse until the water runs clear. Finish by conditioning hair to restore moisture and smooth the cuticle.

The hair coloring results will be subtle, adding different tones depending on your original hair color. Blondes may see a light chocolate brown or subtle ombre effect. Brunettes can achieve richer chocolate and mocha hues. For deeper color saturation, repeat the cocoa treatment weekly. Always do a patch test first to check for sensitivities.

Cocoa is not a permanent hair dye and will gradually fade with each wash. While less dramatic than chemical dye, it allows experimentation with minimal commitment. The conditioning benefits also improve hair’s health and shine over time. Cocoa hair treatments boost volume and help control frizz as well.

So if you feel like temporarily changing up your look with a chocolate brown tone, give the cocoa powder hair coloring trend a try. Customize the results by using more or less cocoa powder, modulating the processing time, or combining it with other natural colorants like coffee, cinnamon, or turmeric powder. With its nourishing ingredients and conditioning effects, you have nothing to lose.

Achieve Gilded, Golden Locks at Premiere Hair Salon

gilded hair
gilded hair

Gilded hair is having a moment, with shimmering golden blond and bronze tones trending for 2023. To achieve this luxury look, book your next hair appointment at Gilded Hair Studio in New Braunfels, TX. Our premier salon specializes in gilded lived-in color and modern techniques for natural-looking radiance.

With our balayage, highlighting, and blonding services, we can create dimensional golden hues that catch the light beautifully. Our expert colorists blend seamlessly from your roots to tips for a bright yet believable look. We use high-quality color products and methods that prevent damage and keep hair healthy.

In addition to all-over color, we also offer partial gilded coloring just on the mid-lengths and ends. This creates a gorgeous sun-kissed ombre effect. We can also incorporate shades of beige, rose gold, and copper for added multidimensionality. Our color services range from subtle brightening for brunettes to dramatic lightening for platinum blonde.

At Gilded Hair Studio, we stay on top of the latest trends and techniques for gorgeous lived-in color. From hand-painted balayage to customizable foils, our approaches are tailored to enhance your natural beauty. We also offer specialty treatments like Brazilian blowouts for sleek, frizz-free styling.

To complete your golden goddess look, we provide high-end hair extensions. Our lightweight invisible bead extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair for undetectable length and volume. We also offer hand-tied weft extensions for easy maintenance, styling, and optimal comfort.

As a premier luxury hair salon, we believe in making clients feel pampered and indulged. Our suite-style stations provide privacy while our team provides five-star service. We carry top professional brands and constantly train on the latest methods. Contact us today to book your gilded hair transformation. With our balayage, extensions, and exclusive services, we guarantee beautiful results that make you shine.

Achieving a Rich, Dark Cocoa Hair Color

Dark Cocoa Hair Color
Dark Cocoa Hair Color

Dark cocoa hair color is a gorgeous choice for a dramatic, eye-catching hairstyle. This rich brown shade with subtle warm undertones can completely transform your look. Here’s some advice on achieving a beautiful dark cocoa hair color.

To reach the deep, multi-dimensional tones of dark cocoa brown, you’ll likely need to color your hair. Most natural hair colors won’t be dark enough straight out of the gate. For best results, consult a hair color specialist for a custom dye job with expert blending and highlighting.

Depending on your starting shade, you may need pre-lightening first to remove warmth before applying the dark cocoa color. Expert highlighting and lowlighting can also add depth and dimension. A mixture of cool and warm brown tones will create the most natural-looking dark cocoa shade.

To maintain your dark cocoa color, use shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for brunette and colored hair. These will keep your shade rich and vivid while preventing brassiness. Also avoid over-washing, which can cause the color to fade more quickly. Consider a glossing treatment every 4-6 weeks as well.

If you want to gradually enhance your natural brunette color into a dark cocoa bronde look, consider subtle caramel or honey highlights around the face. You can also opt for a balayage technique with hand-painted brown lowlights through the lengths and ends. This will create texture and movement.

No matter your natural hair color or texture, a skilled colorist can help you achieve beautiful, salon-worthy dark cocoa hair. Schedule a consultation to discuss your hair goals. With the right techniques and products, this trendy shade can become your perfect cool-toned brown. Flaunt those rich cocoa locks with confidence!

Get An Intense Cocoa Hair Color With Keratin Color

Intense Cocoa Hair Color
Intense Cocoa Hair Color

If you’re looking to achieve a rich, intense cocoa hair color, try Keratin Color from Schwarzkopf. This permanent hair dye delivers salon-quality color results with extra care for your hair.

Keratin Color uses a nourishing cocoa complex with provitamin B5, keratin, and argan oil. This allows the dye to penetrate while conditioning, protecting, and smoothing your strands. The result is an intense color payoff with minimized hair damage.

For best results, start with clean, unconditioned hair and apply their Color Freeze pre-color serum from roots to ends. This primes hair to maximize color vibrancy and shine while preventing breakage.

Keratin Color comes in over 60 shades, including warm and cool-toned options for a custom cocoa hue. It provides 100% gray coverage for touch-ups. You can boost color intensity by leaving the dye on for longer during processing.

The unique K-Bond Plex technology rebuilds broken keratin bonds in your hair caused by coloring. This further helps reduce damage and breakage for hair that looks and feels healthier.

To get that intense cocoa color from root to tip, apply the color evenly throughout clean, dry hair. Leave on for 30-35 minutes, then rinse until water runs clear. Finish with their Color Restore Mask for lasting richness and nourishment.

With Schwarzkopf Keratin Color, you can confidently go for an intense all-over permanent color. The keratin-enriched formula with built-in bond repair ensures shiny, healthy-looking results in your desired cocoa tone.

Say goodbye to lackluster color and damaged locks. With Keratin Color’s nourishing ingredients and damage-blocking technology, you can achieve intense, salon-worthy cocoa hair color looks at home.

The Costs of Gilded Cocoa Hair Color

  • Average price range for achieving the look at salons
  • Cost comparison of professional coloring vs at-home dyes
  • The ongoing expenses for maintaining the gilded cocoa color

Unveiling the Richness of Cocoa Hair Color: Your Guide to DIY, Similar Shades, and Care

Cocoa hair color has become a sensation in the world of brunettes. This rich, multi-dimensional hue offers a captivating depth that flatters a wide range of skin tones. But what exactly is cocoa hair color, and how can you achieve it yourself? This comprehensive guide explores the world of cocoa hair, delving into DIY methods, comparisons with similar shades, and essential hair care tips.DIY Aspect: Achieving Cocoa Hair at HomeFor adventurous souls, achieving a cocoa hair color at home is a tempting option. However, it’s crucial to manage expectations and understand the limitations. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Natural Dyes: While some articles tout the benefits of using cocoa powder or coffee for dyeing hair, these methods offer unpredictable results and can damage hair.Temporary vs. Permanent Dyes: If you’re new to DIY hair coloring, consider a temporary cocoa hair color rinse or a semi-permanent dye. These options offer a low-commitment way to experiment with the shade.Box Dyes: Box dyes can be a convenient option, but results might vary depending on your starting hair color. Opt for a shade labeled “cocoa brown” or “dark chocolate” for the closest match.Strand Test: Always perform a strand test before applying any dye to your entire head. This helps you assess the final color and check for allergic reactions.

Comparison with Similar Colors: Unveiling the NuancesThe world of brunette hair offers a spectrum of shades, and cocoa hair color sits beautifully within it. Here’s how it compares to some close relatives:

  • Chocolate Brown Hair Color: Chocolate brown is a broader category that encompasses cocoa hair color. It can range from cool-toned to warm-toned, while cocoa hair leans more towards the warm side with subtle reddish or golden highlights.Brunette Hair Color: Brunette hair color is an even broader umbrella term encompassing all shades of brown hair. Cocoa hair falls under the dark brunette category with a rich, almost chocolatey depth.

Hair Care: Maintaining the Cocoa DreamOnce you achieve your desired cocoa hair color, proper care is essential to maintain its vibrancy and protect your hair’s health. Here are some key hair care tips:

  • Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner: Invest in a color-safe shampoo and conditioner designed to minimize color fading.Minimize Heat Styling: Heat can damage colored hair. Minimize heat styling tools or use them with a heat protectant spray.Deep Conditioning: Regular deep conditioning treatments help replenish moisture lost during the coloring process. Opt for masks formulated for colored hair.Sun Protection: Sunlight can cause color fading. Use a leave-in conditioner with UV protection or wear hats when spending time outdoors.

Choosing the Best Hair Dye for Cocoa Hair:For a professional and long-lasting cocoa hair color, consider visiting a hair salon. Here are some tips for choosing the best hair dye:

  • Consultation: Discuss your desired cocoa shade and hair history with a professional stylist. They can recommend the best hair coloring technique and dye to achieve your goals.Salon-Quality Dyes: Professional hair stylists use high-quality dyes that offer more predictable results, vibrant color, and better gray coverage compared to box dyes.

By understanding the DIY options, appreciating the difference between similar shades, and implementing proper hair care routines, you can achieve and maintain the captivating beauty of cocoa hair color. So, embrace the rich, warm tones of cocoa and flaunt your luxurious locks!

Can Cocoa Powder Dye Your Hair? The Truth About DIY Cocoa Hair Color

While the internet buzzes about achieving a “cocoa hair color” with cocoa powder, the reality is a bit more complex. Cocoa powder might seem like a natural hair dye alternative, but it offers unpredictable results and can potentially damage your hair.

For starters, cocoa powder lacks the color-depositing agents found in real hair dyes. It might leave a faint reddish tint, but achieving a rich, even cocoa-brown shade is unlikely. Additionally, the drying nature of cocoa powder can strip your hair of essential oils, leading to dryness and breakage.

If you’re looking for a luscious, long-lasting cocoa hair color, consider safer alternatives like:

  • Semi-permanent dyes: These offer a temporary cocoa hue that gradually fades with washes.
  • Box dyes: Opt for shades labeled “cocoa brown” or “dark chocolate” for a DIY approach. Remember, results may vary depending on your starting hair color.
  • Salon visit: For the most predictable and long-lasting results, consult a professional stylist. They can achieve a stunning cocoa shade using high-quality dyes and coloring techniques.

Unveiling the Ash in Your Chocolate Hair: Common Causes and Solutions

Achieving a rich, chocolate brown hair color is a dream for many, but sometimes the results veer unexpectedly, leaving you with an ashy tinge. Here’s why your chocolate hair might have turned ashy and how to address it:

  • Too Much Ash in the Dye: Box dyes often come in various shades within the “chocolate brown” category. Some might have more ash tones than others. If you weren’t expecting an ashy result, double-check the dye label next time.
  • Underlying Tones: Your natural hair color or previous hair coloring can influence the final result. If you have cool undertones in your hair, the chocolate brown dye might pick up on them, making it appear ashier.
  • Color Build-Up: Over time, hair products and mineral deposits can build up on your hair, causing the color to appear dull and ashy.


  • Wash More Frequently: Washing your hair more often (without stripping it) can help remove some of the ash-causing build-up.
  • Purple Shampoo: For a temporary fix, use a purple shampoo designed for color-treated hair. These shampoos neutralize brassy tones, including unwanted ash.
  • Salon Visit: For a more permanent solution and a color correction, consult a professional hairstylist. They can assess your hair and recommend the best course of action to achieve the desired chocolate brown shade.

Forget Fleeting Hues: The Truth About Cocoa Powder Hair Dye Longevity

The allure of a natural hair dye alternative is undeniable, but when it comes to cocoa powder, longevity is practically nonexistent. Unlike real hair dyes that deposit color pigments, cocoa powder offers minimal color impact.

Here’s why cocoa powder doesn’t last:

  • Lack of Coloring Agents: Cocoa powder lacks the color molecules needed for long-lasting color change. It might leave a faint reddish tint that washes out quickly with even a single shampoo.
  • Drying Properties: The cocoa powder itself can be drying for your hair. This dryness can cause the color particles, if any deposits, to easily detach from hair strands.

If you desire a long-lasting, rich chocolate brown shade, consider these alternatives:

  • Semi-permanent Dyes: These offer a temporary cocoa hue that gradually fades over several washes, lasting up to 6 weeks.
  • Box Dyes: Opt for shades labeled “cocoa brown” or “dark chocolate” for a DIY approach, but remember results may vary depending on your starting hair color. Expect the color to last 4-6 weeks with proper care.
  • Salon Visit: For the most predictable and long-lasting results, visit a professional stylist. They can achieve a stunning cocoa shade using high-quality dyes that last for several months with proper care.

Unveiling the Allure of Cocoa Hair Color: Rich Tones and Flattering Versatility

Cocoa hair color has become a captivating trend for a reason. This rich, multi-dimensional brunette shade offers a depth and warmth that flatters a wide range of skin tones. Unlike a flat, one-note brown, cocoa hair boasts subtle red and golden highlights, creating a dynamic and visually striking look.The beauty of cocoa hair lies in its versatility. It complements both cool and warm complexions, adding a touch of richness to fair skin and enhancing the natural warmth of darker skin tones. Whether you have naturally dark hair or light brown locks, achieving a cocoa hue can be a stunning transformation. While some attempt DIY methods with natural ingredients, for a truly long-lasting and vibrant cocoa hair color, consider professional dyes or high-quality at-home options. With proper care, you can maintain the luxurious depth and captivating warmth of cocoa hair, turning heads wherever you go.


Gilded Cocoa has made its mark as a hair color trend that flatters and illuminates brunette hair. With its indulgent, dimensional hues – from ash brown to chocolatey to caramel – it brings out brunettes’ depth and shine. Celebrities, salon colorists, and brunette fashionistas everywhere are embracing cocoa butter hair for its ability to make brown hair exciting yet wearable.

Whether applied subtly or boldly, this trend proves brunettes can have fun with color while staying true to their roots. Hair color companies like KEVIN.MURPHY is leading the way in crafting seamless, shiny cocoa butter colors tailored to enhance every brunette shade. For sensual, dimensional hair color it’s hard to beat cocoa butter’s chocolatey allure. Brunettes, get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again.

Gilded Cocoa Hair FAQs

What is the most attractive brown hair color?

Here are some of the most attractive and flattering brown hair colors for different complexions:

  • Caramel browns with golden undertones suit warm, peachy complexions well. The warmth in the hair flatters and brings a glow to the skin.
  • Neutral milk chocolate and honey brown shades look beautiful on medium or olive skin tones. They create harmony without contrast.
  • Cool ash and espresso browns with blue/violet undertones pair best with fair, pink-hued complexions to create balance.
  • For darker complexions, rich chocolate browns with subtle caramel highlights enhance without competing with skin tone.
  • Dimensional multi-tonal browns like cocoa butter hair offer depth and shine that flatters most complexions.

Overall, browns that aren’t too ashy or golden but have a touch of warmth tend to be universal and timelessly beautiful shades.

Who suits mushroom brown hair?

Mushroom brown hair with its dusky grayish-brown tone suits:

  • Fair to medium skin tones – it creates beautiful contrast on paler skin but isn’t too stark.
  • Neutral or pink undertones – Avoid mushroom brown if you have very warm golden undertones. The grayness can make the skin seem sallow.
  • Green or blue eyes – Mushroom brown makes them pop since it’s on the cooler, grayer side of the spectrum.
  • Low contrast features – For features that are closer in color like light eyes and skin, mushroom brown provides flattering contrast.
  • People looking to transition from black to brown hair – It’s dark enough not to be a major change but has dimension.
  • Laidback vibes – Mushroom brown has an earthy, relaxed feel. Not the best match for super high-contrast looks.

What skin tone does mushroom brown look good on?

The dusky mushroom brown hair color looks most striking and harmonious on:

  • Fair skin tones – The lightness of the skin prevents the greyscale undertones from looking harsh or cadaverous. It makes blue eyes dazzle.
  • Light/medium olive and Asian skin tones – The grayness plays up the green/golden undertones beautifully. Especially flattering for hazel and amber eyes.
  • Medium cool or pink skin tones – Just enough contrast between the skin and hair to make both glow without clashing.

Mushroom brown hair doesn’t pair as seamlessly with darker or very warm/golden skin tones since the grayness can make the skin look ashy or dull by comparison.

What color brown hair is best for a cool skin tone?

The most flattering shades of brown hair for someone with a cool skin tone include:

  • Ash brown – Has gray, blue, or violet undertones that mirror the coolness in the complexion. Creates harmony.
  • Dark chocolate brown – Still cool enough not to contrast with the skin but doesn’t wash it out.
  • Chestnut or aubergine brown – Intense but still in the cooler family with a touch of red rather than gold tones.
  • Caramel brown with ash toner – A hint of warmth to illuminate the skin but the ash keeps it cool.
  • Espresso or coffee ground brown – A rich, dark brown that pairs well with porcelain skin.

The best approach is to aim for brown shades with subtle cool undertones. Avoid shades with very warm, orangey undertones as they can make the skin look sallow.

Still, have some lingering questions about the cocoa butter hair trend? Check out answers to these frequently asked questions:

Does Gilded Cocoa damage hair?

No, cocoa butter is nourishing for hair! The fatty acids and antioxidants help strengthen and hydrate hair. The ingredients in the hair dye formulas are what matters most for hair health. Avoid formulas with ammonia or peroxide which can damage hair over time. Ask your colorist for gentler dye options.

Does Gilded Cocoa hair work on dark hair?

Yes, cocoa butter hair can look beautiful on brunettes with dark brown or even black hair. The colorist tailors the hues to suit your base. On very dark hair, shades like chocolate, espresso, and black cocoa work well to provide subtle dimension when painted through the lengths.

How long does Gilded Cocoa hair last?

With minimal fading, cocoa butter hair color can last 4-6 weeks on average. To maintain vibrancy and prolong the time between touch-ups, use color-depositing shampoo/conditioner and gloss treatments. Avoid chlorine and sun exposure which expedite fading. The time between touch-ups depends on your natural hair growth and how noticeable new growth appears.

Is Gilded Cocoa hair high maintenance?

Not particularly! If going for a subtle look, roots grow in naturally and you only need occasional glossing. More contrasting looks require more frequent touch-ups but the tones blend well into regrowth. Use a coloring conditioner to refresh color at home between salon visits. Avoid hot water and over-washing which can accelerate fading.

Does Gilded Cocoa dye damage curls?

It shouldn’t damage hair texture as long as the right formula is used. Avoid peroxide-based dyes which dry out curls. Opt for an ammonia-free demi- or semi-permanent formula. Always do a strand test first. Nourish hair with masks and oils to combat any drying effects of dye. Handle curls gently when wet to prevent damage.

Unlock Luscious, Dimensional Hair with Gilded Cocoa Color

Cocoa butter hair color has taken the brunette hair world by storm with its indulgent, dimensional hues that make brown hair shine. This on-trend look gives brunettes a fresh way to enhance their natural tones with subtle or striking caramel and chocolate woven highlights.

Expert colorists recommend embracing the possibilities of balayage, baby lights, and creative color combinations to find your perfect cocoa butter blend. With proper techniques and aftercare, this lush hair color reveals brunettes’ depth and versatility like never before. Ready to treat your tresses to some cocoa butter richness? Your hair will thank you for the nourishing boost of glossy radiance and feel-good shine. Go ahead – unleash your inner chocolate lover!

What is cocoa butter good for?

Cocoa butter is commonly used to moisturize skin. It can help improve elasticity, reduce signs of aging, scar treatment, and soothe rashes or irritation. It also has antioxidant properties.

Can I apply cocoa butter to my face?

Yes, cocoa butter is safe to use on the face. It absorbs well and provides hydration without clogging pores, making it suitable for most skin types. Apply a thin layer after cleansing and before moisturizing. Patch test first.

Can we eat cocoa butter?

Yes, food-grade cocoa butter is edible and used to make chocolates, candies, baked goods, and more. It has a mild chocolatey flavor and creamy texture. Avoid using cosmetic cocoa butter intended for the skin.

How is cocoa butter different from normal butter?

Cocoa butter comes from the cacao bean, while normal butter is made from milk/cream. Cocoa butter is more stable with a higher smoke point. It melts at body temperature and has a velvety texture. It contains antioxidants and absorbs well into the skin.

Who suits mushroom brown hair?

Mushroom brown hair looks best on those with neutral, olive, or golden complexions. It flatters medium to tan skin tones. Those with cool pink undertones may look better in an ash-brown shade.

What skin tone does mushroom brown look good on? Mushroom brown hair color is most flattering on neutral to warm medium skin tones. Those with fair skin can wear it but an ash brown may complement better. Olive and golden complexions make mushroom brown shine.

What is cocoa brown hair?

Cocoa brown hair is a rich, warm, chocolatey brown shade that mimics the hue of a cocoa bean. It has subtle reddish-orange undertones and a slightly muted quality. It’s ideal for medium to tan skin tones wanting a natural brunette color.

What color brown hair is best for a cool skin tone?

Those with cool, pinkish undertones look best in ash or golden brown shades. Mocha, chestnut, espresso, or sandalwood browns complement cool complexions well and avoid unwanted red/orange tones. Add ash toner to neutralize warmth.

Who suits mushroom brown hair?

Mushroom brown flatters those with neutral to warm skin tones like medium tan, olive, and golden complexions. Cool or very fair skin tones may look better in ash-brown shades. Redheads can also wear it nicely.

How to naturally darken hair with cocoa powder?

Brew black tea, let it cool, then mix in 1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder and apply to clean, dry hair. Cover with a shower cap for 1-2 hours, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat weekly. The natural dye in cocoa powder stains strands over time for gradual darkening.

What skin tone does mushroom brown look good on?

Mushroom brown hair complements neutral to warm medium complexions best. Olive, golden, and tanned skin look great with mushroom brown locks. Those with cool pink undertones may better suit an ash-brown shade.

Is mousy brown hair in style?

Mousy brown hair is definitely in style right now as part of the trend toward natural-looking, blended highlights and low-maintenance hair color. To make it modern, ask your colorist for buttery highlights, rooted color melting, or added texture like waves or soft layers.

What color is cocoa?

Cocoa is a rich brown color.

What color goes with cocoa?

Cocoa goes well with other earth tones like tan, cream, gold, and terracotta. It also pairs nicely with shades of green, blue, purple, and red.

Is cocoa brown a warm color?

Yes, cocoa brown is considered a warm, rich brown color. It has red/orange undertones that give it warmth.

What is the original color of chocolate?

The original natural color of chocolate is a medium reddish-brown. Pure chocolate before milk or other ingredients are added is the origin of the cocoa color.

Is cocoa good for your hair?

Cocoa contains antioxidants and proteins that can help condition hair and improve moisture levels. However, more research is needed on the benefits of cocoa for hair health.

Can I put cocoa in my hair?

Yes, you can make DIY hair masks with cocoa powder. Mix it with ingredients like coconut oil, avocado, honey, or yogurt. Leave the mask on for 30 mins before rinsing. This may help hydrate and nourish hair.

Does cocoa darken hair?

Cocoa powder does have a slight darkening effect on hair when used regularly. It deposits a small amount of pigment each time. Over time, this can gradually darken lighter hair colors.

How can I darken my hair naturally?

Some ways to naturally darken hair include using ingredients like coffee, black tea, cinnamon, cocoa powder, sage, rosemary, honey, and vegetable oil. Leave these on hair for 30 minutes before rinsing. Repeat 1-2 times per week.

Does cocoa powder dye hair?

The cocoa powder alone will not significantly dye or color hair. But using it over time can add subtle pigment and darken hair slowly. For more dramatic coloring, cocoa powder needs to be combined with more potent ingredients.

Can cocoa darken my hair?

Yes, cocoa can mildly darken hair with repeated use. Make a hair mask with 2 tablespoons cocoa powder and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing. Do this 1-2 times per week to gradually see your hair get darker.

Is cocoa a warm or cool color?

Cocoa is considered a warm color. It has undertones of red and orange that give it a cozy, warm look.

Can coffee darken hair?

Yes, the natural pigments in coffee can gradually darken hair over time with repeated use. Brewed coffee applied to hair for 30 mins 1-2 times a week can deposit color.

Is Schwarzkopf hair dye good?

Schwarzkopf makes high-quality hair dye that professionals use. Their formulations last a long time and provide rich, vibrant colors. However, chemical dyes can be damaging, so limit use to 6-8 weeks.

Is keratin in hair color good for hair?

Keratin added to hair dye formulas helps strengthen and minimize damage to hair strands during the coloring process. So yes, keratin is a beneficial ingredient to look for in hair color.

What color is cappuccino hair color?

Cappuccino hair color is a medium-brown shade with warm, golden-beige highlights mixed throughout. It creates a sunkissed brunette look.

How do you use keratin color?

Apply keratin hair color just like regular dye following instructions. For best results, use the entire system including pre-treatment. Apply keratin-infused conditioner after rinsing. Blow dry with medium heat. Flat iron if desired.

What hair color is dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate hair color is a rich, warm deep brown shade without red/auburn tones. It can also have a subtle espresso tint to it. The result is a lush chocolate brunette.

What hair Colour is best for darker hair?

For darker hair, stick to darker browns, blacks, and shades like espresso. Avoid lighter colors that can create brassiness on naturally dark hair. Deep browns and blacks will complement darker tones beautifully.

Which hair Colour is best for dark skin?

Some of the best hair colors for dark skin are jet black, espresso, chocolate brown, caramel, honey blonde, and warm auburn. Avoid ashy tones. Go for depths and warm shades that will make skin glow.

What skin tone does chocolate brown hair suit?

Chocolate brown hair is flattering on light, medium, tan, and dark skin tones. It creates a gorgeous contrast on paler skin but also complements olive and darker complexions beautifully. Overall, it is a universal, versatile shade.

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