Natural Hairstyles with Shaved Sides : Confidence Unleashed Rocking the Latest Trends in 2024

Natural Hairstyles with Shaved Sides: Trendy Looks to Try


Natural hairstyles with shaved sides is beautiful in its pure, authentic state. But you can enhance your natural curls, coils or kinks with stylish accents like a shaved side design. Combining short cropped sides with voluminous hair on top creates a cool, edgy look.

This guide will explore popular natural hairstyles featuring shaved sides. You’ll learn how to choose the right tapered shape for your face, care for two different hair lengths, and rock your natural texture with confidence. Go for geometric lightning bolt designs, pretty curls, or undercut fades. The options are endless!

Dive in to get inspired to try natural hairstyles with shaved sides and make a bold statement.

Naturally Tapered Short Cuts with Lightning Bolt Designs

One trendy way to shave the sides is by carving line designs into a tapered cut. This adds artistic flair to any natural hair texture. Lightning bolts are a cool graphic to request.

Key Steps for Cutting Lightning Bolt Designs:

  • Start with a tight fade or taper on the sides/back leading up to longer hair on top.
  • Use clippers without guard to shave lines into fade area.
  • Cut or carve out a lightning bolt shape, keeping lines clean.
  • Customize shape – jagged or sleek, thin or wide, single or multi-bolts.
  • Keep precision line designs fresh by re-shaving every 2-4 weeks.

Benefits of Lightning Bolt Cut Designs:

  • Make a bold artistic statement without using color.
  • Complement natural coils, curls, waves, etc. on top.
  • Draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Emphasize fun, youthful and expressive personal style.
  • Let your creative imagination run wild!

See how to incorporate this idea into different natural hair types in the styles below.

Short Coily Hair with Lightning Bolts

Tight spirals and curls look amazing with carved line designs. Keep hair cropped short on top to show off the cool shape. Use defining products to add sheen and bounce.

Wavy Hair with Lightning Bolts

Loose tousled waves gain an edge with shaved accents. Finger style waves with mousse or gel for movement. Keep length slightly longer to achieve carefree volume.

Curly Afro with Lightning Bolts

A short rounded afro is the perfect canvas for graphic side accents. Embrace the volume of your natural texture for a dynamic duo-toned style.

Gorgeous Natural Tight Curls

For a soft and feminine vibe, maintain longer tight ringlets on top with undercut sides. This allows your pretty corkscrew curls to take center stage.

How to Style Long Curly Hair with Shaved Sides:

  • Get an undercut or tapered sides and back. Leave at least 3 inches of length on top.
  • Wash and condition curls. Do not vigorously rub hair when drying.
  • Apply curl cream and/or mousse. Brush through gently with wide-tooth comb.
  • Diffuse dry hair upside down to boost volume.
  • Arrange curls gently using a finger coiling method. Do not disturb pattern.
  • Finish with anti-frizz serum and light hold hairspray.

Tips for Defining and Protecting Curls:

  • Hydrate hair regularly with moisturizing masks or oils.
  • Use a microfiber towel or old t-shirt to dry hair to prevent frizz.
  • Satin pillowcases prevent tangles and knots overnight.
  • Trim 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch every 8-12 weeks to remove splits.
  • Avoid heat styling and over manipulating curls to limit damage.

When treated gently, your natural ringlets will thrive styled with short sides!

Flattering Taper Fades for Natural Curls

A clean taper fade blends beautifully with a head of bouncy curls. This short cut lightens up thick or dense hair textures.

Ask your stylist for:

  • High taper fade cut very close on sides/neck. Leave length up top.
  • Square off hairline at temples for a sharp finish.
  • Rounded shape at nape of neck.
  • Scissor cut layers on top as desired for shape.

Good Candidates for Taper Fades:

  • Type 3B–3C curls – defined spirals with thickness
  • Medium to coarse strand sizes
  • Oval, round or heart shaped faces (softens angles)
  • Short to medium length ringlets

Styling Tips:

  • Apply curl cream then use diffuser attachment to dry.
  • Finger coil any pieces that need redefining.
  • Finish with light gel or mousse for frizz-free hold.
  • For sleeker look, brush top layer back.

This versatile faded cut flatters all face shapes and curl patterns!

FAQs about Styling and Caring for natural hairstyles with shaved sides

What is the hairstyle with shaved sides called?

Some common names for shaved sides hairstyles include:

  • Taper fade or low fade cut
  • Undercut
  • Fade with line designs or graphics
  • Two-toned hairstyle
  • Disconnected cut
  • Partially shaved hairstyle
  • Half-head shave

Describe the specific taper shape, line designs, disconnect, and length contrast you want to your stylist.

How often should you get shaved sides touched up?

To keep side designs looking crisp, get them re-shaved every 2-4 weeks. Book frequent barber visits to maintain the contrast between your short fade and longer sections. Let the shaved portion grow out just 1-2 weeks max before a trim.

What natural hairstyles work well with shaved sides?

Shaved sides pair beautifully with:

  • Short afros
  • Tight curls and ringlets
  • Coily hair
  • Voluminous waves
  • Long defined spirals
  • Frohawks
  • Curly faux hawks
  • Blunt bobs or lob cuts

Talk to your stylist about which natural texture will best complement the look you want.

How do you style natural hair with an undercut?

Focus styling efforts on the longer top layers. Define curls and enhance volume with:

  • Curl cream, mousse or gel
  • Finger coiling
  • Diffusing upside down
  • Setting in twists or Bantu knots

Styling the top, rather than the short sides, makes the contrast pop.

Should you shave natural hair dry or wet?

Always cut or shave hair while it’s dry. Wet hair appears longer and can trick the stylist into taking off more length than desired. Cutting hair dry avoids shrinkage surprises!

How do you sleep on natural hairstyles with shaved sides?

To keep your curls looking fabulous, always tie hair up before bed.

  • For short cuts, tie a scarf around sides to protect the line designs.
  • For longer hair, pin curls up into a loose twist or pineapple at crown.
  • Use a satin cap or bonnet to prevent tangles and frizz.
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase to minimize friction.

What products nourish natural hairstyles with shaved sides?

Use moisturizing products free of sulfates, parabens, silicones and mineral oils. Look for:

  • Leave-in conditioners and curl creams
  • Botanical oils like coconut, olive, jojoba
  • Smoothing gels without crunch
  • Deep conditioner masks
  • Hydrating sprays and milks

Avoid heavy butters or creams that weigh hair down.

How often should you trim natural hairstyles with shaved sides?

Trim longer top sections every 8-12 weeks to maintain style and remove split ends. See your stylist for a quick fade refresh 2-4 weeks for the shaved sides as needed. Avoid over trimming.

Is it better to shave sides wet or dry for curly hair?

Always cut or shave curly hair in its natural dry state. Wet curls appear stretched out and can be cut too short. Cutting hair dry avoids surprises and maintains the true length.

What guards work best for cutting shaved sides on natural hairstyles with shaved sides?

Try these clipper guards for tapering faded sides:

  • No guard closed for skin fade
  • No. 1 guard for slight stubble
  • No. 2 guard for super short buzz
  • Longer guards like 3-4 only at upper sideburns

Discuss options for custom tapering with your stylist.


Natural hairstyles with shaved sides offer the best of both worlds – short sides to show off your face shape plus longer pretty curls on top. This mashup allows you to unleash your creative side through taper fades, line designs, undercuts and Disconnected cuts.

The contrast looks edgy and artsy. Embrace your beautiful natural texture with volume on top, length in the back, and cropped sides. Update your look by re-shaving sides frequently to keep lines crisp.

Now you have the info and inspiration to request trendy natural hairstyles featuring shaved sides. Make a bold statement and show off your curls, coils or waves with confidence. This guide equips you with everything needed to choose the right taper cuts and care for contrasting hair lengths. Show off your natural beauty with short sides and gorgeous spirals, ringlets or kinks on top!

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