Burgundy Beauty: burgundy balayage short hair Transformations You’ll Love 2024

Burgundy Balayage – Stunning Looks for Short Hair


burgundy balayage short hair color is having a major moment, providing a gorgeous way to liven up short hairstyles with dimensional color. Sometimes called wine or maroon hair, burgundy is a rich reddish-brown hue that adds drama and intrigue to any cut. With balayage techniques, this deep berry tone is hand-painted through the hair in a graduated, multi-tonal technique. Burgundy balayage allows short styles from pixies to bobs to evolve with movement, depth and allure. Read on for inspiration on wearing this head-turning coloring trend!

The Appeal of burgundy balayage short hair

What makes burgundy balayage short hair color so stunning on short hair?

  • Depth – The deep base provides dimension not seen with brighter reds.
  • Gradient – Balayage creates a soft, blended effect from root to ends.
  • Touchable – The seamless blend of tones makes hair look and feel ultra-soft.
  • Low maintenance – Darker roots mean less frequent touch-ups.
  • Customizable – The hand-painted approach is tailored to your exact hair.
  • Glow – When light hits, burgundy balayage radiates richness and shine.
  • Fall trend – Burgundy is a go-to seasonal color for autumn.

How to Style Short Burgundy Balayage Hair

Burgundy balayage on short hair looks its best when hair is nourished and styled smoothly. Follow these pro tips:

  • Shine boosting products – Amplify dimension with glossing masks and serums.
  • Purple shampoo – Use purple shampoo to prevent brassiness in lightened bits.
  • Hydration – Nourish hair and prevent drying out with weekly masks.
  • Minimal heat – Allow hair to air dry naturally when possible to maintain vibrancy.
  • Gentle styling – Avoid excessive brushing and opt for flexible hold styling products.
  • Night care – Sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize friction.

Proper care keeps short burgundy balayage hair looking healthy, glossy and colorful.

Gorgeous Burgundy Balayage Looks

Now let’s explore beautiful ways to wear burgundy balayage on trendy short cuts.

Burgundy Balayage Pixie Cut

Amp up an edgy pixie cut with this bold burgundy balayage.

Styling tip: Finish with matte wax for piece-y texture.

Burgundy Balayage Lob

burgundy balayage short hair looks amazing on a layered, shoulder-length lob.

Styling tip: Add bounce with a diffuser attachment.

Curly Burgundy Balayage Bob

Let burgundy balayage highlight dimensional curls.

Styling tip: Scrunch in gel on soaking wet hair to maximize definition.

Burgundy Balayage Angled Bob

An asymmetrical A-line bob looks edgy with hand-painted color.

Styling tip: Flip ends under when blow drying for lots of polish.

Burgundy Balayage Pixie with Long Bangs

A sweeping fringe accents this balayaged burgundy pixie cut.

Styling tip: Round brush the long front pieces forward.

Maintaining Your burgundy balayage short hair

Keep your color looking fresh with proper maintenance:

  • Shampoo less frequently with a sulfate-free formula
  • Rinse hair with cooler water instead of hot
  • Do a weekly hydrating mask to boost shine
  • Get a gloss service every 4-6 weeks to keep color vibrant
  • Use color depositing products between salon visits
  • Adjust your balayage technique if you notice uneven fading
  • Embrace the root growth rather than coloring them constantly

With some extra care, you can keep short burgundy balayage hair on point!


Burgundy balayage hair color provides an exciting way to give short hairstyles a stylish, dimensional update. Hand-painting a touchable blend of berry tones creates movement and depth. When styled smoothly and kept glossy through proper haircare, burgundy balayage on short pixies, bobs, lobs and more helps you stand out with vintage flair. Have fun showing off this rich, romantic coloring technique!

Frequently Asked Questions About Burgundy Balayage for Short Hair

What is balayage hair coloring?

Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique where dye is painted directly onto sections of hair without foils. This creates a soft, blended, multi-dimensional effect. Key features:

  • Hand-painted and customized to your hair
  • Seamless blend of tones from root to ends
  • Subtle, face-framing dimension when styled
  • Lower maintenance than traditional highlights
  • Allows for some natural root regrowth before touching up
  • Grows out more seamlessly as hair color transitions

Balayage flatters all hair lengths and colors for gorgeous results!

How much does balayage cost compared to traditional highlights?

Balayage is priced similarly to traditional highlighting, costing $100-250+ depending on factors like:

  • Salon location and overhead costs
  • Stylist experience and expertise
  • How much hair needs colored – more time equals higher cost
  • Color chosen – custom color mixes or multi-step processes cost more
  • Frequency of touch-ups – balayage grows out more naturally than foiled highlights
  • Condition of your hair – damaged hair takes longer to color

In general, balayage is in the same ballpark for price as traditional highlighting methods.

How do you care for burgundy balayage hair?

To care for burgundy balayage hair:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and cool water
  • Hydrate hair with weekly masks to prevent drying
  • Rinse with cool water and avoid direct sun exposure
  • Limit use of hot tools like curling irons and blow dryers
  • Use a tinted conditioner to keep tones vibrant
  • Get a salon gloss service every 4-6 weeks
  • Wear a satin cap or pillowcase to minimize friction
  • Use Olaplex or bonding treatments to reinforce bonds

Proper at-home care preserves the dimension and polish of burgundy balayage.

What skin tones does burgundy balayage best suit?

Burgundy shades tend to be most flattering on those with neutral, cool or olive skin tones. Reasons why:

  • Neutral – Burgundy adds warmth without clashing.
  • Cool – Brings out subtle coolness in fair complexions nicely.
  • Olive – Richer berries complement olive tones.
  • Avoid very warm tones – Can seem too reddish and harsh.
  • Medium to dark – Beautiful contrast against darker complexions.

Do a personalized consultation to see if burgundy balayage complements your skin.

How long does burgundy balayage last?

With proper care, burgundy balayage can last 4-6 weeks before requiring a touch up. Results vary based on:

  • Your natural hair color – Lighter bases require more frequent toning
  • Depth of color – Darker burgundy lasts longer than light
  • Frequency of washing – Less washing means longer lasting color
  • Use of heat styling – Heat fades certain undertones faster
  • Sun exposure – Some red hues fade more quickly in sunlight
  • Hair’s condition – Dry, damaged hair fades faster than healthy hair

To maximize results, protect your balayaged color and stretch time between touch-ups.

What are the best hairstyles to show off burgundy balayage?

Some hairstyles that show off beautiful burgundy balayage include:

  • Soft waves – Allow the color to cascade over shoulders.
  • Deep side part – Creates defined color dimension.
  • Low braided ponytail – Lets color pop as hair moves.
  • Messy tucked behind the ear look – Shows off face-framing color.
  • Twist back hairstyles – Weave dimensional pieces into the updo.
  • Loose romantic curls – Soft curls show off ombre shading.
  • Relaxed top knot bun – Leave down a few curly ends.

The goal is to allow hair to cascade and shift to flaunt its dimensional hues.

What makeup colors pair well with burgundy balayage hair?

Some makeup shades that complement burgundy balayage hair beautifully:

  • Berry or red lipsticks
  • Gold or bronze eyeshadows
  • Burgundy eyeliner
  • Neutral and pink blushes
  • Champagne highlighter
  • Deep purple mascara
  • Dusty mauve lipstick
  • Smoky charcoal eye makeup

Choose colors that enhance (not compete with) your balayaged burgundy tone.

How do you transition from blonde to burgundy balayage?

To go from blonde to burgundy balayage hair:

  • Schedule a consultation to create a fade plan. Going drastically darker all at once risks damage.
  • Do a test strand to find the right burgundy tone to complement your skin.
  • Start by balayaging subtle burgundy lowlights underneath to transition tones.
  • Slowly add more burgundy highlights at each appointment.
  • Use a toning gloss to shift color down further without harsh demarcation lines.
  • Be patient. Seamlessly transitioning hair color takes multiple sessions over time.

Consult a skilled colorist to make the change gradually for the healthiest results.

What are some good winter hair ideas with burgundy balayage?

Some pretty ways to wear burgundy balayage short hair for winter include:

  • With matching burgundy winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves
  • Curled in loose, touchable waves with a curling wand
  • Pulled into a polished low bun or updo for events
  • Adding thin burgundy foil highlights on top of the balayage for extra dimension
  • With sparkling hair pins and accessories for holiday parties
  • Styling with soft pink or nude lipstick for winter flair
  • Braiding small burgundy tinsel strands into an updo
  • Pairing with emerald green makeup for a festive color combination

Let your burgundy balayage short hair locks inspire chic seasonal style moments all winter long!

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