Daring Divinity: Unleashing Power and Style with long hair shaved sides black female for Black Goddesses 2024

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Bold and Beautiful: Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female in 2023

Shaved hairstyles are making a bold statement in 2023, with black women embracing this edgy and beautiful look in creative new ways. From buzz cuts to faux hawks, and undercuts to asymmetrical styles, shaved hairstyles allow black women to express their individuality and femininity while looking fashion-forward.

Embracing Elegance: Creative Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female

Shaved hairstyles offer elegance and versatility for black women of all ages and personal styles. Whether you want to make a subtle statement with shaved sides or be daring with a full undercut, shaved elements allow you to customize your ideal look.

Hair Type and Texture Considerations

When considering a shaved style, your hair type and texture are important factors. Tight curls and oily hair can pull off short shaved sides beautifully. Looser curls and waves may want a longer section left on top for styling options. Very kinky or brittle hair may be better suited for subtle undercuts rather than very close shaves. Working with your hair’s natural texture will ensure the best results.

Flattering Face Shapes

Shaved sides and undercuts can complement different face shapes. Oval, heart-shaped, and long faces balance nicely with shaved sides. Round or square faces look great with bolder shaved styles like faux hawks and pixie cuts. An experienced stylist can recommend the most flattering shaved options for your facial features.

Styling Options and Maintenance

Shaved sections require regular trims to keep hair from growing out unevenly. Most shaved styles involve leaving longer hair on top that can be worn naturally curly or styled with products. Using quality hair care products preserves moisture in natural curls. Shaved sides can be coupled with braids, weaves, or wigs for versatility.

Pixie Power: Trendsetting Shaved Styles for Black Beauties

Short pixie cuts with shaved sides or undercuts are a hot trend that lets black women put a stylish spin on very short hair. These sassy cuts range from longer pixies to super-short buzzed styles.

Spiky Pixies

Pixies with longer, spiky layers on top and closely buzzed sides create a fun, flirty look. This style works with natural curls or can be spiked up with gel. It’s great for emphasizing gorgeous facial features.

Asymmetrical Pixies

A longer swept section in front with a buzzed undercut in the back creates an edgy, punk vibe. This look works well on oval or diamond face shapes. Use pomade for piece texture.

Nape Undercuts

A subtle undercut with the nape shaved beneath longer hair on top provides an elegant twist on the traditional pixie cut. Style with flat twists or defined curls.

Platinum Pixies

Going platinum blonde with a bleached pixie takes this style to bold new heights. Pair with darker roots for fashion-forward contrast. Use color-protecting products to maintain vibrancy.

Retro Glam: Pastel Pixies and Shaved Sides Make a Statement

Pastel pixie cuts and shaved sides create a retro yet glamorous statement. Vivid shades like pink, purple, and blue put a colorful twist on short shaved hairstyles when rocked with confidence.

Pastel Pixies

Washed-out pastel hues give pixie cuts major street-style cred. Undercuts and side parts flash peeks of buzzed sides. Style with mousse for texture or rock the natural curls.

Side Designs

Shave a unique design or fun pattern into one side of a pixie cut. Treat the cut hair with semi-permanent hair color for an artsy pop of color. Pomades slick down the longer pixie top.

Bold Ombre

An electric ombre pixie fade has longer dyed tips that pop against buzzed sides. Use root touch-up products as your natural color grows. Finish with shine serum.

Vivid Rainbow

For the brave, a vivid rainbow of unnatural colors like blue, purple, and green makes a serious style statement. Use color-safe shampoos to extend the life of the bright hues.

Fierce and Feminine: Curly Mohawks and Shaved Designs

Curly mohawks with shaved sides are totally fierce yet still exude feminine flair. These edgy cuts can incorporate creative shapes, lines, and designs for a unique versatile style.

Curly Faux Hawks

A longer curly mohawk with closely buzzed sides is all about texture. Define curls with gel or rock a picked-out fro. It’s a great option for thick, voluminous natural hair.

Shaved Shapes

Get creative shaping the shaved sides and back of a curly mohawk. Try triangular sections, curved lines, zig-zags, or geometric patterns.

Undercut Carvings

Precision-shaved lines, curves, and symmetrical designs carved into undercuts create eye-catching contrast beside curly mohawks.

Two-Tone Styles

Dye the buzzed sides and leave the curly mohawk on top naturally. Or vice versa for reversed ombre impact. Touch up shaved sections as the hair grows out.

Sleek Sophistication: Classy Buzz Cuts and Undercut Styles

For an elegant take on shaved hairstyles, try a refined buzz cut or undercut variation. Super shortcuts exude sleek sophistication and powerful understated glamour.

Buzz Cut Beauties

A uniformly buzzed head makes a bold minimalist statement. Opt for an all-over close crop or fade down to bare skin on the sides and back for a polished high-fashion look.

Temple Fade Buzz Cut

Creating a faded effect with slightly longer hair on top of the head and very short-cropped sides offers a touch of modern edge. Works well with oval face shapes.

Sculpted Buzz Cut

Shave geometric or curvy lines into short buzzed hair for a subtle added shape. Keep lines crisp with regular trims. A great low-maintenance style.

Undercut Pixie

A longer pixie cut on top combined with closely shaved sides and back provides stylish contrast. Bamboo earrings and bold lips polish the look.

Platinum Edge: Daring-Shaved Styles for a High-Fashion Look

Platinum blonde shaved hairstyles put a futuristic twist on standard cuts. Embrace your inner rock star diva with short styles in icy metallic hues.

Platinum Buzz Cut

An all-over icy buzz cut with jet-black roots and eyebrows makes a striking high-fashion statement. Amp up the edge with dark lipstick.

Platinum Curly Mohawk

Long platinum curls on top with buzzed obsidian sides – this mohawk rocks glam-goth vibes. Outline curls with gel for definition.

Wavy Undercut

Leave wavy platinum hair longer on top with shaved sides. Create finger waves with pomade or define texture with sea salt spray.

Jagged Pixie

A jagged platinum pixie cut with longer spiky layers on top and nape undercut looks modern and sleek. Finish with shine spray.

Adventurous Vibes: Shaved Lines and Undercut Symmetry

If you’re feeling adventurous, shaved lines, curves, and undercuts with artistic symmetry create unique styles perfect for self-expression.

Single Shaved Line

Buzzing one side of the head and leaving longer hair on top, then shaving in a bold line down the center, makes a memorable statement.

Double Shaved Lines

For double the impact, shave two parallel lines down each side of the head beside longer sections left on top and in the middle.

Curved Shaved Shape

Buzz the bottom sections of hair to create a curved line. Leave longer hair on top for a soft, rounded shaved shape.

Geometric Side Undercut

Shave overlapping geometric shapes into one or both sides for an artsy style. Keep the top long for contrast.

Vivid Reds: Shaved Hairstyles with a Touch of Crimson

Vibrant red hues give shaved hairstyles an electrifying twist. Try crimson shades from rich auburn to bright neon red.

Auburn Buzz Cut

A vibrant auburn buzz cut looks polished and elegant. For added dimension, choose a color with darker lowlights.

Red Curly Mohawk

Play with color and texture by pairing curly red locks on top with closely shaved ebony sides. Define curls and get ready to turn heads.

Undercut with Red Curls

Leaving longer spirals on top and shaving the sides of natural red hair creates a gorgeous two-toned look. Enhance curls with products.

Chic and Unique: Updos with Shaved Undercuts

Shaved undercuts offer the perfect edge to balance elegant updos for striking special occasion style. These chic looks make a fashion-forward statement.

Top Knot Bun

Pull longer hair up into a slick top knot bun. Shave the bottom section into an undercut for added sophistication.

Faux Hawk Braided Updo

Braid a curly faux hawk mohawk style upward for a formal look. Closely buzzed sides keep the style edgy.

Double Buns with Shaved Nape

Divide longer hair into two top buns. Shave the nape section cleanly for a subtle added shape.

Braided Chignon Bun

A braided chignon bun is very chic. Add modern appeal with a shaved undercut below the braided base.

Iconic Inspiration: Amber Rose’s Platinum Buzz Cut Trend

Model Amber Rose rocked a platinum blonde buzz cut with aplomb, starting a major buzz cut trend inspiration. Her sexy confident style inspires women to be bold.

Balancing Features

Rose’s buzz cut works beautifully with her oval face shape and balances her angular features. The short platinum crop spotlights her gorgeous bone structure.

High-Fashion Statement

The uniform platinum buzz cut makes a simple yet dramatic high-fashion statement. Dark brows and lips enhance Rose’s immaculate style.

Custom Combinations

Like Rose, combine a buzz cut with different lipstick shades or earrings for customized flair. Own every look with confidence and flair.

Cultural Impact

Rose’s iconic buzz cut sent ripples throughout pop culture. She proved women can exude beauty and femininity with shortcuts and inspired new trends.

Rock and Roll Chic: Zig Zag Styles and Shaved Glam

The zig-zag part takes shaved hairstyles to edgy new heights. This lightning bolt-shaped side shave creates a major retro rock and roll attitude.

Zig Zag Buzz Cut

Shaving a jagged zig-zag into one side of a short buzz cut has a seriously bold impact. Customize the pattern’s width and angles.

Curly Zig Zag Section

Buzz a lightning bolt zig-zag into the side of a curly mohawk or fro. Let those curls shine against the contrasting shaved section.

Two-Tone Zig Zag

Amp up the edge by dyeing the shaved zig-zag an opposite color from the hair left on top, like platinum blond and jet black.

Spiky Zig Zag Outline

Outline the zig-zag part with razored pointy layers for an extra punk rock edge. Spike out the longer sections.

Burgundy Beauty: Curly Mohawks with Shaved Sides

The rich warmth of burgundy hair paired with shaved sides creates a striking elegant contrast. Different shades offer depth and accentuate curly textures.

Red Mahogany Mohawk

A mohawk with longer sections of red mahogany curls on top makes an intense fashion statement. Closely shaved sides allow maximum curl definition.

Ombre Auburn Mohawk

An auburn curly mohawk with lighter coppery tips gets dimension from an ombre effect. Outline and define curls for extra pop.

Burgundy Coil Mohawk

Tight burgundy coils cut into a curly mohawk is about texture. Pick out the curls for maximum volume against smooth buzzed sides.

Wine-Colored Twists

Twist burgundy locks into chunky twists forming a faux hawk shape on top. Pop against bare skin on the sides.

Natural Radiance: Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female Elements

For a subtle take on the shaved style, leave hair long on top and shave small underside sections. This shows off-flowing locks while adding an edgy shape.

Nape Undercut

Shaving just the nape creates a bare strip across the neck. Show off long hair updos or flowing lengths with this minimalist cut.

Sideburn Shave

Buzzing both sideburn sections frames the face gracefully. Works well with middle parts or voluminous curls.

Temple Undercut

Shave a triangle or slit on one or both temples beneath longer hair for a hidden edge. Show off the undercut with tucked behind-the-ear styles.

Part-Line Shave

Buzz one side of the part line while leaving hair long on both sides for subtle asymmetry. Customize the width for optimal impact.

90s RnB Revival: Shaved Styles in Vibrant Hues

The 90s are back with Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female in bold bright colors straight off the R&B scene. Vibrant dyed locks and shortcuts create a serious attitude and flair.

Crimson Curly Hawk

Defined crimson curls styled into a curly faux hawk pay homage to 90s hip-hop edge. Closely buzzed sides keep it authentic.

Purple Pixie Crop

A short pixie cut dyed a bold amethyst purple hue gives off youthful free spirit vibes. Spike and sculpt the longer layers.

Electric Blue Curls

Embrace vivid drama by buzzing the sides and back and leaving electric cobalt coils on top. Heighten texture with gel or wax.

Neon Ombre

For a rainbow bright style, buzz the bottom half and dye the longer top neon hues like orange, yellow, and green. Shine on.

Silver Elegance: Faux Locs and Shaved Undercuts

Sleek silver faux locs cascading over a buzzed undercut creates an elegant contrast. This trendy style puts a glam twist on shaved elements.

Silvery Layers

Long silvery gray faux locs styled in layers over a nape undercut have ethereal flair. Show off the shaved part with cascading lengths.

Silver Top Knot Bun

Pull silver faux locs up into a messy top knot bun. Contrast with an undercut below for a modern edge.

Half-Up Silver Style

Leave silvery faux locs down in the back and pull up the top front layers. The temple undercut section subtly peeks out.

Defined Silver Curls

Separate defined sterling 3D curls over precision buzzed chevrons. Futuristic texture meets geometric edge.

Artistic Expression: Intricate Designs Meet Turquoise Tones

Get creative and express your individuality by shaving intricate patterns and cool designs into your cut. Make it pop even more with vibrantly dyed tips.

Geometric Back Design

Shave alternating triangular and circular shapes into the back to form a geometric design. Show off with swept-up hairstyles.

Undercut Chevon Pattern

Buzz a playful chevron stripe pattern into an undercut below longer curly hair. Keep the look fresh with precise upkeep.

Turquoise Braided Mohawk

Buzz the sides and back in geometric patterns, then braid longer turquoise tips into a wavy faux hawk. Striking definition.

Purple Zig Zag Shave

Shave a bold zig-zag line into buzzed hair and dye the longer section on top a vivid purple. Style it curly or sleek.

Daring Pinks: Pixie Cuts and Bright Undercuts

Candy-colored pink pixie cuts with buzzed undercuts are daring yet delightful. Fuchsia, magenta, and pastel pink hues show off your fiery feminine spirit.

Fuchsia Temple Fade

Dye the temples and sideburns a bold fuchsia and fade down into an exposed undercut. Rock candy pink attitude.

Pastel Pink Pixie

A pastel pink wash brightens up an edgy side-swept pixie cut. Ruffle longer layers on top for extra volume over the buzzed side.

Ombre Magenta Pixie

An electric ombre fade from magenta tips to black roots gives this swept pixie a jolt of color. Define piecey layers on top with pomade.

Two-Tone Pixie

Go bold by leaving black roots then coloring shaved sides hot pink and longer top cotton candy pink. Live your Technicolor dream.

Undercut Elegance: Shaved Styles for Every Age

Shaved undercuts offer sophisticated flair that works beautifully on black women of any age. These cuts allow you to maintain length while adding modern shape and edge.

Side-Swept Pixie

A longer swept pixie cut with a shaved undercut on one side flatters women over 50 by showing off elegant bone structure.

Nape Undercut Bob

Women over 60 look stylish with a sleek angled bob cut and undercut nape. Tousle ends for movement and texture.

Temple Side Part Undercut

For timeless glamour, women 70+ can rock side-parted hair with a shaved triangular undercut at the temples. Simple yet chic.Copy

Vibrant Colors: Express Yourself with Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female

Shaved hairstyles let you broadcast your colorful personality. From electric rainbow hues to pastel shades, vibrant dye jobs give your cut an artistic twist.

Neon Curly Hawk

Amp up the curly faux hawk texture by buzzing the sides and dying the curl’s top neon hues like yellow, green, and orange. Make a bold color statement.

Rainbow Undercut

Shave geometric shapes into an undercut, then use semi-permanent dye to color each section a different vivid rainbow shade. Unique artistry.

Pastel Ombre

For an ethereal look, dye-shaved sides are a smoky steel gray, and the long top section is a soft pastel purple, blue, and pink in an ombre blend.

Fiery Red Coils

Make a striking declaration by pairing blazing red coils on top with jet-black shaved sides. Heighten the contrast with the curl definition.


Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female are having a major moment, with black women rocking these edgy looks in innovative artistic ways. As this trend continues gaining traction, expect to see more diversity in colors, patterns, and cuts that embrace natural textures.

The versatility of combining longer sections with buzzed sides or undercuts allows for personalized self-expression. Shaved elements can be either bold or subtly integrated into hairstyles with elegant flair. Whether you opt for a curly mohawk, sleek platinum pixie, or a pop of neon hue, Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female let your inner diva shine bright.

Frequently Asked Questions Long Hair Shaved Sides Black Female

What is the hairstyle with shaved sides called?

The hairstyle with partially or totally shaved sides is often referred to as an undercut style. Common examples include shaved napes, fades, faux hawks, asymmetric pixies, and side parts with a shaved section. The longer hair on top contrasts creatively with the buzzed sides and back.

Which hairstyle looks most attractive?

Attractiveness depends on personal style and face shape, but many flattering options exist. Bold shaved styles like platinum pixies and curly mohawks express adventurous flair. For soft elegance, long hair with subtle side undercuts or temple fades suits many. Sleek symmetrical styles like buzz cuts and bald fades also draw the eye.

What is long hair on top and short sides called?

Having longer hair on top of the head with closely cropped sides is referred to as an undercut hairstyle. Faux hawks, pompadours, quiffs, and combovers demonstrate this length contrast between the top and sides. It creates definition and allows for versatile styling options.

What is the most common black hairstyle?

For black women, traditionally natural styles like Afros, braids, twists, and locs remain popular. Relaxed straight styles and sew-ins also prevail. For short hair, the classic tapered cut, pixie, and layered bobs rank among the top styles. Undercut pixies, temple fades, and curly mohawks reflect the popularity of shaved elements coinciding with natural hair trends.

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