Slay the Day: Embrace Elegance with Bun Baddie Hairstyles in 2023

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Introduction to the Bun Baddie Hairstyle

Bun baddie hairstyles took over social media and the fashion world in 2022. Centered around sculpted top knots and sleek edges, the look channels hip-hop attitude while still allowing for personal flair and expression.

Bun Baddie Hairstyle

The bun baddie trend sparked explosive growth in 2022 thanks to TikTok and Instagram. Key stats include:

  • #bunbaddie videos earned over 600 million views on TikTok
  • The @imabaddiebun Instagram community gained 150k followers
  • Searches for “bun baddie” were up 5000% this year per Google Trends

The trend has its roots in historically Black hip-hop culture but went massively viral this year; almost akin to a digital supermodel moment. Even major celebrities like Zendaya and Lizzo have now rocked a bun baddie attitude.

Trendy Baddie Hairstyles 2023

baddie hairstyles 2023
baddie hairstyles 2023

Baddie hairstyles are all about expressing confidence, attitude, and boldness through your hair. These edgy and stylish looks are perfect for showing off your fierce sense of self in 2023. From sleek updos to bold cuts, there are many trendy options to try if you want to channel your inner baddie.

One of the most popular baddie hairstyles right now is the slick high ponytail. This look is chic and polished, great for a night out or making a statement at work. To get this look, sweep your hair up into a super slick, tight ponytail high on your head. Use some gel or mousse to get rid of any flyaways and wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie to hide it. Pair your immaculate ponytail with bold makeup for a complete baddie vibe.

For an edgier take on this style, go for a sleek low ponytail at the nape of your neck. This oozes attitude and confidence with its severity. Make it extra sleek by adding some pomade to control frizz.

If you want to show off some flair, try a braided updo like knotless box braids or cornrows. These protective styles allow you to embrace your textured tresses in a unique, stylish way. Go for braids with modern accents like beads or cuffs to take the look to the next level.

The iconic bob is back and better than ever for 2023. Choppy bobs with an asymmetrical angle are bold and beautiful. Ask your stylist for shattered ends and piecey layers to maximize texture and movement. Pair your angled bob with bright lipstick for a truly head-turning baddie style.

Ultimately, baddie hairstyles are all about expressing your individuality and attitude. Have fun, experiment with different styles, and embrace what makes you feel most confident and empowered. The right hairstyle can let your inner bad girl shine each day.

Elevate Your Look With Baddie Hairstyles Bun

baddie hairstyles bun
baddie hairstyles bun

The bun has become a go-to hairstyle for baddies looking to exude confidence and attitude. Buns allow you to show off your edgy style in a polished, pulled-together way. From messy topknots to sleek chignons, there are many baddie bun styles you can rock to embrace your inner bad girl.

One trendy baddie bun is the high messy topknot. To get this look, sweep your hair up into a very high ponytail atop your head. Pull it through a hair tie only once or twice so it’s loose and messy. Next, coil the ponytail into a bun shape and secure it with bobby pins. Pull out a few face-framing pieces in the front for an undone look. This sexy, casual topnot works for day or night.

For a night out, opt for a gathered low bun at the nape of your neck. Use a brush and some pomade for a super sleek, tight finish. Wrap a section of hair around the base of the bun to hide the hair tie. Pair this ballerina-inspired bun with winged liner and red lips for your inner diva to shine through.

When you want your baddie bun to make a statement, add unique accents and accessories. Try wrapping a silk scarf around your bun in a stylish headwrap look. Or, weave colored hair extensions throughout your bun for a pop of color. You can also accessorize with fun scrunchies, cuffs, or jeweled bobby pins.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bun shapes like bubble buns, twisted buns, knot buns, and more. Switching up your bun style is an easy way to show off your flair and creativity. Use buns to highlight your beautiful natural texture whether you have sleek straight hair, bouncy curls, or springy coils.

Let your confidence and bold spirit shine through with a baddie bun. With the right attitude and spunky accessories, an everyday bun can become the perfect edgy hairstyle. Play with height, texture, and accessories to make it your own. Your inner bad girl boss will be sure to slay all day in a fierce baddie bun.

Elevate Your Look With Trendy Baddie Bun Hairstyles

baddie bun hairstyles
baddie bun hairstyles

Buns are having a major moment in 2023 for baddie hairstyles. The bun allows you to look put-together while letting your edgy personality shine through. From messy and textured to sleek and severe, buns are the perfect way to flaunt your inner bad girl.

One of the top baddie bun styles is the slicked-back high bun. This polished updo exudes confidence and attitude. To get the look, brush your hair back smoothly into a very high ponytail. Next, wrap the ponytail around itself to create a neat bun shape. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray for a flawless finish. This tight, dramatic bun commands attention.

For a relaxed vibe, go for a messy topknot bun. Simply sweep your hair up into a high ponytail, leaving it loose and imperfect. Coil the ponytail into a haphazard bun and pin it in place. Pull out face-framing pieces in the front and spritz with sea salt spray for texture. This date-night-ready style still says chic with its carefree look.

You can also accessorize your baddie bun to make it uniquely you. Add glam with shiny hair clips or cuffs around your bun. Weave colored hair extensions throughout for a pop of brightness. Or wrap a trendy patterned scarf around your bun for an eye-catching detail.

Don’t be afraid to play with different bun shapes and placements too. Buns don’t have to be basic. Try a bubble bun with added volume on top, a fishtail bun for cascading flair, or double topknot buns for a playful vibe. Wear your bun low at the nape of your neck for a ballerina feel or try an off-center side bun.

Buns allow you to highlight your gorgeous natural texture, from pin-straight locks to bouncy coils. Let your hair make a statement by embracing its beautiful uniqueness.

Make your bun shine with the perfect baddie attitude. Exude confidence no matter which edgy style you choose. Go for bold makeup, killer contours, and a self-assured strut to complete your bad girl bun look.

Have fun playing with different placements, textures, and accessories to find your signature baddie bun style. With these edgy updos, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Breakdown of Signature Bun Baddie Hairstyle Elements

While self-expression allows room for individual style, some unifying components make the bun baddie moment:

As shown above, sleek baby hairs and edges paired with a dramatic top knot bun placed at the crown of the head epitomize the bun baddie aesthetic. Dark parted lips, graphic eyeliner, protruding nails, and confidence tie everything together.

Tutorials on How to Achieve the Bun Baddie Hairstyles

Emulating that cool bun baddie finesse takes the right techniques and products. Below are video tutorials breaking down sculpting the trend at home:

@missjaydenjacobs’ 5-Step Bun Baddie Masterclass

@missjaydenjacobs details precisely laying edges, securing slicked baby hairs, maximizing bun height at the crown, and accessorizing for ultimate bun baddie glam. Her 5 foolproof steps distill the look beautifully with millions of views.

@thebunbaddie’s Hybrid Bun Guide for Beginners

For newer bun baddies starting from scratch without a fro base, @thebunbaddie demonstrates combining faux hair in a curly puff with your natural texture to build the signature top knot shape. It offers newbies an achievable entry point.

@badandbougee’s Bun Baddie Updo Tutorial

@badandbougee’s bun baddie updo tutorial focuses on working with 4C natural hair to create a gracefully wrapped faux hawk that transitions smoothly into the crown bun. It has inspired thousands of flawless recreations.

Notable Bun Baddie Hairstyles Influencers

Certain social media influencers played a key role in inspiring the bun baddie craze. They continue driving style ideas and setting trends.

Naomi Jon

Part model and part creative director, Naomi Jon coined the “bun baddie” term on her viral Instagram page @imabaddiebun. With magazine features and a hair product line in Sephora, her signature bun baddie look in editorials combined glam, hip-hop edge, and activism.

Nia Sierra

TikTok star Nia Sierra enchanted millions of viewers with her hypnotic transition videos transforming from casual clothes into a snatched bun baddie. She landed partnerships with Fashion Nova and Spotify. Sierra is considered the face of the digital bun baddie revolution.

Bria Jones

Houston stylist Bria Jones grew a multi-million dollar business sharing innovative buns on Instagram @briabaddieextensions. Her customizable wig units with pre-styled baddie buns empower women to feel their best. The Bria Baddie Bun collection is a bestseller.

Sociocultural Impact of the Bun Baddie Hairstyles Movement

Beyond fierce fashion and flawless hair, the cultural influence of bun baddies sparked important conversations while driving mainstream representation.

Reclaiming & Redefining Beautiful

Bun baddies fueled a movement to redefine beauty standards on Black women’s own terms – one that highlights natural textures and facial features over Eurocentric norms. Reclaiming “baddie” shifts its meaning to confident, not suggestive.

Reshaping Music Media Imaging

As bun baddies commanded viral attention, music stars and labels adjusted imaging to align with the trend’s celebration of hip-hop femininity versus overly sexualized depictions. Megan Thee Stallion’s album art and Doja Cat’s glam evoke bun baddie energy.

Boosting Collective Self-Esteem

The tag #bunbaddies shows friends, classmates, colleagues, and families bonding over their baddie makeovers. Experts say the wave created sorely needed communal self-esteem boosts for Black women and communities.

Key Takeaways on the Bun Baddie Hairstyles Movement

While beginnings focused on fierce fashion, the ascent of bun baddies made substantial culture shifts possible. Core lessons include:

Ownership – Bun baddies reclaimed narratives about beauty and femininity

Confidence – The movement prioritized defined self-worth over outside opinions

Community – Digital bonding over baddie makeovers uplifted collective self-image

Representation – Baddie imagery finally shaped mainstream media depictions

As bun baddies continue opening doors for representation while building confidence and community, their legacy secures definitions of beauty now more inclusive thanks to content creators who led this generation and transformed the landscape.

The Baddie Bun Hairstyle: Trendy Yet Timeless Updo

The baddie bun hairstyle has become a popular look on Instagram and beyond. This slicked-back topnot manages to be trendy yet timeless. Read on to learn how to perfect the baddie bun yourself.

The “baddie bun” describes a neat, sleek topknot worn high on the crown of the head. It projects a put-together yet edgy vibe.

Elements of a Baddie Bun

  • Slick and tight topknot
  • Laid hairline for a polished look
  • Added hair accessories optional
  • Sleek edges preferred
  • Works on all hair lengths and textures

How to Do a Baddie Bun

Doing a pristine baddie bun takes some practice. Follow these tips:

Prep the Hair

Moisturize and detangle to make hair pliable. Use gel to slick down flyaways and edges around the hairline.

Create Topknot

Gather all hair neatly and tightly tie it into a ponytail atop the crown. Avoid bumps or looseness.

Wrap and Tuck

Twist the ponytail base and wrap it into a bun shape. Tuck ends under and pin.

Refine Edges

Use a toothbrush and gel to smooth front hairs and baby hairs around the hairline.

Set the Style

Mist hair with holding spray. Let bun sit 10 minutes before fluffing for volume.

Baddie Bun Inspiration

  • Add hair accessories like ribbons, jeweled pins, or scrunchies
  • Incorporate braids, twists, or cornrows into the bun
  • Go for a glossy jet-black hair color
  • Experiment with center or side parts before pulling them into a bun
  • Try a fanned-out “bubble” bun for added drama

Maintaining Your Baddie Bun

  • Moisturize hair in sections before bunning to prevent breakage
  • Don’t pull hair too tightly; allow gentle volume on top
  • Wear a silk bonnet at night to preserve slick edges
  • Give hair a break between buns; wear hair down or in braids


In closing, the bun baddie hairstyles movement led by creative digital influencers like Naomi Jon overtook platforms like TikTok in 2022 as millions express themselves through sculpted top knots and fly edges. Transition videos and tutorials guided newcomers on perfecting the textured hair look.

Beyond bold fashion statements, bun baddies forged activism by announcing fuller features and afro textures as equally beautiful in the media. Music artists adapted branding accordingly as the trend had an irrefutable impact.

Bonding over baddie makeovers stands as a testament to the power of community to boost collective self-esteem, especially for marginalized groups. While beginnings focused on aesthetics, bun baddies created real social change; one likely to continue opening doors to long overdue representation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Bun Baddie Hairstyles Trend

What sparked the immense popularity of the bun baddie hairstyles trend?

Creative director Naomi Jon coining the term “bun baddie” on Instagram preceded explosive TikTok popularity in 2022, as the look channeled a fierce hip-hop attitude while allowing for self-expression on one’s own terms beyond problematic mainstream beauty standards.

What are the key elements that define the signature bun baddie hairstyles?

Sleek baby hairs, precisely laid edges, a dramatically sculpted top knot bun at the crown of the head, glossy parted lips, graphic eyeliner flicks, protruding long nails, and most importantly, confidence tie the bun baddie aesthetic together.

What influencers were instrumental in driving the bun baddie trend?

Naomi Jon designed striking fashion editorials as @imabaddiebun. Viral TikToker Nia Sierra mesmerized with her baddie transition videos. And stylist Bria Jones of @briabaddieextensions created customizable wig units with pre-styled bun baddie buns that took off globally.

How did the bun baddie movement redefine beauty standards?

It shifted focus away from Eurocentric norms that excluded ethnic features and natural black hair textures. Reclaiming “baddie” from suggestive connotations, the movement instead amplified confidence in one’s self-image regardless of outside opinions on what’s considered beautiful.

Did bun baddies have any lasting impact on the music industry’s media depictions?

Yes, as Bun Baddies went massively viral in 2022, music stars and labels noticeably pivoted imaging away from oversexualized visuals to better align with the trend’s celebration of hip-hop femininity and femme fatale energy as epitomized by Megan Thee Stallion’s album art or Doja Cat’s glam.

What community-level impact did participation in the bun baddie trend create?

It forged strong bonds and uplifted self-esteem as groups of friends, classmates, colleagues, and mothers and daughters shared their baddie makeover looks on Instagram and TikTok. The wave incited collective confidence boosts for Black women most impacted by restrictive, Eurocentric standards.

Is the bun baddie trend strictly limited to the Black community or can all ethnicities participate?

While it originated from hip-hop culture as Black influencers led the movement, Bun Baddie’s style allows for individual expression. All backgrounds have adapted the attitude and top knot bun look to fit their texture needs, from faux hair to modest fashion hijab baddies.

Did any negative issues arise from the viral attention garnered by bun baddies?

Some speculate it further objectifies women by focusing heavily on physical appearance as power. However, creators emphasize bun baddies specifically promote inner confidence, self-love free from the male gaze, and reclaiming ownership over one’s image rather than dressing for others.

What are practical beginner tips for those struggling to recreate the bun baddie look at home?

It proves difficult to master intricate baby hairs and get height at the crown without a fro base. Experts suggest trying faux curly hair additions first to build a voluminous bun before precision laying edges. Or purchase pre-styled wig units from designers like Bria Jones for convenience.

What predictions do hairstylists have about the future and longevity of the bun baddie trend?

Though predictions estimated it would fade quickly as a fleeting trend, the cultural impact and social change initiated by bun baddies virtually guarantee its techniques and attitude will empower ethnic women in media for years to come by spotlighting natural diverse beauty.

What are baddie braids?

Baddie braids refer to edgy, stylish braided hairstyles that allow you to express your bold personality. Some popular baddie braids include knotless box braids, faux locs, feed-in braids, trendy cornrows, and braids with modern accessories like cuffs and beads.

What braids are in style for 2023?

Some of the most on-trend braids for 2023 include:

  • Jumbo box braids – thick, chunky braids that make a statement
  • Slick back cornrows – great for a polished, severe look
  • Butterfly locs – bohemian faux locs with a whimsical flair
  • Braids with colored hair extensions – vibrant pops of color are hot right now
  • Beaded braids – small beads add personality to any braided style

How do you style short hair?

For short hair, focus on cut and texture. Go for choppy, piecey layers to create movement and dimension. Add waves with sea salt spray or soft curls with a curling wand. Slick your hair back with gel for an edgy look or spike it up with pomade for attitude. Headbands, hair clips, and barrettes are also great accessories for short hair.

Is a bun a healthy hairstyle?

Yes, buns are generally considered a healthy hairstyle for your hair. Buns protect your ends from damage by keeping them tucked in and knot-free. The gentle tension of a bun can stimulate blood flow to your scalp. Just be careful not to pull hair too tightly, which can cause breakage over time.

How do you do a messy bun?

For a messy bun, start by gathering your hair into a loose high ponytail, only looping the hair tie around once or twice. Next, twist the ponytail and coil it into a bun shape, securing it messily with bobby pins. Pull out pieces around your face and nape for an imperfect look. Finish with texture spray for undone texture.

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