Baddie Edges Hairstyles: The Hottest Hair Trend for 2023

What are Baddie Edges Hairstyles?

‘baddie edges hairstyles’ is a trending hairstyle consisting of stylishly laid baby hairs along the hairline and temples. It creates a neat, defined edge around the perimeter of the hairstyle that complements and enhances looks ranging from sleek updos to flowing waves. Baddie edges add flair and personality to any hairstyle.

The term ‘baddie’ comes from urban slang meaning an attractively styled, confident, edgy woman. Baddie edges embody that attitude with their sharp, striking shapes molded into place with gel or other edge control products. When rocking baddie edges, people make a statement that they are bold and not afraid to turn heads.

The Origins of Baddie Edges

Baddie edges originated in Black culture, specifically in southern states like Atlanta where the hip hop scene thrives. Artists like Lil Baby, Mulatto and Cardi B popularized the look that eventually caught on nationwide. It arose from creative self-expression and taking pride in styling beautiful, unique baby hairs.

Now baddie edges are blowing up online and influencing hair trends internationally. People are discovering just how versatile and customizable the edges can be styled. Let’s look closer at some of the most popular modern baddie edge styles and how to achieve them.

Key Styles and Shapes

There are endless creative ways to shape baddie edges, but some styles stand out right now as favorites. Here are 5 of the most popular baddie edge designs:

Swoops: Swooped edges curve in semicircle shapes across the temples and forehead. They create symmetry and balance with the face.

Waves: Wavy baddie edges have an undulating, fluid shape that mirrors ocean waves. They bring a playful, effortless vibe.

Points and Tabs: Pointed and tabbed edges have sharply defined peaks extending from the hairline. They make a statement with their eye-catching geometry.

Lines and Braids: Straight lines or micro braided edges align neatly along parts of the hairline for a polished, orderly aesthetic.

Hearts and Shapes: Fun shaped edges like hearts, stars or diamonds turn heads with their novelty and artistic style.

The most popular edge styles tend to involve some combination of curves, points, symmetry and creative flair. People also mix and match elements from different designs to create their own signature baddie edges.

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How to Do Baddie Edges – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Achieving flawless baddie edges is an artform that develops with practice over time. But following some key tips will help perfect the technique faster. Here is a step-by-step guide to laying your edges like a pro:

What You Need

  • Quality edge control gel or styling pomade
  • Edge brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair setting scarf or durag
  • Small handheld mirror

| Item | Recommended Product/Tool |
| Edge Control Gel | Got2B Glued Gel or Styling Pomade |
| Edge Brush | Fine and Soft Hairstyling Brush |
| Durag/Scarf | Breathable, Secure Fit |
| Hand Mirror | For Viewing Edges & Back of Head |

Step 1: Prep the Hair

Make sure the bulk of your hairstyle is styled and prepared how you will be wearing it. Any loose hairs around the forehead and temples should be smoothed back with the wide-tooth comb.

Step 2: Apply Gel

Scoop a generous dollop of edge control gel onto your edge brush and spread it evenly across the bristles.

Pro Tip: Angle the brush at 45 degrees when applying gel for best control.

Step 3: Shape the Edges

Starting at the front edge of your hairline, use the edge brush to sweep the gel along baby hairs in your desired shape. Follow the template you envision, gently molding the edge with the brush into the signature swoop, wave or point of your choice.

Continue shaping around your temples and edge of your hairline. Use the handheld mirror periodically to check the back and sides. The edge brush makes it easy to add crisp lines, curves and designs.

Step 4: Set the Style

Once the edges are laid to your liking, use the scarf or durag to carefully tie down your hair without disturbing the edges. Let them fully set and dry for at least 10 minutes. The gel will harden to hold the edges in place all day.

Step 5: Finesse & Finish

Remove the scarf/durag and use the edge brush to perfect and finesse the edges, retouching any out-of-place areas. Set the baby hairs behind the edges with light gel if needed. Finish with a hair spray for extra hold and shine. Then confidently rock your flawless baddie edges!

It may take some trial and error to master baddie edges. But take your time practicing and soon you’ll have enviable hair artistry.

Top Baddie Edges Styling Tips & Tricks

  • Use quality gel: Try different gels to discover which gives your edges the most control and longevity. Got2B Glued Gel and Murray’s Styling Pomade work exceptionally well.
  • Work in sections: Section off the edges in quadrants between clips. Style one area at a time for better precision.
  • Soften hard lines: If a line looks too harsh, soften by ‘cutting’ perpendicular lines into it with the tail end of your brush.
  • Brush different directions: Brush baby hairs towards and away from your face to see which direction styles the best edges.
  • Let it dry: Give your edges 10-15 minutes to fully set before styling the rest of your hair. Rushing can ruin the edges shape before it hardens.
  • Check with mirrors: Look at your edges from all angles in handheld and stand back mirrors to ensure even shaping.
  • Secure at night: Tie your hair down carefully at night so you wake up fresh to edges as crisp as day one!

The Best Baddie Edge Styles for Your Face Shape

An important factor when styling baddie edges is choosing shapes that balance and complement your facial structure:

Heart Face Shapes

With a wide forehead and cheekbones that taper down to a narrow chin, heart shaped faces look beautiful with bangs, waves or swoops that add angles along the hairline and draw attention downward. Softer curved edges help offset sharp chin points.

| Face Shape | Suitable Hairstyles |
| Heart Shaped Face | Soft Curved Edges, Swoops |

Round Face Shapes

To give the illusion of length and balance fullness, round faces suit edges with vertical lines drawn up at the temples. Side swoops that sweep up and back also offset roundness. Avoid short straight edges that widen and horizontal waves that make the face appear wider.

| Face Shape | Suitable Hairstyles |
| Round Face Shape | Vertical Lines, Side Swoops Up & Back |

Oval Face Shapes

The oval’s natural symmetry allows you to get creative with edgy geometry! This shape rocks sharp points, tabs, and designs with striking lines at different angles. Play with asymmetry and patterns that draw attention.

| Face Shape | Suitable Hairstyles |
| Oval Face Shape | Sharp Points, Asymmetry, Lines at Angles |

Square Face Shapes

Soft, rounded edges offset the strong jawline of square faces for beautiful contrast. Curved waves, curls bangs and swoops balance the straight structure. Baby hairs fanning diagonally back look amazing too.

| Face Shape | Suitable Hairstyles |
| Square Face Shape | Curves, Waves, Swoops, Baby Hairs Back |

Diamond Face Shapes

Like oval faces, the balanced proportions of diamond shaped faces allow you to experiment with all types of edges. Emphasize your gorgeous bone structure with striking points and shapes. A centered wave, hearts or pattern makes a bold, beautiful statement.

| Face Shape | Suitable Hairstyles |
| Diamond Face Shape | Points, Shapes, Centers Patterns |

Play around with different edges shapes to see which you think accentuates your facial features best. The most important tip is to have fun and express yourself!

Baddie Edge Styles for All Hair Lengths & Textures

While initially popularized on short to medium length styles, baddie edges look incredibly chic on all hair lengths when styled correctly. The keys are using adequate gel to control flyaways and brushing textures smooth for seamless blending.

Short Hair Baddie Edges

Pixies, bobs, lobs and other short cuts make the perfect canvas for creating eye-catching edges. Use a stronger holding gel and concentrate product along the hairline to mold baby hairs in place. Brush shorter layer flyaways back tightly.

Medium Hair Baddie Edges

Shoulder length and longer bob length hair retain just enough weight to make edges look flouncy yet defined. Swoops and waves stay put beautifully with medium styles. Focus gel on slicking back baby hairs behind the edges.

Long Hair Baddie Edges

Don’t underestimate the drama ultra long tresses can create when contrasted with a sculpted edge! Use duckbill clips to section off edges when styling. Secure remaining hair tightly in an updo or high ponytail behind the edges.

Curly Hair Baddie Edges

Defined curls and coils Gain new dimension with pretty baddie edges. Use a wide-tooth comb and liberal gel to smooth curly baby hairs along the hairline to flap down or sculpt into place. Let set before releasing curls.

Straight Hair Baddie Edges

It’s easy to create crisp lines and symmetry with straight, silky hair. Use precision edge brushes and ample gel to train baby hairs to lie neatly. Revisit flyaways with gel and cold water for immaculate styles.

How to Maintain Baddie Edges

Baddie edges serve serious style when you first create them. But maintaining that flawlessness day to day and night to night takes some care. Here are tips for preserving perfect edges:

  • Re-tie hair down with a silk scarf or soft bonnet before bed so edges don’t frizz up overnight.
  • Carry mini gel tubes for quick touch-ups. Reactivate gel in messy spots with water from a spray bottle. guide flyaways back in place with a toothbrush.
  • Invest in a satin-lined hood hair dryer. The gentler heat prevents over-drying, while the satin preserves moisture to keep edges sleek.
  • At least once a week, shampoo out product buildup that causes flaking or dullness along the hairline. Re-define edges after washing hair.
  • Massage hair-healthy oils like argan, coconut and olive oil along the edges when they need nourishing TLC between styling. The moisture boost reduces breakage so edges stay strong and fabulous!

Express Yourself: Fun Design Ideas for Creative Baddie Edges

Once you perfect the basics of swoops, waves and precise lines, it’s fun to get creative exploring unique edge shapes. Here are artistic ideas to inspire your inner hair stylist:

  • Geometric patterns like connected lines, circles or triangles
  • Symbols like stars, hearts, dollar signs or initials
  • Florals and vines with pretty curved stems and flower buds
  • Quirky shapes like butterflies, clouds, lightning bolts or bows
  • Food designs like slices of pizza, cakes, candy or ice cream cones
  • Holiday themes like Christmas trees, dreidels, fireworks or hearts for Valentine’s
  • Letters that spell out words like “Baddie”, “Diva” or “Yasss!”

Adding colorful accessories takes edgy edges to exciting new levels. Adhere cute rhinestones with lash glue, or glitter shapes and metallic dust with hairspray for an eye-catching flash.

Unleash your creative talents and transform basic edges into a unique hair masterpiece!

Baddie Edge Hairstyle Inspiration from Celebrities

Many celebrities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B inspire hair trendsetters by fearlessly rocking unique takes on baddie edges. Here are some gorgeous celeb edge styles to admire and emulate:


No stranger to bold style choices, Rihanna constantly surprises with innovatively shaped edges and baby hairs. She rocks straight edges, dramatic side swoops, frenchie bangs and intricate floral vines drawn into her hairline with equal edge and confidence.

Nicki Minaj

The Queen of Rap reinvents her hair almost as much as she does her music style, Always on the cutting edge, Nicki sports latest edge trends like perfect waves, sharp points and blunt side tabs with trend-setting flair.

Cardi B

With an attitude as big as her talent, Cardi B pairs fabulous edges with even more fabulous outfits. She favors softer swoops and sculpts her naturally curly baby hairs into place for maximum density along the hairline.

Yung Miami

This City Girl serves curves, confidence and edges for days. Her signature sharp sideburns swoop into blunt fringe bangs accented by heart and curved designs. The striking symmetry balances her soft wavy bob.

LaLa Anthony

Called the “Edge Queen” this media star and entrepreneur rocks a range of edge styles with expertise. Favoring precision baby hairs sculpted into place, her go-to looks feature recurring flames, stars and initials designs.

Marlo Hampton

A fan fave on Real Housewives of Atlanta Marlo stays rocking flawless edges to accent her over-the-top fashions. She likes defined sideburn swoops melting in soft waves across her forehead for gorgeous face-framing shape.

As these stars demonstrate, creativity and attitude are key when sporting baddie edges! Let famous hair inspiration spur you to develop your own signature edge style.


Baddie edges represent far more than just a passing hair trend. This technique symbolizes creative expression, embracing natural textures, and honoring the roots of an innovative style birthed from Black culture.

Flawlessly laying your edges takes some practice, but the payoff is achieving standout hair artistry that infuses your look with attitude and confidence. Experiment, get innovative with shapes and accessories, and make edged styles uniquely your own.

When you look good, you feel amazing from head to toe! So grab your edge control and brush to start sleeking and defining. Get ready to let those sublime baby hairs become your next big hair obsession – and earn your ‘baddie’ beauty status in the process!

Frequently Asked Questions About Baddie Edge Hairstyles

What quality of edge gel is best for baddie edges?

The edge control gel formula that will best sculpt, define and make your baddie edges hold all day depends on your hair texture and preferred finish. Got2b Glued Spiking Gel works exceptionally with all textures and provides a firm, lasting hold for precision edges. For softer textures and shine, Murray’s Edgewax gives a strong yet flexible edge with high shine. Those are the top recommended gels for quality baddie edges.

How long do baddie edges normally last?

Baddie edges can last up to 1-2 weeks when properly styled and maintained! The key is using a quality gel like Got2b glue gel to sculpt the edges and allow adequate drying time for the gel to fully harden to a lasting hold. Sleep with satin protection at night, touch up edges as needed with reactivating gel with water, and avoid washing hair for at least 5 days to maximize the lifespan of your flawless edges.

What’s the best edge brush for styling baddie edges?

Premium edge brushes like Blueberry Bliss make sculpting edges much easier. Look for a brush with soft yet firm medium bristles in a tapered oval edge design. The taper concentrates control for precision lines while the soft bristle flexibility allows swoops and waves. The small oval shaped edge brush tip navigates around the hairline better than standard brushes. Invest in a quality edge brush and achieving perfect edges gets much simpler!

How do you fix baddie edges that won’t stay down?

The trick to fixing stubborn edges with minds of their own lies in rewetting, re-brushing, and re-setting the area properly. First, lightly mist water over the loose edges to reactivate the gel and make hairs pliable. Next, smooth additional gel over the edges with an edge brush, neatly re-directing hairs back into shape. Finally, set the edges again by smoothing a scarf or silk bonnet over them for at least 10 minutes to fully harden the gel. The moisture and added gel resets the bond for edges that stay put!

Which product is better for baddie edges: gel or pomade?

Gel and pomade have slight differences that influence their edge control quality. Gel provides a harder hold necessary for precision lines and sharper points. The firm dryness helps styles like swoops and waves hold their shape all day too. Pomade lacks the same concrete-strength hold but offers more flexibility and shine. So gel beats pomade for sharply defined edges,

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