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Peach hair is one of the hottest hair color trends for 2024. This soft, feminine shade flatters a wide range of skin tones and brings warmth and brightness to any look. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about achieving the perfect peach hair, from color formulas to styling ideas. Get ready to embrace this juicy, summery hue!


Universally Flattering Peach Hair Color Ideas

Peach is universally flattering because it has undertones that complement most skin tones. Warm peach tones with a touch of coral look beautiful on warmer complexions, while cooler peach tones with a hint of pink flatter cooler skin. Read on for the best peach hair shades for your skin’s undertone.

For Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin with yellow, olive, or golden undertones looks best with peach shades containing warm reddish, orangey, or golden tones like:

  • Copper peach – A vibrant, metallic peach shade with golden copper tones
  • True peach – A rich, vivid peach reminiscent of the fruit
  • Orange peach – A creamy peach with a tang of orange

For Cool Skin Tones

Cool skin with pink or red undertones is complemented by peachy shades with a touch of rose, lavender, or ash-like:

  • Soft peach – A pale, delicate peach tone with a hint of pink
  • Acid peach – A light, neon peach shade with cool undertones
  • Ashy peach – A peachy beige blonde with ash undertones

For Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin looks great with both warm and cool peach tones. Try:

  • Nectarine – A bright, warm peach
  • Melon – A light, cool peachy pink
  • Peach blossom – A petal pink peach

The Juicy Allure of Peach Hair Color

peach hair color
peach hair color

Peach is having a major hair color moment, and for good reason. This fruity shade brings warmth and dimension to hair for a lively, summery look. From pastel peach to neon orange-coral, the options are endless.

When considering peach hair, assess your undertone. Peaches with pink or rose gold complement cooler skin, while orangey coppers flatter warm complexions. For neutral tones, try a nectarine peach.

To get that peachy glow, brighten your base with highlights first. Then apply a peach gloss or toner. For saturated neon peach, lighten to pale blonde beforehand. Add depth with lowlights in chocolate or rose gold.

Peach hair is fun, playful, and versatile. Styling options like beachy waves, sleek blowouts, or tousled curls all showcase the multi-faceted color. With proper toner maintenance, peach hair keeps its pop. Embrace peach hair this season for an instant mood boost!

Achieving the Perfect Peach Hair Dye

peach hair dye
peach hair dye

Peach is the hottest hair color of the moment. But how do you get that ideal peachy shade on your strands? With so many options, from neon coral to pale pastel, selecting the right peach hair dye is key.

Consider your skin’s undertones when choosing a peach hue. Orangey peach pops on warm complexions, while ashier peaches flatter cool pink skin. For hair dye novices, try a temporary peach gloss first. This washes out gently.

To get a vibrant, saturated peach hair color, lighten your base to pale blonde initially. Then apply peach dye or toner. Focus bright peach on the mid-lengths and ends for dimension. Pair with lowlights in chocolate brown or rose gold.

No matter your peach shade, protect the color with a purple shampoo. This neutralizes brassiness. Also, limit washing to 2-3 times per week and use cooler water. Style with heat protectant to lock in vibrancy.

With the right formula and maintenance, peach hair dye delivers a fun, lively hair transformation. Play with different peach tones and depths to find your perfect match!

Discover Regal Elegance: The Princess Peach Hair Marvel

princess peach hair
princess peach hair

Step into a realm of enchantment with Princess Peach Hair, an exquisite hair transformation that radiates a peachy glow. This regal hair shade, with its captivating undertones and delicate pastel shades, is a manifestation of beauty trends at its finest. Princess Peach Hair isn’t just a color; it’s a journey into the world of sophisticated hair tones and expert dyeing techniques.

Unveil the secrets to achieving a luminous hair glow with Princess Peach Hair as you explore colorist tips, innovative haircuts, and the latest in fashion and beauty trends. Dive into the realm of hair maintenance, and conditioning, and discover the nuances of color depth for a look that exudes elegance. Princess Peach Hair isn’t just a color; it’s a statement in hair styling, offering a glossy finish and reflective glaze that elevates your locks to new heights.

Perfect for those seeking a temporary change, Princess Peach Hair embraces the magic of balayage techniques, allowing for seamless color transitions and ombre styles. This royal hair inspiration is not just limited to the salon; discover at-home coloring tips and unleash the princess within. From light blonde shades to peach tones, Princess Peach Hair caters to diverse color variations and complements various skin undertones.

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Unlock the Radiance: Momori Peach Hair Cream for Stunning Hair Transformation

momori peach hair cream
momori peach hair cream

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Pastel Peach-Toned Balayage

Pastel peach balayage is a stunning way to lightly enhance your natural hair color with a soft wash of color. Perfect for blondes or light brunettes, peach balayage adds warmth and dimension. Ask your colorist to hand paint delicate peach highlights, concentrated around the mid-lengths and ends. This will lift your overall color while looking natural.

Holographic Peach

Holographic peach hair uses shades like rose gold, violet, and ice blonde to create a multi-dimensional, iridescent effect. After lightening, a peach toner is applied all over. Then thin strips of alternating toners in rose gold, pale violet, and platinum blonde are painted through the lengths. This reflects and refracts light for a unique, shimmery look. The result is electric peach hair with an opalescent finish.

Peach Pink Bob

Swap your classic bob for a fun peach-pink version! This trendy, short choppy bob is dyed an all-over vivid peach, pumped up with pops of neon pink. The mix of peach and pink tones gives incredible depth and dimension. Finish the look with beachy, texturized waves. This eye-catching style is bold and playful.

Blorange Peach

Can’t choose between blonde, orange, or peach? Go for orange peach! This creative color combines beige blonde, vivid orange, and tangy peach for a tropical twist. Ask your colorist for a shadow root to seamlessly blend your natural roots into the orange peach lengths. This fun, youthful color melts warm and cool tones for maximum impact.

Candy Floss Peach Blonde Hair Color

Candy floss peach evokes clouds of pink and orange cotton candy. To get this playful color, ask for an all-over bleach with a shadow root. Then apply a light peach gloss from roots to ends. Finish with hand-painted pastel pink baby lights concentrated on the mid-lengths and ends for a soft, sweet look. The blend of peach and pink is irresistibly cute and fun.

Rose Gold Peach

Rose gold peach hair blends smoky rose gold lowlights with brighter peach baby lights for chic depth. Perfect for brunettes, this is an easy way to dip your toes into color without a drastic change. Ask your colorist for fine slices of rose gold throughout the mid-lengths, finishing in glossy peach ends. The dark and light tones interplay beautifully.

Milkshake Peach Hair

Craving an ultra-creamy peach shade? Go for a milkshake peach! This indulgent hair color pairs beige blonde with a soft, milky peach for a decadent effect. Starting with an all-over lightener, apply a peachy toner to cancel brassiness. Then paint on ribbons of buttery peach babylights. The result is sweet enough to drink up.

Everyday Wear Pastel Peach

Want to test-drive Peach before fully committing? Ask for an all-over toner in a diluted peach. This will lightly tint your hair with a subtle wash of peach ideal for new colorists. Or, opt for pastel peach money pieces around your face. Either option will infuse peach without overpowering your natural color.

Pastel Peach for Middle-Aged Women

Want to try the peach trend but worry it’s too young? Pastel peach is the perfect compromise. An all-over application of soft peach toner results in a refined hue that flatters those over 50. Avoid harsh roots and baby lights. Instead, opt for subtle peach coverage from root to tip. This polished take on peach lends brightness without being over the top.

Neon Peach

Make a bold statement with neon peach hair! This show-stopping shade immediately attracts attention. Starting with pale lifted hair, apply a bright peach all-over toner. Boost vibrancy with pops of neon peach baby lights. The eye-catching result straddles the line between orange and pink for unique depth. Express yourself with this maximalist peach hue!

Soft Touch of Peach

For a natural peach hair refresh, ask your colorist for a soft touch of peach. This entails subtle peach highlights woven through your natural shade. Concentrate the delicate peach pieces around the face for a lit-from-within glow. This is ideal for first-timers who want a hint of color. The pretty pop of peach warms up your natural tone beautifully.

Statement Peach

Make a bold splash with all-over statement peach hair! This high-impact color transforms you into a peach goddess. Start with an overall lightening to pale blonde. Apply a bright peach toner all over to cancel brassiness. Finish with neon peach baby lights for added pop. Statement peach demands attention – be prepared to make heads turn!

Peach Pixie

A peach pixie cut is a sassy way to wear this trend. The cropped length shows off the lush color. Ask your hairstylist for an all-over peach dye application to saturate your strands in this juicy tone. Style with loads of texture for maximum impact. Peach hair is fun, summery, and eye-catching on a sexy pixie cut.

Peach Money Piece

Dip your toes into peach hair with soft peach money pieces around your face! This entails lightening thin strips of hair near your face and toning them peach. Money pieces softly frame your complexion in peach without a drastic overall change. It’s a perfect way to test out the peach trend before fully committing.

Brown Hair Peach Highlights

Warm up cool brown hair with ribbons of peach. Concentrate bright peach babylights on the mid-lengths and ends of hair. This placement looks natural while adding flattering brightness around the face. Pair with beige lowlights to add dimension. The brown and peach pairing is rich and dimensional for brunettes.

Glossy Peach Waves

Indulge in glossy peach waves! Perfect for medium to long locks, this look gains dimension from an interplay of peach tones. Ask your colorist for a mix of neon and pastel peach baby lights – concentrated heavily on the mid-lengths and ends, with sparser placement near the roots. Style with soft undone waves to show off the glossy color dimension.

Peach Ombre/Ponytail

Peach ombre highlights are perfect for ponytails and updos. The concentrated color on the ends peeks out for a flirtatious effect. Ask for a deeper root stretch to keep your regrowth at bay. Then lighten ends to pale peach – the higher the contrast, the more vivid the effect. This unexpected pop of color is sexy and playful.

Peach Curls

Peach hair comes alive on bouncy curls! For ravishing peach curls, ask your hairstylist for long layers cut to enhance the natural movement of your hair. Then go for a vibrant peach dye application touching the roots. Style waves with a curling wand. The peach saturation illuminates each defined coil for show-stopping impact.

Soft Peach Bob

A soft peach bob is playful and meets sophisticated. The precision cut shows off the peach color in a structured style. Ask for a rounded neck-skimming bob cut with stacked layers in the back to encourage volume. Go for an all-over application of delicate peach toner. Style sleek with a side part or flipped ends for a modern feel.

Peach Melt Wavy Bob

Embrace lived-in texture with a peach melt wavy bob. After an all-over peach color application, style waves using a curling iron. Then run your fingers through the hair to break up the curls. The finished, tousled texture is effortlessly sexy. The peach shade grants vibrancy while the piece-y waves keep it relaxed.

Peach Tint

Want subtle brightness? Ask your colorist for an all-over peach tint. This involves applying a diluted peach toner. The result is hair that looks like a softened, warmed-up version of your natural shade. It’s ideal for a natural touch of color. Peach tinting boosts radiance while still looking believably natural.

Peach Pixie

Short hair lets peach color shine. For a bold yet sophisticated result, go for a peach pixie cut. Ask your stylist for an all-over application of vivid peach on your precision-cut pixie. Keep the color-saturated from roots to ends for maximum impact. Then style with texture for a piece-y, artful effect.

Platinum Peach

Platinum peach hair is a striking, futuristic color combination. To achieve this icy effect, opt for an overall pale platinum blonde bleach. Then apply a bright peach toner. The resulting neon peach shade pops against the white-blonde base. Keep roots darker for contrast. This eye-catching hair screams cool-girl edge.

Neon Peach Hair

Make a vivid statement with neon peach hair. This punchy shade is achieved by applying a super-saturated peach dye to pre-lightened hair. Ask for a shadow root to seamlessly blend your regrowth. Concentrate pops of neon peach on the mid-lengths and ends for maximum impact. Express yourself with this unapologetically bold hair color.

Messy Peach Waves

Embrace lived-in texture with messy beach waves. Lightly tousle mid-length waves using a curling iron, then run your fingers through sections to separate. The finish should look relaxed, not overstyled. Handpaint an assortment of peach tones from pastel to neon throughout for dimension. Beachy peach waves are sexy and carefree.

Dark Peach Hair

Dark peach hair provides an edgy twist on peach. Perfect for brunettes, this entails a dark base with vibrant peach baby lights handpainted through the lengths and ends. The bold pops of peach stand out against the cool brunette base. Keep roots and mid-lengths dark for a deliberately grown-out effect.

Golden Roots

Shadow roots are ultra-flattering, providing dimension and an edgier vibe. Ask your colorist for golden peach shadow roots that melt into lighter peach ends. This looks natural while adding interest. Go for a seamless blend between the deeper root color and lighter lengths for a lived-in finish.

Two-Toned Dark Peach Ombré

This edgy ombré pairs darker roots with peach ends. Ask for dark brown shadow roots that graduate into light peach lengths. Concentrating the peach color on the very ends of hair allows your natural color to show through while still making a fun statement.

Copper Peach Hair

Copper peach hair pairs vibrant peach with spicy copper lowlights. The mix of warm tones results in incredible saturation and dimension. Ask your colorist for a blend of peach and copper balayage pieces throughout the lengths. This combo flatters warm complexions beautifully.

Two-Toned Locks

Why pick one peach shade when you can have two? For depth, ask your colorist for a mix of pastel peach and neon peach – with neon concentrated on the ends. The interplay of light and bright tones gives incredible dimension. Finish with undone waves to show off the duo peach effect.

Peach Bob

A cheeky peach bob is flirty and feminine. Ask your stylist for a precision-cut angled bob ending just below the jaw. Opt for an all-over application of bright peach dye to saturate your strands in this fruity tone. Show off the saturated color with sleek straight locks or bouncy curls.

Pastel Peach Highlights

Want a subtle wash of peach? Ask your colorist for pastel peach highlights. Hand-painting delicate ribbons of soft peach throughout your natural hair provides natural-looking brightness. Concentrate the highlights on mid-lengths and ends. Pastel peach highlights give a youthful glow.

Peachy Balayage

Peach balayage is an effortless way to dial up your look. Balayage hand-paints peach pieces in a graduated pattern for a natural effect. Ask for fine ribbons starting mid-shaft and concentrating on the ends. Balayage adds vibrancy while growing out seamlessly. The result is sun-kissed peach perfection!

Peach Ombré

Peach ombre incorporates darker roots and lighter ends for bold contrast. Request brown shadow roots that melt into vivid peach ends in an inverted V shape. Ombre concentrates the saturated color on the very ends, allowing your natural brunette to show through the mid-lengths.

Peach Hair with Dark Roots

Dark roots provide an edgy contrast against peach hair. Ask your colorist for dark brown or black shadow roots that melt seamlessly into light peach lengths. This looks deliberately grown out for a fashionable edge. Focus the vivid peach color on the lower half for maximum impact.


Acid peach is a neon peach tone with cool undertones. This punchy, attention-grabbing shade has an otherworldly vibe. Acid peach works best on very light blonde bases to allow the pigment to shine at full saturation. Ask your colorist to mix the acid peach dye and apply it all over previously lightened hair. Then enhance shine with a gloss treatment.


Soft peach is a delicate, feminine peach tone with a hint of pink. This sophisticated shade provides a subtle wash of color. To achieve soft peach hair, ask your stylist for an all-over application of a dilute peach gloss. This will gently tint hair without overwhelming your natural tone. The result is understated yet flattering.


NONTOURED peach hair features seamless coverage in one saturated peach shade from root to tip. For a rich, luscious contoured peach, first lighten your whole head to a pale blonde base. Then apply an intense peach toner all over. Avoid darker roots or lighter ends. The uniform peach shade is bold and fun.


Sleek, straight peach hair allows you to showcase the saturated color. Ask your hairstylist for precision layers cut to maximize styling versatility. Opt for all-over vivid peach dye from roots to ends. Then style pin-straight using a flat iron. The sleek texture enhances the true hue for a bold peach look.


Copper peach hair incorporates warm copper lowlights with bright peach highlights for maximum dimension. The mix of reddish-orange copper and vivid peach results in a rich, multifaceted color. Ask your colorist for a blend of thin copper and peach foils throughout your lengths.


True peach hair mimics the bright, vivid hue of fresh peach fruit. To get this intense shade, lighten your hair to pale yellow first to avoid brassiness. Then apply a saturated true peach toner all over, avoiding your roots. The resulting color is eye-catching, fruity perfection.


Orange peach is a vibrant, tropical combination of peach and orange. Perfect for summer, this bold hue packs a punch. Ask your colorist to hand paint a blend of orange and peach baby lights throughout your hair. Concentrate on the brightest pieces around your face for maximum impact.


Curvy peach hair adds intrigue with a mix of peach tones. Ask your colorist for a blend of bright neon peach and softer pastel peach baby lights. Then style with soft waves and curls to show off the multi-faceted color. The sweeping peach curves are sexy and dimensional.


Glossy peach hair reflects light beautifully thanks to an ultra-shiny finish. Achieve this glassy look by applying an intense peach gloss over pre-lightened hair. Focus on mid-lengths and ends for the most eye-catching effect. The high-shine peach shade glistens and dazzles.


Peach hair is having a moment for good reason – the warm, feminine hue flatters a wide range of complexions. Whether you opt for a subtle peach dye or go bold with neon peach, this color provides a flirty pop of self-expression. From rose gold peach balayage to glossy neon peach, embrace this juicy shade to add brightness and dimension to your look. Have fun exploring the many variations of peach hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

What skin tone suits peach hair?

Peach hair tends to suit most skin tones, from fair to deep complexions. Light peachy shades complement fair skin, while medium to darker peaches flatter olive and dark skin tones. Peach also flatters neutral and warm yellow undertones. Cool pink skin tones may favor peach with a touch of rose or lavender.

Overall, peach is a flexible hair color that can be customized to flatter your unique complexion. Consult your colorist to find the best peach hue for your skin.

What is peach hair?

Peach hair refers to a range of soft orangey-pink hair colors inspired by peach fruit. Specific shades include pastel peach, neon peach, soft peach, and copper peach. Peach hair provides subtle brightness or bold saturation depending on the depth of the color.

How do I get peach hair?

There are a few techniques for achieving peach hair:

  • All-over peach dye – Apply vivid peach hair dye to pre-lightened hair
  • Peach toner – Use a peach toner after lightening to cancel brassiness
  • Peach highlights – Hand-paint peach balayage or baby lights
  • Peach gloss – Apply a sheer peach gloss for a subtle peach tint

To avoid damage, consult a professional colorist to formulate the right peach shade and application method for your hair.

Is peach hair hard to maintain?

Like other fashion colors, peach hair requires some maintenance to keep it looking vibrant. Use a color-depositing shampoo or mask weekly to refresh the peach tone. Avoid washing hair daily, and use cooler water to prevent fading. Also, protect hair from sun exposure which can cause fading.

Plan to see your colorist every 4-6 weeks to maintain the most vibrant peach shade. Touch-up roots as needed. Proper at-home and professional maintenance keeps peach hair looking its best.

What is peach hair color?

Peach hair color refers to the spectrum of peach-inspired shades from soft pastel and rose gold peaches to vivid neon oranges and pinks. Specific popular peach shades include:

  • Soft peach – Subtle, pale peach tint
  • Pastel peach – A delicate, diluted peach
  • Neon peach – Vibrant, saturated peach
  • Coral peach – Peach tone with warm orange undertones
  • Rose gold peach – Peach with smoky rose gold undertones

Within the peach color family there are many variations for customizing to your preferences and complexion!

What colors make peach hair dye?

Peach hair dye is formulated by blending different ratios of orange, red, and pink dyes. Some examples of shades that create peach hair color include:

  • Pale yellow mixed with a drop of orange and pink
  • Vivid orange mixed with hot pink
  • Red and gold tones
  • Pink with a hint of pale yellow

Professional brands finely calibrate their peach shades by adjusting the levels of red, orange, pink, coral, and yellow dyes in their color lines. Talk to your colorist about custom blending for your ideal peach shade.

How do I get peach hair?

To achieve peach hair:

  1. Consult with a colorist to determine the right peach tone and application technique for your hair goals and base color. Consider a subtle peach gloss or bold neon peach dye.
  2. Lighten hair to pale blonde so the peach dye will show full vibrancy. Alternatively, peach balayage can be applied on light brown hair.
  3. Apply peach hair dye or toner all over or in highlights as desired. Focus on mid-lengths and ends.
  4. Add dimension with a darker root stretch or lowlights if desired.
  5. Maintain peach hair at home with color-depositing shampoo and masks. See your colorist every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups. Enjoy your new peach locks!

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