Discover Beautiful & Versatile 4N Hair Color: A Medium Ash Brown Guide

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Explore the cool versatility of 4N hair color – a rich medium ash brown that flatters various complexions. Learn about its characteristics, application and care for this popular neutral shade.

Achieve Gorgeous, Multidimensional Locks with 4N Hair Color

4N hair color has become widely popular for its rich neutral medium brown shade with ash undertones. This demi-permanent hair dye produces a deep espresso brown that beautifully covers grays and enhances natural dimension.

The 4 in the color code refers to the depth level, indicating this is a medium brown vs lighter brown or darker black. The N stands for neutral coolness, as 4N contains blue and green subtle pigments that counteract red and orange hues. This makes the shade an ash brown rather than a warm brown.

When applied properly to clean, unconditioned hair, 4N hair color results in a lush coffee-inspired brown with hints of ash. The cool tones complement olive, tan or medium complexions beautifully by providing contrast against the skin.

Compared to other hair color levels, 4N is darker and cooler than 5N but lighter than 3N. It has more gray coverage than lighter browns but retains a softness compared to darker blacks and brunettes. The muted quality gives a modern feel.

Brands like Matrix, Redken, L’Oreal and Wella offer 4N in permanent, demi-permanent and semi-permanent formulas. This versatility allows customization for those who want subtle highlights or low-commitment color. Using a demi-permanent 4N crème with 20 volume developer is an easy way to try this shade.

To maintain 4N’s richness, use color-protecting shampoo and limit washing to 2-3 times per week. Rinse with blue toners to avoid brassiness and apply weekly conditioning hair masks. Schedule 4N touch-ups every 4-6 weeks based on fade rate and gray growth.

The possibilities are endless for styling and complementing 4N hair color. The multi-dimensional ash brown shade allows for many cuts, styles and looks. Discover the cool beauty of 4N hair color today!

Overview of 4N Hair Color

Introduction to 4N as a hair color code

The hair color code 4N refers to a natural medium brown shade with a subtle ash tone. The numbering system in hair color codes refers to the depth or level of lightness or darkness, while the letter indicates the underlying pigment tone.

The number 4 indicates that this is the darkest medium brown, while the N stands for “natural” with a hint of ash. This makes 4N a rich, cool-toned brown ideal for those with medium to tan skin tones wanting to cover greys while achieving a soft, natural brunette look.

Explanation of the numbering system

Hair color levels range from 1 to 10, with lower numbers indicating darker shades and higher numbers denoting lighter colors. Level 1 is black, while level 10 is the lightest blonde. Level 4 sits in the medium brown range, darker than mid-browns but lighter than soft blacks.

Brief description of the N (Natural) tone

The N in 4N stands for “natural”. This indicates a brown base with subtle hints of ash. The ash tones mute warmth to create a cool, modern brown shade. This versatile natural tone flatters a wide range of complexions.

Uncovering Matrix 4N Hair Color

matrix 4n hair color
matrix 4n hair color

Matrix 4N is a popular salon-quality hair color known for its rich neutral medium brown shade with ash undertones. This versatile cool-toned hair dye provides excellent gray coverage and color vibrancy thanks to Matrix’s advanced formulation.

The Color Sync technology uses a precise blend of pigments and surfactants to penetrate and adhere to hair strands. Botanical extracts like aloe, chamomile, and avocado nourish hair while delivering long-lasting, ammonia-free color.

Matrix 4N features ionic micro-pigments that ensure even color results and vibrancy. The ash tones cancel unwanted warmth for a modern cool brown. This cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color lasts through 5-6 shampoos, making touch-ups easy.

To apply, prep clean, dry hair and distribute the Matrix 4N dye using the applicator brush. Process fully, then rinse thoroughly. Shampoo gently with sulfate-free products and avoid overwashing. Add weekly conditioning masks to boost shine and smoothness.

The Matrix Color Sync 4N palette offers light, medium, and dark ash brown hues for customizing. Mix with lighter beiges or deeper neutrals for dimensional looks. Stylist tips include shampooing with blue toners to reduce brassiness and complementing with coppery blondes.

Matrix 4N hair color provides salon-quality results and gray coverage in the comfort of home. The ash tones flatter those with neutral to warmer complexions. Try Matrix 4N for healthy-looking, fade-resistant ash brown locks.

Comparing 3N vs 4N Hair Color

3n vs 4n hair color
3n vs 4n hair color

When shopping for hair dye, you’ll encounter cryptic codes like 3N and 4N. But what do they mean and how do these shades differ? Let’s decode these common hair color levels.

The number refers to the depth on a scale from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blonde). 3N is a level 3 dark brown, while 4N is a medium brown. Lower numbers indicate darker shades.

The letter denotes the undertone. N stands for neutral, lacking warm or cool tones. 3N is a neutral dark brown, while 4N leans slightly cool from ash tones.

Overall, 3N is a rich chocolate brown without red or gold hues. The intense neutral 4N appears one shade lighter as a deep ash brown.

For gray coverage, 4N leaves fewer visible grays than lighter 3N. But 3N provides a more natural look on darker hair.

In terms of application, salon brands like Redken, Matrix, and L’Oréal offer both 3N and 4N in permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent versions. Permanent 3N and 4N last 6-8 weeks with 100% gray coverage.

For cool smoky tones, mix 3N with blue or violet additives. To combat orange in 4N, use a purple toning shampoo. Boost shine between colorings with a weekly hair mask.

Whether you want an intense dark 3N brown or slightly lighter 4N tone, keep your natural base and skin tone in mind. Stylist guidance can ensure the optimal hue. Both neutral shades offer versatility for those seeking natural-looking gray coverage and dimension.

Decoding 4N Hair Color Charts

4n hair color chart
4n hair color chart

When exploring new hair dye options, color charts help visualize how shades will look. For 4N hair color, consult brand-specific charts to see where this neutral medium brown falls on the spectrum.

Most charts organize shades numerically from darkest to lightest. Level 1 is black and level 10 is pale blonde, with 4N falling at level 4. Hair color charts also indicate undertones like warm, cool, and neutral. The N in 4N denotes its ash-neutralized character.

Permanent dye brands like L’Oreal Excellence and Revlon Colorsilk will place 4N in the medium brown family. Semi-permanent lines like Clairol Natural Instincts and Madison Reed position 4N among their dark beige browns.

Ion Color Brilliance charts characterize 4N as an ash cocoa brown. Wella Color Charm calls 4N either beige brown or neutral medium brown. Redken shades 4N as espresso brown with cool undertones.

To customize, stylist-trusted brands like Matrix, Goldwell Elumen, and Pravana offer 4N color collections in several depths. Mixing enables adding pearl, plum, or gold tones as desired.

When viewing 4N swatches, note how the ash neutralizes warmth from any red or orange. Under salon lighting, 4N contains subtle nuances that may not be apparent on paper. Strand tests help assess the true color.

Ultimately, hair texture, base shade, and processing technique impact how 4N develops. Work with your colorist to determine the ideal 4N hue. Vibrancy also fades over time, so maintain color with toning shampoos. Refer to updated charts for accurate results!

Exploring Paul Mitchell’s 4N Hair Color

paul mitchell 4n hair color
paul mitchell 4n hair color

For salon-quality hair dye results at home, Paul Mitchell’s professional lineup offers the 4N shade. This trusted hair care brand empowers vibrant, healthy color rooted in expertise.

The Paul Mitchell Color Protect line features 4N among its demi-permanent Creme Hair Colors. With lower peroxide levels, Paul Mitchell’s 4N gently deposits long-lasting color while nourishing hair.

The rich neutral medium brown has ashy undertones to counteract brassiness and warm hues. Wheat proteins and jojoba condition strands while the Graham Webber Method ensures consistent, fade-resistant results.

To apply, prep hair and divide into sections before painting on the Paul Mitchell 4N formula. Process fully, rinse, then shampoo and condition hair. Recommended aftercare includes Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect line to preserve 4N’s gray coverage and multi-tonal dimension.

For glossy ash brown shine, incorporate the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Cream Rinse. The Color Protect Daily Conditioner and Super Strong Shampoo also prolong color vibrancy between salon visits.

Mix Paul Mitchell 4N with lighter or deeper shades to create custom seamless balayage. Stylist tips include rinsing with blue toners to reduce unwanted warmth and boosting coolness with violet-hued highlights.

Whether you have naturally dark hair wanting softness or need to cover greys, Paul Mitchell’s 4N demi-permanent hair color offers expert nourishment and results. Achieve naturally dimensional medium ash brown locks.

Characteristics of 4N Hair Color

Detailed description of the shade and tone

4N hair color is a rich medium brown with a subtle ash undertone. It provides significant grey coverage while appearing soft and natural. The ash mutes any redness resulting in a cool espresso brown.

This versatile shade works well on natural brunettes seeking to enhance their color or individuals with black hair wanting to soften their base. The ash tones help counteract brassiness and warmth.

Comparison with other hair color shades

  • Darker than 4N: Level 3N is a shade darker in contrast. 5N has more ash tones.
  • Lighter than 4N: Level 5N is lighter and heavier. 6N is a light brown.
  • Warmer than 4N: 4R has visible red-orange hints. 4G shows golden warmth.
  • Cooler than 4N: 5NA is an ashier tone. 3N is neutral cool.

Suitability for different skin tones and hair types

4N’s muted natural ash shade complements olive, tan, or medium complexions beautifully. The coolness provides contrast against warm skin. Those with fair or pink skin may prefer a warmer shade.

As a demi-permanent formula, 4N hair color works with all hair types. The conditioning creme formula adds shine while depositing rich color safely. Gray coverage varies based on the percentage of greys.

Application Process

Preparation steps before applying 4N color

  • Start with clean, dry hair for optimal color deposition.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo 1-2 days before coloring for best results.
  • Protect skin at hairline, ears, and neck with petroleum jelly or barrier cream.
  • Wear an old shirt or cape to avoid dye transfer.
  • Prepare your workspace with towels, gloves, an applicator brush, and a color bowl.
  • Divide hair into four sections using clips.

Step-by-step guide for applying 4N hair color

  1. Don protective gloves and pour colored crème into a bowl. Mix thoroughly before applying.
  2. Begin applying the color crème evenly through the bottom half of your hair first. Use the brush to coat every strand.
  3. Once the bottom layer is covered, apply the crème through the top and sides in the same manner.
  4. Ensure all hair is saturated, adding more crème as needed. Process for full development time.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and towel dry. Shampoo and condition as normal.
  6. Style as desired and show off your gorgeous new 4N hair!

Tips for achieving optimal results

  • Follow all timing and instructions for the best color results
  • Process for the full recommended development time
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water after processing
  • Use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner
  • Apply a weekly conditioning hair mask to boost the shine
  • Use a purple shampoo to neutralize brassiness
  • Avoid washing hair too frequently to maintain vibrancy

Maintenance and Aftercare

Strategies for preserving the vibrancy of 4N color

  • Use cooler water temperatures when shampooing
  • Opt for sulfate-free, color-protecting hair products
  • Limit washing to 2-3 times per week max
  • Rinse with a vinegar or citrus rinse after shampooing
  • Apply a weekly hydrating hair mask
  • Protect hair from sun exposure with hats or scarves

Recommended hair care products for 4N hair

  • Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners
  • Purple shampoo for toning brassiness
  • Deep conditioning masks and masques
  • Leave-in conditioners and treatments
  • Heat-protecting sprays and serums
  • Oil treatments with argan, coconut, or moringa oils

Frequency of touch-ups and color maintenance

As a demi-permanent formula, expect 4N color to last 4-6 weeks before fading. To maintain vibrancy and grey coverage, schedule touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. Alternatively, switch to a permanent color for longer-lasting results up to 6-8 weeks between applications.

Styling Tips for 4N Hair

Hairstyle recommendations for complementing 4N color

  • Loose waves add dimension and movement
  • Straight, sleek styles accentuate the rich color
  • Half-up half-down looks are romantic and elegant
  • Braids and up-dos provide contrast against the hair color
  • Shoulder-length cuts allow the shade to stand out

Makeup tips to enhance the overall look

  • Neutral eyeshadows complement without competing
  • Brown eyeliners and mascara make eyes pop
  • Rose lipsticks with cool undertones work well
  • Warm peachy blushes liven up the complexion
  • Define brows to frame the face

Fashion choices to accentuate 4N hair color

  • Cobalt, forest green, and magenta enliven the coloring
  • Cream, taupe, and tan bring out subtle undertones
  • Silver, pewter, and platinum jewelry boost cool tones
  • Emerald, sapphire, and ruby gems complement the vibrancy
  • Scarves, hats, and headbands in contrasting hues

Common Questions and Answers

Troubleshooting common issues and concerns

What if my hair turns out to ash or cool-toned?

Use a clarifying shampoo to fade the color quickly, then retry with a warmer shade like 4R or 4G. Toners can also adjust the tone as desired.

What if 4N has too much red or warmth on my hair?

Use a blue toning shampoo or mask to neutralize red-orange tones. An ash demi-permanent gloss can also cancel unwanted warmth. Retry 4N or step up to 5NA.

How do I avoid an uneven color result?

Work carefully in sections while applying the color. Ensure hair is fully saturated from roots to ends for even development. Process for the full time to allow the color to take evenly throughout hair.

What if 4N is too dark on my hair?

Use a clarifying shampoo to help lift and soften the shade. Try highlights or balayage for dimension. Go slowly lighter at the next application.

What if I have sensitivity to hair dye?

Always do a patch test before coloring. Follow all instructions carefully. Switch to an organic, natural formula without ammonia or PPD. Perform a strand test first.

Expert advice for successful 4N color application

  • Pre-lighten hair for more vibrant results on darker bases
  • Use a color-depositing shampoo to refresh color between applications
  • Apply a clear gloss on mid-lengths and ends to boost the shine
  • Use Olaplex or a bond-building treatment for healthy hair
  • Consider using a demi-permanent shade for a more subtle, natural color

Inspirational 4N Hair Color Ideas

Celebrity examples with 4N hair color

  • Kerry Washington
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Lucy Liu
  • Jessica Alba
  • Sarah Hyland

Trendy variations and styling options

  • Root shadow with darker roots and 4N mid-lengths
  • Balayage or ombre with 4N woven through lighter ends
  • Rich all-over single process 4N color
  • 4N with subtle cinnamon highlights throughout
  • Deep espresso 4N base with caramel baby lights

Real-life transformations showcasing 4N hair color

Table: Real Life 4N Hair Color Transformations

Dark blonde hair with minimal dimensionBeautifully rich 4N brown hair with baby lights for added warmth and depth
Dull brown hair with significant greying Luminous 4N brown coverage greys while leaving hair looking naturally soft and youthful
Cold black hair lacking vibrancyStunning dimensional 4N brown with caramel highlights for movement and shine
  • Mousey blonde transformed into glossy espresso 4N brown
  • Drab grey hair becomes multi-tonal 4N with sandy highlights
  • Lifeless brown hair turned vibrant, healthy-looking 4N brown

Recap of key information about 4N hair color

4N hair color provides a flattering neutral medium brown shade with ash undertones to counteract unwanted warmth. The versatile cool-toned brown is ideal for a range of complexions, providing natural-looking richness and dimension.

When used correctly, 4N hair color delivers long-lasting grey coverage and transformational results. Proper application techniques and aftercare are key to achieving optimal shine, vibrancy, and longevity.

Encouragement to try and embrace 4N hair color

For those considering the move to 4N hair color, have confidence in this beautiful shade. The cool ash brown has an understated elegance perfect for any age or style. Start gradually if desired by using 4N on mid-lengths and ends before committing to an all-over application.

Hair color should be fun and expressive. Try 4N as a refreshing change from warmer tones. Embrace this soft, natural brunette shade that flatters so many.

Final thoughts on the versatility and appeal of 4N hair color

With its muted ash tones, 4N hair color continues to have widespread appeal for subtly enhancing natural features with a modern espresso brown shade. Flattering on myriad complexions, 4N allows for customizability through highlights, toners, and styling.

Achieve gorgeous grey coverage, depth, and dimension with this timeless neutral brown. Discover renewed hair health, shine, and confidence with the versatile, multi-faceted shade that is 4N.

Discover Ion 4N Medium Brown Perfection

Shop with Confidence at Sally Beauty

For high-quality hair color at affordable prices, look no further than Sally Beauty. This leading beauty supply retailer offers an extensive selection of professional brands and products for all your hair, skin, and nail needs.

Sally Beauty is the exclusive retailer of Ion hair color and carries the complete range of Ion’s Color Brilliance crème permanent and demi-permanent hair colors. Shop their online store or visit any of over 5,000 Sally Beauty locations worldwide to find your perfect shade.

Unveiling Ion Color Brilliance Creme Hair Color

Ion Color Brilliance offers supreme conditioning and nourishing care along with beautiful, vivid color. The unique formula combines potent emollients and antioxidants with 60% oil content to deeply moisturize and protect hair, leaving it ultra soft, shiny, and manageable.

Get to Know Ion’s Advanced Ionic Technology

The Ion Color Brilliance formula leverages the power of ionic technology to deliver superior grey coverage, color vibrancy, longevity, and results. Positively charged microscopic color pigments bind to hair for rich, penetrating color with unparalleled shine and health.

The Science Behind Ion’s Superior Hair Color

Table: Key Components of Ion Color Brilliance Formula

Micro PigmentsTiny, ionically charged color moleculesDeeper color penetration for brilliance
Hyaluronic AcidProvides intense hydrationBoosts softness, shine and manageability
Argan OilRich in antioxidants and nutrientsRepairs, conditions and protects hair

Unlock Your Hair’s True Potential with Ion

Let Ion’s revolutionary hair color technology bring out the absolute best in your hair. Achieve show-stopping vibrancy, softness, and shine while nourishing hair for long-lasting health and beauty.

Explore the Palette of Luxurious Shades by Ion

With over 60 options, Ion Color Brilliance offers a gorgeous spectrum of permanent and demi-permanent crème hair color choices. Find your perfect match with ash, neutral, golden, and red-violet bases across all color levels from black to pale blonde.

Exceptional Gray Coverage: Ion’s Promise

Ion Color Brilliance provides fade-defying gray coverage and vivid color results. The unique ionic formula adheres securely to even the most stubborn grays for complete coverage while conditioning hair beautifully.

Pro Tips for Applying Ion Hair Color

  • Prep hair properly by shampooing and deep conditioning 1-2 days before coloring
  • Use the included gloves, applicator brush, and mixing bowl for the easiest application
  • Section clean, dry hair and work methodically in rows from roots to ends
  • Allow the full recommended processing time for complete saturation and development
  • Rinse thoroughly following timing instructions to reveal radiant, healthy hair

Argan Oil Fast 10 Permanent Hair Color Kit: Achieve Natural Medium Brown in Just 10 Minutes!

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One n’ Only Hair Care: Unveiling the Argan Oil Fast 10 Hair Color Kit in 4N Natural Medium Brown

One n’ Only Argan Oil Fast 10 Kit in 4N Natural Medium Brown offers a convenient at-home permanent hair color solution. The kit includes pre-measured tubes of color crème and argan oil developed and specially designed to mix directly in the reusable color bowl. With hassle-free mixing and no mess, simply apply to towel-dried hair and process for a quick 10 minutes. Rinse to reveal gorgeous soft, shiny 4N medium brown locks.

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The star ingredient of the Argan Oil Fast 10 hair coloring kits is the proprietary blend of argan oil and Keraveg-18. These powerful natural ingredients offer tremendous nourishing and protective benefits for hair strands to boost health, softness, and vibrancy.

Argan oil hydrates while Keraveg-18 reconstructs hair, fills in cracks, and repairs damage. Together they enhance color results and significantly improve hair’s overall strength, elasticity, and beauty. This proprietary blend makes the 10-minute processing time possible while still transforming hair’s health and color.

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Their Argan Oil Fast 10 hair color kits exemplify One n’ Only’s commitment to excellence, fusing the performance of a premium permanent hair color with the deeply conditioned benefits of argan oil. Achieve superior hair health and beauty in just 10 minutes with this Italian-formulated hair color perfection.

4N Natural Medium Brown Permanent Hair Dye

4N medium ash brown permanent hair dye by One n’ Only Argan Oil Fast 10 Kit offers easy at-home hair coloring with salon-worthy results. Transform lackluster locks into soft, nourishing hair color in just 10 minutes. The nourishing argan oil and Keraveg-18 complex infuse hair with moisture and reconstruct damage for healthier, shinier strands. Achieve rich, luminous 4N brown coverage on grays with wonderful conditioning and ease. Unlock the potential of your hair’s natural beauty!

Frequently Asked Questions About 4N Hair Color

What hair color is 4N?

4N is a natural medium ash brown hair color with cool undertones. Level 4 indicates a rich medium brown base, while the N denotes neutral cool ash tones.

Is 4N or 3N darker?

3N is one level darker than 4N, making it a dark neutral brown rather than medium brown. 4N has more evident ash tones compared to the neutral 3N.

What color is 4R in hair color?

4R is a medium reddish brown hair color with warm, golden copper tones. The R indicates red-orange undertones.

What does 4N look like?

4N hair color appears as a deep espresso brown with no warmth, muted and cooled by the ash tones. It provides significant gray coverage.

What color is Matrix 4N?

Matrix 4N is a neutral medium ash brown in their hair color numbering system, corresponding to a cool dark chocolate brown.

What color is 4N hair color?

4N is a rich medium ash brown shade with strong gray coverage but a soft, natural finish. The ash tones cool any redness in the medium-brown base.

Which is darker 4N or 4NN?

4NN is slightly darker as it stands for natural, neutral – an intense neutral medium brown. 4N has some ash tones for a cool espresso brown.

What color is the Matrix Wonder 4?

Matrix Wonder 4 is a medium ash brown demi-permanent hair color with blue anti-yellow tones to combat brassiness and provide cool, smoky results.

Is 3N darker than 4N?

Yes, 3N is one level darker than 4N in hair color shades. 3N is a dark neutral brown while 4N is a medium ash brown.

What does 3N mean in hair color?

3N is typically a dark neutral brown hair color with a natural base tone. The 3 level indicates a dark brown, while the N stands for neutral warm undertones.

What does 4N mean in hair dye?

In hair color terminology, 4N indicates a medium ash brown shade. The 4 designates a medium brown base, while the N denotes cool ash tones rather than warm ones.

What is the difference between Level 3 and Level 4 hair color?

Level 3 hair color is a dark shade, while level 4 is in the medium range. Level 3 would be a dark brown, while level 4 would appear lighter as a medium brown.

Which color is darker 4N or 5N?

4N is darker as it is a level 4 medium brown, while 5N is a lighter level 5 medium brown hair color. The ash tones are more prominent in the lighter 5N.

What shade is 4N?

4N is classified as a neutral medium ash brown shade. It is a rich chocolate brown with muted cool undertones.

What color is level 4 hair color?

Level 4 on the hair color numbering system indicates a medium brown. Level 4 falls between light brown and dark brown on the spectrum from dark (levels 1-3) to light (levels 7-10).

What shade is 4N?

4N shade is a cool-toned neutral medium brown with ash undertones. It appears as a rich chocolate espresso brown color.

Which is darker 3N or 4N hair color?

3N is darker than 4N. 3N is a level 3 deep dark brown, while 4N is a level 4 medium brown shade.

What does the number 4 hair color look like?

Number 4 on the hair color level system corresponds to medium brown shades. This rich but not overly dark brown can appear as anything from milk chocolate to deep espresso colors.


With its soft versatility and cool ash tones, 4N proves itself as a gorgeous neutral medium brown shade suiting a wide range of complexions and hair types. This informative guide outlines key details about 4N – from its characteristics and formulation to application tips and style ideas. Discover how brands like Ion and One n’ Only harness the power of innovative technologies like ionic pigments, argan oil, and Keraveg-18 to create conditioning, long-lasting 4N brown color. With proper technique and aftercare, experience the beautiful transformative potential of this timeless hair color.

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