Shaved One Side Black Hairstyles for 2024

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shaved one side black hairstyles have become increasingly popular among black women in recent years. These edgy and stylish haircuts allow black women to show off their natural textures and features in unique ways.

From tapered cuts to undercuts, shaved sides offer versatility for styling. Pairing short shaved sides with longer hair on top creates striking dimension. Shaved hairstyles also work well with straight, curly, coiled, and kinky hair textures.

In 2023, expect to see bold variations of shaved one-side black hairstyles. From creative razor designs to vibrant hair colors, black women are exploring new ways to rock these cuts. Continue reading for the hottest shaved one side black hairstyles trends for 2023 and get inspired to try one yourself!

Do Not Throw Away Shampoo and Conditioner

When transitioning to a short, shaved one side black hairstyles, many women are tempted to throw out their shampoo and conditioner. However, keeping these products is still important for maintaining scalp and hair health.

Shampoo cleanses the scalp and removes product buildup. Without regular shampooing, the scalp can become irritated. Conditioner hydrates and softens hair, preventing dryness and damage. Using a moisturizing conditioner is especially key for coily and curly textures.

Look for shampoos and conditioners formulated for natural hair that provide nourishment without heaviness. When shampooing, focus on massaging the scalp. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly and avoid applying it directly to the scalp.

Maintaining a healthy scalp and minimizing dryness will allow your short style to look its best. Don’t make the mistake of tossing products you still need.

Protects the Scalp from the Sun

One benefit of shaved one side black hairstyles and undercuts is sun protection for the scalp. Areas with shorter hair are exposed to UV rays which can damage and irritate the scalp.

It’s important to apply sunscreen to shaved portions to prevent burning. Look for a facial sunscreen or sunblock made for the scalp. Avoid thick formulas that can clog pores. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours.

For an added layer of UV protection, wear a hat when outdoors. The combination of sunscreen and a hat will shield vulnerable areas from harsh rays. Don’t forget the tops of the ears which can easily burn.

Taking steps to guard your scalp will allow you to confidently rock shaved summer styles. Prevent sun damage and irritation with proper sun protection products and accessories.

Keep Hydrating

Maintaining moisture levels is critical for shaved hairstyles. The scalp requires hydration just like the hair. Resist the urge to abandon your moisturizing hair products when going short.

Look for lightweight hydration like leave-in conditioners, aloe vera gels, and oil serums. Focus application along the hairline, sideburns, and nape of the neck. These areas experience repeated friction against clothing which can enhance dryness.

You may need to moisturize shaved portions daily to prevent flaking and itching. Ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter replenish hydration. Massage moisturizers gently into the scalp using your fingertips.

Proper hydration will keep your scalp comfortable and your haircut looking sleek. Make moisture a priority by regularly using hydrating scalp and hair products. Don’t let short strands mean skipping this key routine step.

Curly Pixie Hairstyle For Black Women

A curly pixie cut is a chic short hairstyle option for black women with natural textures. This versatile look flatters a range of face shapes.

Ask your stylist for a pixie with tapered sides to create dimension. Layers throughout will encourage curled pieces to spring up. Embrace volume on top and avoid heavy products that can weigh hair down.

This style works beautifully with tight coils and kinks. The curls appear more defined when cropped close to the head. Play up texture by finger-coiling pieces for definition.

Enhance your curly pixie with a popped-up fringe in the front. This fun retro touch gives the cut a playful vibe.

A curly pixie is a modern yet timeless way to wear natural hair. The tapered cut sculpts curls for an eye-catching silhouette.

Royal Blue Shaved Hairstyle with Side Razor Design

Vibrant hair color paired with a shaved side makes a bold fashion statement. For an edgy street-style look, opt for a rich royal blue hue. Complement the pop of color with a razor-side design.

Ask your stylist to shave one side close to the scalp and cut the top longer. Then have their razor in a lightning bolt, zig-zag, or geometric shape into the short side. This creates a striking contrast against the brilliant blue strands.

Maintain the crispness of the design by using clippers to touch up the shaved portion weekly. Avoid applying conditioner or moisturizer directly to the design as this can soften the lines.

When rocking this eye-catching style, keep accessories and makeup minimal. Let the radiant hair color take center stage for maximum impact. This sexy and edgy combination commands attention.

Shaved One Side Black Hairstyles Women

shaved one side black hairstyles offer black women versatility to display their sculpted features. Close-cropped cuts also showcase gorgeous natural hair textures.

Tapered Cuts: A tapered style features hair clipped close to the neck that gradually increases in length towards the top and front. This technique creates dimension while allowing thick hair to lay smoothly. Ask for the nape and sides tapered with the top left longer.

Undercuts: An undercut maintains long hair on top that sharply contrasts with short shaved sides and back. Keep hair long in the front to soften the look. An extreme version leaves hair only on the top crown for a mohawk effect.

Faux Hawks: Faux hawks imitate a mohawk with longer hair on the crown that tapers down the sides. avoid completely shaving the sides. This style works well on curly and cozy textures.

Side and Nape Shaves: For an edgy touch, shave a portion of the sideburns, nape, or side sections. Pair with sleek updos or voluminous curls on top.

Go for a fade if you want a super shortcut. And experiment with fun razor art!

Braided Bun Hairstyles for Black Ladies

Braided buns make chic protective hairstyles for black women with shaved sides and undercuts. Buns display the detailed hair designs that accompany shortcuts.

Top Knot Buns: creating a rounded top knot bun right on the crown shows off shaved sides and back. Try a sleek coil-around bun secured neatly with pins.

Side Buns: For a soft touch, style a low-side bun resting behind one ear. Pair with temple undercut and shave detailing.

Braided Chignon: Intricately braid hair into a low chignon at the nape of the neck. This elegant updo works with tapered back styles.

Fulani Braids: Fulani cornrow braids radiating from the hairline into a top bun display striking braidwork. Complement with faded sideburns.

Whatever your texture, braided buns keep hair neatly up and off the neck to feature shaved accents. Go for a huge, braided top knot for drama, or try delicate twists pinned low for romance.

Mohawk Locs Side Cut with Short-Shaved Braids

This edgy style combines locs, shaved sides, and braids for an alternative look. Cut locs long on top and buzz the sides down close. Then braid the locs in the mohawk section for extra texture.

Next, have your stylist shave a precise side part onto one side of the head. Consider a curved shape following your hairline. The contrast showcases your locs’ height and fullness.

On the shaved side, get micro braids are applied that are tapered short to the scalp. This adds neat precision against the shave.

Maintain your shaved sections and braids regularly to keep the sculpted shape crisp. Use moisturizer to refresh the locs and keep them defined.

This avant-garde style makes a dramatic fashion-forward statement. The combination of locs, braids, and shaved lines creates an unforgettable look.

Shaved Hair Pattern with Updo Small Braids

Display your skills with an intricate shaved hair pattern styled into beautiful braids. First, collaborate with your stylist to shave a bold design with sharp lines and symmetry. Consider shapes, lightning bolts, or your initials.

Next, micro braids are applied in symmetrical rows flowing up and back from the hairline. Create a curved shape that follows the head and shows off the shaved art.

Tie the braided rows into a rounded updo bun at the crown. This lifts the braids and highlights the undercut design.

Blonde Braids with Shaved Side Haircut for Black Women

For a stylish color pop, combine blonde box braids with a shaved side cut. Ask your stylist to shave one side down close to the scalp from the temple to the nape.

On the top and opposite side, get chunky goddess braids in a light blonde hue installed. Contrast the precision buzz cut with the fullness of the braids.

The blonde color creates dimension against dark roots and makes the braid pattern stand out. Take care to moisturize the shaved side to prevent irritation from hair growth.

This unexpected color and cut combo creates an edgy yet feminine look. The blonde braids soften the boldness of the undercut for a striking finished style.

Chunky Cornrows Undercut Braided In Blonde Weave

Show off your braiding talents and hair health with a creative cornrow style. Begin by shaving the underneath section to create an undercut effect.

Then, have your stylist section out the top and braid large cornrows trailing down past the shaved nape. For drama, get each braid installed with a long, blonde kanekalon hair extension.

Creating triangles or diamonds with the cornrow placement will enhance the 3D effect of the braided weave and undercut contrast.

This style requires maintenance every 2-4 weeks to touch up the undercut and re-braid any loosened cornrows. Take breaks between installs to nurture the hair and scalp. The blonde extensions let your lengthy braids swing and shine.

Long Goddess Braids with Undershave Hair

Get lengthy, beautiful goddess braids paired with a buzzed undershave for the best of both worlds. Have your stylist cut the back and side sections extra short using clippers.

Then, install jumbo goddess braids down your back and spill over your shoulders. For added fullness, dip the ends of the braiding hair in boiling hot water. This curls the hair ends slightly to create volume.

The long braids on top combined with the shaved underlayer create enviable length and layers. When styling, opt for a side part to display the shaved cuts. This allows the braids to cascade over one shoulder.

Long Braids with Side Shave Haircut

For a trendy and edgy vibe combine waist-length box braids with a shaved side cut. Start by having your stylist shave one side of your head around the temple, ear, and neck area.

Buzz the hair super short using clippers without a guard for a smooth finish. This will allow the shave to remain crisp as the hair grows out.

Next, get chunky box braids installed down to your waist on the unshaved side and crown. Take care to moisturize the shaved hair frequently to prevent dryness. Go for a precise side part and sweep the long braids over to highlight the contoured cut.

The extreme side shave creates remarkable contrast against the braids’ volume and length. This style makes a dramatic fashion statement and oozes urban edge.

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids give black hair incredible length and fullness. These larger braids make a bold statement and stand out from regular-size plaits.

When getting jumbo box braids, choose a braiding hair that matches your texture. For kinkier hair, opt for a lighter color to pop against your dark roots. Or go for bold ombre braiding extensions.

Have your stylist section out large squares of hair before braiding down tightly from roots to ends. Avoid braiding hair too tightly which can damage edges over time.

The chunky braids should hang straight and feel comfortable, not stiff or heavy. Apply moisturizer daily focusing on ends and edges. Style in chic updos, and ponytails, or let the braids hang freely.

Updo Side Shave Braid Haircut

This cute style combines a shortcut with pretty updo braids. Shave one side of the head close for an edgy undercut look.

On the unshaved side, create cornrow braids angled up towards the shaved section. Cross and pin the braids in a rounded updo shape at the crown.

For special occasions, adorn the braids with gold cuffs or beads. Or, thread satin ribbons into the updo.

Let pieces come loose as the style wears to increase volume and texture. Touch up the shaved portions as needed to keep lines crisp.

Double Edge Shaved Lines

For natural hair that craves definition, try double-edged shaved lines. Ask your barber to cut two precise parts into the hair, creating a sectioned effect.

Buzz the parts down close with clippers, curving them slightly to complement your head shape. Position the lines on either side of the center to create a segmented look.

This cut works well on tightly coiled or kinky hair. The defined parts allow curls to spring up in their separated sections. Enhance definition further by twisting hair into Bantu knots or strand coiling.

Beyond definition, the parallel lines simply look cool and add an edgy angle. Maintaining precise shaved parts requires vigilance with touch-ups. But the striking result is well worth the upkeep.

Short Maroon Tresses

Want a vibrant look? Go for a short curly style dusted with maroon highlights.

Keep hair cropped close to the scalp and neck in a tapered pixie cut. Have highlights hand-painted throughout the hair in a rich reddish maroon tone.

The dark hue will pop against natural jet-black hair. Ask for a strong all-over color with just a touch of highlighting around the hairline and sides.

Pair the cut with defined curls and coils. Enhance texture by twisting strands into Bantu knots or finger coils. Let hair air dry to maximize volume.

This short style with bold colors is fun, flirty, and low maintenance. The tapered cut keeps things cool and comfortable while the maroon highlights give hair vibrancy.

Faded Glory Haircut

The faded haircut gets its name from hair that is clipped close and tight on the sides and neck, then subtly fades up to longer hair near the crown. This creates a short style with a natural-looking dimension.

To rock a faded glory cut, go for a look with 2-3 inches of length on top. This allows you to style the longer section in defined coils or small twists. Keep the sides and back cleanly tapered to complement the height on top. A crisp hairline finish will showcase the precision of the cut.

Regular trims and line clean-ups are needed to maintain the faded effect as hair grows out. Use a pick to fluff up the top section, embracing the contrast of the graduated look.

Blonde Brown Front Top

Get the best of both color worlds by pairing blonde and brown hues. Ask your colorist for a reverse ombre look with light blonde on the front top portion fading into rich brown along the back and sides.

On your shaved or closely cropped sides and nape, apply a semi-permanent brown dye all over. For the top front section and bangs, go for bright blonde highlighting. Carefully apply color to the front 2-4 inches of hair depending on length.

Blend the two contrasting shades by feathering the color from the roots to the ends. Avoid a harsh line of demarcation between hues.

This unexpected color combination looks beautiful and natural against darker skin tones. The blending of blonde and brown gives dimension and depth.

Voluminous Long Pixie with Layers And Highlights

For natural hair that craves movement, try this longer-layered pixie. Ask your stylist for stacked, choppy layers cut throughout starting above the earlobe and continuing down the nape.

Add wispy side-swept bangs to soften the forehead and frame the eyes. Then, incorporate subtle copper and blonde highlights painted through the top and front sections.

When styling, opt for a curled-under bob shape with volume at the crown. Define the layers with finger coils or flexi-rod curls. Finish with a touch of lightweight gel or mousse to hold the shape.

The stacked layers and warm highlights provide an easy pixie style with a lively bounce. Show off the dimension by gently sweeping hair to both sides.

Playful Afro on Short Hair

Big hair energy can happen even on the shortest cuts. Go for a tapered textured cut no longer than 2 inches. Remove weight by having hair thinned out with texturizing shears.

Rinse hair post-shower with cool water to seal the cuticle and maximize volume. Then work in a nickel-sized amount of curl cream or moisturizer. Diffuse gently until 80% dry.

Next, turn your head upside down and fluff your hair all over with your fingers. Lift the roots and encourage height before flipping back upright. Then set the style with just a touch of gel if needed.

Embrace the voluminous afro look by leaving hair full and wide. Scrunch curls gently as needed to revive volume throughout the day.

Temple Shave

Make a bold style statement with a temple shave paired with curls or braids. Ask your barber to shave a precise zigzag part into your temple hair curving back towards the ear.

Buzz the shaved line down close to create contrast against full hair. Keep the rest of your locks longer and style voluminous curls, flat twists, or cornrows.

When maintaining your cut, use clippers to carefully trace over the shaved zigzag pattern weekly. Avoid applying products like conditioner or oils directly to the shaved line as this can cause buildup.

The temple shave gives an instant edge and dimension. Pair with defined curls or braids to show off the crisp lines. This cut slims the face and draws attention to the striking bone structure.

Very Short Blonde Hair

Make a bold statement by going ultra short and icy blonde. Ask your colorist to lighten your hair to a pale yellow using lifting toner. For the most high-impact look, take your hair to the lightest blonde possible.

Crop hair down to a five o’clock shadow buzz using clippers. Remove all length to embrace the graphic nature of this cut. Maintain the harsh blonde tone by using purple shampoo and avoiding warmth-inducing products.

The combination of platinum blonde against dark roots and brown skin is striking and high fashion. Compliment the bold style with neutral makeup and accessories.

This daring lookChannel your inner M.I.A. or Grace Jones and own the drama. Just lather on moisturizer and SPF to combat the drying effects of bleach.

Retro Pastel Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

Bring major retro vibes with a cotton candy pixie cut. Start by having one side and the nape area shaved down with clippers. For extra edge, consider a razor-side design.

On the unshaved side, ask your colorist to saturate hair with a pastel pink and purple fantasy hue. The light colors will pop against bare skin.

Cut hair into a short pixie style with stacked layers to create volume and height. Define the cropped curls with Bantu knots and finger coils.

Pair this sugary style with winged liner, glossy lips, and pearl accessories. The shaved edge modernizes while the pastels keep things playfully retro. It’s a totally tubular throwback look.

Blonde Cropped Cut with a Shaved Line

This style combines straight locks with precision lines for intrigue. Cut hair into a short bob just brushing the shoulders and nape with stacked layers. Create a center or side part.

On one side, have your stylist shave a deep sideburn line from the temple back into the nape. Buzz hair down close for clean definition.

Apply buttery blonde balayage color, keeping roots darker. When styling, use a flat iron to smooth hair sleek. Part to the unshaved side to highlight the linear contour cut.

The straight, blunt bob creates structure while the shaved line and blonde color soften the look. It’s feminine meets edgy for a striking combo.

Curly Top

Make a dramatic hair statement by pairing defined curls with a minimalist buzz cut. Have your stylist buzz hair down to stubble with clippers, no guard.

This will remove all bulk for a sleek finish. Take the top and front sections slightly longer, around 2 inches. Define the curls in this section with a moisturizing gel or styling mousse. Diffuse gently.

Let the tight curls take center stage up top. Keep the buzzed sides and back cropped short by using clippers for touch-ups 2-3 times a month.

The height of the curls combined with the low buzz cut creates a strong contrast. Show off your beautiful natural texture with this simple style.

Braided Bun

Braided updos are gorgeous and practical for displaying shaved sides and undercuts. Start with neat cornrows trailing into a rounded bun shape.

Wrap hair carefully around the base and pin just above the nape. For added polish, wrap hair around the bun to conceal pins and create a smooth coil effect.

Loosen a few curly pieces around the hairline to soften the look. Mist with shine spray for a luminous texture.

Braided buns keep hair up and off the neck, preventing friction that can irritate shaved areas. Let your beautiful braiding skills take center stage in this elegant updo.

Side Hair Designs

why have one shaved side when you can have two? Ask your stylist to shave creative designs into both side sections for stylish symmetry.

Some chic hair design options include:

  • Lightning bolts and zigzags shaved behind each ear
  • A geometric triangle connecting the temple to the nape
  • Your zodiac sign or initials buzzed in a font you like
  • A floral vine design that curls down the sideburns and neck
  • A bold side part buzzed on either side of your hair’s center parting

When creating symmetrical side designs, avoid overly complicated shapes. Clean lines and angles made with clippers will stand out better as hair grows. Touch-up designs weekly for crisp definition.

Locs Braids Side Shave with Wave Patterns Hairdo

Get artistic and make a statement by pairing locs, braids, and shaved waves. Start with micro braids trailing from the forehead back into a ponytail.

Buzz one side down close, then use clippers to cut vertical wave shapes into the short hair. This adds striking carved texture.

On the unshaved side, install thin, long locs cascading over one shoulder. The beautiful height and definition contrast with the precise waves.

Maintain this style by gently shampooing braids and using a moisturizing spray on locs. Re-touch the shaved waves with clippers weekly.

This unexpected combo shows off styling versatility. The mix of textures and shapes creates visual interest from all angles.

Short Undercut Bob with Chunky Highlights

This chic style juxtaposes an edgy undercut with pretty highlighted strands. Ask your colorist for chunky taupe highlights hand-painted through the top layers.

Cut hair in a blunt bob grazing the chin with texturized ends. Create an angled side part and taper the underneath hair down close for an undercut.

The contrast between the raw, shaved nape and soft highlighted bob is cool yet feminine. Rough up the texture with sea salt spray for beachy volume and waves.

Short 4C Hair with Patterns

Show off your tight coils beautifully with a shortcut featuring shaved patterning.

Ask your stylist to shave clean zigzag or curved line shapes into both sides of your hair. Next, cut curls on top to 2 inches maximum for lots of height.

Define coils by twisting them into Bantu knots or two-strand twists. Let the hair dry fully before separating for definition.

Use a curl cream or gel to finalize the style and hold the pattern. Touch up the shaved lines weekly to keep them looking crisp.

The shaved shapes allow the springy coils to take center stage. Embrace your 4C texture with this chic shortcut.

TWA with Tapered Sides and Shaved Part

The teeny weeny afro (TWA) cut works on all natural hair types. For extra definition, add tapered sides and a shaved part.

Ask your stylist to taper the sides and back down close using clippers with no guard. Leave hair full on top, cutting into a rounded shape.

Next, shave a side or zigzag part into the hair near the hairline. This helps springs coils upward within the sectioned style.

Defined your TWA texture by twisting your hair with curl cream. Let the coils pop against the precise shaved lines.

This short style celebrates kinks, curls, and coils. The shaved accents create striking shapes. Flaunt your beautiful natural pattern proudly.

Extra-Short Bleached Hairstyle

Make a bold statement by taking your hair to the extreme. Ask your colorist to apply bleach until the hair lifts to a pale yellow-white tone.

Crop your locks down using clippers with no guard. Remove all hair length to achieve a smooth, five-o’clock shadow effect.

The combination of platinum blonde against dark roots looks striking, especially on darker skin tones. Maintain the icy color by using purple shampoo.

Pair this daring, edgy style with minimal accessories and makeup. Let your lightened strands make the maximum impact. Just remember to load up on scalp moisturizers and sunscreen.

Pixie Cut + Shaved Sides

This style juxtaposes femininity with an edgy buzz. Ask your hairstylist for a choppy pixie cut with side-swept bangs and tapering in the back.

Shave both sides super short using clippers with no guard. Blend the buzz up into the pixie layers on top for seamless dimension.

When styling, add volume at the roots with sea salt or mousse. Sweep bangs to the side and tuck one side behind the ear to showcase the buzzed sections.

Faux Gray Haircut

Make a stylish statement by mimicking gray hair on your natural locks. Ask your colorist to apply a cool ash toner all over that neutralizes warmth without lightning.

Cut hair in a wispy bob hitting just above the shoulders. Incorporate lots of texturizing and choppy layers for movement.

Style strands tucked behind the ears to show off your gorgeous face. Let the ash toner create a frosted tone that imitates gray.

Pair with red lips and a winged liner for a bold vintage beauty look. This chic style puts trendy gray hair within reach for all ages.

Daring Fauxhawk Hairstyle with Undercut

Show your edgy side with a fauxhawk featuring a buzzed undercut. Shape hair into a mohawk section on top, tapering hair down to an inch high.

Shave the back and sides totally clean using clippers without guards. Continue removing bulk until hair feels smooth.

Style the fauxhawk full and spiky using a firm hold gel or pomade. For added dimension, incorporate a cool hair color like platinum or pastels.

Let your fearless style shine by keeping accessories minimal. This daring cut makes a major fashion statement.

Mini Curly Mohawk

Can’t commit to a full mohawk but crave its edgy style? Try this mini curly version.

Cut the sides and back down close using clippers on a high setting. Taper hair up into longer curls on top shaped like a wide strip or teardrop.

Define coils using curl cream and finger coils. Let hair air dry or gently diffuse for extra volume.

For added pop, go for a vibrant hair color like purple, blue, or green on the curly section. Pair with bold makeup for maximum impact.

This party-ready style still allows versatility. Slick back curls and throw on a beanie to switch up your look.

Blue Curls

Make a colorful statement by dyeing curls a vibrant hue. For serious pop, go for a bold blue. Ask your colorist for an aqua tone on pre-lightened hair or a richer royal cobalt shade.

Cut curls in a short tapered style no longer than three inches. Remove any bulk by texturizing with thinning shears. This allows tight coils to spring up.

Define curls with a moisturizing gel containing UVA/UVB protection. Diffuse gently until 80% dry. Air dry the rest for a soft hold.

Embrace the eye-catching color and let your hair make a bold fashion statement. Keep accessories minimal and let the blue curls speak for themselves.

Twists With Zig Zag Undercut

This style combines edge with beautiful definition. Buzz a precise zigzag line into the side portion of your hair using clippers. Taper it to meet longer hair on top.

Next, section out hair and twist it into strand twists using a curl cream. Create rows following along the angle of the shaved line.

Let twists air dry fully to set the pattern. Mist with oil sheen for shine and moisture retention.

The twisted hair maintains length for styling versatility while the shaved line provides an urban edge. Show off your skills and pattern texture.

Locs with Fade Cut

This style takes tapered hair to a whole new level. Cut locs long and full on top to about chin length if possible. Keep length in front to style over the eyes or sweep to the side.

Use clippers to taper-fade both sides down close to the scalp. Start with no guard closed on the sides, cutting up into the locs’ fullness. Ask your stylist for a high-contrast fade for maximum impact.

Finish with edge-up outlines around the hairline and sideburns. This showcases the precision of the cut.

The faded sides make the locs appear even fuller by contrast. Shake hair and fluff locs with fingers for added volume.

Box Braids with Tapered Cut

This iconic braided style gets an edgy upgrade with tapered sides. Start by cutting the back and sides down close using clippers with no guard. Taper hair up towards the longer top.

Next, get chunky box braids installed square to the head to compliment the tapered cut. Take braids long, at least 18 inches if possible. Consider adding braided cuffs or gold beads.

Part braids deeply on one side to show off the clipper work around the nape and temples. Touch up the taper weekly to keep the cut looking sharp.

Short Natural Tapered Cut

Flaunt a beautiful natural texture with a tapered cut grazing the ears. Ask your stylist for about 2 inches on top with cleanly tapered sides and back.

Shape the top into a rounded fro. On tighter textures, define coils by twisting them into Bantu knots. Or smooth curls into finger waves.

Shave hair down to the skin on the neck for high contrast. Get crispy hairline edge-up outlines using clippers or a straight blade.

Rake your hands through the top fullness and lift your hair towards the ceiling. Show off the precision shape of this tapered cut.

Short Natural Hairstyle with Color

Make a statement by adding vibrant color to your cropped cut. Try classic bold hues like platinum blonde, jet black, or auburn. Or go for fashion-forward tones like emerald, cobalt, or violet.

Ask your colorist to apply the semi-permanent hue all over your curly top and tapered sides. If hair is long enough, request highlights instead of single process color.

Embrace the eye-catching color and make it the focus. Keep your styling simple – define curls and let them take center stage. The rich pigment will bring life and dimension to short strands.


shaved one side black hairstyles offer black women the chance to display striking natural textures as well as show off their gorgeous face shapes. These edgy cuts represent fearless style and high fashion.

In 2023, be on the lookout for unique variations of shaved one side black hairstyles . From zig-zag sideline patterns to mohawk braids to creative color pairings, there are endless ways to rock a shortcut.

Just take care to keep shaved areas well moisturized and protected from irritation. Maintain crisp lines with regular trims. And style voluminous top texture to balance the minimized sides.

Remember – confidence is your best accessory. Wear your shaved cut proudly and embrace this striking hair trend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaved One Side Black Hairstyles

What is the best way to maintain shaved sides?

Re-shave the sides and back portions close to the scalp weekly for clean crispness. Avoid applying heavy products or conditioners directly to shaved portions. Gently cleanse the scalp with shampoo and use lightweight moisturizers.

How long does it take for shaved hair to grow back?

shaved one side black hairstyles will grow back at an average rate of 1/2 inch per month. So if you shave your sides down to the scalp, expect it to take 2 to 3 months to achieve 1 – 1 1/2 inches of new growth. Maintain your look by re-shaving weekly.

Can you shave natural hair without damaging it?

Yes, you can shave natural hair without damage as long as you use a sharp clipper blade and proper technique. Make sure clippers are well-oiled before use. Gently glide them across the scalp to shear hair down to the desired length. Avoid pressing too hard or going over the same spot repeatedly.

Should I use sunscreen on my shaved one side black hairstyles?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to apply sunscreen to any shaved areas of the scalp to prevent irritation and burns. Look for a facial sunscreen made for sensitive skin. Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure. Choose SPF 30 at a minimum and reapply every 2 hours if outdoors.

How can I style long braids with a shaved cut?

Long braids pair beautifully with shaved one side black hairstyles or undercuts. Show off the contrast by sweeping all braids over to one side. For updos, wrap braids carefully into buns, leaving some pieces out to frame the face. Or, tie braids into ponytails, letting them hang over one shoulder to display the buzzed area.

Can I wear a weave with a side shave?

Yes, shaved one side black hairstyles and undercuts work with weaves and wigs. Just be sure to keep the shaved portions well moisturized. Tie or glue hair down securely to conceal shaved areas. Or, opt for a side part so the extensions fall over and complement the edgy cut peeking out underneath.

Will short hairstyles damage my hair?

No, short haircuts do not damage hair when done properly. Avoid heat styling, pulling hair tightly, or harsh chemical treatments. Use natural oils and moisturizers to maintain scalp health. Handle strands gently and sleep on satin. Trim every 4-6 weeks to retain the desired shape.

What styles work well for natural gray hair?

Natural gray hair looks beautiful in short shaved cuts. Go for edgy side undercuts, sculpted pixies

What’s the best way to prevent irritation on shaved one side black hairstyles?

Gently cleanse the scalp daily with a moisturizing shampoo. Avoid harsh products that can strip natural oils. Apply a lightweight oil or moisturizer to shaved areas after cleansing. Look for hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and glycerin.

How can I make my shaved cut last longer between trims?

Use clippers without guards to shave the sides, back, and nape down to the scalp every 2-3 days. This will help the cut retain its shape longer between professional trims. Avoid applying conditioner or oils to shaved areas between trims.

What hair types can pull off shaved one side black hairstyles?

shaved one side black hairstyles work beautifully on all natural hair types including straight, wavy, curly, coiled, and kinky. They create definitions for tight curls and display the movement of loose waves. Just maintain moisture so hair doesn’t dry out.

Should I shave my whole head to go natural?

Shaving your whole head is an option but not required to go natural. Try a lengthy transition first. Buzz your hair down if you want an extreme change. But shaving entirely isn’t necessary for health. Focus on keeping hair moisturized during the transition.

How do I grow out my shaved cut gracefully?

Use protective styles like weaves, wigs, and headwraps while the hair grows out. Trim the back and sides regularly to prevent a mullet effect. Add pretty headbands. Invest in a collection of hats and beanies. Most importantly – be patient with the process and embrace the journey.

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