Hairstyles with Shaved Sides Black Hair : Unveiling the Trend 2024

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hairstyles with shaved sides black hair have become increasingly popular among black women in recent years. These edgy and bold cuts allow black women to show off their natural texture and have fun with styling. From tapered fades to dramatic undercuts, shaved sides offer a chic way to change up your look.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the hottest hairstyles for black hair that feature shaved sides. Whether you’re looking for stylish options for natural hair or relaxed/treated hair, there are amazing options with shaved sides perfect for black women.

Hairstyles for Natural Hair with Shaved Sides

For black women with natural hair textures like 3c and 4c curls, shaved sides can be a great option. These cuts remove length from the sides to accentuate your gorgeous coils on top.

Tapered Cut with Curly Fro

This tapered cut features curly hair on top with faded sides. It’s a great way to show off your natural curls and coils while experimenting with an edgy side shave. Keep the top slightly longer and shape it into a rounded fro.

Curly Mohawk

For a bolder look, create a curly mohawk with shaved sides. This cut involves leaving hair long at the top/crown and tapering the sides down to the skin. It looks beautiful with defined curls and coils. Shape the top into a fro-hawk.

Natural Afro with Temple Fade

This style features natural hair shaped into a rounded afro with tapered sides and a temple fade. The temple fade comes to a point along the temples for a sleek effect. Rock your curls on top as a bold ‘fro.

Undercut Afro

Undercuts pair nicely with natural hair. For this look, leave curls long on top, about 4-6 inches. Then buzz the sides and back down close to the scalp for an extreme side shave. It’s a dramatic look for bold naturals.

Shaved Zigzag Part

Jazz up any natural style with a shaved zigzag part at the temple. This creates a cool detail for your ‘fro. Keep hair long and curly on top with tapered sides. Then carve a zigzag side part and shave it down to the scalp.

Trendy Styles for Relaxed/Treated Hair with Shaved Sides

Ladies with relaxed or treated hair textures can also rock shaved sides stylishly. These edgy cuts work beautifully with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Wavy Bob with Tapered Sides

For relaxed hair, try a wavy bob. Leave hair longer at the top and front, above the shoulders. Taper the back and sides close for a contrasting look. Style the top with voluminous waves sweeping across the forehead.

Angled Bob Cut with Side Shave

This edgy bob pairs angled styling with a buzzed side shave. Cut the relaxed hair in an angled bob with a longer front and tapered back. Part slightly off-center and buzz one side down. Sweep the top across in a sleek style.

Long Pixie Cut with Temple Fade

Long pixie cuts look amazing with shaved sides. Maintain length on top, about 3-5 inches. Taper the sides and back, keeping it longer near the ear and buzzing the temples. Style the top in loose waves swept to one side.

Asymmetrical Bob with Nape Undercut

For drama, go for an asymmetrical bob with an undercut nape. Leave hair longer in the front, and angle it down shorter in the back. Remove all the hair along the neckline for an undercut look. Part sideways and style the top in tousled waves.

Curly Blunt Bob with Buzzed Sides

This cut is perfect for ladies with relaxed curls. Go for a curly stacked bob cut above the shoulders. Buzz the sides and nape down close to the skin. Allow the curls on top to take center stage, styling them in a defined shape.

Bold & Trendy hairstyles with shaved sides black hair

In addition to classic cuts, there are also bold, edgy hairstyles that make a dramatic statement with shaved sides. If you want a unique, eye-catching look, consider these shaved styles.

Side Swept Mo-hawk Style

For natural or relaxed hair, this mo-hawk style brings an edge. Leave hair longer at the crown, buzzing the sides tapered short. Sweep the top hair dramatically over to one side. Style into soft waves or sleek straight strands.

Curly Faux-Hawk

A curly faux hawk has an attitude. Cut and taper the sides short, leaving curls long at the center only. Shape hair into a mo-hawk silhouette, with height at the middle of the head. Let curls cascade over stylishly.

Full Fade with Long Curls on the Top

This high-contrast look pairs buzzed sides with longer curls/coils on top. Cut and fade the sides and back very short. Leave curls on top 4-6 inches long. The result is a cool, edgy style ideal for natural hair divas.

Half-Head Side Shave

Make a bold statement by shaving one entire side of the head. Leave length on the other side and at the top. Part hair dramatically to one side, showcasing the buzzed side. Styling the long hair in curls or waves.

Zig-Zag Shaved Side

Take your side shave up a notch with this zig-zag cut. Buzz one side of the head with a chic zig-zag line shaved into the hair. This jazzes up any hairstyle. Keep hair long on top and opposite side, parting over to show the detail.

Geometric Buzz Cut

For the ultimate head-turning look, go for a geometric buzz cut. This trendy style features unique angles, lines, and shapes shaved into short hair on the sides and back. The top is left longer and then styled forward to display the futuristic look.

Cute & Protective Styles for Black Girls with hairstyles with shaved sides black hair

Shaved sides also work well for younger black girls needing protective styles. These cuts allow for styling versatility while keeping hair out of the way.

Curly Topknot Bun with Shaved Sides

This topknot style is easy and cute. Pull natural curls up into a high bun or topknot at the crown. Buzz the sides and back tapered short, showcasing the textured topknot. Great for school, sports, or play.

Braided Top with Temple Fade

Braid natural hair into cornrows going straight back. Leave edges out in front to frame the face. Buzz the sides with a temple fade, shorter by the temples. This stylish braided ‘do keeps hair secure.

Curly Frohawk with Tapered Cut

Shape natural curls into a faux-hawk with tapered sides. Define the curls on top in a fro-hawk silhouette. Keep them elongated at the center and taper the cut close on the sides. This fun style shows off the texture.

Short Twists with Side Part Shave

If your daughter prefers twists, this style works. Part twists dramatically to one side, showing a buzzed side part shave on the underlayer. Keep twists on top short and neat. The shaved detail peeks through for style.

Buzzed Cut with Colorful Hair Accents

Give your girl a bold buzz cut with fun colors. Buzz hair is super short on the sides and back. Then choose bright colors like blue, purple, or pink for the longer top. This protective style makes a statement.

Bold and Trendy: Short Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Black Hair

short hairstyles with shaved sides black hair
short hairstyles with shaved sides black hair

When it comes to expressing individuality and embracing edgy styles, black women are at the forefront with unique and creative shaved hairstyles. From the classic mohawk to the modern undercut, there’s a plethora of options for those seeking a bold change. Natural hair shaved sides styles are gaining popularity, showcasing the beauty of Afro-textured hair with shaved sides.

For those wanting a sleek and stylish look, consider opting for a tapered haircut with shaved sides. This versatile choice complements various face shapes and adds a touch of sophistication. Protective styles with shaved sides are also a great option for maintaining hair health while exuding confidence.

Explore the world of cool shaved hairstyles for black girls and discover the endless possibilities for a chic and distinctive appearance. Embrace your uniqueness with shaved sides haircuts that redefine the standards of beauty in the realm of black hair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hairstyles with Shaved Sides Black Hair

What are the hottest hairstyles with shaved sides black hair women?

Some of today’s most popular shaved styles for black women include the curly mohawk, temple fade afro, undercut pixie, angled bob with side shave, faux hawk, half-head side shave, and zigzag partings.

Do shaved styles work well for hairstyles with shaved sides black hair textures?

Yes, shaved sides are an excellent option for naturals! These cuts complement textured hair beautifully, allowing you to show off curls, coils, and kinky textures on top. Popular picks include tapered cuts, defined ‘fros, undercut afros, and shaved zigzag parts.

What are some good shaved hairstyles for treated or relaxed hair?

Great shaved options for relaxed hair include wavy/curly bobs, angled bobs, long pixie cuts with fades, undercut bobs, blunt cut curls, and side-swept mohawks. These let you style sleek strands while adding edgy contrast.

Can little black girls wear hairstyles with shaved sides black hair?

Absolutely! When done safely and professionally, shaved sides create stylish options for black girls that are low maintenance. Topknot buns, braided styles, frohawks, twists, and buzz cuts with accents all look great.

How often do you need to maintain hairstyles with shaved sides black hair?

Maintenance depends on your preferred hair length. Closely buzzed sides may need a trim every 2-4 weeks. Longer tapered sides can go 4-6 weeks between cuts. Touch-ups in between maintain the contrast.

What’s better for hairstyles with shaved sides black hair: razors, clippers, or trimmers?

Clippers with various guard lengths are best for cutting and maintaining shaved sides. They allow for very short lengths and precise tapering/fading. Trimmers can be used for detailing. Avoid razors which give an uneven result.

Does my stylist need special skills for hairstyles with shaved sides black hair?

Yes, look for stylists experienced specifically with shaved sides, tapered cuts, and fades. The precise cuts require proficiency with clippers. An experienced stylist will give you the perfect fade.

Will shaved sides damage my hair or edges?

No, as long as the cut is done properly, shaved sides won’t damage hair. Avoid razors. Have your stylist use the right tools and techniques for your hair type. Be gentle styling the top hair over shaved areas.

Can I do a shaved cut at home or is a pro better?

It’s best to have shaved sides done professionally at first. After seeing the technique, you may opt for minor touch-ups at home. But visit your stylist regularly to keep the shape crisp. Pro skill ensures the perfect taper.

How do I grow out shaved sides gracefully?

As your hair grows out, visit your stylist every 4 weeks for shape-ups. They’ll cut the new growth on the sides to blend with the longer top smoothly. You can also transition styles from shaved sides to temple fades. Hats help hide awkward stages.


hairstyles with shaved sides black hair offer a gorgeous way for black women to show off their bold, beautiful hair. Whether you’re a naturalist or rock-relaxed strands, these edgy cuts add style and fun. With so many trendy options, shaved sides are a chic choice for black hair divas.

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