Unleash Your Boldness: Embrace the Power of Natural Hair with Shaved Sides 2024

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Natural hairstyles with shaved sides have been growing in popularity over the last few years. This edgy look combines feminine natural curls with an undercut or shaved sides to create a stylish and eye-catching hairstyle. For black women with thick, curly hair, shaved sides offer an easy way to allow more volume on top while keeping the sides neat and trimmed. The contrast between the short sides and the voluminous curls on top creates a unique style that makes a statement.

Natural Hair Benefits

Embracing natural hair textures has been a growing movement, allowing black women to move away from harsh chemical straightening and embrace their beautiful curls. Natural hair requires specialized care, styling, and maintenance. Shaved sides offer naturalists an easy option to style their hair in a way that enhances their curl pattern.

Why Shaved Sides?

  • Allows more volume and curl definition on top
  • Keeps thick hair manageable and styled
  • Creates visual interest and edgy style
  • Low maintenance on the sides
  • Versatile – pairs with long or short lengths on top

Popular Styles

Some top natural hairstyles with shaved sides include:

  • Curly mohawk – Tight curls in a mohawk silhouette with shaved sides
  • Curly frohawk – A curly mohawk with volume on top and faded sides
  • Faux hawk – Curly frohawk styled up and away from the face
  • Asymmetric side shave – One side is closely shaved with longer curls on the other
  • Geometric side shave – Shaved line patterns or shapes on one side
  • Curly pompadour – Volume piled on top with tight faded sides
  • Short curly pixie cut – Short curls with an undercut nape

Long Natural Hair with Shaved Sides

long natural hair with shaved sides
long natural hair with shaved sides

Long natural hair with shaved sides is an edgy, bold look that’s perfect for making a statement. The contrast between lush, flowing locks on top and closely cropped sides creates a major visual impact.

For black women with gloriously thick, curly hair, an undercut or shaved sides allow for lighter styling and volume on top. Removing density along the sides prevents natural curls from falling flat. Long lengths on top then get room to spring free and steal the show.

There are endless options for stylishly rocking the combination of length and shaved sides. For special occasions, sweep free-flowing curls to one side in a glamorous, Veronica Lake-inspired style. The sleek undercut side exposed completes the retro yet modern look. Or gather lengths into a voluminous curly top knot high on the crown. Pile on the texture.

For an edgier vibe, try teasing the roots for extra lift before cascading strands over the buzzed sides. A messy, tousled bedhead look contrasts with the precision of clipped sides.

Don’t be afraid to add vivid color either. Vibrant blue, purple, and copper hues pop against closely shorn sides. Make the colors concentrated on top.

Long hair with shaved sides allows you to juxtapose two exciting extremes. Embrace the chance to swish around lengthy locks while still changing up your look with a buzzed undercut. It’s the best of both worlds – classic femininity meets daring edge.

Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair with Shaved Sides

hairstyles for short natural hair with shaved sides
Hairstyles for short natural hair with shaved sides

Short natural hair takes on a whole new attitude when paired with shaved sides. Removing bulk emphasizes the glorious texture of curls, coils, and waves. The contrast showcases the dynamic volume and beauty of black hair.

For short locks, shaved sides create definition and space for natural movement. Finger coils spring to life without weighed-down sides restricting their bounce. Precision buzzing carves out a perfect complement to tightly curled textures.

There are endless edgy options for styling short natural hair with shaved sides. The curly undercut remains a top choice, with removed bulk maximizing the height of a ‘fro or fauxhawk silhouette. Geometric side shave patterns add artsy flair.

Short razor-cut pixies get amplified character with napes clipped close. The weightless sides encourage the tousled top to embrace its natural volume.

Don’t be afraid to add a burst of color either. Vibrant blue, copper and magenta hues concentrated on the crown make cropped cuts pop with personality.

When rocking short hair with shaved sides, have fun playing with products and accessories Gel coils into defined perfection or backcombs for retro volume. Incorporate jeweled pins and headbands to polish the look.

The possibilities are endless for making short natural hair edgy and scene-stealing. Combining cropped cuts with shaved sides creates a major impact and spotlights the beauty of black texture.

Braids on Natural Hair with Shaved Sides

braids on natural hair with shaved sides
braids on natural hair with shaved sides

Braids create gorgeous definition and visual interest in natural hair. Combining braided styles with shaved sides takes the look a step further, adding a modern edge.

Removing bulk from the sides and nape provides the perfect complement to intricate braid work on top. Cropping excess density at the perimeter keeps styles lightweight. It also allows braid patterns to shine without distraction.

Some creative ways to rock braids with shaved sides include:

Sweeping micro braids, fishtail plaits, or cornrows into an elegant updo, securing with pins. Keep the neckline’s undercut exposed for contrast. Or intersperse small braids with curly twists on top, pairing the mix of textures with a clean tapered fade.

For an asymmetric look, try boxer braids on one side over a sharply buzzed side shave. Show off the dynamic duo by pulling hair over the opposite shoulder.

You can also get creative with color by dyeing braided hair a vivid hue like electric blue. The saturated color will stand out floating above closely cropped sides.

Don’t forget to accessorize too. Weave bright beads into braid ends or add gold cuffs to dress up your artistic braids.

With so many options for patterns, parts, and styling, braids and shaved sides make an unbeatable pair. The fusion of precise plaits and edgy buzzed sides creates a showstopping, head-turning look.

utube natural hair with shaved sides
utube natural hair with shaved sides

Natural Hair Tips for Shaved Sides

Growing out the sides

For women growing out of their shaved sides, the grow-out period can be awkward. Here are some tips for maintaining stylish hair while the sides grow back in:

  • Use ointments or oils (like castor oil) to encourage healthy hair growth
  • Keep the line between long and short hair clean and neat
  • Change part placement to adjust for grow-out
  • Use headbands, scarves, or wraps to disguise uneven stages
  • Consider transitional styles like braids or weaves while growing out

Protective styling

For natural hair, regular trims and protective styling are key to healthy hair growth. Protective styles include:

  • Weaves and wigs – Allows hair to rest underneath
  • Braids – Prevent tangles and breakage
  • Twists – Minimize manipulation of natural curls
  • Head wraps – Protect edges and ends from exposure

Spacing out trims allows curly tresses to gain length. Avoid over-manipulation by shampooing just 1-2 times per week and using moisturizing products.


Curly, natural hair tends to be drier and needs plenty of moisture. Be sure to:

  • Shampoo less frequently than straight hair
  • Use a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo
  • Condition well with every wash
  • Apply leave-in conditioner
  • Seal in moisture with oil or balm
  • Deep condition weekly for hydration

Look for moisturizing ingredients like:

  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Argan oil

Avoid drying alcohols and sulfates.

Finding the right products

With so many hair products out there, it can be tricky to find the right ones for your natural hair. Here are some tips:

  • Seek out natural, organic ingredients when possible
  • Look for products specifically for curly or kinky hair
  • Read reviews from natural-haired bloggers
  • Ask for samples before purchasing products
  • Look for lightweight oils, creams, and gels
  • Find products with moisturizing oils and butters
  • Look for deforming and frizz-fighting products

Some top natural hair product lines include Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter, As I Am, Mielle, Design Essentials, African Pride, Cantu, and Curls.

Bold-Shaved Sides Hairstyle Inspiration

Shaved sides offer the chance to make a bold statement and show off your fashion sense. Whether you opt for a sleek undercut, geometric design, or asymmetrical side shave, these styles let your creative side shine.


The undercut remains a popular choice, with shaved sides and back contrasting longer hair on top. This works well with curly hair that can build height and volume on top. Keep the sides and back clean-shaven for a defined look. Fade it into the longer lengths for a softer finish.

Geometric shapes

Add some geometric flair by shaving shapes into one side. This adds artistic style and dimension. Shave line patterns, zig zags, curved designs, or straight lines. Work with your stylist to come up with a unique look.

Asymmetrical side shave

For an edgy style, opt for an asymmetrical side shave. Leave one side longer, with cropped shaved sides on the other. Part your hair to show off the contrast. You can shave below or above the part line for different looks.

Vibrant colors

Vibrant hair colors also pair beautifully with shaved sides. The closely cropped sides and back offer the perfect canvas for bright colors. Try shades like electric blue, hot pink, purple, copper, and more. Concentrate bold colors on top, with shaved sides providing contrast.

Subtle highlights

For a softer look, go for subtle highlights in honey, caramel, and light brown tones. Lighter shades mixed in with natural curls create dimension, shine, and movement. Keep the underlayer dark for depth. Sleek sides allow the curly top to take center stage.

Short cuts

Shaved sides also work with short curly styles like a pixie cut or curly bob. Show off your natural texture and volume by taking the sides down to the skin. A curled fringe on top keeps the style feminine.

The options are endless – go bold or subtle, sleek or messy. Shaved sides let your personality shine through.

Elegant Natural Hairstyles with Shaved Sides

For a refined take on the undercut, keep your curly crown polished. The juxtaposition between the sleek sides and perfect spirals is striking and sophisticated.

The curly pompadour

Create a curly version of the pompadour with volume heaped up on top of the forehead and pulled back off the face. Cleanly shaved sides draw attention upward to the sculpted top.

Top knot bun

Pull your curls up into a twisted top knot bun, leaving your sleek sides exposed. This style works for both casual days and dressy occasions. Keep edges smoothed down or let curly wisps frame the face.

Curly frohawk

Allow your top curls to rise high in a ‘fro, with faded undercut sides to offset the volume and height. Concentrate curls towards the middle of the head for a faux mohawk effect.

Braided crown

Intricately braid the top section of curls into concentric or diagonal lines radiating from your part line. Let the braids fall to one side over the shaved sides.

Side-swept styling

Smoothly sweep longer curls to one side. Tuck one side behind the ear to expose an undercut side. The contrast between the polished sweep of hair and the cropped cut is elegant.


Metal and leather headbands offer a chic way to style natural hair, keeping it from the face. Position the band behind the ears, over your shaved nape for a fashion-forward look.

Trendy Shaved Hairstyles for 2024

Shaved hairstyles never go out of fashion. The edgy look remains a top request in salons year after year. Here are some of the top shaved looks predicted for 2024 and beyond.

Pixie cut with faded nape

A short curly pixie cut ending above the ears, with shaved sides and back is fresh and flattering. Keep heavy curls on top and buzz the back and sides close to the head for lightweight volume.

Angled bob

For medium-length hair, go for an angled bob hitting just above the shoulders. Buzz the back and sides, leaving stacked lengths on top to allow for curl definition.

V-shaped nape undercut

Create a V-shape at the nape, keeping hair longer at the sides. This elongates the neck for a feminine look. Pair it with tousled curls or flowing lengths.

Teased crown

Backcomb hair at the crown for retro height. Contrast it with closely cropped sides. This bad girl style works with both shortcuts and longer locks.

Geometric undercut

Shave creative zig-zags, lines, arcs, or symmetrical shapes into one side. This modern look pairs with any curl pattern.

Shaved designs

Get intricate with shaved lightning bolts, stars, swirls, or logos cut into one side. This allows self-expression and uniqueness.

Uneven shave

Shave one side close to the scalp, leaving the other longer. Then allow the longer side to peek over for an uneven look. It’s perfect for transitioning lengths.

Embrace Your Unique Texture with Shaved Sides

One of the best parts about natural hair is embracing your unique texture. Kinky, tight coils offer beauty that should be celebrated. Shaved sides are a perfect complement.

Volume on top

Shaved sides allow short and tight curls to have more volume on top. Without weight on the sides pulling curls down, you get uplifted, gravity-defying volume. Shake out an Afro or style a curly faux hawk.

Show off coil definition

Coily curls benefit from more space to curl and coil without restriction from the sides. Concentrate your most defined ringlets up top, pulling them forward.

Color blocking

Vibrant colors look gorgeous on coily textures. Concentrate bright hues on top with close-cut sides “framing” the colors. Purple, blue, and fiery red make kinky curls pop.

Easy styling

Tighter coils can tangle easily and become difficult to detangle and style. Removing density on the sides makes maintenance much simpler.


Coils pair perfectly with accessories like headwraps, bold hair jewels, and cuffs. Shave excess bulk from the sides and accessorize your spirals on top.


A twist-out on top allows curls to set into formed coils overnight. Take out twists in the morning to show off bouncy, defined curls, contrasting with smooth sides.

Daring Shaved Hairstyles for Modern Women

Shaved hairstyles project a daring, confident vibe. These edgy looks are designed for the bold, fashion-forward woman.

Buzzed sides and back

Take the sides and back down to the skin for a buzzed look. This extreme crop maximizes the contrast between your curls on top and sides. Make a statement.

V-shaped undercut

Ask for a V-shaped undercut with the point falling on the nape of the neck. This shape elongates and flatters. Pair with flowing hair up top.

Shaved designs

Go for asymmetry and intrigue by shaving intricate line designs or lightning bolts into one side of the head. It shows off your artsy style.

Extreme side part

Section off hair into an extreme side part, with one side flowing over the forehead. Then buzz the underlayer down entirely for the exposed scalp.

Geometric lines

Parallel lines, arcs, and zig zags shaved artfully on one side call for attention. Balance the geometry with loose, carefree curls on top.

Two-tone color

Another bold option is using two distinctly different hair colors – one on top and the other on shaved sides. Try bright pink with jet-black sides or silver and black.

Styling Shaved Sides for Any Occasion

The versatility of shaved sides makes this style perfect for any event or occasion. Here are tips for styling shaved sides for everything from the office to a night out.

Work styling

For office or professional engagements, style your look with polish. Sleek down flyaways with gel or mousse. Pull longer hair into a low bun or ponytail to keep hair contained. Cover shaved sides with a silk scarf.

Date night

Amp up your style for date night with volume on top – go for bombshell curls or a curly faux hawk. Use the product to maximize definition. Accessorize with bold earrings and headbands that complement your shave.

Girls’ night out

Pull out all the stops with an extreme side part showcasing shaved sides. Backcomb the longer side for volume. Use temporary color spray to add a pop of color just for the night. Break out your highest heels!

Exercise styles

Pull hair into a high puff ponytail secured with a scarf headband. Slick sides with gel or oil. The shaved sides help prevent matting and sweat-frizz.

Beach & pool

Protect hair from sun and saltwater damage by topping curls with a sunhat secured with bobby pins. Let shaved sides peak out from the edges of the hat. Use moisturizing products.

Growing Out Your Shaved Cut

Want to grow out your shaved hairstyle? The process takes patience, but there are tips to make the transition smooth.

How long does it take?

Timeframes vary but plan on 6 months to 1 year to completely grow out shaved sides. Get regular trims to shape the new growth. The awkward grow-out stage lasts 2-4 months.

Products to boost growth

  • Castor, coconut & olive oils to moisturize
  • Peppermint and rosemary oils to stimulate
  • Biotin supplements support hair growth
  • Vitamins like zinc also encourage growth

Parts & styling

  • Switch up your part line frequently as hair grows
  • Use accent braids, cuffs, and bands to disguise uneven stages
  • Try transitional styles like weaves, braids, and wigs
  • Use Olaplex or protein treatments to strengthen new growth

Do regular trims

Get the edges and nape trimmed every 4-6 weeks to avoid a mullet effect. Ask your stylist to taper the longer hair on top towards the shaved sides.

Be patient!

Growing out a bold cut takes time. Don’t be discouraged by awkward phases. Focus on healthy hair habits and soon you’ll have stylish, longer locks.

The grow-out process can be empowering. Embrace all stages – from shaved sides to longer lengths, your hair tells a story!

Frequently Asked Questions Natural Hair With Shaved Sides

What is shaved side hair called?

A shaved side haircut is often referred to as an undercut, where the hair on top is left longer and the back and sides are shaved close to the scalp. Some other names for shaved sides include side shave, undercut pixie, disconnected undercut, or half-shaved hairstyle.

What is it called when the side of your head is shaved?

When you shave one side of your head, leaving the other side longer, it’s called a side shave or half-shaved hairstyle. Other names for this asymmetric look are side-swept undercut, modern mullet, or disconnected undercut.

Which hairstyle suits me?

The best hairstyle for you depends on your hair type, face shape, lifestyle, and personal style. For shaved sides, curly hair types often suit this look best. Oval, heart, round, or diamond face shapes tend to work well with shaved sides. Maintenance level and edgy vs. elegant style preferences play a role too.

Is undercut good for a round face?

Yes, an undercut can be very flattering for a round face shape. The short-on-sides, longer-on-top effect helps create the illusion of added length to balance roundness. Fading the undercut from sharp to soft also slims the jawline.

What is long hair with shaved sides called?

Long hair paired with shaved or buzzed sides is sometimes called a disconnected haircut, modern mullet, or side-part undercut. The contrast between long locks and cropped sides creates an eye-catching look.

How do I style my side-shaved hair?

Side shaved hair offers versatility! You can opt for sleek and polished by smoothing the longer side with gel or cream. For volume, backcomb & tousle with sea salt spray. Pull the longer side into a pony or top knot. Add braids. Use clips or pins to expose the shave.

Is the undercut still in style in 2023?

Yes, the undercut is still popular for 2023. This classic short-sides, long-top cut offers flexibility in length and styling. Elements like angled sideburns, D-cut partings, and shaved nape Vees update the undercut for 2023.

What is the hairstyle with shaved sides?

Some top hairstyles with shaved sides include:

  • Undercut pixie
  • Curly Mohawk
  • Disconnected undercut
  • Side part with faded side
  • Buzzed sides with top knot
  • Faux hawk fade
  • Tapered curly frohawk
  • Half-shaved combover

How to style short virgin hair?

Here are tips for styling short virgin hair: Use moisturizing products like leave-in conditioner and oil to prevent dryness. Try twist-outs, Bantu knots, or braid-outs to enhance definition. For volume, gently backcomb wet hair and air-dry

Which haircut suits on short hair?

Some of the best haircuts for short hair include:

  • Pixie cut – Classic shortcut with tapered sides and back. Add swept bangs for versatility.
  • Bob – Choppy, chin-length cut with textured ends. Looks great on curls.
  • Lob (long bob) – Collarbone-length cut with face-framing layers around the chin.
  • Bowl cut – Blunt-cut curved fringe grazing the eyebrows. Pairs well with shaved nape.
  • Buzz cut – Uniform short length all over. Make it edgy with a fade.
  • Crop cut – Sculpted layers in a tapered silhouette. Fun and flirty.
  • Side-swept bangs – Asymmetric fringe direction adds dimension.
  • Stacked back – Shorter layers tapered up towards the crown.

What is the hairstyle with shaved sides?

Some of the most popular hairstyles with shaved sides include:

  • Undercut – Long hair on top with closely buzzed back/sides
  • Disconnected undercut – Distinct division between long and short layers
  • Fade – Short sides tapered gradually up into the longer top
  • Fauxhawk – Taper fade with spiked longer top styled tall
  • Pixie undercut – Short pixie with nape/sides clipped close
  • Asymmetrical cut – One side is buzzed with a longer opposite side
  • Side part undercut – Long layers side swept over the faded side
  • Curly mohawk – Tight curls in a mohawk silhouette with shaved sides

Which haircut is best for braids?

These haircuts help make styling braids simple:

  • Bob cut – Allows easy access to nape for cornrow braids
  • Layered cut – Removes bulk and adds movement for braided styles
  • Blunt cut – Clean finish that keeps braid lines neat and crisp
  • Tapered/faded sides – Keeps perimeter tidy between braid touch-ups
  • Pixie cut – Light and flexible for intricate braid designs
  • Lob (long bob) – Versatile mid-length for braided updos
  • Asymmetrical cut – Varied lengths flatter braids’ fluid shape
  • Undercut – Removes mass at sides/back to reduce bulk

What happens if you braid your edges?

Braiding the hairline edges too tightly or frequently can cause:

  • Traction alopecia – Hair breakage and thinning hair from pulling
  • Hairline recession – Repeated tension causes the hairline to recede
  • Scalp irritation – Can lead to bumps, scabs, and discomfort at the roots
  • Increased shedding – Putting hair under stress weakens follicles and causes shedding
  • Dryness – Braiding strips away protective oils leaving hair prone to dryness
  • Damage – Tight braiding stresses the follicle causing split ends and breakage
  • Thinning edges – Chronic pulling makes hairlines sparse and thin over time

Avoid excess tension on the edges. Use protective styles, oils, and hair treatments to minimize the risk of damage when braiding.


Natural hair with shaved sides offers the best of both worlds – allowing curly hair to take center stage while trimming away bulk from the sides and nape. This edgy style celebrates the beautiful texture of black hair in a fresh new way. Combining long curls on top with closely cropped sides creates striking dimension and visual interest.

Shaved sides are enormously versatile, suiting everything from sleek pompadours to messy bedhead curls. The range of options lets you tailor your look to match your personal sense of style. Whether you opt for a precisely clipped geometric pattern or a basic disconnected undercut, shaved sides provide a creative new canvas for self-expression.

Caring for natural locks requires its own specialized products and techniques, like protective styling and deep conditioning. But the extra care pays off, allowing coils and curls to thrive in all their hydrated, defined glory. Shaved sides offer an easy shortcut to achieving volume by removing excess bulk from areas that don’t need length. This lightens the styling load while maximizing the beauty of your natural texture.

If your bold shaved style has run its course, you can grow it out with patience. Regular trims, strategic parts and styling tricks help disguise the grow-out phase. Before you know it, your shorn sides will give way to newly long tresses, retaining all the healthy length gained during your cropped cut break. Whether edgy and shaved or cascading down your back, your natural hair is beautiful. Embrace its magic!

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