Discover the Hottest Caramel Blonde Hair Color Trends of 2023

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Caramel blonde hair is having a major moment in 2023. This rich, warm, and multidimensional blonde shade flatters a wide variety of skin tones. From sun-kissed highlights to full-on color melts, there are countless ways to work caramel blonde hues into your hair.

In this article, we dive into the allure of caramel blonde hair and explore the hottest styling trends. Read on for pro tips, trend reports, inspiration galleries, and advice from celebrity colorist Linda Gattineri. Discover why caramel blonde is poised to be the must-try hair color of the year!

Transitioning from Dark to Light: The Allure of Caramel Blonde

For many, going caramel blonde means transitioning from darker brunette locks. This requires gradually lightening the hair over multiple sessions to avoid damage. The care taken results in gorgeous depth and dimension.

Here are some key benefits of going gradually more blonde:

  • Prevents breakage by slowly acclimating hair
  • Allows selectively placing lights and lowlights
  • Builds custom tone and depth for each client
  • Gives stylists control over the speed of lightning
  • Minimizes unwanted brassiness or orange cast
  • Results in multi-faceted, shiny end result

The finished caramel blonde typically incorporates a mix of hues. This adds visual interest and flatters the client’s complexion. For cooler skin tones, ashier tones are blended throughout. For warmer complexions, gold and beige blonde shades are more flattering.

Expert Advice: Achieving the Perfect Caramel Blonde Hue

We asked celebrity colorist Linda Gattineri for her pro tips on taking brunette hair caramel blonde. Here are her top recommendations:

  • Do a strand test first to assess how hair lifts. This shows if hair needs extra toning.
  • Use Olaplex or bond-building treatments during lightening sessions. This prevents breakage.
  • Don’t go too light at first! More ashy or platinum tones risk looking harsh.
  • Add dimension with balayage, baby lights, and highlights throughout the process.
  • Invest in purple shampoo and masks to fight brassiness between sessions.
  • Get regular gloss treatments to keep the color multi-dimensional.
  • Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Linda recommends Kérastase Blond Absolu for blonde hair.

“Perfectly balanced caramel blonde needs depth and dimension. Rushing the process risks a brassy or one-dimensional look. Go low and slow with lots of soft highlights blended throughout.” – Linda Gattineri

Caramel Blonde Hair: A Hollywood Sensation

Caramel blonde hair has been spotted on A-list celebs like Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington, Shay Mitchell, and Olivia Munn. The blend of warm and cool tones flatters a range of complexions – making it a versatile Hollywood favorite.

Celebrity stylists like Pau Shau create stunning caramel blonde looks on clients using balayage, baby lights, and hand-painting techniques. Customizing the placement and tones of each client is key.

Red carpet regulars like Kim Kardashian and Sarah Hyland work closely with their colorists to maintain their caramel blonde looks. Cool ashy lowlights around the face add dimension and prevent brassiness. This lets them look photo-ready for any big event!

Golden Tips from Linda Gattineri: Mastering Caramel Tones

We sat down exclusively with celebrity hair colorist Linda Gattineri to get her insider tricks for mastering caramel blonde hair. With an A-list clientele, Linda is one of the most sought-after colorists in Hollywood.

Check out her golden tips for caramel blonde excellence:

Choose the Right Starting Point

  • Cool skin tones = Start with a darker ash-brown base
  • Warm skin tones = Start with chestnut, honey, or gold brown base

Add Dimension from the Start

  • Handpaint lighter pieces around the face and ends
  • Use foils to create baby lights and sunkissed effect

Fight Brassiness with Purple Shampoo

  • Linda recommends Ogden Phyto to neutralize yellow tones
  • Use weekly and leave on 5-10 minutes

Get Regular Gloss Treatments

  • Gloss every 4-6 weeks to keep color fresh
  • Use semi-permanent color for added tone and shine

Invest in Bond Building and Color Protection

  • Protect hair bonds with Olaplex, Smartbond, Kerasilk, etc.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and mask 1-2 times per week

“By following these steps, you’ll keep unwanted brassiness at bay and maintain soft, multi-faceted caramel blonde hair.” – Linda Gattineri

Maintaining Vibrancy: How to Combat Brassiness in Caramel Hair

One of the biggest challenges with blonde hair is avoiding brassiness, that unwanted yellow or orange tone. This occurs as the result of oxidation and sun exposure breaking down pigment molecules over time. Here are Linda’s top tips for combating brassiness:

Use Purple Shampoo Weekly

The purple pigment in these shampoos acts like a color-corrector to neutralize yellow tones. Linda recommends “Oi All In One Milk” for lightweight toning.

Get Gloss Treatments

Glossing every 4-6 weeks with a semi-permanent toner keeps the color fresh and vibrant. Beige and violet-based glosses fight brassiness.

Protect Against UV Rays

Sun exposure accelerates fading and oxidation. Use protective products like leave-in conditioners and hats during sun exposure.

Use Sulfate-Free Products

Sodium lauryl sulfate strips color. Using “Neuma” and other sulfate-free lines keeps color locked in.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Washing less, only 1-2 times per week, prevents fading. Use dry shampoo on non-wash days.

“By being proactive, you can keep caramel blonde hair looking shiny and brass-free!” – Linda Gattineri

Dive into Lusciousness: Trendy Caramel Blonde Hair Colors

There are infinite shades and dimensions to explore within the caramel color spectrum. Here are some of the most popular caramel blonde options right now:

  • Buttery Blonde – A rich, warm yet pale shade. Think butterscotch candy hues.
  • Honey Blonde – Has a golden, amber tone. Flatters warmer complexions beautifully.
  • Strawberry Blonde – A blend of caramel and strawberry-kissed red tones. Vibrant yet soft.
  • Beige Blonde – A muted, sandy shade. Perfect for a natural yet dimensional look.
  • Icy Blonde – Caramel hair with platinum and icy blonde accents. Adds light and dimension.
  • Dark Caramel – A darker, chestnut-based caramel brown. Deep yet warm.
  • Warm Toffee – Has a medium brown base with warm amber and copper tones.

The possibilities are truly endless! Work with your colorist to find your perfect custom caramel blonde shade.

From Beachy Waves to Chestnut Tones: Caramel Blonde Magic

There are so many stunning ways to style caramel blonde hair. Whether you want textured waves, sleek layers, or retro curls, this hair color is endlessly versatile.

“Caramel and blonde shades lend themselves perfectly to lived-in, beachy styles,” says stylist Rosie Alexander of Ogden, UT salon. “Just a touch of sea salt spray creates natural-looking texture and dimension.”

For salon blowouts, Rosie recommends using a large barrel iron. “Big, bouncy curls show off all the highlights and lowlights beautifully. Finish with a smoothing serum for tons of shine.”

Chestnut roots are an easy way to add depth and make blondes pop. Colorist Kente Bond suggests letting roots grow in slightly before your next highlight session.

“Darker root smudging helps ground blonde hair,” Kente explains. “It creates a high-impact look as the eyes move from dark to light.”

The Art of Caramel Blonde: Linda’s Top Styling Secrets

Celebrity hair guru Linda Gattineri shared her top styling tricks to show off beautiful caramel blonde hair:

Add Texture

  • Use sea salt sprays and texturizing mousses for a beachy, lived-in texture.

Blow Dry With Round Brush

  • Create tons of volume by blowdrying with a large round ceramic brush.

Curl With 1.5″ Barrel Iron

  • Big, soft curls are stunning on caramel blondes. Curl hair in sections.

Smooth With Shine Serums

  • Finish styles with a few pumps of shine serum to reduce frizz.

Use Purple Shampoo

  • Linda recommends “Ogden Phyto” for toning during washes.

“These simple tricks maximize the beautiful dimension in caramel blonde hair!” – Linda Gattineri

Caramel Blonde 101: Tips, Tricks, and Stunning Transformations

If you’re considering transitioning to caramel blonde hair, here’s an overview of everything you need to know:

Consultation – Schedule a consultation to determine your base color, discuss goals, and form a plan. Bring inspirational pics!

Lightening – For dark hair, lightening to the base blonde shade is required. This is done gradually for health.

Toner – Toners cancel unwanted yellows or brassy tones. They come in shades like beige, ash, or violet.

Gloss – A demi-permanent glaze adds shine and refreshes color between full appointments.

Purple Shampoo – Essential for toning and keeping caramel hair brass-free. Use 1-2x per week.

Touch Up – Book appointments every 4-6 weeks for optimal maintenance. Get roots touched up and gloss treatments.

Prime – Protect hair from UV and heat damage with leave-in treatments and thermal protectants.

Home Care – Use professional, sulfate-free hair products to lock in color vibrancy and shine.

When done properly over multiple sessions, the transformation to caramel blonde is gorgeous! Be patient for the full dazzling effect.

Sunkissed Perfection: Caramel Blonde Balayage Ideas

Nothing beats a sun-kissed balayage when it comes to dimensional blonde hair. Balayage involves hand-painting the lightener to create natural-looking highlights and depth. Here are some ways to incorporate caramel tones into a balayage:

  • Ask for beige and golden blonde tones, avoiding platinum.
  • Concentrate the balayage heavily around the face and ends.
  • Keep the roots and mid-lengths darker for contrast.
  • Add lighter baby lights throughout the bottom half of the hair.
  • Opt for a shadow root for extra depth and dimension.
  • Add in chestnut lowlights around the face if desired.

When done with a keen eye, balayage can mimic the effect of the sun’s rays! The result is soft and luminous.

Beige Blonde Harmony: Elevate Your Caramel Brown Hair

For those with darker caramel brown bases, mixing in beige and champagne blonde tones creates an irresistible dimension. The effect flatters both cool and warm complexions.

To achieve this, ask your colorist for a full highlight with beige blonde and pale sand shades. Contrast with lower-level chestnut, chocolate, and espresso brown lowlights throughout.

Keep the roots darker to ground the look. Focus lighter pieces around the face and ends. Mixing saturation levels prevents stripes.

Finish with a gloss in a beige champagne tone. This blends the highlights and adds a glassy shine. The result is beautifully elevated caramel brown hair!

Glossy Elegance: Embracing Light Brown Caramel Hues

For a subtler take, embrace glossy light brown hair with hints of caramel. This adds a soft dimension without a drastic departure from your natural color.

To achieve this, ask your colorist for an all-over single process in a light chestnut brown. Then, paint thin babylights in caramel beige shades throughout the mid-lengths and ends.

The babylights mimic the way the sun naturally lightens hair. Keep them very fine and seamlessly blended – no thicker than a credit card.

Finish with a clear gloss for shine. Use a demi-permanent toner as needed to reduce brassiness in the babylights. The result is a beautifully soft, wearable dimension.

Unveiling Beauty: The Allure of Caramel Blonde Color Melts

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, caramel blonde color melts are stunning. This look involves seamlessly blending and melting together contrasting highlight and lowlight shades.

To achieve the look, lighten your hair to a pale yellow-blonde base. Then apply slices of chocolate or chestnut brown from mid-lengths to ends only.

Use thin strips of foil and alternate placement around the head. Once processed, remove foils and tussle hair so the colors “melt” together.

Tone as needed to reduce brassiness in the blonde. Finish by curling the hair in soft waves and tousling for maximum blend and fusion.

Rooted Effect: Caramel Blonde Highlights on Brunette Hair

For brunettes seeking subtle brightening, caramel blonde highlights rooted in dark hair are perfect. The contrast creates a visual impact while remaining relatively low-maintenance.

Ask your colorist for fine, micro baby lights in caramel beige tones painted throughout the mid-lengths to ends. Keep roots dark and natural.

Focus lighter pieces around the face to brighten and frame your complexion. Avoid any thick chunks of highlight – the babylights should be very fine and seamless.

Touch up the regrowth every 10-12 weeks and refresh the gloss as needed. Enjoy beautifully warm, dimensional locks!

Warm Toffee Infusion: Blonde Hair’s Subtle Switch

For blondes seeking to warm up their color, embrace warm toffee and caramel shades. This adds richness without dramatically changing your base shade.

Ask your colorist for an all-over single process in a warm beige blonde, about 1-2 levels darker than your natural. Then, paint on baby lights and fine highlights in copper and caramel tones.

This adds multidimensional warmth while still allowing your natural base to peek through. Boost shine with a clear gloss. Touch up regrowth as needed.

Dimensional Bliss: Caramel Brown-Blonde Hair Ideas

Mixing complementary brown and blonde shades creates the ultimate in-dimensional hair color. Using caramel tones connects the shades beautifully.

Ask your colorist for an overall shade between medium golden brown and dark blonde. Then, weave in fine slices of lighter caramel blonde baby lights from mid-lengths to ends.

Paint in soft thin slices of chocolate brown lowlights for added depth and contrast. Keep the roots more saturated for grounding and blend seamlessly.

The result is gorgeous multi-tonal locks full of light, depth, and dimension!

Rich Blonde Highlights: Transforming Caramel Brown Locks

To really make caramel brown hair pop, paint on bold yet blended blonde highlights. Concentrating bright pieces around the face illuminates the complexion.

Ask your colorist to hand-paint fine slices of cool platinum blonde starting from mid-lengths down. Weave in some warmer honey and beige blonde pieces throughout to add dimension.

Keep the roots darker for contrast and depth. Blend pieces seamlessly, varying the width and saturation, so highlights look natural.

Finish with a violet-toned gloss to ensure the bright blonde stays icy. The result is gorgeous dimension and added radiance!

Strawberry Blonde Ombre: A Chic Twist on Caramel

For a unique twist, ask your colorist for strawberry-kissed caramel blonde ombre hair. This blends the richness of caramel with vibrant pops of copper and strawberry.

To achieve it, lighten the ends to a pale neutral blonde. Paint a strawberry and light copper blend from mid-length down. Focus the vibrant colors heavily on the ends.

Keep roots a natural dark brown. Tone and gloss as needed to prevent the copper from skewing too orange.

The result is a modern ombre with depth, brightness, and lots of dimension. It’s an edgy twist on classic caramel blonde!

Lowlights Magic: Enhancing White Blonde with Caramel

Already platinum? Add some missing depth with caramel lowlights! Painting in ribbons of golden brown enhances pale hair beautifully.

Ask your colorist for fine slices of caramel, chestnut, and honey-brown lowlights throughout the bottom two-thirds of the hair. Leave roots and ends very light.

Vary lowlight placement and width for a natural look. Blend perfectly to avoid visible lines of demarcation. Finish with a violet gloss to brighten the blonde.

Sandy Blonde Allure: Dark Caramel Balayage Delight

The combination of dark caramel lowlights and the sandy blonde is absolutely dreamy. It’s the perfect grown-out summer balayage!

Ask your colorist to hand-paint thick slices of espresso brown from roots to mid-lengths only. Reserve the ends for warm, golden medium blonde.

Vary the saturation of the dark lowlights to mimic natural grow-out. Tone the blonde pieces as needed. Finish with beachy waves!

Dirty Blonde Chic: Caramel Highlights for Sleek Styles

Dirty blonde hair with buttery caramel babylights is a match made in hair heaven! It’s totally on-trend for sleek blowouts and polished ponytails.

Ask your stylist for an overall dark beige blonde single process, about levels 7-8. Then paint in fine babylights in shades of ivory, cream, and light caramel beige.

Keep the babylights very fine and fully blended – they should be virtually undetectable until the light catches them!

The result is the perfect tone and depth for complementing professional styles and work ensembles. Still dimensional but subtle!

Short and Sweet: Caramel Light Blonde Balayage Ideas

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice dimension! Caramel babylights look gorgeous in short-cropped cuts and bobs.

Ask your stylist for an all-over beige blonde base, about levels 9-10. Then paint on micro fine babylights in shades of pale sand, cream, and light caramel.

Concentrate the brightness around the face and side-swept bangs if applicable. Add lighter pieces throughout the tapered ends.

Flip through photos for tons of inspiration on rocking lighter dimensional colors with short locks! The options are endless.

Auburn Fusion: Caramel and Auburn Blonde Hair Magic

Mixing caramel and auburn tones creates a red-hot dimension! It’s vibrant yet still wearable year-round.

Ask your colorist for an overall light golden copper shade all over, about a level 7. Paint a mix of caramel and strawberry babylights throughout.

Weave in some richer red lowlights starting from mid-lengths down for added drama. Keep roots slightly darker.

Play with the ratio of red to caramel until you find your perfect blend! Finish with loose curls to maximize dimension.

Shiny and Bright: Caramel Bright Blonde Inspirations

If you want to go lighter, look no further than these gorgeous caramel bright blonde ideas! Perfect for the warmer months.

Ask your stylist for an all-over double process to achieve a pale yellow-blonde base, about levels 9-10. Then tone and add in caramel-beige baby lights.

Keep roots and base color light to prevent visible regrowth lines as your hair grows in. Use Olaplex or a bond builder when lightening.

Finish with a violet gloss to ensure the bright base stays cool and shiny. Touch up every 4-6 weeks to maintain.

Cool Blonde Sophistication: Caramel and Cool Blonde Harmony

Violet and beige blonde baby lights infused into cool pale hair is a match made in hair heaven. It’s sophisticated enough for the office but still ultra-glamorous.

To achieve the look, ask your stylist for an overall icy platinum single process if you aren’t already extra light blonde.

Then paint in thin ribbons of caramel, beige, and pale violet blonde starting mid-lengths down. Vary placement and width.

Keep roots icy to avoid visible regrowth. Finish with a violet toner gloss to intensify the cool tones.

Icy Blonde Radiance: Elevate Caramel with Highlights

Why choose between ultra-light and caramel hair? You can have the best of both worlds by blending them together!

Ask your colorist for a double process to achieve pale icy blonde. Then paint in babylights and fine highlights in beige, violet, and ash blonde.

Concentrate brightness around the face and ends. Customize the ratio of warmth (caramel) to cool (ash) that flatters skin tone.

Use Olaplex or a bond-builder when lightening. Finish with curls or waves to maximize shine, depth, and dimension!

Platinum Perfection: Dazzling Caramel Blonde Elegance

Caramel ribbons blended into platinum hair create showstopping dimension and light reflection. It’s worthy of the red carpet!

To achieve it, start with an all-over ultra-light double process to level 10 pale blonde. Paint on hand-placed baby lights in caramel, beige and pale gold.

Vary placement and saturation – some fine slices, some wider ribbons. Concentrate most around mid-lengths to ends.

Finish with loose tousled curls and a smoothing serum. Prepare to wow everyone with your dazzling caramel dimension!

Ash Blonde Infusion: Dark Brown Hair’s Caramel Twist

For dark brunettes seeking a bold yet low-maintenance change, ash blonde ends infused with caramel babylights are stunning and on-trend!

It’s perfect for creating an ombre effect and brightening up your look considerably while still feeling natural. Ask your colorist to:

  • Leave roots and mid-lengths dark brown
  • Lighten ends to pale ash-blonde
  • Paint caramel-beige baby lights throughout the blonde
  • Feather for a seamless blend of shades
  • Finish with loose waves

Embrace Radiance with Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Dive into the enchanting world of beauty trends with the timeless allure of caramel blonde hair color. Blonde shades have transcended into a realm of sophistication and versatility, making hair transformation an exciting journey. From Hollywood celebrities’ hair to trendy hairstyles, caramel tones with warm undertones have become the epitome of stylish looks. Explore the latest hair color techniques and styling trends, as this article unravels the diverse variations and shades within the caramel and blonde spectrum.

Discover styling tips, haircare routines, and product recommendations to maintain your stylish hair with a glossy finish. From dimensional hair coloring to sun-kissed balayage effects, this comprehensive guide covers it all. Keep your hair in vogue with expert stylist advice, embracing the warmth of caramel highlights for different skin tones. Indulge in the beauty of creamy blonde balayage or rich blonde highlights, and let your hair become a canvas of fashion-forward expression.

Elevate Elegance with Caramel Blonde Balayage

Immerse yourself in the world of beauty trends as we explore the captivating allure of caramel blonde balayage. This exquisite hair transformation technique blends blonde shades seamlessly, creating a stunning, sun-kissed effect. Discover styling tips and the latest hair color techniques to embrace the beauty of caramel tones with warm undertones. From Hollywood celebrities’ hair to trendy hairstyles, caramel blonde balayage offers a stylish look that is both timeless and chic.

Navigate through the spectrum of hair shade variations and explore the versatility of this fashionable hair trend. Dive into the gloss treatment benefits and haircare routines that keep your balayage looking fresh and vibrant. Whether you prefer dimensional hair coloring or rich blonde highlights, caramel blonde balayage is the epitome of stylish hair that adds a touch of glamour to your overall look.

Radiant Sophistication: Caramel Blonde Highlights

Step into the realm of beauty trends with the timeless charm of caramel blonde highlights. This hair transformation technique seamlessly blends blonde shades, adding depth and warmth to your locks. From Hollywood celebrities’ hair to the latest trendy hairstyles, caramel blonde highlights are the epitome of stylish looks with their warm undertones.

Explore the spectrum of hair shade variations and discover styling tips that enhance the fashionable allure of this captivating trend. From glossy light brown hues to warm toffee shades, indulge in the versatility of caramel tones. Uncover the latest hair color techniques and haircare routines to maintain the vibrancy of your stylish hair. Whether you’re into dimensional hair coloring or rich blonde highlights, caramel blonde highlights promise a chic and sophisticated appearance, making them a must-try for those seeking a touch of glamour in their hair.

Unveiling Elegance: Caramel Blonde Hair Dye

Embark on a journey of hair transformation with the enchanting allure of caramel blonde hair dye. This beauty trend seamlessly blends blonde shades, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to your locks. Whether you’re exploring trendy hairstyles or seeking inspiration from celebrities’ hair, caramel blonde hair dye offers a stylish look with its warm undertones.

Dive into the diverse world of hair shade variations and discover styling tips that enhance the fashionable appeal of this captivating trend. From glossy light brown hues to warm toffee tones, embrace the versatility of caramel tones for a chic and modern aesthetic. Stay updated on the latest hair color techniques and incorporate effective haircare routines to maintain the vibrancy of your stylish hair. Caramel blonde hair dye is not just a color; it’s a statement, promising a radiant and stylish transformation that reflects your unique personality.


Caramel blonde hair is truly having a moment in 2023. With countless stunning shades and styles to try, from glossy subtle dimension to bold ombres, there are options for everyone.

Work with a talented colorist to determine your perfect ratio of warmth to cool tones. Invest in professional products to keep brassiness at bay and color looking vibrant. Amp up shine with regular gloss treatments.

No matter your base color or complexion, caramel blonde can be customized to be ultra-flattering. Embrace this luxurious dimensional hair trend and enjoy turning heads with your fresh sundrenched color!

Frequently Asked Questions About Caramel Blonde Hair

What color is caramel blonde?

Caramel blonde is not one single shade, but instead a combination of warm golden brown, beige, and yellow blonde tones blended together. It can range from pale buttery shades to deep chestnut with golden highlights.

Is honey blonde the same as caramel blonde?

Not quite! Honey and caramel blondes are similar but slightly different. Honey blonde has warmer amber and honey-gold tones. Caramel adds in more ashy beige and neutral blonde tones for depth. But they can overlap!

What is a honey blonde?

Honey blonde is a golden shade with warm amber, honey, and copper tones blended throughout. It flatters warm complexions beautifully. The richness keeps it from appearing brassy.

What is butterscotch blonde hair?

Butterscotch blonde is one variation within the caramel color family. It is a lighter shade of blonde with strong warm, buttery undertones. Think the color of butterscotch candy!

How do you achieve caramel blonde?

The gradual process starts with lightening from your natural base using bleach or highlift color. For darker hair, several sessions are needed to reach the pale underlying pigment.

Then, toners are applied to cancel brassiness and achieve the desired caramel tones. Finally, dimensional highlights and lowlights in beige, violet, ash, and golden shades are hand-painted throughout for texture and depth.

Regular toning glosses keep caramel hair vibrant and fresh between appointments. Use bonding treatments and purple shampoo at home.

What is the best toner for caramel blonde?

  • Beige blondes: Dove, wheat, or sand colored toners
  • Ashy caramels: Violet or blue-based toners
  • Warm caramels: Gold or copper-based toners

Choose a toner 1-2 levels lighter than your base to neutralize brassy overtones. Customize to your specific mix of shades.

How do you fix orange roots on blonde hair?

First, determine whether it’s just brassiness or if the dark roots have actually been lightened. If it’s just brassiness, try removing buildup and toning with purple shampoo.

If hair is orange from being bleached, you’ll need to re-lighten to pale yellow and tone with a violet toner to cancel the orange and even out with the ends.

How often do you need to get caramel blonde hair touched up?

About every 4-6 weeks. Get roots touched up, gloss treatments, and toning done to keep caramel hair looking fresh. Time varies based on how quickly your color grows out.

Book regular appointments for maintenance. And use professional shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to retain vibrancy and shine in between visits. With proper care, caramel blonde is easy to maintain.

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