Natural Hair Side Shaved 2024 Sculpting Confidence Transforming Your Natural Hair Statement

Shaving one or both sides of your hair is an edgy way to change up your look, creating dramatic contrast against longer hair on top. For natural textures, the natural hair side shaved style adds modern flair.

Combining a closely buzzed undercut with voluminous curls or coils on top makes a bold fashion statement. Learn how to rock side shaved natural hair, plus tips for maintenance and growth. Go bold by embracing this short sides, long top trend.

Determining Your Ideal natural hair side shaved 2024 Look

Before getting sides shaved, determine the exact look you want:

  • Subtle taper fade or dramatic bald side shave?
  • Remove hair from one side or both?
  • Any fun geometric shapes or zigzag designs?
  • Shave above, below or around ear?
  • How much length to leave on top sections?
  • Part hair over to buzzed side or wear swept to opposite side?
  • Any lines or artwork incorporated into the cut?

Planning all details out with your stylist ensures you get the exact edgy style you want.

Flattering Ways to Wear natural hair side shaved 2024

Here are trendy styles to try with your new buzzed sides:

Curly Faux Hawk

Shave the back and sides, leaving curly length long on top. Spike up the center for a faux mohawk.

Angled Bob

Rock an asymmetrical bob with one side cleanly shaven. Sweep longer side across forehead.

Zigzag Part

Buzz a lightning bolt or zigzag line into one side of a curly afro. Part hair over it to showcase the shape.

Side-Swept Coils

On longer curls, part deeply and sweep hair over to completely hide one shaved side.

Highlighted Buzz

Color the buzzed portion a vivid tone like silver, purple or cobalt.

Styling Tips for Natural Hair Side Shaved 2024

Style your side shaved hair to accentuate the short and long sections:

  • Let curls air dry or diffuse dry naturally without heat for volume
  • Define curls and coils with cream then finger coil for bouncy texture
  • Use a curling wand to add waves to lengthy straightened top portions
  • Part over to the shaved side to show off the buzzed undercut
  • Pin longer sections away from the shaved area for exposed contrast
  • Mist curls with shine spray or serum for polished finish

Proper styling maximizes this eye-catching juxtaposed look.

Maintaining Your Undercut

To keep side shaved hair looking neat:

  • Moisturize the buzzed area daily to prevent dryness
  • Re-buzz side regrowth weekly yourself using clippers
  • Use a edge control wax or balm along hairline
  • See your stylist every 2-4 weeks for a fresh shape up
  • Condition longer top hair well to prevent breakage
  • Avoid using harsh heating tools daily to limit damage
  • Cover hair at night with a silk cap or scarf
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and lots of conditioner when washing

Proper care makes short sides blend seamlessly into longer sections.

Growing Out Your Side Shave

Want to grow your shaved side section back out? Here are tips:

  • Get sides trimmed every 2-3 weeks to gradually taper longer
  • Use castor oil to hydrate and promote growth
  • Part hair to deemphasize sides as they grow out
  • Pull longer top layers over buzzed sides
  • Wear side ponies or headbands during awkward grow-out phase
  • Expect the process to take at least 6 months
  • Even out to one length as hair covers ears
  • Choppy layers help disguise grow out period

With time and strategic styling, you can transition from side shaved to one length.

Inspiration for Natural Hair Side Shaved 2024

For visual inspiration, check out these trendy side shaved looks:

Curly Shave

Buzz one side of a head full of spiral curls for high-contrast texture.

Geometric Shape

Shave a bold graphic triangle, circle or squiggle into your sideburn area.

Undercut Bob

Pair an angled bob with one cleanly shaven side and sweeping fringe.


Color buzzed hair a vivid hue like orange, purple or magenta.

Zigzag Part

Shave a bold zigzag part above one ear, trimming lines in short hair.


Natural Hair Side Shaved 2024 looks absolutely edgy and modern with one or both sides shaved. Creating short, buzzed sides against longer top hair makes a bold statement. Use strong products when styling to define curls and accentuate contrast. Maintain your look with weekly buzzing of regrowth and crisp shape ups.

If desiring to grow your side shave out, do so gradually and strategically. With the right technique, side shaved natural hair lets you express your bold, artistic personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Hair Side Shaved 2024

How do you cut your own hair short on the sides?

To cut your own natural hair super short on the sides:

  • Invest in quality clippers with guards for all lengths
  • Section hair cleanly and neatly trim in rows
  • Start longer, using guard combs to taper hair shorter
  • Move to tighter guards with less hair lower down sides
  • Finish with zero guard for a nearly bald undercut
  • Blend the transition between longer and shorter sections

How often should you get a shape up on short sides?

To keep the hairline and details crisp, get a fresh shape up every 2-3 weeks for short natural sides. Fuzzy regrowth begins blurring lines quickly. Regular shaping maintains the precision of the look. Some barbers even recommend weekly touch ups if wanting very sharp lines.

What’s the best way to shave natural curly hair on the sides?

For shaving tightly curled sides, use clippers with guard combs to gradually go shorter in increments. Cut each section in subsections starting longer and moving tighter. Leaving some weight prevents curls from shriveling. Ask your barber to demonstrate their technique for curl hair side shaves.

How do you grow out shaved sides without it looking awkward?

  • Get frequent touch-ups to taper sides just slightly longer each visit
  • Use castor oil to moisturize and support new growth
  • Part hair deep over to one side to hide growth
  • Pin back sides while growing out
  • Cut sides to one length as hair covers ears
  • Evening out shaved section helps avoid mullet effect
  • Wait at least 6 months before attempting to grow out

Should you cut curly hair wet or dry?

For curly hair, cutting it dry is best. Wet curls shrink up and change shape as they dry, resulting in uneven styling. Cutting curl hair while dry avoids unwanted surprises later. If cutting wet, allow hair to fully air dry first to confirm evenness. Then make any adjustments needed to precision cut.

How can you maximize height with a curly undercut?

To get the most dramatic height on top of a curly undercut:

  • Cut the top section longer, at least 4-6 inches
  • Allow curls to air dry or diffuse dry naturally
  • Use curl cream and finger coil curls into tight spirals
  • Lift hair up as you air dry for increased volume
  • Use pick or wide-tooth comb to boost and shape
  • Apply light foam or mousse to boost body at the roots
  • Mist curls with firm hold spray

Should you fade or taper naturally curly shaved sides?

For most flattering results on curly shaved sides, request a slight taper fade instead of a low bald fade. A taper gradually shortens hair from top to bottom for a shadowed effect. A low fade risks exposing too much scalp on shrunken curls. Ask your barber for a taper fade specifically tailored to curly hair.

What is the best moisturizing product for very short natural hair?

The best products to hydrate and moisturize freshly shaved short natural hair are creams and butters that provide lasting softness without buildup. Look for shea butter, mango butter or cocoa butter based formulas. Apply daily to side shaved sections to prevent dryness and itching as it grows out.

How do you style natural hair with an undercut?

  • Dry top hair naturally without heat for best volume
  • Part deep over to one side to expose undercut
  • Coil-define curls with cream then finger coil
  • Use gel or foam to slick sides back away from shave
  • Mist curls with shine spray for polished finish
  • Re-buzz side regrowth when needed for clean look

What’s the best way to transition from shaved sides to longer natural hair?

To grow out shaved sides:

  • Get sides trimmed every 2-3 weeks to taper length gradually
  • Use castor oil to nourish new growth
  • Part over to hide sides as they grow out
  • Wear headbands or pin back sides when needed
  • Let hair on top and sides grow to an even length
  • Get regular maintenance to avoid mullet effect
  • Expect the grow out process to take at least 6 months

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