Bold and Beautiful: Embrace Confidence with Shaved Sides Black Hairstyles! 2024

Exploring Trendy Shaved Sides Black Hairstyles


shaved sides black hairstyles have become an edgy styling detail that’s increasingly popular for black hairstyles. Combining short or shaved sides with longer hair on top creates dynamic contrast. This partially undercut style makes a modern statement while allowing natural hair texture to take center stage up top.

In this article, we’ll break down the unique aesthetic achieved by shaved sides black hairstyles of black hair. We’ll cover how to get the look, flattering variations, styling ideas, upkeep, and frequently asked questions about rocking shaved sides. Read on for tips on embracing this eye-catching trend that spotlights beautiful black hair texture.

Benefits of Shaving the Sides

  • Creates bold contrast between the hair lengths
  • Allows curls on top to pop with volume
  • Keeps hair off the neck for comfort and airflow
  • Ensures sleek, clean lines along the hairline
  • The edgy style makes a fashion-forward statement
  • Options for creative styling by sectioning the lengths
  • Low maintenance compared to one overall long length

Shaving Techniques to Try


Use hair clippers without guard attachments to shave the sides down to the skin. Go slow and follow the natural growth pattern.

Razor Shave

For ultra-close shaving, use a men’s razor to manually shave the sides smoothly. Apply shaving cream first to avoid nicks.


Ask your barber for a “bald fade” where the sides are tapered from skin at the bottom to stubble up top. This blends the lengths together.


Cut the shaved section into unique lines, curves, or geometric angles. Get creative shaping the negative space of the undercut section.

Length Considerations

Top LengthDescription
ShortHair on top tapered to a cropped pixie or finger-wave style just a few inches long.
MediumTop hair falls to the jawline or chin for a longer bob length.
LongHair on top extends past the shoulders to make a major length contrast against the shaved sides.

The amount of disparity between the shaved sides and longer top is up to you. Keep things subtle with just a few inches difference, or go dramatic with extra long hair on top.

Styling Shaved Sides Black Hairstyles


Let your natural texture shine by allowing curls on top to dry naturally into an Afro or wash-and-go style.

Braids and Twists

Cornrows, flat twists and braids on top contain the volume beautifully while the shaved sides stay sleek.

Part Styling

Defined side or zig-zag parts create geometric lines between the lengths. Middle parts also spotlight the shaved effect.


Scarves, headwraps and hair jewelry adorn the longer hair on top for extra allure.


Buns, knots and chignons on top balance the shaved portion with intricate styled texture.

Have fun playing with parts, accessories, textures and updos to switch up your look.

Maintenance Tips

  • Shave sides weekly to maintain the contrast against longer sections
  • Use moisturizing shave cream and gentle razor strokes to avoid bumps
  • When growing out, use short styles like braids on top to blend lengths
  • Apply oil along partings to keep hair laid neatly and avoid drying
  • Protect edges when styling hair on top to prevent breakage

Proper upkeep prevents irritation along the shaved section and keeps the defined style looking its best.

Pros and Cons of Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Edgy, fashion-forward lookShaving requires weekly upkeep
Lightweight, allows airflowCan cause razor bumps or irritation
Spotlights curls and texturesGrow out requires styling through awkward stages
Endless styling versatilityNot suitable for super curly or coarse hair
Easier nighttime stylingDrastic difference of lengths is a commitment


shaved sides black hairstyles provide naturalistas an edgy option that celebrates black hair texture. Contrasting very short sides with longer hair on top creates visual impact and allows curls to take center stage. This partial undercut style makes a modern statement while remaining touchably soft.

When properly executed and cared for, shaved sides offer versatility whether you prefer a subtle disconnect or dramatic lengths. Embrace your daring side with this creative trend that displays the beautiful diversity of black hair.

FAQs About shaved sides black hairstyles

How often should you shave the sides?

Plan to shave the sides about once a week to maintain a crisp line between the top hair and sides. Letting it grow even slightly diminishes the defined contrast of the look.

What’s the best way to prevent bumps when shaving sides?

Exfoliate first to remove dead skin and hair. Shave in the direction of growth, not against it. Use a fresh razor each time. Apply moisturizer after shaving. Avoid over-shaving the same area repeatedly.

Can you still wear curls with shaved sides?

Absolutely! The shaved portion remains sleek while your natural curl pattern can thrive on the longer top section. Curls combined with shaved sides is a gorgeous combination.

Is shaving the sides damaging for black hair?

When proper shaving techniques are used, regularly shaving the sides is not damaging overall. Just take care to avoid nicking the skin, use gentle strokes, and moisturize after.

How do you grow out shaved sides gracefully?

  • Disguise the grow-out with braids, twists or updos on top
  • Taper the sides gradually into the longer hair using clipper guards
  • Apply oil daily along the part lines for smooth blending
  • Gradually cut the top section shorter

What types of products help style shaved sides?

  • Edge control gel to slick down the parting lines
  • Curl creams and gels to define curls on top
  • Shine enhancers like serum or argan oil
  • Moisturizing balms to prevent shaving irritation

Can you still wear ponytails with shaved sides?

Absolutely! Slick back hair into a top knot or sleek high ponytail to put all the focus on the longer hair on top. The shaved sides provide an edgy counterpoint to a classic updo.

Does a side part or middle part look best?

A deep side part complements shaved sides black hairstyles well, spotlights the contrast, and keeps hair out of your face. But a middle part provides symmetry and can look very modern. Choose what flatters your facial features best!

What face shapes do shaved sides flatter most?

shaved sides black hairstyles are versatile but complement oval, heart, and diamond face shapes best. Balance out softer cheek curves or a narrow chin with the edgy sides. Very round faces can elongate the look with longer hair left on top.

Can shaved sides work for natural gray hair?

Absolutely! shaved sides black hairstyles paired with a voluminous gray afro has an edgy yet sophisticated effect. Keep hair moisturized to avoid dryness, and use purple shampoo to reduce yellow tones as grays grow in.

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