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3n hair color refers to a medium brown shade with neutral undertones. The “3” indicates the level on the color spectrum, while “n” stands for neutral. Level 3 falls under the brunette range.

Specifically, 3n hair color is a rich medium brown that flatters a wide variety of complexions. It adds warmth without being too light or washing one out. The neutral undertones provide a balanced, natural-looking hair color.

Characteristics of 3n Hair Color

Here are some key characteristics of 3n medium brown neutral hair color:

  • Depth – 3n has more depth than lighter browns but is not as dark as a level 2 brown. It strikes the ideal balance between light and deep.
  • Neutrality – The “n” denotes neutral undertones rather than cool or warm. This versatility allows it to complement different complexions.
  • Multidimensional – When light hits 3n hair, it reveals different brown shades from milk chocolate to cappuccino. This adds movement and vibrancy.
  • Softness – Level 3 hair color produces a rich yet soft brunette that is not harsh or brassy in tone.
  • Pop of color – Compared to darker shades, 3n provides a subtle pop of color for those with naturally darker hair.

How 3n Hair Color Differs from Other Shades

3n stands apart from other brunette shades in several ways:

  • It is lighter than 4n (darkest brown) but darker than 2n (lightest brown)
  • The “n” denotes neutrality unlike warm or cool shades
  • It has more natural vibrancy than monotone shades like 1n (black)
  • Less maintenance than highlighted hair but more depth than 2n

This makes 3n a versatile middle-ground hair color.

The Undertones of 3n Hair

Explaining the Neutral Undertones

The “n” in 3n hair color stands for neutral. This means that the color does not lean warm with red, gold, or orange undertones, nor does it lean cool with blue, violet, or ash undertones.

True neutral medium brown hair contains a balance of warm and cool pigments. This allows the color to complement different complexions rather than clashing. It also creates a more natural, dimensional look than flat, monotone shades.

When formulating a neutral medium brown 3n color, colorists use a blend of gold, red, and ash brown shades. This keeps the result balanced without unwanted tones. Well-formulated 3n hair dye will appear rich, natural, and luminous in any lighting.

Why Neutral Undertones Are Ideal for Brunettes

Neutral undertones offer brunettes the following benefits:

  • Versatility – Suits both cool & warm complexions
  • Natural look – Mimics natural hair pigment
  • Softness – No harsh or brassy tones
  • Depth – More striking than ash brown
  • Low maintenance – Less fading between salon visits
  • Pop of color – Still provides color without going lighter

This makes level 3n a flattering choice for brunettes of all skin tones seeking a subtle yet lively hair color upgrade.

Best Hair Colors to Pair with 3n Hair


Face-framing highlights around the hairline and crown softly lighten 3n hair. Subtle babylights throughout the mid-lengths and ends also illuminate medium-brown hair. Highlights should be finely woven for a seamless finish.


Fine highlights flatter 3n hair rather than thick chunky strips. They should blend in and look like rays of light reflecting off the hair. With babylights, use 20-30 foils throughout the head. For face-framing highlights, 5-10 foils around the face are ideal.


Buttery caramel, honey, champagne, strawberry, and light golden brown nicely complement 3n’s neutral medium brown base. Avoid ash which can mute the hair.



Concentrate lowlights on the inner layers of the hair and ends. Keep the perimeter around the face lighter to frame features. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends underneath highlight foils.


Cool espresso, chocolate, chestnut, and coffee brown add dimension to 3n hair. Level 2 brown hues also deepen 3n’s base color for added drama. Avoid red or warm black lowlights as these can make hair appear brassy.


Hand-painted balayage bronzing in caramel, cinnamon, and terracotta softly melts into neutral brown 3n hair. Sweeping color above and below the part line creates a sun-kissed tousled effect. Tailor placement and color concentration to hair length.

Makeup Tips for Women with 3n Hair

Complexion Products

  • Neutral and yellow-based foundations like MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
  • Warm nude lipsticks with a hint of pink or peach
  • Peach, rose gold, and champagne blushes

Eye Makeup

  • Bronzed smoky eyeshadows – go for golds, coppers and browns
  • Deep brown eyeliner and mascara to make eyes pop
  • Avoid cool greys which can wash one out


  • Medium to deep brow pencils and powders
  • Warm taupe shades with neutral-gold undertones
  • Fill brows in fully since 3n hair is not as dark as a level 2 brown

Follow these tips to make neutral medium brown 3n hair the star and provide an illuminating makeup canvas. Coordinate your makeup’s undertone and depth with your hair.

3N Hair Color Chart

3n hair color chart
3n hair color chart

3N hair color refers to a rich, neutral medium brown shade that flatters most complexions. When exploring the vast range of hair colors, it helps to have a reference chart. Here is an overview of 3N hair color specifications:

The 3N level falls under the brunette family, indicating a light-to-medium brown. The N stands for neutral, meaning 3N contains a balanced mix of warm and cool pigments that complement various skin tones. This versatile medium brown shade provides warmth without brassiness.

On most hair color charts, 3N is characterized by a milk chocolate hue that reveals dimension in different lighting. When formulated correctly, the color produces luminous natural vibrancy. The neutrality creates a softness that avoids harsh or artificial-looking tones.

Well-formulated 3N permanent and demi-permanent hair dyes harness innovative color technologies to deposit rich, fade-resistant color. Botanical extracts further nourish the hair for healthy hair transformation. With salon-quality results, 3N hair color helps enhance one’s natural beauty.

Matrix 3N Hair Color

matrix 3n hair color
matrix 3n hair color

Matrix offers a wide range of professional hair colors to help clients achieve their perfect shade. One of their most popular brunette options is 3N – a neutral medium brown that flatters all skin tones.

With advanced hair color technologies, Matrix’s SoColor and ColorSync permanent cream formulas allow for unparalleled color results. The 3N shade produces a rich, multidimensional neutral brown designed to complement and enhance one’s natural features.

The color scientists at Matrix utilize innovative techniques to create salon-worthy hair dyes. Their goal is vibrant, long-lasting color that leaves hair healthy and strong.

The nourishing botanical extracts in Matrix hair color formulas, such as shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe vera provide hydration and protection during the coloring process. This ensures hair remains soft, smooth, and shiny.

Matrix 3N hair color delivers professional-grade gray coverage, even on resistant grays. The colors are enriched with anti-fade polymers to prolong vibrancy and minimize maintenance between salon visits.

With the brand’s Cruelty-Free Policy against animal testing, clients can feel good about achieving salon-perfect hair color with Matrix. From root touch-ups to all-over color, Matrix 3N permanent and demi-permanent options help enhance one’s natural neutral medium brown shade beautifully.

Redken 3N Hair Color

redken 3n hair color
redken 3n hair color

Redken offers a full spectrum of professional hair colors to help clients achieve stunning results. One of their most versatile permanent shades is 3N – a neutral medium brown optimized for multi-dimensional vibrancy and shine.

Redken utilizes advanced hair color technologies and an innovative approach to formulation. Their goal is an unparalleled performance that transforms hair’s texture and tone.

The brand’s signature Shades EQ cream formula with unique protein and ceramide-enriched K-plex technology nourishes hair during the coloring process. Olive oil, protein, and polymers protect and reinforce strands.

Redken 3N permanent hair color delivers salon-worthy neutral medium brown results designed to complement various complexions. The color scientists carefully calibrate the perfect balance of warm and cool pigments.

This delivers a naturally flattering shade that adds richness and luminosity. Redken 3N also provides professional-grade gray coverage for resistant grays to maintain a youthful, vibrant look.

Incorporating the latest hair color advancements, Redken 3N allows for customizable shades. Stylists can fine-tune the tone and depth through intermixing and layering techniques.

From root refresh to full head coverage, Redken’s fade-defying and damage-defending hair colors transform medium-brown hair beautifully, while maintaining healthy and strong strands.

Ion 3N Hair Color

ion 3n hair color
ion 3n hair color

Ion Hair Color offers a wide selection of permanent and demi-permanent shades to help clients achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. One of their most popular neutral brunette tones is 3N.

This versatile medium brown is formulated to add warmth and dimension to hair without unwanted brassiness. The color scientists at Ion carefully calibrate the pigments to strike the ideal balance of warm and cool undertones.

The brand’s signature Color Brilliance and Color Brilliance Permanent Creme formulas feature advanced ionic technology. This allows for deeper penetration of ultra-conditioning ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein and soy protein.

As a result, Ion 3N hair color nourishes and fortifies hair throughout the coloring process for silky, luminous strands. The Anti-Fade Complex also extends the longevity of the shade by preventing oxidation and color washout.

In addition to rich, multidimensional color, Ion 3N provides professional-level gray coverage for resistant grays. The vitamins and emollients further protect the scalp and ensure a pleasant coloring experience.

From root touch-ups to overall coverage, Ion’s salon-worthy formula transforms medium-brown hair beautifully. The 3N neutral brown shade leaves hair vibrant, healthy-looking, and designed to complement a wide range of complexions.

Clothing Colors That Look Good with 3n Hair

Here are some recommended clothing shades to make 3n neutral brown hair pop:

  • Rich reds: Try oxblood, burgundy, cherry, ruby, wine
  • Emerald greens: Deep jewel tones rather than mint green
  • Burnt oranges: Think pumpkin, rust, copper
  • Cobalt blues: Go for richer, darker blues
  • Warm pastels: Soft pink, peach, buttercup yellow
  • Metallics: Rose gold, bronze, copper
  • Earth tones: Olive green, chocolate brown, tan
  • Purple: Plum, eggplant, aubergine purple

These shades contrast nicely and accentuate medium neutral brown hair. They make the color appear richer. Avoid muted cool tones like pale blue or gray which can wash one out.

Finding the Right Stylist for 3n Hair Color

Here are tips for choosing the right colorist to get beautiful 3n neutral medium brown hair:

  • View their portfolio – Look for examples of rich 3n coloring on real clients
  • Read reviews – Ensure they have satisfied brunette clients
  • Consultation – Have a thorough consultation about your goals, lifestyle, complexion and preferences
  • Experience – Ask about their experience with level 3 neutral dyes specifically
  • Hair analysis – Have them analyze your natural hair color and undertones
  • Formulation – The colorist should do a custom formulation
  • Strand test – They should strand test the color first
  • Aftercare – Provide instructions for maintaining the color

Book a consultation ahead of time with an experienced colorist. Bring inspirational photos. Being selective helps achieve the perfect neutral medium brown.

Maintaining 3n Hair Color

Here are some tips for keeping 3n hair color looking its vibrant best:

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to preserve color and shine
  • Wash hair in cool water as hot water can fade color
  • Use a moisturizing mask or hair oil 1-2 times a week
  • Protect hair from sun exposure with hats or SPF hair products
  • Use an at-home toning gloss or glaze between salon visits
  • Get a touch-up every 6-8 weeks to keep regrowth at bay
  • Use leave-in conditioners and heat protectant before hot tools
  • Avoid chlorinated pools which can turn hair brassy
  • Use clarifying shampoos sparingly to prevent stripping color

Following a diligent hair care regimen maximizes the longevity of neutral medium brown 3n color.

Going Lighter From 3n Hair

Here are options for lightening level 3 neutral medium brown hair:

Caramel Brown

  • Remove 1 level of depth
  • Warm golden color
  • Requires lifting natural pigment

Dark Butterscotch Blonde

  • Remove 2 levels
  • Rich, buttery hue
  • Moderate lightening

Dark Honey Blonde

  • Remove 3 levels
  • Warm golden tone
  • Significant lifting

Light Bronze

  • Remove 3-4 levels
  • Borderline dark blonde
  • Maximum lightening

When formulating, focus on adding warm pigments to combat brassiness. Do test strands to assess how light the hair can safely go. Use bonding treatments before and after lightening to maintain hair.

Going Darker from 3n Hair Color

For those seeking to go darker than their natural 3n hair, here are some options:

Level 2N – Darkest Brown

  • Adds 1 level of depth
  • Still in the brunette family
  • Neutral tone remains
  • A subtle change but makes hair richer

Level 2 – Jet Black Brown

  • Adds 2 levels of depth
  • Creates a sleek, polished look
  • Neutralizes red undertones
  • High contrast with light skin

Level 1N – Soft Black

  • Adds 3 levels of depth
  • Deepest neutral black brown
  • Eliminates red pigment
  • Difficult to lighten from

Level 1 – Blue Black

  • Adds 3+ levels of depth
  • Inky, opaque shade
  • Intense commitment
  • Hardest to lift from

When depositing permanent color for added depth, use protein-enriched formulas to maintain hair health. Those with naturally lighter hair should gradually go darker over multiple sessions.

Adding Highlights to 3n Hair


Face-framing highlights around the front soften 3n hair. Subtle babylights throughout the mid-lengths and ends also illuminate medium-brown hair. Highlights should be finely woven for a seamless finish.

Face-framing5-10 foils around face
Babylights20-30 foils throughout mid-lengths and ends


Fine highlights flatter 3n hair rather than thick chunky strips. They should blend in and look like rays of light reflecting off the hair.

  • Face-framing: 1/4-inch thin ribbons around the face
  • Babylights: 1/8 inch micro-fine strands throughout mid-lengths and ends

Thin highlights help achieve a subtle, radiant effect.


Buttery caramel, honey, champagne, strawberry, and light golden brown nicely complement 3n’s neutral medium brown base. Avoid ash which can mute the hair.

  • Caramel – adds warmth
  • Honey – brightens subtly
  • Champagne – illuminates with rosy hue
  • Strawberry – touches of red reflect off hair
  • Golden brown – livens up mid-lengths

Warm, delicate highlights enliven 3n hair.

Adding Lowlights to 3n Hair


Concentrate lowlights on the inner layers of the hair and ends. Keep the perimeter around the face lighter to frame features. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends underneath highlight foils.

Underneath HighlightsOn mid-lengths and ends
Inner LayersAvoid perimeter face framing area


Cool espresso, chocolate, chestnut, and coffee brown add dimension to 3n hair. Level 2 brown hues also deepen 3n’s base color for added drama. Avoid red or warm black lowlights as these can make hair appear brassy.

  • Espresso – inky, intense brown
  • Chocolate – rich, indulgent brown
  • Chestnut – subtle red reflects off hair
  • Coffee – neutral milk chocolate brown
  • Level 2 – boosts depth significantly

Cool, dark lowlights complement 3n’s neutrality.

3n Hair with Balayage


Hand-painted balayage bronzing in caramel, cinnamon, and terracotta softly melts into neutral brown 3n hair. Sweeping color above and below the part line creates a sun-kissed tousled effect. Tailor placement and concentration to hair length.

ShortAround face and fringe
MediumFace framing plus a few mid-length pieces
Long Throughout mid-lengths and ends


Hand-painted slices of caramel, cinnamon, and terracotta give dimension to 3n hair. Tailor color concentration and warmth to suit skin tone.

  • Caramel – warm golden ribbons
  • Cinnamon – spicy red-orange accents
  • Terracotta – vibrant coppery pieces

These colors melt together to craft a seamless balayage effect.


  • Paint hair freehand using sweeping motions
  • Alternate between light wispy strokes and concentrated saturation
  • Emulsify tones together at the ends for a diffused look
  • Customize color and placement for each client

Balayage artfully transforms 3n hair with a natural-looking bronzed color.

Solutions for Brassy 3n Hair

Here are troubleshooting tips for dealing with brassiness in level 3 neutral brown hair:

Temporary Toners

  • Blue conditioning masks counteract brassiness with blue pigment
  • Purple shampoos cancel out yellow tones
  • Diluted violet semi-permanent toner applied sparingly

Permanent Toners

  • Salon-applied toner in level 3N or 4N
  • Neutral protein filler before coloring
  • Low-volume peroxide developers like 10 or 20-vol
  • Good for stubborn brassiness

Color Adjustment

  • Add subtle pearl or ash tones to the base
  • Incorporate cool-toned lowlights
  • Do an overall glaze using an ash demi-permanent color

Other Tips

  • Clarify hair fully before toning
  • Use cooler water when rinsing hair
  • Opt for an anti-fade gloss/glaze service

Targeting brassiness keeps 3n hair true to tone. Discuss discoloration with your colorist.

Toning 3n Hair at Home

Here are some recommended DIY toners to reduce brassiness in natural medium brown 3n hair:

Wella Color Charm Toner in T18

  • Ultra pale blonde to cancel warmth
  • Contains violet pigment
  • Use with 20-volume cream developer
  • Evenly dampen hair before applying

Redken Shades EQ Gloss 07NA

  • Pre-mixed toning gloss
  • Neutral ash shade perfect for 3n
  • Easy comb-in formula
  • Formulated to target brassiness

Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo

  • Violet shampoo is ideal for brunettes
  • Lather into damp hair
  • Rinse after 1-3 minutes
  • Use 1-2 times a week

John Frieda Sheer Brunette Tone Correcting Powder

  • Ash powder absorbs brassiness
  • Mix with conditioner
  • Apply for 5 minutes
  • Rinse and style as usual

Using the right at-home toner keeps 3n hair true to tone between salon visits.

Best Haircuts and Styles for 3n Hair

Long Layers

Long layers remove weight while encouraging movement and shape. Face-framing layers accentuate medium-brown hair.

U-Shaped Cut

A U-shaped cut with short layered sides and longer layers towards the front softly frames the face.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are cut longer and layered to showcase 3n hair color beautifully.

A-Line Bob

An A-line bob with a slightly angled front maintains density in an elegant chin-length cut.


Loose Waves

Big bouncy curls create volume and fluidity in medium brown hair. Curl mid-lengths and ends away from face.

Low Bun

Pull hair back into a polished low bun at the nape of the neck, leaving face-framing pieces out.

Faux Hawk

Create a braided faux hawk by pulling the top layers into a Dutch braid and then teasing the ends.

Flattering cuts and styles show off the richness of the neutral medium.

Short 3n Hair Looks

For those with short hair, here are some cute styles that complement 3n neutral medium brown:

Pixie Cut

  • Tousle top layers forward
  • Sculpt with pomade for texture
  • Finish with hairspray

Curly Pixie

  • Define curls with curl cream
  • Finger coil tightly curled sections
  • Allow to air dry naturally

Angled Bob

  • Incorporate subtle face-framing angles
  • Blow dry sleek with a round brush
  • Finish with serum for polish

Shoulder-Grazing Lob

  • Add baby lights around the face
  • Soft curls using a 1.25-inch iron
  • Mist with a medium-hold hairspray

Side-Swept Bangs

  • Cut crisp, eye-skimming fringe
  • Blow dry bangs to the side
  • Tuck behind the ear on the other side

Slicked-Back Undercut

  • Click the top layer back with pomade
  • Leave the underlayer slightly tousled
  • Finish with matte wax

Medium Length 3n Hair Ideas

Shoulder-length cuts offer versatility for styling neutral medium brown 3n hair:

Blunt Lob

  • Cut with a slight A-line shape
  • Blow dry straight using a paddle brush
  • Finish with a smoothing serum

Shoulder-Grazing Shag

  • Choppy razored layers add texture
  • Scrunch in mousse & diffuser dry
  • Finish with dry texturizing spray

Loose Waves

  • Curl mid-lengths & ends with 1.5-inch iron
  • Create bend at roots by wrapping sections
  • Finish with a flexible hold hairspray

Half-Up Style

  • Pull the top layer into a loose ponytail
  • Curl ponytail with iron
  • Leave ends out for a relaxed vibe

Faux Hawk Braid

  • Braid section of hair from the forehead back
  • Pancake braid by pulling edges
  • Mist with a strong hold hairspray

Air-Dried Center Part

  • Apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair
  • Comb through & let air dry
  • Scrunch for bounce & movement

Long 3n Hair Styling Tips

Here are ideas for styling lengthy neutral medium brown hair:

  • Create layers for movement and shape
  • Add face-framing highlights around the top layers
  • Blow dry with a paddle brush for sleekness
  • Curl mid-lengths & ends for romance or volume
  • Try side-swept braided styles to show off color
  • For special occasions, wear hair in an elegant updo by pulling the front sections back and leaving the ends out in a low bun or chignon
  • Mix up your part depending on the look – side, middle, zig-zag, etc.
  • On second-day hair, revive limp strands with dry shampoo for texture
  • Mask hair weekly and use leave-in conditioner to prevent splits
  • Get regular trims every 8-10 weeks to maintain healthy long hair

Length allows you to show off the beauty of neutral medium brown. Adapt styling to your mood and occasion.

3n Hair for Men

Here are some styling products and ideas for guys with natural medium brown 3n hair:

Styling Products

  • Matte cream or clay – Hanz de Fuko Claymation
  • Natural finish pomade – Layrite Natural Matte Cream
  • Sea salt spray – Ouai Matte Waves Texture Spray
  • Styling paste – Redken Brews Molding Paste

Short Textured Crop

  • Use clay to add matte texture on top
  • Fingerstyle for natural movement
  • Finish with medium hold spray

Comb Over Fade

  • Apply pomade to slick sides and back
  • Blow dry top layer up and away from the face
  • Finish comb-over style with paste

Natural Texture

  • Apply sea salt spray to damp hair
  • Scrunch layers to encourage a natural wave
  • Allow to air dry for a tousled look

Brushed Up Style

  • Blow dry hair using a round brush
  • Concentrate volume at the front hairline
  • Set style with medium hold gel

Going Gray Gracefully with 3n Hair

Here are tips for transitioning to gray hair gracefully when starting with neutral medium brown 3n color:


Lowlights camouflage appearing grays while allowing whites to blend in seamlessly. Focus on the inner layers then lightly smudge around the hairline.

Demi-Permanent Color

Demi-gloss treatments deposit color without lightening or drastic damage. Opt for a neutral level 4N. Reapply every 6 weeks.


Face-framing highlights distract from graying roots while brightening the complexion. Use soft baby lights around hairline too.

Purple Shampoo

Violet pigments in purple shampoo neutralize yellow tones in gray hair. Lather in once a week.

Shorter Cut

Cropped cuts like pixies and bobs remove damaged ends and accentuate texture. Gray hair shows best in shorter cuts.

Embrace It

Transition gradually into a cooler tone base while allowing whites to fully grow in. Remind yourself it’s a badge of wisdom.


Neutral medium 3n brown hair flatters most complexions with its versatility and soft natural beauty. When maintained diligently and styled to play up its multidimensional nature, 3n hair color shines through beautifully. Whether you opt to enhance it with highlights, lowlights, or balayage, the neutral base provides the perfect canvas for the brunette dimension. From pixies to lobs to cascading lengths, 3n hair inspires gorgeous, illuminating looks. Embrace the richness of your natural neutral brown hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3N hair color?

3N refers to a medium brown shade with neutral undertones. The 3 denotes the level on the color spectrum, while N indicates a neutral base without warmth or coolness. It creates a natural brunette shade.

Which is darker 3N or 4N hair color?

4N hair color is darker than 3N. The higher the first number, the darker the brown shade is. 4N would be a darkest brown, while 3N is a medium brown, making 4N the deeper brunette tone.

What does N mean in hair color?

The N in hair color codes like 3N or 5N means neutral. Neutral hair color doesn’t lean particularly warm or cool but has a balanced mix of pigments. This allows the shade to complement different complexions.

What is hair color Level 3?

Level 3 refers to light brown shades. Levels range from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blonde). Level 3 falls within the brunette family since it is not as light as medium blonde or dark blonde shades. Level 3 can range from light brown (3) to medium brown (3N), to dark brown (3A).

What color is 3N hair color?

3N hair color is a neutral medium brown. It is rich and multidimensional rather than flat and monotone. When light hits 3N hair, it reflects different brown dimensions from milk chocolate to cappuccino. The result is a soft, natural brunette shade.

What does N mean in hair color?

The N in hair color codes stands for neutral. For example, 5N would be a medium brown shade with neutral undertones. Neutral tones don’t lean very warm or cool, allowing the color to complement different complexions.

What is a Level 3 hair color?

Level 3 refers to light brown shades on the color spectrum. Levels range from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blonde). Since Level 3 falls in the lighter end of the brown family, these shades are classified as light browns. This includes hues like 3 (light brown), 3N (medium brown), and 3A (dark brown).

What color in Matrix is 3N?

The Matrix shade that matches a 3N level is 6N Medium Brown. Matrix permanent hair colors use a numbering system from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blonde). 6N replicates a 3N neutral medium brown.

What color is 3N?

3N is a neutral medium brown hair color. The 3 refers to the level on the color spectrum, indicating a light-to-medium brown. The N stands for neutral, meaning the shade does not lean very warm or cool. 3N creates a flattering, versatile brunette look.

What hair color is 2N?

2N is a neutral dark brown shade. The 2 indicates it is darker than a level 3 brown. The N means it has a neutral base. So 2N would be a rich neutral dark brown, one shade lighter than jet black.

Is Matrix hair color ammonia-free?

Most Matrix permanent hair colors contain ammonia as the alkalizing agent that activates the peroxide and opens the cuticle during lightening.

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