Bold and Beautiful : Female viking hairstyles shaved sides 2024

Female viking hairstyles shaved sides


female viking hairstyles shaved sides offer a bold, historically-inspired look. Vikings were known for their edgy style and fierce personas. Modern women can embrace this adventurous spirit by trying shaved Viking cuts with an undercut or partially shaved sides. These edgy looks featuring braids, shorn sides, and flowing lengths evoke images of powerful shieldmaidens ready for the battlefield. Whether you go for a subtle undercut with braided crown or go all-in on the shaved sides, these Viking styles make a seriously stylish statement.

History of Female Viking Hairstyles

Viking women took great pride in their appearance. Historical hairstyles featured:

  • Intricate braids – Symbolized status, wealth and familial ties. The more complex, the higher the rank.
  • Long hair – Allowed for elaborate styling. Blonde hair was especially prized.
  • Shaved sides/undercuts – Practical for warrior women and created a bold look.
  • Ornate accessories – Gold, silver and jewelry adorned braids and updos.
  • Well-kept hair – Vikings practiced good hygiene and grooming.

Just like today, hairstyles helped Viking women present their personal flair and confidence.

Benefits of a Shaved Undercut/Sides

Shaving portions of the hair offers advantages:

  • Lightweight – Removes heaviness for comfort in battle or activity.
  • Low maintenance – Less hair makes upkeep quicker and easier.
  • Edgy style – The contrast between long and shaved creates visual interest.
  • Versatility – Allows for varieties of braids, textures and looks.
  • Warmer climate suitability – Keeps neck cooler in summer months.
  • Showcases facial features – Draws the eye with stronger bone structure.

Viking women knew the perks of strategic shaving for their rugged, active lifestyles.

Braided Styles for Shaved Undercuts

Intricately braided hairstyles look beautiful paired with shaved undercuts.

Crown Braid

A thick braided crown encircles the head, leaving hair long in back.

Fishtail Crown Braid

A fishtail braid makes a pretty, delicate crown.

Double Braids

Two thick braids emulate old-world war braiding.

Textured Faux Hawk

Faux hawk shape with twisted sides mirrors men’s Viking cuts.

Textured Braided Updo

A messy updo tempers the severity of shaved sides.

Long Hairstyles for Shaved Sides/Undercuts

For maximum drama, pair shaved sides with loose, flowing lengths:

Silky Straight Strands

Sleek, straight hair contrasts with the shaved underside.

Piece-y Waves

Undone waves create a relaxed yet alluring style.

Textured Lob

Choppy ends lighten up a blunt-cut long bob.

Half Up Style

Pull back top layers to expose the undercut.

Ombre Color Melt

A bright ombre emphasizes the long and short contrast.

Styling and Maintaining female viking hairstyles shaved sides

A few tips for managing your epic Viking look:

  • Moisturize – Shaved sides still need moisture. Massage oils into the skin.
  • Protect skin – Avoid irritation from razors with proper prep and gentle products.
  • Keep it clean – Wash regularly to prevent product buildup and dryness.
  • Reshave carefully – Refresh shaved areas every few days using a light touch.
  • Braid with care – Avoid excessive pulling on the hairline when braiding.
  • Use accessories – Dramatic hair cuffs, chains and headpieces finish the style.


Female Viking hairstyles with shaved sides allow you to embrace your inner warrior princess. Combining edgy undercuts with textured lengths and intricate braiding results in a bold, adventurous look. Style your shieldmaiden mane with confidence and pride!

Frequently Asked Questions About female viking hairstyles shaved sides

What type of hair texture works best for shaved Viking styles?

Coarser, thicker hair textures tend to suit shaved Viking styles best. Hair characteristics that shine:

  • Curly or wavy – The texture provides contrast to the smooth shave.
  • Thick density – Gives braids substance and allows for dramatic styling.
  • Coarse or medium strands – Finer hair could look sparse when buzzed too short.
  • Little to no natural curl pattern visible when shaved down.

The key is having hair that cooperates with both braiding and close buzzing.

How do you cut your own undercut at home?

Cutting an undercut at home takes precision but can be DIY’d with care by:

  • Using professional clippers made for fades and shaving.
  • Clipping guard lengths progressively shorter up the nape and sides.
  • Defining a precise part line for the shaved portion.
  • Carefully edging around hairlines using corner tips of guards.
  • Double checking back with two mirrors to ensure even cutting.
  • Avoiding digging into the scalp which can cause irritation.
  • Seeking help if unsure – barbers are pros at this technique.

What products are best for styling shaved Viking hair?

Some products that work well for styling shaved Viking hair include:

  • Sea salt spray for lived-in texture and volume
  • Matte wax or pomade for loose, piece-y styling
  • Shine serum or oil for smoothing flyaways
  • Texturizing sprays for grip when braiding slicked sections
  • Strong hold gel to keep braided crowns in place
  • Dry shampoo to absorb oil between washing
  • Light styling cream for soft hold without residue

How often should shaved sides be re-trimmed?

It’s ideal to re-trim shaved sides about every 2-3 days. Reasons you may want to shave more frequently:

  • The shorter the hair, the quicker it grows back and looks stubbly.
  • Areas like the neck and sideburns come in faster for some people.
  • You prefer the feel and look of an ultra close shave.
  • Your hair type tends to produce ingrown hairs if not shaved regularly.
  • Special events where you want your lines looking extra crisp.
  • Warmer weather when a close shave feels more comfortable.

Should you use shaving cream with a razor for the sides?

Yes, shaving cream is recommended when using a manual razor to shave the sides, for a few reasons:

  • It lubricates the skin, allowing the blade to glide smoothly.
  • It lifts and softens the hairs so they are easier to cut.
  • It helps prevent irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.
  • It allows you to see where you have shaved and not missed spots.
  • It provides a protective barrier between the sharp blade and skin.
  • It retains moisture and prevents dryness after shaving.

What aftercare is needed for freshly shaved sides?

Caring for freshly shaved sides helps avoid issues like razor burn or ingrown hairs. Post-shave tips:

  • Rinse away all product and residue after shaving.
  • Gently cleanse to remove hairs and exfoliate skin.
  • Apply a moisturizer, aloe vera gel or soothing product to hydrate.
  • Avoid super tight hairstyles that could irritate skin.
  • Wear loose clothing while skin calms down.
  • Don’t pick or scratch freshly shaved areas.
  • See a dermatologist for stubborn irritation or bumps.

How can you grow out a shaved undercut or side smoothly?

To grow out shaved sides seamlessly:

  • Get regular trims/shape-ups to keep the line neat and even.
  • Conceal regrowth with braids, twists or hats/headbands.
  • Transition to shorter styles like bobs or lobs while hair grows in.
  • Use temporary root touch-up powder or spray at the growth line.
  • Blow dry side hair down rather than brushing up.
  • Part hair strategically to blend lengths and short sides.
  • Visit your stylist frequently for trims to prevent shagginess.

What accessories work well with female viking hairstyles shaved sides ?

Some accessories that complement Viking hairstyles include:

  • Leather headbands, cuffs and wraps
  • Textured hair chains draped across braids
  • Decorative clasps and pins to secure braided updos
  • Metallic bead accents woven into braided strands
  • Ornate hairpins and combs
  • Statement ear cuffs that connect to braids
  • Fabric hair ties with long, braided ends
  • Wooden beads on ends of thin plaits

Have fun dressing up your fierce braided looks!

What are some pros and cons of trying a Viking undercut?

Some pros of shaved Viking undercuts:

  • Edgy, bold self-expression and confidence
  • Low daily maintenance once cut initially
  • Cooler and more comfortable for warm weather
  • Allows for creative styling combinations
  • Easier to maintain than really long hair

Some potential cons to consider:

  • Not suitable for all dress codes (professional settings, etc.)
  • Requires frequent trimming as short hair grows quickly
  • Can emphasize patchy areas or uneven hair growth
  • May not be preferred aesthetically by everyone
  • Growing out phase can be awkward

What Viking TV shows or movies inspire you?

Some shows and films featuring awesome female viking hairstyles shaved sides include:

  • Vikings
  • The Last Kingdom
  • Game of Thrones
  • Thor
  • The 13th Warrior
  • Pathfinder
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Braveheart
  • The Eagle

Seeing fierce female viking hairstyles shaved sides on screen can provide inspiration for embracing the bold look in your own life!

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