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Pearl blonde is the must-have hair color trend for 2022 with its multi-dimensional shine and light, luminous vibes. Get the inside scoop on how to achieve this gorgeous look. Learn all about the styling, maintenance, and salon techniques needed to perfect pearl blonde hair. We cover everything from the right toner and formulas to celebrity inspiration.

Find out which warm and cool shades combine to create that opalescent sheen. Discover how color melting and balayage can take your hair to the next level. Pearl blonde flatters all different skin tones and face shapes thanks to its warm yet bright aesthetic. Get step-by-step guidance to help you walk into your salon ready to request this popular shade. From roots to ends, we break down how to transition hair seamlessly for that expensive, salon-fresh finish. Find celebrity examples and color charts to show your colorist. Achieve the pearl blonde excellence you crave!

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Pearl Blonde” Is The Most Luminescent Hair Color Trend

Pearl blonde is the hottest and most sought-after hair color trend for 2024. This unique multi-dimensional blonde shade has an iridescent, opalescent shine that creates an ethereal, elegant look. The luminous pearl tones are achieved by blending different shades of beige, platinum, and pale gold blondes. When light hits pearl blonde hair, it reflects back a shimmering, glossy sheen – almost like a real pearl or seashell. This trend is sometimes also called mermaid blonde thanks to its oceanic, underwater-inspired vibes.

The pearl blonde look has been sparking major hair envy on social media and taking over salons. The appeal lies in its chic, glamorous vibe and ability to make hair look silky, shiny, and healthy. Unlike some icy platinum blondes, pearl tones also warm up complexions and flatter a variety of skin tones. This helps create a lit-from-within glow. Keep reading to learn all about how colorists achieve this luminous blonding technique and why it’s poised to be the “it” hair color of 2024.


To achieve a multidimensional pearl blonde, colorists blend different beige, platinum, and pale gold shades using advanced highlighting techniques. This creates depth and dimension for a truly opalescent look. Here are some of the most popular formulations:

Wella Professionals – Blondor

Colorists love Blondor to create seamless, diffuse highlights. It lifts hair up to 7 levels without too much damage thanks to bond-building tech. A popular pearl combo includes a base of 10.31 + 20 Volume creme developer topped with Blondor 9.31 + 30 Volume developer painted through mid-lengths and ends. This provides a vibrant yet soft pearl tone.

Redken – Illumina Color + Wellaplex

Illumina’s oil-infused permanent hair color achieves rich, shiny, conditioned-looking results. Mixing Illumina 9NB + 6NB + clear + Wellaplex helps give dimension to pearl blonde. Wellaplex also strengthens and repairs hair throughout the lightening process.

Matrix – Light Master + SoColor

These two products work together seamlessly. Light Master lifts up to 7 levels without brassiness while SoColor provides even toning. A soft pearl is created by using Light Master 9.5 + 20 Volume on mids-ends and SoColor 9.5 + 5.5 mixed with SoColor clear.

Schwarzkopf – Blonde Me

This vegan powder lightener delivers exceptional lift. Combining 9.1, 9.3, 10.1, and 12% creme developer makes brightening to a pearl tone simple and damage-free. It’s free of silicone, ammonia, and perfume.

Wella – Welloxon Perfect 6%, 9%, and 12%

This powerful powder lightener comes in various volumes. Using 6% on roots, 9% on mids, and 12% at ends creates a seamless pearl effect. It contains collagen and wheat proteins to reduce stress on hair.

Joico – Blonde Life Powder Lightener

This mineral-enriched lightener achieves major lift without drying out hair. Mixing it 1:1 ratio with Lumishine Crème Developer in 20 or 30 Volumes provides a luminous, multidimensional pearl. It’s also PPD and ammonia-free.


There are many reasons this shimmering hair color is having such a major moment right now. Some of the factors driving its popularity include:

Vibrant Yet Soft

Pearl blonde manages to strike the perfect balance – it’s light and vibrant without crossing over into brassy or icy territory. The seamless blend of hues creates depth without dullness. This makes hair look healthy, shiny, and expensive!

Flatters Many Skin Tones

Unlike platinum shades that can sometimes wash people out, the warmth of pearl tones is flattering on a wide range of complexions. The mix of gold, beige, and ash creates an adaptable effect.


Pearl’s blonde hair color is the opposite of flat and one-noted. The use of freehand highlighting and balayage placement imparts gorgeous dimension and visual interest.

Trending on Social Media

Pearl’s hair has exploded on TikTok and Instagram. Influencers and celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Taylor Swift have amplified the allure of this opalescent color. People are eager to recreate the standout style.

Surprisingly Low-Maintenance

Despite its light appearance, the blend of warm and cool tones means pearl requires less toning upkeep than white platinum. The hue is quite adaptable and forgiving of regrowth too.


While some shades only work for certain seasons, pearl blonde transitions seamlessly between spring, summer, fall, and winter. The luminosity brightens up cold months while still fitting summer’s vibe.

Transform Your Look with the Allure of Pearl Blonde Hair Color

Indulge in the captivating world of hair transformations with the trendsetting “Pearl Blonde Hair Color.” This chic and luminous shade brings a touch of iridescence to your locks, creating a stunning visual change that’s perfect for the winter season. Whether you’re seeking instant gratification or a complete hair overhaul, Pearl Blonde is the answer.

To achieve this mesmerizing hue, top-notch products like Blondor, Wellaplex, Illumina, and Welloxon are indispensable. Renowned colorists such as Allison Elmore, Gerri Leigh, and Alexandra Collins swear by these premium products to deliver dimensional and opalescent results. Techniques like balayage using Freelights Powder and Color Touch Emulsion contribute to the seamless blend of tones, ensuring a natural appearance with a shimmering finish.

Step into the world of Soho on Bourke or Wella World for a transformative salon experience, where skilled professionals turn your hair into a canvas of platinum, ash, and cool tones. Explore the Color Fresh Mask for hair maintenance, and discover the latest trending shades curated by industry experts. From seashell to mermaid-inspired hues, the color spectrum comes alive, offering warmth and vibrancy.

Embrace the winter season with a hair makeover that speaks volumes. Join the league of style icons and celebrities who trust Pearl Blonde for its timeless appeal. Elevate your fashion statement, be it a trendy hairstyle or a fashionable color palette. Unleash the power of Pearl Blonde, and let your hair be the canvas for a glamorous and stylish transformation.

Elevate Your Style with Pearl Blonde Hair: A Glamorous Transformation

Step into the world of sophistication and glamour with the enchanting allure of Pearl Blonde hair. This trendy and opulent shade transcends conventional norms, creating a visual masterpiece that speaks volumes. Achieving the perfect Pearl Blonde requires expertise and premium products like Blondor, Wellaplex, Illumina, and Welloxon, favored by renowned colorists such as Allison Elmore, Gerri Leigh, and Alexandra Collins.

The magic unfolds with dimensional balayage techniques using Freelights Powder and Color Touch Emulsion, ensuring a seamless blend of iridescence and luminescence. Explore the realm of Soho on Bourke or Wella World for a transformative salon experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Dive into a world of platinum, ash, and cool tones, each contributing to the shimmering beauty of Pearl Blonde.

As the winter season unfolds, embrace the chill with a hair makeover that exudes warmth and vibrancy. This instant gratification ensures a stunning visual change, capturing the essence of seasonal trends. Pearl Blonde isn’t just a hair color; it’s a statement, a reflection of your style, and a canvas for beauty tips and maintenance rituals that keep your locks radiant. Join the league of style icons and celebrities who trust Pearl Blonde for its timeless appeal, and let your hair be the epitome of a glamorous and stylish transformation.

Unlock Radiance with Pearl Blonde Toner: Expert Tips for a Stunning Dimension

Discover the secret to luminous locks with the mesmerizing Pearl Blonde toner, a game-changer in the world of hair trends. Crafted with precision using top-tier products like Blondor, Wellaplex, and Illumina, this toner ensures a dimensional and opalescent finish that captivates. Trusted by renowned colorists such as Allison Elmore, Gerri Leigh, and Alexandra Collins, the Pearl Blonde toner is the epitome of sophistication.

Experience the magic of toning with Welloxon and Color Fresh Mask, as they weave shimmer and iridescence into your hair, creating a visual masterpiece. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to a spectrum of warm, platinum, and ash tones that redefine beauty. Dive into the transformative world of Soho on Bourke or Wella World, where expertise meets innovation for a hair overhaul that stands out.

Indulge in the shimmering beauty of Pearl Blonde toner, echoing the trends of the season. Whether you seek a hair makeover or instant gratification, this toner promises a visual change that complements the chilly weather of the winter season. Elevate your style, embrace the vibrancy, and let your hair be a canvas for a glamorous and stylish transformation. The Pearl Blonde toner isn’t just a product; it’s an experience, a fusion of art and science that leaves you with a head-turning, opulent glow.

Pearl Blonde vs. Ash Blonde: Unveiling the Perfect Shade for You

In the realm of hair trends, the debate between Pearl Blonde and Ash Blonde continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts seeking the ideal hue for a transformative look. Both shades boast sophistication, but understanding their nuances is crucial in making the right choice for your style.

Pearl Blonde, enriched with the brilliance of Blondor, Wellaplex, and Illumina, offers an opalescent and dimensional finish. Trusted by colorists like Allison Elmore and Gerri Leigh, this shade blends shimmer and iridescence, reminiscent of seashells and mermaids. It’s a choice for those craving a visual change with instant gratification, making it a perfect match for the winter season.

On the other hand, Ash Blonde, achieved through techniques like balayage with Freelights Powder and Color Touch Emulsion, leans towards cool tones. As seen in the portfolios of Alexandra Collins and Soho on Bourke, Ash Blonde is a classic choice for a natural appearance with a touch of shimmer.

Consider your personality, desired warmth, and seasonal trends when choosing between Pearl Blonde and Ash Blonde. Whether you opt for the luminescence of Pearl or the cool vibrancy of Ash, both shades, with their Platinum Blonde allure, promise a glamorous hair transformation that aligns with the latest hair trends.


Pearl blonde is THE hair color trend of 2024. Here’s an in-depth look at why this luminous, multidimensional blonding technique is taking over salons and social media feeds everywhere.

Celebrity Influence

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Billie Eilish have all rocked various takes on pearl blonde recently. Their experimental style paired with star power helps drive major hair trends. People are eager to emulate the latest celebrity looks.

Allure of “Expensive” Hair

Between the lightness, shine, and dimension – pearl locks just look expensive and luxe! The sleek, salon-finish results are super aspirational and influencer-worthy. Even with grey regrowth, the vibe remains upscale.


Unlike some high-maintenance blonde techniques, the pearl is adaptable and low-key. Stylists can tweak the formulation to perfectly suit each client’s base tone, desired level of lightness, and amount of warmth. The color also blends well with grey hairs.

Social Media Fueling Desire

Hair color videos perform incredibly well on TikTok and Instagram. The mesmerizing pearl blonde transformations rack up millions of views and likes. People see results in real clients instead of just models. This immediacy makes recreating the look even more enticing.

On-Trend for 2024

Celebrity stylists, colorists, and trend forecasters all declare pearl to be THE blonde shade for 2024. After years of cold platinum dominating, people are ready to embrace warmth again. Pearl satisfies this desire for a new take on blonde – making it a must-try.

How To Ask For Pearl Blonde Hair

Show your colorist inspiration photos and describe your ideal version of the pearl. Key phrases to use:

  • Silvery beige blonde with an opalescent finish
  • Multidimensional blonde with a mix of platinum, ash, and pale gold pieces
  • Bright yet soft blonde with an iridescent pearl shine
  • Seamlessly blended highlights to create lots of depth
  • Light blonde base with shimmery cool and warm pieces throughout
  • Gradual lightening to avoid banding between highlights and base

Explain your lifestyle, job, willingness to tone, and desired level of maintenance. An expert colorist will interpret your vision into a tailored, achievable pearl blonde.

How To Maintain Pearl Blonde Hair

  • Use purple toning shampoo/mask 1-2x per week to fight brassiness
  • Touch up roots every 4-6 weeks to avoid losing dimension
  • Hydrate hair with a weekly mask to increase shine
  • Limit heat styling to reduce drying and breakage
  • Rinse with cold water after washing to seal the cuticle
  • Use leave-in treatments with sun protection to prevent fading
  • Schedule a toner refresh every 4-6 weeks to restore vibrancy
  • Opt for ammonia-free root touch-up colors when possible
  • Add Olaplex or bonding treatments during salon visits
  • Shampoo less frequently (1-2x per week)

Hair Color Trends That’ll Be Everywhere In 2024

While pearl blonde may be the “it” hair color of 2024, there are several other gorgeous shades rising up the ranks. Here are the top hair color trends you can expect to see everywhere in the coming year.


Move aside platinum, silk blonde is back! This refined shade pairs dark blonde roots with ribbons of bright yet warm golden highlights. The result is understated yet glamorous. Silk blonde works on all complexions and hair types thanks to its neutral yet lush vibe. Ask for buttery caramel babylights around the face for dimension.


For fashionistas, Ice Pearl hits the sweet spot between edgy and elegant. It combines cool ultra-light blonde surrounding the face with a warmer beige blonde on the mid-lengths and ends. Silver shampoo boosts the icy sheen while yellow tones prevent any harshness. This strategic color-blocking effect provides style and versatility.


Why choose one blonde when you can have them all? For depth, ask for a dimensional pearl blonde using ribbons of platinum, ash, gold, and beige pieces. Brighter blondes pop up top, while mid-lengths and ends skew a touch darker and warmer. The seamless blend of high and low lights delivers a major glow.


For a sweet, au naturel effect, embrace ultra-soft blonde hair. Using a demi-permanent color, alternate between beige blonde and neutral gold pieces. Focus the brightness on the ends and mid-lengths while keeping the roots darker. The result is understated yet pretty and compliments the natural texture.


Satin blonde combines stunning lightness with an ultra-silky effect. To achieve this gorgeous color, handpainted ribbons of pale neutral gold from roots to ends. Follow with a toner in pearl beige. The smooth, seamless result resembles satin fabric. Perfect for romantic styles.

Sable Brunette

For brunettes seeking something deeper and richer than chocolate brown, sable is sublime. This exotic shade pairs dark chocolate roots with espresso, cocoa brown, and chestnut accents painted throughout mid lengths and ends. The mix of cool and warm pieces gives incredible dimension.

Angel Blonde

This heavenly blonde shade lightens up your entire look without the high-maintenance platinum required. By keeping roots darker and transitioning gradually into creamy beige and golden pieces, hair appears lit from within. Soft yet bright.

Lived-In Bronde

For golden girl vibes, go for this laidback, beachy bronde. A rich caramel base gets accented with slightly brighter ribbons of antique gold. A smattering of lighter pieces around the hairline keeps the look fresh. Airy and casual.

Tamarind Brown

For brunettes, tamarind brown provides a vibrant twist. This exotic shade incorporates ribbons of burgundy, amber, and cinnamon with a chocolate brown base. The pops of reddish warmth make brown hair come alive.

Grape Soda

Pastels are back for 2024 and this one’s especially fun. A light violet base gets handpainted with accents in orchid, lilac, and lemon chiffon blond. The artist, unexpected mix of colors makes a playful statement.

Fuzzy Cashmere

Fuzzy cashmere blonde is all about softness. To achieve this Huggable hair color, ask your stylist for an allover color in creamy medium blonde. Then, paint on semi-permanent peach and gold babylights to lend a delicate warmth and sheen.

Electric Copper

Go bold with electric copper. Boost your copper shade to a richer, more vibrant dimension by adding ribbons of intense garnet and cherry red. Concentrate on mid-lengths and ends for maximum drama. Shine brighter!

Hollywood Blonde

Old Hollywood blonde is timeless elegance. Pair a neutral medium brown base with loads of bright yet warm golden highlights. Sculpting around the face imparts allure. Sleek waves complete this glam look.

Peachy Pink

Embrace the power of pink! For 2024, go for peach and pink intermixed with buttery highlights. Keep roots darker for less maintenance. The soft yet colorful result looks like youthful rose quartz.


While pearl blonde appears high-maintenance, it’s quite adaptable. The warmth integrated into the color makes touch-ups grow gracefully. You can go 4-6 weeks between appointments. Ask your colorist for low-ammonia root touch-up options. Use bond-building and blonde-boosting products like Olaplex, SmartBond, and Blonde Life to keep hair healthy. Go for glossing treatments over full color for vibrant refreshers.


Pearl blonde has been spotted on some major A-listers, helping drive up demand. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Kylie Jenner have all rocked versions of this trend over the last year. The stunning yet wearable results are photographed so beautifully, inspiring people to book their own pearl blonde transformation.

On social media, influencers like Abby Haliti, Ellie Addis, and Lydia Tomlinson have shown off their real-life pearl blonde makeovers to rave reviews. Their before-and-after videos rack up millions of views and comments from fans eager to try the luminous color. It’s clear this trend is one of 2024’s most coveted.


While some color trends come and go, pearl blonde has real staying power. The warm-yet-light look provides versatility that suits different seasons and climates. You can adjust the formulation to perfectly complement your complexion and wardrobe. It works for casual styles and formal occasions. Pearl shades also get bonus points for pairing beautifully with gray hair when roots grow in. The seamless blend helps hair color look expensive and luxurious at every stage. This timeless shade provides longevity that any blonde lover can appreciate.


One of the best aspects of pearl blonde is its adaptability. The creation process allows for customization so each client’s hair can realize its full potential. Maybe you want touches of lilac and lavender woven in to amp up the cool tones. Or perhaps a smattering of cinnamon and caramel baby lights to provide warmth. Either way, your colorist can handpick shades that perfectly align with your hair’s undertones. This makes the look flattering and unique. Don’t be afraid to make pearl blonde your own!


Our experienced colorists are experts in creating personalized, beautiful pearl blonde colors. We use high-quality products like Blondor, Wellaplex, Redken, and Smartbond to achieve maximum shine, conditioning, and bond strengthening during the lightening process. You’ll leave with a luminous multidimensional color specifically tailored to your skin tone, base shade, and style needs. Contact us today to book a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is pearl blonde?

Pearl blonde is a multifaceted color featuring a mix of beige, platinum, and pale champagne blonde shades. When blended seamlessly by a skilled colorist, these tones create a shimmering opalescent effect. The overall look is light yet warm, glossy, and luminous.

What is the rarest type of blonde?

Natural platinum blonde hair is the rarest blonde hair color. Only about 1-2% of the population is born with pure platinum level 10 blonde locks. This ultra-light shade is even lighter than the stereotypical Scandinavian blonde. The next rarest is the golden blonde at just 4% naturally occurring. Most blondes are born with medium to light blonde shades before lightening.

How do you use Pearl Blonde toner?

To achieve pearl tones, use a toner that incorporates both cool and warm pigments. Good options include beige blonde, ivory, champagne, sand, pale silver, and pearl. Alternate these toners every 4-6 weeks as needed to reduce brassiness and maintain the right mix of pigments. Apply toners after shampooing and leave on for 5-20 minutes depending on desired intensity.

What is buttery blonde hair color?

Buttery blonde is a gorgeous, warm blonde shade that evokes the luxurious feel of butter. It typically starts with beige blonde roots that gradually transition into ribbons of rich creamy blonde, antique gold, and light caramel pieces. The seamless blend of cool and warm hues makes hair look incredibly soft, shiny, and healthy. Buttery blonde flatters a wide range of skin tones.


In summary, pearl blonde is poised to be the standout hair color of 2024. This luminous, multidimensional blonde shade provides depth, shine, and lots of versatility. While the light, shimmery color appears high-maintenance, the pearl is actually quite forgiving when done properly. The strategic blend of warm and cool tones at different levels helps hair color last and transition gracefully.

Models, influencers, and celebrities have all helped amplify the trend through social media. Salons are reporting high demand as people seek to recreate the opalescent look. With proper formulations and maintenance, pearl blonde allows you to achieve a glamorous, expensive-looking mane that turns heads for all the right reasons.

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