Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Red Hair 2024

For brides with fiery locks, selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle is a crucial element in achieving a stunning bridal look. “Wedding hairstyles for red hair” cater to the unique beauty of red-haired brides, offering an array of options to complement their vibrant tresses. From elegant updos adorned with intricate braids to cascading curls that enhance the natural allure of red hair, the choices are limitless. Consider incorporating floral accents or vintage-inspired hairpieces for a touch of romance and individuality.

Soft waves and loose curls can create a whimsical and ethereal appearance, while sleek, modern styles exude sophistication. Whether opting for a classic chignon or a bohemian half-up, half-down style, red-haired brides can embrace their distinctive charm on their special day. With the right wedding hairstyle, complementing the richness of red hair, brides can confidently walk down the aisle radiating beauty and timeless elegance.

The Appeal of Red Hair for Brides

Red hair has a romantic, feminine beauty that lends itself perfectly to bridal beauty. From soft strawberry blonde to rich burgundy, red locks make a statement on your wedding day.

Vibrant Color

The depth and dimension of red hair is amplified beautifully in bridal portraits and photography.

Timeless and Classic

Red hair has an Old Hollywood glamour that evokes vintage bridal elegance.

Statement Style

Red hair commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Rare and Unique

With just 2% of the population having natural red hair, it makes you stand out on your wedding day.

Best Hairstyles for Redhead Brides

There are many gorgeous styles that look beautiful with red hair:

Braided Updos

Intricate braided coils and chignons are elegant. Incorporate braids into a messy updo for a boho vibe.

Swept Up Styles

A voluminous inverted bun or side-swept low chignon is romantic. Add face-framing ringlets.

Curly Styles

Embrace natural texture with free-flowing curls or finger waves. Pin back one side.

Half Up Styles

Half up leaves hair long, showing off color. Try a bejeweled barrette or braided accent.


Redheads look amazing with soft tousled waves. Create a deep side part and sweeping fringe.

Tips for Styling Red Hair for Weddings

Follow these tips to ensure your red locks stun on the big day:

  • Boost shine with glossing treatments pre-wedding
  • Add volume at the roots for lift
  • Set curls and waves to maximize hold
  • Use a heat protectant when hot styling
  • Add a light hold hairspray to finish
  • Embrace texture – don’t oversmooth red hair
  • Place flowers and accessories near the face to accentuate the color

Bridal Accessories for Red Hair

  • Floral hair pins
  • Sparkling combs and barrettes
  • Rhinestone headbands
  • Pearl accented veils
  • Crystal hair vine
  • Metallic wire wrapped braids
Wedding Hairstyles for RedheadsDescription
Braided updosElegant braided buns and coils
Swept updosVoluminous side chignons
Curly stylesFree-flowing ringlets
Half up stylesLength shows off color
WavesBreezy tousled waves
Floral pinsDelicate floral pins
Combs and barrettesDecorative combs
Rhinestone headbandsSparkling headbands
Pearl veilsSoft veils with pearl accents
Crystal vineLength shows off the color
Metallic braidsBraids wrapped in metallic wire

Makeup for Redhead Brides

Complement your red locks with:


  • Luminous base – dewy skin over matte
  • Peach undertones – avoid ashiness


  • Browns and coppers – accentuate red tones
  • Smoky charcoal – contrast to make eyes pop
  • Champagne shimmer – brighten


  • Neutral rose shades – don’t compete with hair
  • Red lips – amp up color for drama


Red hair is gorgeous for brides wanting to make a vibrant statement on their wedding day. Styles like braided updos, curly textures, and voluminous waves show off the depth and dimension of red locks. Accessories like crystal vines, pearl pins, and floral accents add a romantic feel. With so many options, redheads can embrace their natural color to achieve effortlessly beautiful bridal hair.

FAQ About Redhead wedding hairstyles for red hair

What are the most flattering wedding hairstyles for red hair for redheads?

Braided updos, natural curly textures, soft waves, and half up half down styles look beautiful on red hair brides.

How can you maximize the vibrancy of red hair for weddings?

Boost shine, volume, and texture. Avoid over-smoothing. Set styles like curls and waves for hold. Add gloss treatments pre-wedding.

What bridal accessories complement red hair?

Floral pins, rhinestone headbands, pearl combs, and crystal hair vines add romance. Metallics like rose gold look striking.

What makeup works best with red hair for brides?

Avoid ashiness with warm peachy tones. Play up eyes with browns, coppers, and charcoal. Try red or neutral rose lips.

How do you transition red hair from day to night wedding looks?

Daytime can be loose waves or braided half updos. For the night, amp up the glamour with bold matte lips and swept-up dos.

Should you wear white or ivory veils with red hair?

Either looks beautiful! White provides high contrast. Ivory has a softer effect.

What jewelry flatters wedding hairstyles for red hair brides?

Gold, copper, and rose gold metal tones complement red hair. Colorful gemstones also pop nicely.

Do up styles or down hairstyles look better with red locks?

Red hair suits both equally. Updos show off your neck, while down display your vibrant color.

What red hair color is most suited to formal wedding looks?

Darker auburns and burgundies have a rich, elegant feel. Lighter coppers and strawberry blondes offer a soft romantic vibe.

Should you tan before the wedding hairstyles for red hair?

Light tanning can warm up fairer complexions but avoid overdoing it. Embrace your natural skin tone.

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