Bold and Beautiful: baddie hairstyles for short curly hair 2024

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baddie hairstyles for short curly hair


Short curly hair can be difficult to style, but baddie hairstyles for short curly hair are a fun and trendy option. Baddies are known for their bold, eye-catching looks that show off their confidence and attitude. The key to achieving baddie hairstyles with short curls is focusing on definition, volume, and creating shapes that really stand out. With the right products and techniques, you can transform your short curls into a head-turning baddie look.

Defining and Enhancing Curls

The first step to styling baddie hairstyles for short curly hair is to define and enhance the natural texture. This creates a strong base for the overall look. Here are some tips:

Use Defining Products

  • Curl creams – hydrate and define curls. Avoid heavy creams that weigh hair down.
  • Gel – creates hold and separation. Look for gels that don’t cause crunchiness.
  • Mousse – provides body and soft hold. Use lightly to avoid heaviness.

Diffuse Upside Down

Diffusing hair upside while scrunching the curls encourages volume and bounce. Air dry the roots then diffuse the lengths, moving the dryer constantly to avoid frizz.

Use Clips and Rollers

Strategically placed clips and rollers when hair is damp can help set the shape of the style. Focus on creating volume at the crown and jazzing up side pieces.

Don’t Touch While Drying

Resist the urge to run your hands through hair while diffusing or air drying. This can cause frizz and ruin the defined curl pattern.

Sample Defining Routine

Shampoo & ConditionMoisturizing Shampoo and ConditionerFinger detangle in shower
Leave-in ConditionerCurl CreamRake and scrunch through damp hair
Styling ProductCurl Defining GelRake and scrunch through damp hair
DryingDiffuser on low heatDiffuse roots, then lengths upside down

Creating Volume

Volume is key for eye-catching baddie hairstyles. Here are some tricks to get height and body:

Tease the Roots

Use a tail comb or teasing brush to gently backcomb at the crown. This creates lift at the roots. Smooth over with fingertips to blend.

Use Volumizing Products

Volumizing mousse, spray, or powder adds lift and thickness. Focus on the roots and upper lengths.

Flip Head Upside Down

Flipping head upside down while blow drying or diffusing encourages volume by working against gravity.

Use Rollers

Set damp hair in flexi-rods or velcro rollers to add bounce and movement. Focus on the crown and sides.

Try Accessories

Add lift with clips, headbands, wraps, and scarves placed strategically around the crown.

Sample Volumizing Routine

PrepVolumizing TonicSpray roots
LiftTeasing BrushTease crown
PolishFinishing SpraySmooth over teasing
SetFlexi RodsRoll sides and top
DryDiffuserDiffuse upside down

Styling Short Baddie Curls

With defined, voluminous curls, you can create unique baddie hairstyles. Get creative with shapes, parts, and accessories!

Faux Hawks

Channel your inner punk. Sweep curls up and off the face, creating height and drama. Spritz for hold.

Side Swept Curls

Sweep curls to one side for a face-framing effect. Use your hands or a pick to fluff and shape.

Top Knot Bun

Pull curls up into a messy top knot bun. Leave pieces out to frame the faces and nape.

Face-Framing tendrils

Add narrow sections of curls to softly frame the face. Pin back the rest of the hair for a romantic vibe.

Twist Out Curls

For defined spiral curls, twist hair while damp and release. Finger coil any stubborn pieces.

Curly Faux Bob

Gel the sides of hair flat against the head to mimic a bob. Let the top be free and curly.

Maintaining baddie hairstyles for short curly hair

Keep your curls looking fresh between styling with a solid haircare routine.

Low Manipulation

The less you touch, comb, and manipulate curls, the better. This prevents frizz and keeps the pattern intact.

Refresh With Water

Mist curls with water and re-define with product to revive styles between washes. Avoid over-washing.

Sleep on Satin

Satin pillowcases or bonnets prevent drying friction that leads to frizz and breakage while sleeping.

Deep Condition

Weekly deep conditioning treatments boost moisture and manageability of curls.

Dust Ends

Have a professional trim 1/4 to 1/2 inch every 8-12 weeks to remove splits and maintain healthy ends.

Avoid Heat Damage

Limit use of hot tools like curling irons. Stick to diffusers on low and air drying when possible.


Baddie hairstyles allow you to show off your one-of-a-kind short curls to their full advantage. The key is mastering definition, volume, interesting shapes, and accessorizing. With the right haircare regime and styling techniques, you can achieve photo-ready styles that give your curls the spotlight they deserve. Embrace your inner baddie!

Frequently Asked Questions About Baddie Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

What hair products work best for baddie styles with short curls?

Some of the best products for styling baddie looks with short curly hair include:

  • Defining gels – Provide hold, separation, and frizz control without crunchiness. Examples: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La, Camille Rose Curl Maker, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
  • Curl creams – Hydrate and define curls while fighting frizz. Examples: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Cantu Define & Shine Custard, Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curling Custard
  • Mousse – Adds volume and bounce. Examples: Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse, Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, TGIN Rose Water Curl Defining Mousse
  • Texture sprays – Give grip and separation for styling. Examples: Amika Un.Done Texture Spray, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Style Paste

How can I get more volume with short curly baddie hairstyles?

Here are some tips for getting more volume with short curly baddie hairstyles:

  • Diffuse hair upside down – this pumps up the roots against gravity
  • Backcomb or tease the crown – gently tease for lift, then smooth over
  • Use volumizing products like spray, mousse or powder – focus at roots for lift
  • Roll/pin curls the top and sides – sets shape and adds body
  • Add volume clips and hairbands – concealed combs add hidden volume
  • Flip head forward and ruffle roots – creates lift and fullness
  • Air dry with head flipped forward – encourages volume as hair dries

What accessories work well for baddie hairstyles with short curls?

Some fun accessories to try with short curly baddie styles include:

  • Bold headbands and wraps
  • Patterned silk scarves and bandanas
  • Rhinestone and pearl accented bobby pins
  • Large fabric bows or clips -Hair jewelry like cuffs and chains
  • Metallic barrettes and snap clips
  • Thin braided headbands
  • Tinted or glitter hairspray

Place accessories strategically around the crown to create height and drama. Wrap, tie or crisscross scarves like a headband for chic flair. Adorn faux hawk or top knot shapes with cuffs and chains. Get creative and funky!

How often should I trim my hair for short curly styles?

It’s generally recommended to trim curly hair every 8 to 12 weeks for the best shape and health:

  • Have 1/4 to 1/2 inch trimmed by a professional who understands curly cuts
  • This removes any split or damaged ends before they travel up the hair shaft
  • Trims get rid of fringe and raggedy edges for a neat overall shape
  • Regular trims support curl growth and spring by preventing tangled ends
  • For short curls in particular, trims preserve the length while keeping hair healthy

Some indicators it’s time for a trim: excessive frizz, lack of curl definition, ends that are rough when rubbed between fingers. Get a professional curly cut before starting baddie styles for the sharpest shape.

What mistakes should I avoid with short curly hair?

Here are some mistakes to avoid with short curly hair:

  • Over-washing which strips moisture and causes frizz
  • Rubbing or roughly drying with towels which causes frizz and tangles
  • Skipping conditioning which leads to dryness and breakage
  • Touching and manipulating the curls too much which disrupts the pattern
  • Using the wrong products like heavy creams or straightening products
  • Sleeping without a satin cap or pillowcase which roughens up the cuticle
  • Using hot tools too often which causes heat damage
  • Going too long between trims allowing splits to travel up the hair
  • Improper detangling which causes breakage
  • Not customizing your routine for your unique curl type
  • Not addressing porosity issues which impacts moisture retention

Focus on gentle, minimal manipulation along with keeping curls nourished and you’ll avoid common mistakes.

What’s the best way to refresh short curly hairstyles between washes?

Here are some tips for refreshing short curly styles between washes:

  • Mist hair evenly with a spray bottle filled with water
  • Scrunch in a dime-sized amount of curl cream or leave-in to provide moisture
  • If needed, emulsify a pea-sized amount of gel between hands and smooth over hair for added hold and to tame frizz
  • Use a diffuser on low heat to dry without adding volume
  • Reshape curls with fingers as needed
  • For extra moisture, spritz hair while still slightly damp and allow to air dry
  • Use dry shampoo just at roots to absorb oil without disrupting curls
  • Pineapple hair loosely on top of head before bed to help curls settle back in place when unpinned in the morning
  • A quick curl touch-up with curling wand can also help reboot style

Refreshing helps extend the style so you don’t have to completely re-wet or re-style day to day.

What tips do you have for growing out short curly hair?

Here are some top tips for growing out short curly hair:

  • Get regular trims every 8-12 weeks to remove splits and maintain health
  • Deep condition weekly with a moisturizing hair mask to boost moisture
  • Avoid excessive heat styling like curling irons to limit damage
  • Protect hair at night with a satin bonnet or pillowcase
  • Handle gently and avoid excessive brushing/combing to prevent breakage
  • Use oils like argan, coconut or avocado oil to strengthen hair
  • Take hair vitamins loaded with biotin, folic acid, vitamins C+D to nurture growth
  • Use collagen and rice water treatments to increase elasticity and thickness
  • Gently massage scalp when washing to increase circulation
  • Stay hydrated and eat a hair-healthy diet with omega fatty acids
  • Switch up parts and styles frequently to prevent stress on the lengths
  • When possible allow natural air drying rather than heat tools
  • Get frequent trims to allow ends to remain thick as hair grows out

Consistency is key! Stick with a growth-focused regimen tailored to your curls for the healthiest long-term growth.

What ingredients should I look for in products for short curly baddie hairstyles?

Here are some key ingredients to look for when choosing products for short curly baddie hairstyles:

  • Panthenol – provides moisture and strengthens strands
  • Glycerin – draws moisture into the hair shaft
  • Shea butter – softens and hydrates hair while combating frizz
  • Argan, coconut or olive oils – nourish hair and add shine
  • Honey – seals in moisture to condition hair
  • Avocado – injects fatty acids and vitamins to repair damage
  • Tea tree oil – stimulates and soothes the scalp
  • Flaxseed – fills in cracks in the hair cuticle to smooth and define curls
  • Aloe vera – provides vitamins and amino acids to moisturize hair

Avoid products with heavy waxes, mineral oil or petroleum that can weigh hair down. Focus on natural, hydrating ingredients tailored for curly and coily hair textures. Check reviews from curly girls with similar hair types to you when selecting new products.

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