Curls & Edges: Mullet Taper Curly Hair The Ultimate Guide to Rocking 2023

The Funky Allure of mullet taper curly hair

Celebrity men of color are sporting fresh variations on a classic vintage style: the “mullet taper curly hair” Combining long curly locks up top with a short taper fade on sides and back, the mullet taper oozes retro edge. For Black and Brown men with natural texture, the sculptural hairstyle showcases coils and curls in dimensional movement. So how exactly is the mullet taper shaping up throughout urban culture? Let’s decode key elements and evolution of the curly mullet’s junkyard-chic subtle swagger.

Deconstructing the mullet taper curly hair

Mullet – Business in the front, party in the back. The iconic mullet hairstyle features short hair on top with longer locks flowing down necklines in back.

Taper Fade – A very short, tapered haircut where length gradually increases from bare skin on sides and back up to full volume hair on top. Creates clean lines.

Mullet Taper – Long curly hair on top combined with taper faded extremely short sides and back. All about jazzy contrast showcasing texture.

Vintage Inspiration

Today’s mullet taper hairstyles build from traditional Black barbershop cuts popular especially in the 1980s and 1990s hip hop scene. Stars like Michael Jordan sparked waves by wearing angular bald fades contrasting with afro shapes styled neatly on top. Other variations like high-top fades, temple tapers and crisp edge-ups also paved the way for short/long dimension.

As current Black celebrities age 30-50 revisit similar styles today with natural curl patterns replacing precision flat tops, the structural mullet taper oozes heritage backyard BBQ and block party vibes…with slick 21st century moodiness.

Evolution to Celebrity Style Inspiration

Over generations, faded cuts and retro edge passed down at community barbershops organically morphed into iconic offset shapes as Black men began strategically growing out curly hair on top while keeping sides faded as angular frame.

By the 2010s, Black celebrities openly wearing natural hair textures sparked fresh style inspiration. Actors, athletes and artists blended vintage attitude with lengths showcasing coils and curls movement rather than overly sculpted styles requiring daily upkeep or damage from chemical straightening.

As media spotlighted textured hair versatility in the 2020s through luminaries winning Emmys, Grammys and NBA championships, layered curly cuts with tight taper fades return signaling swagger transcending any decade.

The Allure of Sculptural Volume

What makes the curly mullet taper intrigue now is artistic lines created juxtaposing longer spirals against nearly-buzzed sides. The sharper the contrast, the funkier the style stands out. Celebrities also add modern inspiration by accessorizing longer hair on top with jewelry accenting the fluid shapes and movement.

Stars pioneering today’s textured mullet taper variations include Nas, Giveon and Chiwetel Ejiofor. But endless styling possibilities exist for customizing tapered shape-ups to complement natural curl patterns and personal style.

The mullet taper’s funky edge epitomizes rugged sophistication symbolic less about precise trendspotting—and more just being authentically, rebelliously fly wearing versatile identity proudly with artistic lines carved meticulously.

The Bottom Line

Whether flowing longer locks simply need some framing discipline or hope exists on the horizon for glimpsing inner rockstars long restrained under fussy sculpting…embrace eccentric mullet taper contrasts allowing spirals space dancing to their own jazzy rhythms dictated by gravity, not conformity.

Celebrate fearless naps bowing toward no crowns except those bequeathed by creator. Let lengths dip rebellion-low if they please to kiss blessed collarbones because freedom rings deeper than any center-parted sculpture promising order could ever provide souls destined dancing outside structured lines.

Now spotlight swagger transcending decades through hair cuts and curls naturally refusing rigid boxes. Transform tapered masks into mirrors reflecting royal seals marking versatile terrain no scissors can ever colonize orenvsions clip attempting to colonize fertile creative soil.

mullet taper curly hair
mullet taper curly hair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a mullet taper curly hair?

The mullet taper combines short hair on sides/back with longer curly hair on top, creating sharp fade contrast. Inspired by retro mullet cuts, the tapered shape allows natural coils to take center stage in dimensional movement.

Where did the mullet taper curly hair originate from?

This style builds from popular 1980s/90s Black barbershop fades, flat tops and angular carves serving as hair inspiration, now blended with gravity-defying coils and curls movements creating artistic line versatility.

How does curly hair interact with tight taper fades?

Textured length on top contrasts against nearly-buzzed sides for maximum artistic effect. The more negative space from clean taper lines, the more fluid shapes can dance freely up top.

What’s the difference between regular mullets and mullet tapers?

Mullet tapers specifically feature very short, razor-lined sides/back rather than one longer length. This tapering spotlights curly volume on top within the signature business-front/party-back mullet format.

Why has this style increased in popularity recently?

Celebrities like Nas igniting global buzz by rocking curly mullet tapers with iconic personal style signals renewed cultural pride embracing natural hair art forms passed for generations.

Does the mullet taper work well short or longer length?

Sculpt preference! Artistically faded sides allow freedom going shorter or longer up top since dramatic contrast always remains. Many rock shorter coils while others let ringlets hit shoulder blades.

How should natural curl patterns influence mullet taper shapes?

Consider customizing precise taper lines to complement personal volumes. Looser waves suit angular geometry. Tight coils might flourish better with softly rounded shape-ups. Celebrate identity!

What’s the best facial hair to pair with mullet tapers?

From thick sideburns to chin straps or shadow fades, facial hair offers personal flair. Or stay clean-shaven so coils up top take center stage. Set no limits because versatility can’t be blocked!

Are mullet tapers versatile professional styles too?

Absolutely! Sculptured art lines could complement suave suit looks for business meetings to celebrity red carpets or even heading out dancing weekends refreshed with a temple touch-up keeping it fly.

How often should mullet taper maintenance touch-ups happen?

Every 2-3 weeks to keep taper fade designs sharp. But sporadic splits happen so no need waiting exactly for monthly shape-ups. Visit seasoned barbers whenever curls start responses to gravity’s vibrant calling.

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