Ja Morant Hair Twist : Score Big on Style: Emulating Ja Morant’s Distinctive Hair Twists in 2023

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Ja Morant Hair Twist

ja morant hair twist Over his meteoric rise to NBA superstardom, Ja Morant’s gravity-defying athleticism and flashy playing style have thrilling fans. Equally turning heads are his signature hair twists – their color and shape shifting with his career.

Overview of Ja Morant Hair Twist Journey

From under-recruited prospect to NBA Rookie of the Year to franchise player, Morant’s hair kept pace with his success. Key twist moments include:

  • Short twists dyed gold for the 2019 NCAA Tournament
  • Long blonde twists unveiled in his Grizzlies rookie debut
  • Fiery red twists and braids in the 2022 Playoffs

Ja’s twists sparked league trends while cementing his brand as dynamic both on and off the court.

Breakdown of Significant Hair Twist Styles

Key styles marking Morant’s athletic ascent:

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As Morant leveled up to superstardom, his twists followed suit with bold new height, colors and braided accents. His hair forms part of the complete Ja package captivating the basketball world.

Chronicling Ja’s First Hair Twist Experiments

Long before gripping the NBA with highlight reel dunks, Ja first tested hair twists as a overlooked high school prospect in South Carolina.

Local Legend with Small Twists

As Ja wowed his hometown dropping 20-point triple-doubles, he began experimenting with twists. Early versions saw modest head-hugging twists occasionally dyed gray or honey blond.

Bold Blue Twists for the Playoffs

Entering the state playoffs his senior season, Morant unveiled perhaps his first truly standout twist style – icy blue twists with shaved sides to match his team colors. They debuted in a poster dunk clipping top prep star Zion Williamson.

The blue braided loops marked Morant loud and proud despite major schools infamously passing on the unranked point guard in recruiting.

Ja’s Hair Twist Statement Games in College

The Zion dunk and blue twists put Ja on the map with mid-major Murray State. As a college standout, bigger twist style risks symbolized Morant’s rise.

Gold Twists Announce March Madness Arrival

Debuting short, golden dyed twists before the 2019 NCAA Tournament, Ja made clear he belonged on the big stage. The golden loops electrified like his game, becoming synonymous with his tournament takeover.

Black Twists with Blonde Tips For the Big Dance

Entering March Madness, Morant unveiled possibly his most memorable college twist style – longer curved black twists with glowing blonde tips. The two-tone twists evidenced his confidence to take the Racers deep into the tournament.

Though Murray State fell second round, Ja’s bold twisting left a legacy for overlooked recruits.

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Charting Ja’s Hair Twist Styles as a Rising NBA Star

As Ja brought his aerial artistry to Memphis as the No. 2 pick in 2019, his twist experiments grew only bolder with his rising stardom.

Rookie Debut Blonde Twists

On NBA draft night, Ja gave a taste of his Rookie of the Year season by debuting long, purely blonde twists with intricate side designs. The look foreshadowed his explosive athleticism wowing the league.

Fiery Red Twists Come Playoff Time

Entering his first playoffs in 2022 after a First Team All-NBA season, Morant unveiled perhaps his flashiest twists yet – fire engine red with braided accents. The fiery style lit social media ablaze as Ja lit up defenses en route to the second round.

Channeling famous red braids by Allen Iverson, the red twists symbolized Ja embracing the spotlight and Memphis adopting him as a superstar.

Impact of Ja’s Hair Twist Innovation on Youth Culture

Beyond the court, Ja’s hair sparks cultural influence as a twist style pioneer engaging with youth culture.

“Ja Twists” – Popular Youth Basketball Style

Among young hoopers, Ja inspired the nickname “Ja Twists” for trying versions of his experimental styles. His big risks display confidence valued in streetball. Braiders report youth requests for blonde, red and multi-colored Ja twists.

“New School Cool” Fashion

Morant’s ever-evolving hair makes him an athlete style icon for the TikTok generation. Designers credit Morant normalizing creative expression for male athletes versus conformity; forging “new school cool” fashion lines and branding.

Ja disrupts traditional codes, resonating as an authentic voice for younger crowds. Brands must similarly push boundaries or fade out of view.

Key Takeaways on Ja Morant’s Hair Twist Impact

Core lessons from Ja’s hair twist influence include:

Innovation – Ja fuels creative self-expression by continually changing his style

Confidence – His twist risks display sureness to stand out from the crowd

Inspiration – Youth players emulate Ja’s stylish swag on the court

Trendsetting – His appeal pushes brands beyond tradition to new school attraction

As Morant rejects conformity in favor of relentlessly trying daring new heights atop his head, his twist legacy stretches on heads across youth culture for years to come.


In closing, Ja Morant’s basketball stardom parallels a rise in twist experimentation from overlooked recruit to NBA superstar. Underdog instincts first sparked blue braided twists battling top prospect Zion. Hitting big stages only escalated Morant’s creativity to golden NCAA twists and ultimately fire red NBA playoff braids.

Beyond aesthetics, Ja’s twisting displays confidence to take risks, compete fearlessly, and stay unpredictable in an often cookie-cutter sports world. Such spirit attracts youth culture, inspiring the nickname “Ja Twists” at streetball courts, while forcing brands to innovate too.

As Morant works to bring Memphis its first championship, his head-turning style will continue influencing hair trends on and off the court. More twist designs are likely already percolating to match his next evolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ja Morant’s Hair Twists

When did Ja Morant first start trying daring hair twists?

Ja began periodically experimenting with gray and blonde twists back in high school, though more for practicality than style. The blue braided twists debuting his senior year against top prospect Zion first marked Morant taking real stylistic risks that became his trademark.

Which NCAA tournament hair twist look from Ja Morant gained the most popularity?

The black twists with glowing blonde tips Morant unveiled right before March Madness 2019 en route to leading 12th-seeded Murray State to the second round likely stand as his most iconic collegiate twist style.

What notable hair twists did Ja debut in his first few NBA seasons?

On draft night itself, Morant gave fans a taste of his explosive rookie season by debuting long, purely platinum blonde twists with intricate faded designs on the side. His fiery red playoff twists with braids in 2022 also gained massive attention as Morant emerged a superstar.

How have youth basketball culture and streetball trends been influenced by Ja’s styles?

Young hoopers today request so-called “Ja Twists” at barbershops – trying their hand at blonde, red or multi-colored twist styles with braids to emulate Morant’s creative flair. Morant made it en vogue for players to take risks standing out.

Did Ja face any criticism over his hair from traditionalists?

Some older commentators argue Morant’s twists too radically buck convention for an athlete. However, Ja’s authenticity resonating with younger generations trumps tradition. Brands know adapting to his style promises relevance rather than insisting players conform.

Which iconic athlete’s hairstyle did Morant channel with his red playoff twists?

Fans noticed Morant’s fiery red twists with braided accents in the 2022 playoffs paid homage to Allen Iverson’s legendary red braid look during his 2001 MVP season. As Ja similarly took the league by storm, the bold color symbolized fully embracing the spotlight.

How has Ja influenced “new school cool” fashion trends?

Designers credit Morant normalizing creative expression for male athletes versus conformity; forging “new school cool” fashion lines and branding relaxed on rules to attract Gen Z. Ja’s unpredictable style keeps him culturally relevant.

Who typically helps Ja conceptualize and produce his hair twist designs?

While Ja provides creative direction based on his vibe, Memphis-based celebrity braider Peksha Rodgers usually works in tandem with Morant executing the details from initial sketching to structuring the twists for games. Rodgers is key making his visions materialize.

What new Morant hair twist styles can fans expect next season?

Teasers show Morant experimenting with an opposing color mix of red and blue twists flowing backward. As Ja often unveils fresh twist art right before the playoffs seeking extra motivation, fans can anticipate another showstopping new design as Memphis eyes the 2023 championship.

Why does Morant change hair twist styles so frequently?

Beyond style itself, Morant views regularly revamping his twists as displaying the confidence for reinvention key throughout his career – from unranked recruit to superstar. Staying unpredictable reflects Morant’s modern spirit resonating with younger crowds beyond sport.

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