2N Hair Color : Achieve Gorgeous, Neutral-Undertone Dark Brown Hair 2024

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Discover everything you need to know about 2N hair color. This deep brown shade provides a natural, long-lasting color. Learn application tips, find the right formula, and properly maintain your new rich brunette locks.

Introduction to 2N Hair Color

Definition and Basic Overview

2N is a shade on the hair color spectrum that falls under the brown family. It is a natural dark brown that looks almost black in some lighting. The N stands for “natural” and indicates that it has a neutral base without warm or cool undertones.

2N hair color provides a rich, deep brunette shade that mimics natural dark brown or black hair. It can add depth and dimension for those with light to medium brown hair wanting to go darker. 2N is versatile enough for many different skin tones.

Importance of Choosing the Right Hair Color

Picking the right hair color is important for a few reasons. You want to match it to your skin’s undertones to create a natural, harmonious look. The wrong shade can wash you out or make you look ruddy and unbalanced.

You also want to consider your hair’s texture and condition. Porous or damaged hair won’t hold onto color as well. And you need to pick a shade that complements your desired style. The right color choice can give your haircut more edge or softness.

Benefits of 2N Hair Color

There are many benefits that make 2N hair color a top choice:

Natural Look

2N has a neutral base, so it avoids looking brassy or fake. The dark shade appears seamless and mimics natural brunette or black hair.

Long-Lasting Results

The dark color has great staying power. It resists fading and washing out better than lighter shades. Touch-ups are needed less frequently.

Easy Application Process

Application is straightforward whether coloring at home or in a salon. 2N hair dye achieves predictable results. No tricky color techniques are required.

How to Choose the Right Shade

Skin Tone Considerations

2N hair color flatters a wide variety of skin tones. Those with neutral to olive complexions look great with the dark shade. It also pairs well with cool or pink undertones. Warm and golden undertones can work too depending on your style.

Lighter skin tones should opt for brown with ashier undertones to avoid looking washed out. Darker skin tones will glow against the jet-black shade.

Hair Texture and Condition

Hair that’s in good condition will grab the dark dye better for a more intense, lasting color. Porous or damaged hair may absorb inconsistently leading to uneven results. Deeply condition hair before coloring for the best results.

Fine hair can’t hold onto color as long as thick hair. So those with thin strands may need more frequent touch-ups. Thick, coarse hair provides the ideal texture for maximum color payoff.

Achieve Stunning Matrix 2N Hair Color

matrix 2n hair color
matrix 2n hair color

Matrix offers a professional grade 2N hair color that creates a rich, natural-looking dark brown shade. The advanced formula uses ingredients like caprylic acid instead of harsher ammonia to gently deposit deep brunette pigment while conditioning locks.

2N falls midway between lighter browns and inky black on the Matrix chromatic scale. The neutral base avoids unwanted brassy undertones. Results last between 6-8 weeks with proper hair care and touch-up roots as needed.

Prep by clarifying hair and applying a protein treatment for fortified strands that accept color evenly. Follow the mix ratio and timing directions carefully. Rinse thoroughly and in deep condition after coloring. Avoid hot water, excessive washing, and heat tools to maintain 2N’s multi-dimensional vibrancy.

Touch up roots with an ammonia-free demi-permanent option between full-color appointments. Embrace the rich, healthy-looking hue of Matrix 2N.

Comparing 1N vs 2N Hair Color

1n vs 2n hair color
1n vs 2n hair color

When deciding between black and dark brown dyes, consider the differences between 1N and 2N hair colors. 1N provides the deepest, opaque true black shade. Level 1 means maximum depth while the N stands for neutral.

2N offers one step up in the color spectrum as a blackened brown. The level 2 indicates slightly more lightness than 1N, though the color remains very dark. The neutral base avoids unwanted tones.

1N works best for those with naturally darker black hair wanting to cover grays seamlessly. 2N flatters medium to lighter complexions needing more contrast against their skin. Those with warm undertones sometimes look washed out by 1N’s cooler hue.

For maximum fade resistance and gray coverage, choose 1N permanent dye. If your natural color has hints of brown, opt for 2N for a harmonious result. Do strand tests to compare the levels and depths first. Consult with your colorist on the right black or blackened brown shade.

Achieve Salon-Worthy Color with Redken 2N

redken 2n hair color
Redken 2n hair color

Redken’s Color Fusion line offers a professional grade 2N blackened brown hair dye perfect for brunette color services. The Liquifuse technology intermixes optimized pigments to ensure predictable, fade-resistant results.

Redken 2N deposits ultra-fine color molecules deeply into the cortex for maximum gray coverage and longevity. Chromatic shades like 2N utilize a lower pH and emollients to maintain hair health during processing.

Prep hair by clarifying and conditioning to ensure even saturation. Mix the color and developer according to instructions then apply methodically section-by-section from roots to ends. Process for the recommended time based on hair texture.

Rinse thoroughly and follow with Redken’s sulfate-free Color Extend shampoo and Fashion Work 12 Benefits Conditioner to boost shine and prolong color vibrancy. Limit washing to 2-3 times per week and use heat protection to maintain your optimal 2N hue.

The Beauty of 2N Hair Color Dye

2n hair color dye
2n hair color dye

Achieve stunning hair transformations with 2N hair color dye, a shade that offers a perfect balance between natural and vibrant. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle change or a bold statement, 2N dye provides a versatile canvas. This hair dye offers a seamless blend, ensuring a flawless finish that complements your skin tone and enhances your features.

Experience the ease of application and enjoy long-lasting results that keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant. Discover the world of hair dyeing with confidence, knowing that your choice of 2N hair color dye is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and ammonia-free, making it a safe and eco-conscious option. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and embrace the beauty of 2N hair color dye for a vibrant, healthy-looking mane that radiates confidence.

Application Process

Preparing Your Hair

Before applying 2N hair color, prep your hair:

  • Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup
  • Roughly dry hair with a towel, leaving it damp but not soaking
  • Separate hair into four sections using clips
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the hairline to avoid staining the skin
  • Put on gloves and drape an old towel around your shoulders

This prep ensures hair is clean and ready for even application.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Follow these steps to achieve perfect results:

  1. Mix the color formulation. Combine the dye and developer according to brand instructions.
  2. Divide hair into 1-inch sections. Work your way around the head using a tint brush to saturate every strand.
  3. Process for the directed development time. For permanent 2N dye, leave it on for 25-35 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Use cool water to preserve intensity.
  5. Follow with color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Avoid harsh shampoos that could strip color.
  6. Style as usual and show off your gorgeous new 2N locks!

Tips for Best Results

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Always do an allergy test before full application
  • Work quickly and methodically to minimize overlapping
  • Use professional salon products for predictable, even color
  • Add a weekly glossing treatment to boost shine and seal in color

Following the process correctly results in beautiful, multidimensional dark brown hair with radiant shine.

Aftercare Tips

Maintaining Your Color

To keep 2N hair color looking fresh:

  • Use sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner
  • Wash hair less frequently, only 2-3 times per week
  • Rinse with cool water and avoid very hot showers
  • Apply a deep conditioning hair mask 1-2 times a week
  • Protect hair from sun exposure with protective styles or hats

Products to Use

  • Color-depositing shampoo – Helps retain vibrancy
  • Purple shampoo – Keeps brown tones neutral and avoids brassiness
  • Weekly gloss treatments – Provides extra conditioning and sealing

Avoiding Common Mistakes

To get the longest-lasting results:

  • Don’t overwash hair
  • Limit the use of hot styling tools like curling irons
  • Don’t scrub or pile hair on the head when shampooing
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and saltwater
  • Don’t comb wet hair aggressively

Comparison with Other Hair Colors

Differences Between 2N and Other Shades

Compared to lighter browns or blondes, 2N hair color has a darker base that better conceals existing color underneath. The near-black result contrasts more dramatically against lighter skin.

The neutral undertone keeps it natural looking compared to ash tones that can appear too flat. It avoids the red/orange brassiness of warmer shades.

The ultra-dark shade resists fading longer than lighter colors that require more frequent touch-ups. Its richness withstands washing and environmental elements.

Which One is Right For You?

2N is ideal for those with light to medium complexions wanting to go darker gradually. People with cool pink or neutral olive skin look great with the dark shade.

Lighter blondes and brunettes should start with a lighter brown and work down to 2N over time. Otherwise, the dramatic change may be jarring. For darker complexions, an intense jet-black 1N may be most flattering.

Can 2N hair color be used on gray hair?

Yes, 2N hair dye provides excellent gray coverage. The dark base camouflages gray strands seamlessly. Permanent options especially contain pigments that grab onto and cover stubborn grays. Using a filler or gloss first can also help grip grays. Always do a strand test to ensure the shade covers evenly.

How often should I touch up my color?

With proper aftercare, you can go 6-8 weeks between touch-ups for 2N hair color. Permanent dyes last the longest. Use color-depositing shampoos or glosses to refresh color in between full dye jobs. Time touch-ups are based on when you notice fading or regrowth needing coverage.

Tips for DIY Coloring

Precautions to Take

If coloring hair at home:

  • Carefully follow brand instructions
  • Conduct an allergy test 48 hours before
  • Work in a well-ventilated area
  • Protect surfaces, clothing, and skin from drips
  • Divide hair into sections before applying dye
  • Use a tint brush and plastic bowl for application
  • Rinse thoroughly over a sink using cool water
  • Clean up spills immediately to avoid staining

Tools Needed for Home Coloring

Gather these supplies before getting started:

  • Dye kit with color, developer, gloves
  • Plastic bowl and tint brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Vaseline or barrier cream
  • An old towel, cape, and shirt
  • Timer

Professional vs. DIY Coloring

Pros of Professional Coloring

Getting your hair colored at a salon offers advantages:

  • Expert colorists assess your hair and skin tone
  • Precision application minimizes mistakes
  • Access to professional-grade formulas and ingredients
  • Strand tests determine the processing time needed
  • Stylists can correct or adjust results as needed

Pros of At-Home Coloring

Coloring your hair provides other benefits:

  • More affordable than salon services
  • Quick and easy for root touch-ups
  • Full control over the timing and process
  • Can experiment more with different shades
  • No need to schedule appointments every 6-8 weeks

When to Seek Professional Help

It’s smart to see a stylist for:

  • Initial or dramatic color change
  • Correcting color that turned out wrong
  • Bleaching to lighten hair before coloring
  • Coloring-resistant gray hair
  • Precision highlighting, balayage, or vivid fashion shades
  • Severely damaged hair needs treatment before coloring

2N Hair Color for Different Hair Types

2N on Curly Hair

2N hair dye adds definition and dimension to curly locks. The depth contrasts beautifully against curls and enhances texture. Use a color-safe moisturizing shampoo to avoid drying out curly hair. Air dry instead of heat styling.

2N on Straight Hair

The deep 2N shade adds movement and fullness to straight hair that can look flat. Create cascading layers cut to flatter your face shape. Add loose waves with a curling iron to give dimension. Use smoothing products to tame flyaways.

2N on Fine or Thick Hair

2N works well on all hair textures. For fine hair, use volumizing and thickening products to prevent the dark color from dragging hair down. On thick coarse hair, embrace the bold intensity 2N provides. Long layers help thick hair lay straighter and smoother.

Common Mistakes to Avoid


Leaving dye on too long can damage hair and cause color to go brassy. Carefully follow timing directions based on your hair texture and condition. Process for the minimum recommended time first before leaving on longer.

Choosing the Wrong Shade

Doing a strand test is key to preventing choosing a shade that turns out too light, dark, warm, or cool once on your head. Consult with a colorist if unsure between two shades. It’s easier to go darker than lighter after.

Maintaining Color Vibrancy

Using Color-Safe Products

Sulfate-free shampoos maintain dye integrity and prevent dryness. Purple shampoos counteract unwanted warmth. Weekly conditioning treatments boost shine. Avoid clarifying shampoos that strip color.

Protecting Hair from the Sun

UV rays quickly fade dye and damage hair. Wear hats outside, limit direct sun exposure, and use leave-in conditioners with UV filters. If swimming, wet hair with fresh water first and immediately rinse after.

2N Hair Color Trends

Popular Styles and Techniques

Deep espresso brown hair continues to rank among the top hair color trends. Modern techniques like balayage, ombre, and root smudging maintain the dimension. Face-framing highlights around the hairline soften the dark shade.

Celebrity Inspirations

Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Katy Perry inspire 2N hair color looks. Their long, sleek brunette locks exude glamour. Others rock short bob cuts and pixies display the shade’s rich texture.

Natural Ingredients in 2N Hair Color

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Many brands offer options with naturally derived ingredients like flaxseed, sunflower, and avocado oils that condition hair during coloring. Botanical extracts like ginseng and argan oil provide antioxidant protection.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Look for plant-based dyes, recycled packaging, and formulations free of ammonia, parabens, silicone, and other harsh chemicals. Greener technology improves sustainability in hair color manufacturing.

Hair Health and 2N Hair Color

Effects on Hair Health

Permanent dyes can damage hair over time, especially with overlapping touch-ups. Using the gentlest formula needed for your goals helps minimize processing damage. Demi-permanent and semi-permanent options with less or no developer provide longer-lasting results while keeping hair healthy.

How to Keep Hair Healthy

Focus on conditioning treatments before and after coloring for added moisture and protein. Avoid over-washing hair in hot water. Heat style minimally with protective products. Get regular trims to snip damaged ends and refresh your cut.

2N Hair Color for Sensitive Scalps

Gentle Formulas

Those with sensitive skin should look for ammonia-free dyes with natural oils, antioxidants, and soothing extracts like aloe vera. Do an allergy test well before full application. Opt for a demi-permanent color for less irritation.

Avoiding Irritation

Wear gloves during application and cleanup. Rinse thoroughly after processing to remove all traces of dye from the scalp and skin. Use fragrance-free shampoos and gentle scalp scrubs to remove buildup after. See a dermatologist if reactions persist.

Color Correction Tips

Fixing Mistakes

If the color turns out off, call your stylist right away. They can usually tone down or adjust the color by filling it, applying a color remover, or quickly redoing the application. Overlapping with permanent dye again risks more damage.

Seeking Professional Help

For botched or off-tone colors, your best bet is to see a professional color correction specialist. They can methodically lift out the bad dye, tone and treat the hair, and then redo the application meticulously. This provides the best fix for hair health and color accuracy.

2N Hair Color for Men

Trends in Men’s Hair Coloring

More men now embrace coloring their hair for a polished, youthful effect. The natural look remains the most popular, enhancing their natural shade subtly. 2N provides a clean, conservative option for darkening hair gradually without obvious dye lines.

How to Choose the Right Shade

When in doubt, start with a lighter brown before going down to 2N black. For a seamless look, blend gray roots with permanent root touch-up kits in between salon visits. Consider subtle highlights too for added texture and depth.

Styling Tips for 2N Hair Color

Complementing Your New Color

Show off the rich 2N shade with cascading long layers and feathered bangs. For short hair, opt for a tousled pixie or side-parted bob to frame the face. Style with sea salt sprays for beachy texture and volume.

Products for Styling Colored Hair

Use a heat protectant before heat styling to minimize damage to processed strands. Silicone serums add shine while controlling frizz and flyaways. Oil treatments keep hair hydrated and supple. Volumizing mousse pumps up fine or limp hair.

Recap of Key Points

  • 2N provides a natural-looking dark brown shade close to black
  • Pick a shade to flatter your skin tone and enhance your cut
  • Permanent dyes last the longest with good gray coverage
  • Prep hair properly and apply methodically in sections
  • Maintain vibrancy with color-safe products and minimal washing
  • Seek professional help for initial color and fixing mistakes
  • Style with volumizing products and face-framing layer

Final Thoughts on 2N Hair Color

The rich, neutral 2N shade provides a gorgeous brunette option between brown and black. Taking the time to choose the right formula and carefully applying it leads to stunning results. Proper aftercare maintains the integrity and intensity of the color. When in doubt, seek guidance from professional colorists to find your most flattering hue. Embrace the versatility and dimension of 2N hair color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair color is 2N?

2N is a neutral dark brown shade that borders on black. It provides a flattering bridge between lighter browns and jet black.

What is 2 in hair color?

The number 2 in hair color refers to the level of lightness or darkness on the spectrum. Level 2 is the darkest black shade in most hair color lines. Lower numbers indicate darker shades.

What is the N in hair color?

The N stands for “neutral” in hair color codes. A neutral shade has neither warm nor cool undertones. Neutral 2N avoids unwanted red, gold, or ash tones.

What developer to use with 2N?

For permanent 2N dye, use a 20-volume developer. For demi-permanent 2N color, use a 10-volume developer. The developer oxidizes the color and opens the cuticle for saturation. Higher volumes mean more lifting action.

Is Matrix good for GREY hair?

Yes, Matrix’s permanent hair color provides excellent gray coverage. Opt for their Total Results, Socolor, or Color Sync lines designed to grab stubborn grays. Always do a strand test to confirm the shade covers evenly.

How long do I leave Matrix hair color on?

Leave Matrix permanent hair color on for 30-40 minutes depending on thickness and porosity. Process demi-permanent Matrix shades for 25-35 minutes. Do an elasticity test first to determine the recommended timing. Rinse thoroughly after.

What color in Matrix is 3N?

3N is another neutral shade in the Matrix hair color range. It’s a milk chocolate medium brown that creates a rich brunette. It’s lighter than the near-black 2N shade.

How safe is Matrix hair color?

Matrix uses gentler ingredients like caprylic acid instead of ammonia. Their bonding systems and oils aim to condition hair during processing. When followed correctly, Matrix offers safer hair coloring. But always do allergy tests.

What color is 1N hair dye?

1N is the darkest black shade possible. Level 1 indicates maximum depth, while the N means it has a neutral base to avoid unwanted tones popping through. 1N gives the most opaque jet-black color.

Should I get hair color 1 or 2?

If you want an inky, opaque black, choose level 1. For a dark black/brown, choose level 2. Level 1 has a bluer, cooler base while level 2 is slightly warmer. Your stylist can help you choose the most

What does N mean in hair color?

The N in hair color codes stands for neutral. A neutral shade does not have warm or cool undertones. It avoids unwanted red, gold, or ash tones in the final result.

Which Redken color line is best for gray coverage?

Redken Color Fusion is their top line for covering grays seamlessly. The Liquifuse technology intermixes pigments to grab stubborn grays and resist fading. Their Cover Plus and Cover Plus Graydient are also great for maximum gray coverage.

Does Redken Cover Fusion cover gray?

Yes, Redken Color Fusion’s permanent hair color provides excellent gray coverage when used consistently. The chromatic dyes target the most resistant grays. Choose warm or cool shades to match your natural tone for the most natural blending.

What developer do you use with Redken Color Fusion?

Use a 20-volume cream developer with Redken Color Fusion hair color. 30 volume can be used for maximum lifting on resistant grays but risks more damage. Always mix according to brand guidelines for ideal consistency and development time.

What type of Redken color is Color Fusion?

Redken Color Fusion is a permanent hair color that uses proprietary Liquifuse Technology. The lower alkalinity and emollients make it gentler than the traditional permanent color. Multiple dye molecules provide unparalleled gray coverage.

What color is 2N hair dye?

2N hair dye creates a dark brown shade that borders on black. The level 2 indicates the depth of color, while the N means it has a neutral base. 2N provides a flattering bridge between lighter browns and opaque black.

What color is number 2 in hair color?

Number 2 on the hair color spectrum indicates the shade is a level 2 out of 10 in terms of depth and lightness. Level 2 is the darkest black brown possible before pure opaque blacks at level 1. Most brands have a 2N neutral black brown.

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