Embrace Your Curls: Natural Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair Confidence 2024

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Looking for edgy, trendy natural baddie hairstyles for curly hair? This article features gorgeous baddie hairstyles perfect for curly hair. Learn how to embrace your texture with bold, stylish looks. Discover tips for achieving defined curls, voluminous fro hawks, braided crowns, sleek high ponytails, and more cutting-edge styles. Baddie hairstyles are all about texture, attitude, and making a statement with your natural hair. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, you can channel your inner baddie goddess.

Master styling techniques like twist outs, braid outs, and curl-defining products to enhance your curls. Accessorize with rhinestone clips, headscarves, and jewelry woven into braids. Get inspiration for baddie hairstyles for short, medium, and long curly hair. This is the ultimate guide for curly-haired girls wanting to keep their natural texture while looking edgy and on-trend. Express yourself through unique looks ranging from retro finger waves to futuristic space buns. With the right products and techniques, any curly girl can achieve these show-stopping styles. Upgrade your look and exude confidence by embracing your inner baddie. Flaunt those fabulous natural curls in chic, statement-making hairstyles that turn heads!

Natural Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

natural baddie hairstyles
natural baddie hairstyles

Baddie hairstyles are edgy and trendy looks that are bold, stylish, and make a statement. For girls with naturally curly hair, baddie styles are a gorgeous way to show off your voluminous locks and beautiful texture. From defined curls to braided updos, natural hair lends itself perfectly to these cutting-edge hairstyles.

A curly baddie look is all about texture, volume, and attitude. Start by keeping curls hydrated and defined with products like curl creams, gels, and mousse. Style hair with your fingers for a tousled finish or use styling tools to sculpt smooth shapes. Pull hair up into high ponytails, space buns, or sleek knots secured with eye-catching scrunchies. Finger coil ringlets into a curly fro hawk or shape hair into retro-chic finger waves.

The curly hair community loves rocking wash-and-go styles, bantu knot outs, twist outs, and braid outs to bring out their natural texture. Accessorize with jewelry like hair chains and pearls woven into braids. No matter your hair type, you can channel baddie energy through bold styling and a confident attitude. Work those natural curls into the coolest hairstyles and become a true baddie beauty!

Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

baddie hairstyles for curly hair
baddie hairstyles for curly hair

Baddie hairstyles are the hottest trend for curly girls wanting to embrace their natural texture in an edgy, stylish way. These cutting-edge looks are all about making a bold statement with your voluminous locks.

When it comes to curly baddie styles, it’s all about showing off your gorgeous curls with definition and attitude. Use curl creams or gels to enhance and shape ringlets, or let hair air dry for a tousled wash-and-go style. Finger coil the top into a textured faux hawk or braid sides into edgy cornrows.

The curly hair community loves creating unique looks like bantu knot-outs, twist-outs, and braid-outs that bring out beautiful curl patterns. Go for braided styles like goddess braids and Fulani braids decorated with gold beads and cuffs.

Baddie hairstyles are versatile for all hair lengths. Short curls look chic shaped into a curly fro-hawk or styled with rhinestone hair clips. Long locks can be pulled into slick high ponytails or braided into an edgy crown updo.

With the right hydrating products and styling techniques, any curly girl can channel her inner baddie. It’s all about attitude, owning your texture, and having the confidence to rock trendsetting hairstyles. Play with partings, accessories, and updos to create your unique baddie style!

Embracing Your Natural Curly Hair

natural curly hair
natural curly hair

Natural curly hair is beautiful, textured, and full of gorgeous volume. With the right hair care and styling, curls can thrive in all their glory. The curly girl community embraces wearing hair in its natural state, without harsh chemical treatments.

Natural curls are defined by their hydrate-and-define regimen focused on moisture retention and enhancing the curl pattern. Using sulfate-free shampoos and silicone-free conditioners allows curls to maintain their bounce without frizz. Styling products like mousse, gel, and curling creams boost definition.

Many girls with curly hair opt for wash-and-go looks, twist-outs, braid-outs, and Bantu knot-outs to spotlight their God-given texture. Accessorizing with headwraps and scarves adds a stylish touch. Curly bobs, shags, and tapered pixie cuts are low-maintenance options.

The key is learning how to best care for your curl type, whether it’s loose waves or tight coils. Protect curls at night by pineapple hair or using satin pillowcases. Deep condition regularly for hydration and strength against damage.

Celebrate the beauty of natural curls by letting them take center stage. Embrace your hair’s unique texture with pride. With the right care and styling, your coils and ringlets will thrive in all their voluminous glory.

Gorgeous Natural Curly Hairstyles

natural curly hairstyles
natural curly hairstyles

Natural curly hair is endlessly versatile, lending itself to a myriad of stylish hairstyles. From defined curls to braided updos, there are countless options for showing off your texture.

For wash days, start with hydrating shampoos and conditioners free of sulfates and silicones. Let hair air dry or gently diffuse for defined frizz-free curls. Refresh styles by misting curls with water or curl revivers.

To add shape, twist sections into Bantu knots or ribbon curls secured with pins. Carefully unravel for sculpted definition. Or try styling hair into chunky flat twists, cornrows, or French braids.

Loosen up the texture with sea salt sprays and texturizing powders. Scrunch and shake for tousled, beachy waves. Slick sides back with gel for an edgy curly faux hawk.

When wearing hair down, part deeply to one side and let curls drape past your shoulders. Pull half up into a bouffant ponytail for added volume.

For special occasions, sweep hair into a braided updo. Adorn braids with pearls or gold threads for an elegant finish. Or go for glam finger waves or retro pin curls.

The options are endless for showing off your natural curls! Have fun playing with parts, textures, and accessories to create unique hairstyles that celebrate your beautiful natural hair.

Natural Curly Hair and Baddie Hairstyles

Curly hair is beautiful, versatile, and full of volume and texture. In recent years, baddie hairstyles have become a popular trend for accentuating natural curls and giving off that trendy, edgy vibe. Baddie hairstyles encompass a wide range of curly styles from bold braids to slicked-back ponytails that show off your gorgeous natural texture. If you have curly hair and want to try out the baddie aesthetic, this article will provide tons of inspiration, tips, and hairstyle ideas for achieving a fabulous look.

How to Get Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Getting baddie hairstyles with natural curly hair starts with proper hair care and styling techniques. Here are some tips for prepping your curls and achieving stylish baddie looks:

  • Deep condition and use leave-in conditioner to hydrate and define curls
  • Apply gel or mousse and scrunch curls for bounce and hold
  • Diffuse or air-dry hair completely before styling
  • Use a heat protectant when using hot tools
  • Add texture and volume with sea salt spray
  • Part hair deeply and slick sides for an edgy style
  • Secure longer styles with hair ties that match your hair color

Ensuring your curls are well-moisturized and defined will allow you to easily shape and style them. Use your fingers to arrange curls or gently brush through for a fuller-bodied look when styling.

Styling Tips for Baddie Hairstyles with Curly Hair

How to Get Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

  • Braids: Box braids, goddess braids, and cornrows are classic baddie styles. Keep them neat and decorated with jewelry like beads or gold cuffs.
  • Space Buns: Parting hair into two high buns creates a cool, futuristic look. Let tendrils hang loose for added edge.
  • High Ponytails: Pull curls up into a sleek, dramatic ponytail atop your head. Wrap hair around the base to hide the hair tie.
  • Faux Hawks: Use gel to slick the sides of your hair back while leaving the top and front longer to spike up into a faux mohawk.
  • Middle Part: Creating a deep side part and letting curls drape on either side frames the face fashionably.

How to Style Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

  • Headscarves: Tie a silk headscarf around your edges to add retro vibes to any curly style.
  • Hair Jewelry: Weave gold chains, pearls, or rhinestone clips throughout braids or space buns.
  • Slick Down Sides: Use a hard hold gel to flatten the sides and back while leaving the top curly.
  • Edge Control: Apply edge control gel around your hairline for super crisp swoops and baby hairs.
  • Scrunch Out Crunch: Break the cast from gels and mousses by scrunching for touchable, bouncy curls.

Baddie Hairstyles for Long Hair

For curly girls blessed with longer lengths, try these baddie hairstyles:

  • Dramatic Middle Part: A deep side part with hair swept to the sides makes a glamorous statement.
  • High-Slicked Ponytail: Slick hair back into a sleek high pony, leaving ends curled for bounce.
  • Half-Up Style: Pull the top half up while leaving the rest down and curled for dimension.
  • Big Bold Bangs: Blunt cut bangs grazing eyebrows add edge to long curly locks.
  • Braided Top Knot Bun: Intertwine two French braids into a messy top knot for an unexpected twist.
  • Face-Framing Tendrils: Pull out a few face-framing ringlets from an updo for added softness.
  • Beaded Braided Faux Hawk: Adorn a faux hawk with gold beads for an edgy take on this punk style.

Baddie Hairstyles With Natural Hair

Show off your natural texture with these baddie hairstyles:

  • Bantu Knot Out: Section hair into small knotted buns, then unravel for perfectly sculpted definition.
  • Wash and Go: Embrace curls in their natural state for an easy, carefree vibe.
  • Fro Hawk: Pick hair up into a textured faux mohawk, leaving the sides short.
  • Flat Twists: Neat, small flat twists keep hair laid around your edges and nape.
  • Twist Out: Twist moisturized hair then gently separate for a voluminous curly ‘fro.
  • Braid Out: Tie your hair into cornrows or plaits then undo for crimped, wavy curls.
  • Afro Puffs: Pull hair up high into two rounded puffs for a perfectly round shape.

Baddie Hairstyles With Box Braids

Box braids are a versatile protective style perfect for the baddie aesthetic. Make them unique with these stylish ideas:

  • Braided Top Knot Bun
  • Space Buns
  • Half-Up, Half-Down
  • Middle Part
  • Crossover Braids
  • Curled Ends
  • Bead Accents
  • Colorful Hair Cuffs
  • Decorative Barrettes
  • High Ponytail
  • Fulani Braids

Baddie Hairstyles for Medium Hair

For curly hair that falls between your chin and shoulders, go for these chic styles:

  • Blunt Curly Bob
  • Defined Curls
  • Side-Swept Bangs
  • Shoulder-Length Twist Out
  • Tousled Texture
  • Curly Shag
  • Angled Lob
  • Tapered Cut
  • Textured French Braids
  • Stacked Afro Puffs

Baddie Hairstyles for School

Keep your baddie style going strong while following the school dress code with these sleek and stylish ideas:

  • Low Curly Bun
  • Defined Wash and Go
  • Laid Baby Hairs
  • Middle Parted Low Ponytail
  • Textured Top Knot
  • Flat Twists Updo
  • Double Dutch Braids
  • Cornrow Braided Low Bun
  • Tucked Behind Ears
  • Headband and Low Pigtails

What hairstyles do baddies have?

Some of the most popular baddie hairstyles include:

  • Slicked-back ponytails or buns
  • Laid baby hairs and edges
  • Braids like box braids, Fulani braids, or cornrows
  • Bantu knots and twistouts
  • Wash and go curls
  • Middle or side parts
  • Space buns
  • Curly faux hawks
  • Blunt cut bobs
  • Braided updos
  • Beaded braids
  • Colorful hair cuffs in braids

How do you do baddie hair?

Here are some tips for achieving baddie hair:

  • Deep condition and use leave-in conditioners to hydrate curls
  • Define curls with gel and mousse then let hair air dry fully
  • Use edge control gel to slick down baby hairs around the hairline
  • Part hair deeply and brush flat around the hairline for a sleek look
  • Add hair accessories like beads, jewels, headwraps, and cuffs
  • Try braided styles like box braids, knotless braids, Fulani braids
  • Straighten hair bone straight if you want sleek, shiny locks
  • Use pomade to smooth flyaways and edges on straight styles
  • Create height with ponytails, buns, and knots worn on top of your head
  • Get sharp lines when straightening by using a rat tail comb

Baddie Hairstyles Straight Hair

Girls with straight hair can still achieve chic baddie styles like:

  • Bone Straight: Flat iron hairpin straight with a dramatic middle part.
  • High Shiny Pony: Pull hair into a sleek, glossy ponytail atop your head.
  • Slicked Back Bun: Brush hair tightly into a knot at the nape of your neck.
  • Half Up Half Down: Leave the bottom half straight while putting the top into a bun.
  • Face-Framing Layers: Add long layers to frame your face stylishly.
  • Blunt One-Length Bob: Chop hair into a severe, blunt bob with bangs for

Baddie Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

If you’re rocking a short curly cut, you can still show off your inner baddie. Some hot hairstyles include:

  • Defined Curls: Embrace your natural texture with perfectly shaped ringlets.
  • Bangs: Blunt cut bangs falling just above your eyes create an edgy look.
  • Tousled Pixie Cut: Fingerstyle and scrunch short layers for loads of volume.
  • Curly Faux Hawk: Use gel to shape hair into a mini mohawk.
  • Pin Curls: Define curls by pinning ringlets all over your head.
  • Headband Style: Add a sparkly headband for a quick yet cute style.
  • Side Part: Create a definition with a deep side part and swooped edges.

Baddie Hairstyles for Wavy Curly Hair

Girls with looser wavy curls can rock baddie style too:

  • Messy Top Knot Bun
  • Beach Waves
  • Tousled Lower Layers
  • Middle Part
  • Soft Layered Cut
  • Face-Framing Pieces
  • Texturized Choppy Lob
  • Finger-Styled Tendrils
  • Low Loose Braid
  • Twisted Half Updo

Baddie Hairstyles for Thicker Curly Hair

If you have a head full of dense, voluminous curls try these baddie looks:

  • Defined Layers to remove bulk
  • Blunt Bangs for a bold look
  • Wash and Go Style to embrace texture
  • Twist Out for definition without crunch
  • Bantu Knots to sculpt curly shapes
  • Tapered Cut with short sides to thin
  • Braided Crown to control hair atop your head
  • Curly Mullet taking thinning shears to ends
  • Textured Ringlets for bouncy body
  • Low Slicked Bun to tame and contain

Baddie Hairstyles for Short Hair: Edgy and Stylish Choices

For short hair that makes a statement, go for these edgy baddie styles:

  • Pixie Cut: A razor-cut, textured pixie tapered closely on the sides.
  • Buzz Cut: Clip hair to a super short, buzzed length all over for a bold look.
  • Caesar Cut: A short taper with bangs brushed forward onto the forehead.
  • Curly Crop: Tight curls trimmed to chin length create fullness on top.
  • Shaggy Layers: Choppy, piece-y layers add volume and attitude.
  • Undercut Pixie: Shave the underside and back for an edgy take on fairie.
  • Short Afro: A rounded fro with lots of height looks stylish and natural.

Baddie Hairstyles for Wavy Hair: Embracing the Waves

For wavy-haired girls, enhance your waves with these baddie styles:

  • Beach Waves: Texturize waves with sea salt spray for undone texture.
  • Messy Faux Hawk: The front section waved up into a faux mohawk shape.
  • Half-Up Style: Pull the front top section up while leaving the rest down.
  • Low Pigtails: Divide hair into two low pigtails securing with 90’s style scrunchies.
  • Headband: Add a chunky headband to accentuate your waves.
  • Ruffled Layers: Long choppy layers tousled for lots of volume.
  • Tousled Lob: Collarbone-grazing waves add movement and dimension.

Baddie Hairstyles for Straight Hair: Taming the Tresses

Straight hair lends itself to these sleek and sassy baddie hairstyles:

  • Slicked Ponytail: Gel hair back into a tight low pony.
  • Half-Up Bun: Pull the top section into a neat bun.
  • Middle Part: Part hair down the middle for an edgy look.
  • Pin Straight Layers: Long layers cut to frame the face poker straight.
  • Shiny Blowout: Use a round brush to dry hair pin straight with loads of shine.
  • Blunt Bob: A chin-length, one-length bob cut with bangs.
  • Braided Pigtails: Two straight braids secured in 90’s style scrunchies.

Baddie Hairstyles for Long Hair: Adding Attitude to Length

For girls blessed with lengthy locks, try these baddie hairstyles:

  • High Ponytail: Pull all hair up into a ponytail atop your head.
  • Braided Crown: Braid hair along your hairline then pull up into a ponytail.
  • Middle Part: Part your hair down the center and style strands on each side.
  • Face-Framing Layers: Add longer face-framing pieces for dimension.
  • Fishtail Braid: Weave hair into a thick, stylish fishtail braid.
  • Half-Up: Pull the top section up while leaving the bottom half long.
  • Beaded Braids: Small braids decorated with funky beads.

Baddie Hairstyles with Natural Hair: Embracing Your Curls

Show off your gorgeous natural texture with these baddie hairstyles:

  • Defined Curls: Condition curls for moisture and definition.
  • Fro Hawk: Use picks to shape hair into a faux mohawk.
  • Wash and Go: Let curls air dry for a low-maintenance style.
  • Bantu Knot Out: Section hair into knotted buns then unravel.
  • Big Hair: Pick hair out into a rounded afro shape.
  • Flat Twists: Neat flat twists contain edges and shape hair.
  • Braid Out: Unravel braids for crimped waves and curls.

Baddie Hairstyles with Box Braids: Big and Voluminous Styles

If you rocking box braids, channel baddie energy by:

  • Making them extra long and jumbo-sized
  • Only using the highest quality hair extensions
  • Leaving ends blunt instead of tapered
  • Adding beads or gold cuffs as accessories
  • Styling in trendy ways like top knots and space buns
  • Using colored hair extensions for an ombre or bold look
  • Getting creative parted designs
  • Playing with half-up half-down styles
  • Crimping or curling ends under for bounce

Baddie Hairstyles for Medium Hair: Versatile and Chic Options

For hair that falls a few inches below your shoulders, go for these sleek and chic styles:

  • Middle Part Lob
  • Textured Wavy Bob
  • Curly Shag
  • Layered Mid-Length Cut
  • Shoulder-Grazing Braids
  • Face-Framing Highlights
  • Angled A-Line Lob
  • Tousled Beachy Waves
  • Blown-Out Bounce
  • Twisted Half-Up Style

Baddie Hairstyles for School: Stylish and Manageable Looks

These cute and practical hairstyles work for the school dress code:

  • Low Curly Bun
  • Defined Wash and Go Style
  • Cornrow Braided Style
  • Double Dutch Braids
  • Flat Twists Updo
  • Laid Baby Hairs Edges
  • Textured Top Knot
  • Headband and Low Pigtails
  • Low Ponytail
  • Tucked Behind Ears

20 Trendsetting Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair in 2024

Here are 20 of the top baddie hairstyle trends predicted for 2024:

  1. Sculpted Curly Shag
  2. 90’s Style Space Buns
  3. Textured Voluminous Fro
  4. Curly Mullet
  5. Octopus Cut with Tapered Sides
  6. Exaggerated Side Part
  7. Fluffy Defined Afro
  8. Wet Look Gelled Curls
  9. Shoulder-Skimming Twists
  10. Half-Up Top Knot
  11. Mermaid Waves
  12. Blunt Curtain Bangs
  13. Edgy Undercut Pixie Cut
  14. Crimped Wavy Lob
  15. Coiled Tapered TWA
  16. Bantu Knot Out
  17. Bold Curly Faux Hawk
  18. Flipped Out Bob
  19. Retro Finger Waves
  20. Textured Layers with Bangs

Lemon8 Favorites: Explore Popular Baddie Hairstyles Liked by 8566 People

The top baddie hairstyles curated by the Lemon8 community include:

  1. Slicked Back High Ponytail (1289 likes)
  2. Middle Parted Box Braids (1092 likes)
  3. Wash and Go Curls (876 likes)
  4. 90’s Style Space Buns (792 likes)
  5. Cornrow Bun (671 likes)
  6. Fulani Braids (549 likes)
  7. Sleek Low Bun (502 likes)
  8. Curly Afro (428 likes)
  9. Half Up Half Down Braids (347 likes)
  10. Bantu Knot Out (310 likes)

Curly Hair Inspo: A Collection of Cute and Stylish Hairstyles

Get inspired by these gorgeous curly hairstyles for your next look:

  • Bouncy Ringlets
  • Textured Lob
  • Natural Fro
  • Twist Out Updo
  • Tousled Layers
  • Braided Crown -Octopus Cut -Bantu Knots -Wash and Go -Face-Framing Tendrils

Baddie Hairstyles Galore: Trendy Styles for All Hair Types

No matter your hair type, you can channel baddie energy with these hairstyles:

Curly Hair

  • Defined Curls
  • Twist Out
  • Textured Fro Hawk
  • Bantu Knot Out
  • Braid Out

Wavy Hair

  • Beachy Waves
  • Messy Faux Hawk
  • Texturized Lob
  • Low Ponytail
  • Half-Up Style

Straight Hair

  • Slicked Back Pony
  • Sleek High Bun
  • Middle Part
  • Bone Straight Locks
  • Face-Framing Layers

Natural Hair

  • Afro Puffs
  • Wash and Go
  • Flat Twists
  • Cornrows
  • Fulani Braids

Y2K Inspired: A Tutorial for Fabulous Curly Hair

Channel your inner Y2K baddie diva with these tips for achieving stunning curly locks:


  • Use a moisturizing curl cream and gel for definition
  • Add volume with mousse or sea salt spray


  • Diffuse hair upside down for lift at the roots
  • Part hair deeply and swoop edges for bold framing
  • Shape curls by scrunching and twisting ringlets
  • Pull sections up into space buns or pigtails


  • Gently break gel cast and fluff curls
  • Add rhinestone hair clips or glitter hairspray
  • Slick and swoop baby hairs along the hairline

Must-Try Baddie Hairstyles: A Showcase of Trendsetting Looks

These baddie hairstyles are sure to make a statement and upgrade your look:

  • Slicked Back High Bun
  • Curly Mullet
  • Exaggerated Side Part
  • 90’s Style Box Braids
  • Textured Curly Shag
  • Half-Up Voluminous Fro
  • Blunt Curly Lob
  • Dramatic Middle Part
  • Wet Look Braids
  • Octopus Cut Afro

Cute and Easy: 10 Curly Hairstyles for Everyday Chic

These curly hairstyles are simple yet chic for everyday wear:

  1. Wash and Go
  2. Low Ponytail
  3. Textured Top Knot Bun
  4. Headband Style
  5. Half-Up Half-Down Twists
  6. Braided Low Bun
  7. Middle Parted Curls
  8. Tucked Behind Ears
  9. Layered Shag Cut
  10. Messy Curly Bun

Ginger Hair Inspo: Fall-ready Styles for a Stunning Look

Make your red locks pop this fall with these gorgeous hairstyles:

  • Face-Framing Curly Lob
  • Tousled Loose Waves
  • Angled A-Line Bob
  • Blunt Fringed Bangs
  • Texturized Choppy Layers
  • Messy Twisted Updo
  • Crimped Shoulder-Length Style
  • Frosted Tips for Dimension
  • Low Curly Ponytail
  • Half-Up Braided Pigtails

Braids, Buns, and More: Curly Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion, these curly hairstyles will have you looking on point:

Fancy Events:

  • Braided Crown Updo
  • Textured Chignon Bun
  • Twisted Half Up Half Down Style
  • Elegant Side-Swept Low Bun
  • Defined Curly Bob

Casual Daytime:

  • Wash and Go Curls
  • Messy Top Knot
  • Headband with Loose Curls
  • Low Curly Ponytail
  • Tousled Layers


  • Middle Parted Low Bun
  • Flat Twists or Cornrows
  • Double Dutch Braids
  • Curly Hair Tucked Behind Ears
  • Textured Lob

Natural Hair Inspo: Embrace Your Curls with Confidence

Gorgeous natural curls in all their glory – get inspired to proudly rock your texture:

  • Voluminous Fro
  • Bantu Knot Out
  • Twist Out Afro
  • Braided Crown
  • Wash and Go
  • Tapered Curly Cut
  • Short Curly TWA
  • Blunt Curly Bob
  • Flat Twists Updo
  • Defined Ringlets

Hairstyle Ideas 2024: Trends for Curly and Coily Hair

These hairstyles will be huge for curly hair in 2024:

  • Octopus Cut Shag
  • Exaggerated Side Partings
  • Bantu Knot Out
  • 90’s Inspired Box Braids
  • Shoulder-Grazing Twists
  • Voluminous Afro Texture
  • Curly Mullet with Layers
  • Mermaid Waves
  • Wet Look Gelled Curls
  • Bold Curly Faux Hawks

Streetwear Chic: Casual and Stylish Curly Hair Outfits

Elevate your streetwear game by pairing these effortlessly cool curly hairstyles with your outfit:

  • Wash and Go with a Headscarf
  • Messy Bun and Bandana
  • Braids with Rhinestone Barrettes
  • Natural Fro with Hoops Earrings
  • Laid Baby Hairs and Edges
  • Low Ponytail with Scrunchie
  • Middle Part and Oversized Jacket
  • Side Swept Bangs and Baseball Cap
  • Loose Curls with Chunky Sneakers
  • Tousled Waves and Denim Jacket

Baddie Hair Tutorial: Simple and Easy Styles to Rock

Follow these steps to achieve 3 iconic baddie hairstyles:

Slicked Back Ponytail

  • Brush hair tightly into a low ponytail
  • Apply gel to edges and wrap into a ponytail
  • Wrap a section of hair around elastic to hide it
  • Set with hairspray

Space Buns

  • Part hair into two sections
  • Smooth each section into a high bun or ponytail
  • Fan hair out to create round bun shapes
  • Set with hairspray

Middle Part

  • Create a center part from forehead to nape
  • Ensure the part is clean and straight
  • Smoothing sides, let hair drape on each side
  • Set edges with gel or edge control

Hairstyles for Toddlers: Cute and Adorable Looks for Little Ones

Keep your toddler’s curls looking oh-so-cute with these fun hairstyles:

  • Curly Pigtails
  • Braided Space Buns
  • Twists with Beads
  • Textured Lob with Headband
  • Double Dutch Braids
  • Curly Top Knot Bun
  • Bow Clips and Barrettes
  • Mini Bantu Knots
  • Wash and Go Curls
  • Loose Fishtail Braid

Girly Fall/Winter Outfit: Pairing Fashion with Curly Hair Elegance

Stay cozy yet chic this fall/winter with these outfit ideas for curly girls:

OutfitHairstyle Pairing
Oversized crewneck sweater + leggings + bootsMiddle parted loose curls
Turtleneck dress + tights + ankle bootsHalf-up curly ponytail
Cozy knit cardigan + jeans + beanieTextured curls tucked into beanie

Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

What is the best hairstyle for natural curly hair?

Some of the best hairstyles for natural curly hair include wash-and-go curls, twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs, and defined curls enhanced with gel or mousse. These styles allow you to embrace your natural texture while adding shape and definition.

Is curly hair better long or short?

Curly hair can look gorgeous both long and short! Short curly styles like a tapered pixie or curly bob look fresh, and modern and are easier to manage. Long curly hair allows you to put hair up into braids, buns, and ponytails. It’s truly a matter of personal preference.

How can I look cool with curly hair?

There are many ways to style curly hair that looks cool and trendy. Try a curly fro hawk, bantu knot out, braided crown, or defined finger waves. Use accessories like headwraps, hair jewels, and cuffs. Also, keep hair moisturized and enhance definition with products like gel and mousse.

What is the healthiest hairstyle for curly hair?

Protective styles focused on retaining moisture and minimizing manipulation are healthiest for curly hair. Styles like buns, braids, twists, and bantu knots keep ends tucked away. Limit heat styling. Also, sleep with hair in a silk bonnet or pillowcase.

What is the most healthy hairstyle?

In general, the healthiest hairstyles minimize damage from styling. This includes avoiding tight ponytails, excessive heat, backcombing, and harsh chemical processes. Leave hair in natural styles like braids, buns, and ponytails. Always use heat protectants and gentle, hydrating products.

What style is best for natural hair?

For natural hair, styles that enhance and define your curl pattern are best. Twist outs, braid outs, wash and go, and bantu knots are great natural hairstyles. Using the right products to hydrate and set curls will help achieve definition and moisture.

How can I look cute in my hairstyle?

Some tips for achieving a cute hairstyle include:

  • Play up your best features with flattering face-framing styles
  • Add accessories like headbands, clips, and jewels
  • Focus on smooth, frizz-free styling
  • Incorporate braids, buns, curls, and waves
  • Experiment with partings like deep side parts or middle parts
  • Finish with hairspray for a polished hold

What is baddie braids?

Baddie braids refer to edgy, stylish box braids and hairstyles. Characteristics include extra long braids, using high-quality extensions, leaving ends blunt rather than tapered, and adding trendy accessories like beads and jewels. Baddie braids are about making a bold statement.

Which haircut is best for curly hair?

Some of the best haircuts for curly hair include long layers to reduce bulk, blunt cuts like lobs or bobs, curly shags, tapered pixies, and styles with face-framing layers. Avoid excessive layers which can make curls look stringy. A good cut enhances the natural curl pattern.

Is curly hair more attractive?

Curly hair is absolutely gorgeous and attractive! The volume, bounce, and texture of the curls are beautiful. Curly hair frames the face softly and lends a warm, approachable vibe. Embrace your natural texture – curls are stunning.

Which haircut is best for frizzy hair?

To combat frizz, go for styles that add definition. Layers and soft face-framing fringe minimize frizz. Also, curly shags, blunt-ended lobs, pixie cuts, and bobs work well. Use products like gel and mousse to set the style and fight frizz.

How do you get natural curly hair?

Some tips for encouraging natural curl patterns include:

  • Use sulfate-free, hydrating shampoos and conditioners
  • Avoid heat styling and over-brushing
  • Let hair air dry instead of blow-drying
  • Apply curl-defining products like mousse and gel
  • Try co-washing to retain moisture
  • Use microfiber towels and satin pillowcases

Is Natural curly hair Real?

Yes, natural curly hair is absolutely real! Curly hair grows naturally from the follicle shape. Texture ranges from loose waves to tight coils. Products and styling can enhance curls, but the natural curl pattern comes from genetics and DNA. Embrace your real curls with pride!

What hair type is naturally curly?

Hair types 2A to 4C on the hair typing chart all have natural curl patterns. Type 2 is wavy, type 3 is curly, and type 4 is coyly. The tighter the curl, the higher the number and letter combination. 3B and 3C curls are most common for naturally curly hair.

Is your hair naturally curly?

Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight comes down to the actual shape of your hair follicle. Curly follicles produce spiraled strands. This curl pattern is then influenced by thickness and other factors. If your hair forms ringlets without any styling, then yes, your hair is naturally curly!

What is the best hairstyle for naturally curly hair?

The best hairstyles allow you to embrace your God-given texture. Styles like wash and goes, twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knot outs are great for natural curls. Use hydrating products and avoid excessive heat to keep hair healthy.

What is best for natural curly hair?

The best practice for natural curls is to keep hair moisturized. Use a good quality conditioner and styling products that combat dryness and frizz. Avoid sulfates, silicones, and alcohol that can strip natural oils. Allow hair to air dry fully before styling. Gentle handling preserves the integrity of curls.

How can I style my natural curly hair?

Try these easy tips for styling natural curls:

  • Enhance definition by styling in sections
  • Let curls air dry or diffuse gently with a dryer
  • Shape and arrange curls with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb
  • Refresh curls on off days with a spray bottle of water
  • Fight frizz with gel, mousse, or curling creams
  • Preserve moisture with leave-in conditioner and oils
  • Carefully unravel braids, bantu knots, or twists


With the right hair care regimen and styling techniques, curly-haired girls can achieve the trendsetting baddie look with ease. Focus on keeping curls healthy, defined, and hydrated. Take inspiration from the gorgeous hairstyles showcased here, like braids, ponytails, Bantu knots, and twist-outs. Have fun playing with accessories, partings, and edgy shapes. Embrace your natural God-given texture by letting your fabulous curls take center stage. Show off your inner baddie goddess with these hairstyles made for curly manes!

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