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Glenn Close’s Most Iconic Hairstyles

glenn close hairstyles has dazzled audiences on the stage and screen for decades with her immense acting talent. Along with her brilliant dramatic skills, the eight-time Academy Award nominee also stands out for her fabulous hairstyles over the years. From her early days rocking vintage waves to glamorous updos on the red carpet, Close’s mane has almost been as influential as her acting. Let’s look back on some of Glenn Close’s most memorable hairstyles from her lengthy career.

Classic Hollywood Waves

Some of Glenn Close’s earliest roles had her channeling retro Hollywood glamour. For 80s films like The World According to Garp and The Big Chill, Close often wore her hair in voluminous, shiny waves reminiscent of starlets from cinema’s Golden Age. Her signature blonde shade helped complete the vintage look. These playful, romantic curls helped establish Close as a leading lady.

Short Curly Shag

Never afraid to take risks, Glenn Close sported a very short, curly shag cut in the 1988 drama Dangerous Liaisons. This daring, tousled style showed off Close’s versatility as a performer. The textured crop also showcased her striking facial features beautifully. The unconventional style demonstrated that Close was an edgy actress, unwilling to be pigeonholed into typical leading lady roles.

Elegant Updos

Over the years, Glenn has mastered the art of elegant updos for high-profile red carpet events. At the 1995 premiere of The Paper, she swept her golden locks into a chic chignon letting wispy bangs frame her face. At the 2017 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, she stunned in a intricate low bun with braided accents. Glenn continues to wow with regal, sophisticated upstyling that provides hair inspiration for mature women everywhere.

Short Crop with Full Bangs

Proving she can pull off just about any cut, Glenn Close’s hairstyle for the 2019 film The Wife featured a short choppy bob with thick straight-across bangs. This graphic, mod style showed off the actress’ striking bone structure. Close looked modern and fresh in the sleek crop. The cut exhibited her daring fashion sense.

Feathered Layers

No stranger to layers, Glenn embraced feathered, shoulder-length locks in the 2005 drama The Chumscrubber. The dimensional shape with lots of layering added movement and frame her face beautifully. Ever youthful, Close carried off the casual, flirty cut with ease. Fans who had followed her career were delighted to see the star try a look with a bit more volume and flow.

Sleek Updo with Bangs

At the 2011 New York premiere of Albert Nobbs, for which she received an Oscar nomination, Glenn was the epitome of elegance in a sleek updo. This style showed off her lovely cheekbones by pairing the updo with thick blunt bangs. The spot-on styling matched the understated grace and dignity Close brought to the nuanced role she portrayed.

Short Pixie

Glenn Close has rocked a few very short pixie cuts over the decades. This tightly cropped length allows her striking eyes and cheekbones to really stand out. At the 2022 Academy Awards, she arrived with a softly swept back silver pixie. The minimalist style highlighted her natural beauty while perfectly suiting her face shape. Close glows when flaunting short hair.

Half Up/Half Down Curls

Another go-to red carpet look for Glenn Close entails leaving hair down in loose curls with the top section pulled back. This half up style provides a casually elegant vibe. It also shows off her gorgeous smile. Styling her signature blonde shade with lots of volume and body gives a romantic, lively effect. Half up looks are a great option for Glenn’s oval face shape.

Medium Length with Bangs

Shoulder-length hair with full bangs has been a common look for Close throughout her career. This medium length is versatile enough to style sleek and straight or in soft waves. The full bangs nicely complement Close’s strong brow. Keeping the overall style minimal allows her natural beauty to shine through. It’s no surprise this has been a frequent favorite.

Elaborate Braided Updos

Glenn has never shied away from intricate, ornamental hairstyles for fancy events. She often wears braided updos with woven elements, height, twists, and regal details. These sculptural styles show off her willingness to be far from boring. For the 2019 Golden Globes, she perfectly balanced an elegant braided updo with statement earrings. Close clearly knows how to coordinate her tresses with fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glenn Close Hairstyles

What is Glenn Close’s natural hair color?

Close’s natural hair color is light brown. She started coloring it blonde early in her career and has famously rocked platinum and golden blonde shades ever since.

What hair products does Glenn Close use?

Glenn Close works with top Hollywood hairstylists who use professional salon brands. She likely uses premium lines like Oribe for styling red carpet looks.

Does Glenn Close do her own hair?

For major televised events, Close has her hair professionally styled to achieve flawless looks. On casual occasions, she may style her own hair in more laidback sets.

What face shape does Glenn Close have?

With a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and strong jawline, Glenn Close has an oval face shape. This versatile shape suits both short and longer styles.

Does Glenn Close wear wigs?

She has never publicly stated wearing wigs. However, wigs are common among celebrities when filming frequent style changes. Her various hairstyles over the decades may occasionally involve high-quality wigs.

Does Glenn Close have thin or thick hair?

Close appears to have fine to medium density hair based on her styles over the years. Her hair has a smooth, silky texture when worn straight.

How does Glenn Close keep her hair healthy?

Using Olaplex and being careful not to over-wash or use excessive heat helps Close maintain shiny, strong hair as she ages. Her hairstylists provide professional conditioning treatments as well.

What is Glenn Close’s best hairstyle?

With her oval face shape, Close looks fabulous in medium to short length cuts like lobs and bobs, ideally styled with some light bangs or face-framing layers.

What hair lessons can we learn from Glenn Close?

Close shows how adaptable hairstyles can reflect our changing moods and roles in life. She experiments often for fashion and films. Focusing on healthy hair enables versatility.


From her 1930s starlet waves to chic updos and modern pixie cuts, Glenn Close Hairstyles impressive mane has enhanced her legendary performances for years. She shows older women how style has no age limit. Close makes bold choices but always suits her glamorous hairstyles to complement her oval face shape. With an eye for elegance and a willingness to take risks, Close’s hair astounds as much as her unforgettable characters. She provides endless inspiration for timelessly beautiful hairstyles.

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