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Short hair burgundy – Stunning Short Styles


Short hair burgundy is having a major moment, with its rich, red-toned hue adding drama to short hairstyles. Sometimes called wine or maroon hair, this deep berry shade looks gorgeous on cuts ranging from pixies to bobs. Burgundy flatters a wide range of complexions while making a bold statement. From dimensional balayage to solid color, adding burgundy streaks or going for full saturation, there are many ways to work this vintage yet modern color trend. Keep reading for gorgeous inspiration on wearing burgundy hair beautifully!

The Appeal of short hair burgundy

What makes Short hair burgundycoloring so stunning?

  • Depth – The deep base adds dimension not seen with brighter reds.
  • Coolness – Its subtle cool undertones are flattering and unique.
  • Pop – Burgundy makes brown hair exciting without being overly bold.
  • Glow – When light hits, burgundy hair radiates a rich warmth.
  • Versatility – From subtle to statement-making, there’s a burgundy for every style.
  • Polish – Burgundy feels upscale, vintage and romantic.
  • Appeal – Few colors intrigue and turn heads like burgundy!

How to Style Short Burgundy Hair

Burgundy hair color looks its best when hair is healthy and polished. Follow these tips:

  • Shine boosting products – Amplify shine and dimension with glossing shampoos and masks.
  • Purple shampoo – Use a purple toned shampoo once a week to neutralize brassiness.
  • Hydration – Nourish hair with moisturizing treatments to prevent burgundy drying out.
  • Heat protection – Limit hot tools and always use a heat protecting spray to maintain vibrancy.
  • Gentle styling – Allow hair to air dry naturally when possible. Finger style rather than over-brushing.
  • Satin pillowcase – Reduce friction and breakage at night.

Keeping burgundy hair glossy and minimizing damage will help the vibrant color last.

Burgundy Styles for Short Locks

Now let’s look at ways to wear this trendy color on short cuts!

All-Over Burgundy

Saturate your entire head with rich burgundy color for maximum impact.

Styling tip: Add shine serum to boost the hair’s dimensional color.

Burgundy Balayage Bob

Balayage color weaves gorgeous burgundy through brown hair.

Styling tip: Amp up texture with sea salt spray.

Burgundy Pixie Cut

Cropped pixie cuts look edgy and modern in dark burgundy.

Styling tip: Finish with matte wax for piece-y texture.

Burgundy Curly Bob

This short curly bob looks gorgeous saturated in burgundy.

Styling tip: Scrunch in gel on soaking wet hair to maximize curl definition.

Burgundy A-Line Bob

The angled A-line cut modernizes this short burgundy bob.

Styling tip: Blow dry the angled ends under for polish.

Burgundy Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A long pixie cut looks chic and vintage in burgundy.

Styling tip: Round brush hair forward to style the long fringe.

Maintaining Burgundy’s Vibrancy

Keep your burgundy hair color looking rich and glossy:

  • Shampoo less frequently, using sulfate-free shampoo
  • Rinse with cool water and limit time in hot sun
  • Do a weekly hydrating hair mask
  • Get a salon gloss treatment every 4-6 weeks
  • Use color depositing products between appointments
  • Adjust your coloring technique if the shade fades unevenly
  • Use semi-permanent color on regrowth rather than permanent coloring

With some care, you can keep short burgundy hair looking fabulous for months!


Burgundy hair color provides an exciting way to change up your short hairstyle with its vintage vibe. The dimensional red-based hue looks gorgeous on cuts like pixies, bobs, shags and more. This rich shade flatters a wide range of skin tones. Just be sure to maintain the polish and color vibrancy with proper haircare. Have fun expressing your style in this striking, romantic hue. Burgundy hair color makes a dramatic statement!

short hair burgundy
short hair burgundy

Frequently Asked Questions About Burgundy Hair – Short Styles

What skin tones does burgundy hair color best suit?

Burgundy hair tends to be most flattering on those with neutral, cool or olive skin tones. Reasons why:

  • Neutral – Burgundy adds warmth without clashing with neutral skin.
  • Cool – Brings out the subtle coolness in fair, pink-undertone complexions nicely.
  • Olive – Darker berry tones complement and don’t wash out olive skin.
  • Avoid very warm tones – Can make the shade seem too reddish and harsh.
  • Medium to dark – Beautiful contract against darker complexions.

Have your colorist do a personalized consultation to see if burgundy suits your skin.

How do you achieve burgundy hair without bleach?

If you have natural dark brown or black hair, burgundy can be achieved without bleaching:

  • Use demi-permanent dye or gloss for subtle color depositing
  • Try burgundy semi-permanent dye mixed with conditioner to gently stain hair
  • Opt for burgundy highlights on top to blend with darker roots
  • Do an all-over burgundy rinse on prelightened hair to tone it down
  • Use a very dark, softer burgundy shade – shows up better on brunettes

Without lightening, the results will be more subtle but still add beautiful color dimension.

What level of brown hair is best for burgundy dye?

Levels 3 to 5 medium to dark brown hair are the optimal starting point to achieve vivid burgundy color. Why it works:

  • Darker than level 5, burgundy shows up clearly and won’t look too red.
  • Light enough base at level 3-5 allows burgundy tones to come through.
  • Very dark level 1-2 brown can end up looking more black than burgundy.
  • Avoid lifting too light past level 5-6 which results in brassy orange tones.

Always do a strand test with your colorist to pick the right burgundy tone for your starting level.

How do you maintain vibrant burgundy hair color?

Here are some tips to keep short burgundy hair vibrant:

  • Shampoo less frequently, using only sulfate-free formulas
  • Rinse hair with cool water instead of hot to seal in color
  • Use a hydrating mask weekly to prevent drying and fading
  • Get a salon gloss service every 4-6 weeks to refresh color
  • Try color depositing shampoo to boost tone between appointments
  • Wear a satin cap or pillowcase to prevent friction and fading overnight
  • Protect hair from sun exposure which can fade certain red undertones

Proper maintenance at home combined with professional touch-ups keeps short burgundy hair looking its best!

What colors complement burgundy hair?

Some colors that pair beautifully with burgundy hair:

  • Neutrals like black, gray, beige and ivory
  • Reds like garnet, crimson and cherry
  • Jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and amethyst
  • Pastels like mauve, blush pink and sage green
  • Metallics like rose gold, bronze and copper
  • Navy blue – the depth complements burgundy nicely
  • Purples and plums tone on tone

Choose clothing, lips and makeup in hues that play up (not compete with) your gorgeous burgundy hair.

What is the difference between burgundy and maroon hair color?

Burgundy and maroon hair colors are very similar dark reddish-browns, but have some subtle differences:

  • Burgundy has more red – maroon has a subtle blue undertone
  • Maroon is the darker, deeper shade – burgundy is slightly lighter
  • Burgundy leans more brown – maroon leans more purple

Visually, burgundy will have a warm, vintage red vibe. Maroon appears richer and more eggplant-like. Ask your colorist to help you achieve your perfect shade!

What are some easy updos for short burgundy hair?

Some quick and cute updos for short burgundy hair include:

  • Slicked back high ponytail or bun
  • Half up top knot with curled ends
  • Faux hawk braid with twisted sides
  • Side or fishtail braid across one shoulder
  • Braided crown wrapped into an elegant chignon
  • 90s inspired zig-zag parted high pigtails
  • Low side ponytail with burgundy hair scarf
  • Fishtail updo accented with hair pins

Show off dimension in your short burgundy locks by putting them up!

How do you dye your eyebrows to match burgundy hair?

To match burgundy brows to your new hair color:

  • Seek professional help if you’ve never dyed brows before
  • Use a semi-permanent brow tint 1-2 shades lighter than your hair
  • Tailor the depth based on your natural brow color – go lighter if already very dark
  • Fill in with brow pomade, pens or powder to perfect the tone
  • Focus color on the arch and tails for a natural look
  • Make sure to condition and nourish brows post-coloring
  • Consider burgundy brow mascara for temporary color

Coordinate brows so they complement (not match exactly) your fabulous new hair!

How do you transition colored hair to burgundy?

To transition your current colored hair to beautiful burgundy:

  • Schedule a consultation – your colorist will help create a fade plan
  • Slowly fade unwanted tones with clarifying or color removal shampoos
  • Use a demi- or semi-permanent glaze right on top of old color to shift the tone gradually
  • Get highlights or balayage first in sheer burgundy hues to ease into the change
  • Layer the new burgundy shade on top of your current color for a blended effect
  • Transition with ombre, keeping roots darker and ends burgundy
  • Be patient! It can take multiple appointments to transition color seamlessly.

Consult a skilled colorist to make planned, subtle changes over time for the best results.

What are some festive ways to wear burgundy hair in winter?

Some festive ways to rock burgundy hair in winter include:

  • Pairing with cranberry red lipstick for holiday parties
  • Adding sparkling burgundy hair accessories like jeweled pins
  • Styling half up for an elegant winter wedding or event
  • Doing tousled, romantic curls with a curling wand
  • Topping with a burgundy winter hat and scarf set
  • Experimenting with burgundy money piece highlights
  • Using the color as inspiration for your holiday nails
  • Wearing matching burgundy evening makeup looks

Let your beautiful burgundy hair inspire chic seasonal style moments all winter long!

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