Before and After Haircuts for Damaged Hair 2023

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Discover the enchanting world of “before and after haircuts for damaged hair” in our blog. Dive into the magical stories of hair transformations, where damaged locks become silky wonders. Uncover the secrets of the fairy godmothers of hair, and the scissors, as they weave their spells to rescue tangled tresses. Explore the science behind the scissors and the hair growth cycle. From DIY haircare tips to meeting your hair’s superheroes, we guide you through a fairy-tale day out at the salon. Busting myths, sharing dos and don’ts, and a captivating photo gallery complete this journey. Embrace the magic and celebrate healthy, happy hair!

Best Easy Hairstyles for Damaged Hair in 2023

Dealing with damaged hair can be frustrating, but the right haircut and style can help improve its appearance and health. Certain cuts are strategically designed to remove split ends and enhance the look of compromised locks. Whether you prefer short pixies or shoulder-length cuts, there are flattering solutions.

Evaluating Hair Damage

To determine the best haircuts and styles, it’s important to assess the type and extent of damage:

  • Split ends – Trimming removes splits, but very high density indicates internal damage.
  • Breakage – Frequent breakage concentrating in one area reveals vulnerability needing a cut.
  • Texture – Dry, brittle texture signals dehydration needing moisture-infusing care.
  • Elasticity – Overstretched locks won’t bounce back and need protein treatments.
  • Color – Damage from bleach shows in dry, porous strands requiring conditioning.
  • Partings – Thinning at the crown or sides indicates a shorter cut may be beneficial.

Hairstyle Selection Guidelines

Certain haircut elements help boost damaged hair visually:

  • Layers – Long layers give the illusion of thickness and movement. Short layers remove splits.
  • Disconnection – Skipping obvious graduation between lengths disguises damage.
  • Proportions – Keeping some density in mid-to-end sections balances stringy roots.
  • Dimension – Adding highlights boosts depth to one-dimensional damage. Lowlights add richness.
  • Angles – Precision-angled shapes flatter by directing the eye’s focus.
  • Volume – Teasing roots minimally on crown hair lifts flatness from damage.

Pixies and Short Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Lavender Pink Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

This bold lavender pink pixie cut with a shaved side is ideal for removing damage and allowing new healthy hair to grow in. The bright color boosts dimension to counter dryness from damage, while the tapered side removes split ends.

Cut: Very short back/sides with longer pieces left on top styled with height. The extreme disparity in lengths disguises damage.

Color: All-over pastel pink brightens the hair for a fresh start. Darker roots provide depth.

Styling: Use volumizing mousse when blow drying upward for lift. Finish with holding spray.

Red-Colored Pixie Cut With Dark Roots

The cropped silhouette of this fiery red pixie cut removes damaged ends while leaving flow on top. Dark roots not only shrink the intervals for coloring but provide dimensional contrast against the vivid red.

Cut: Tapered neckline with short sides and bangs to minimize damage. The longer pieces on top balance the proportions.

Color: All-over red adds flattering warmth. Letting dark roots grow in cuts upkeep while adding depth.

Styling: Add sea salt spray before scrunching with fingers for a playful texture. Piecey styling disguises thin areas.

Faded Pixie Haircuts for Damaged Hair

This edgy platinum faded pixie haircut removes damaged ends and creates a powerful new look. The precision faded undercut minimizes vulnerability at the sides, while the longer jagged bangs and crown provide flow.

Cut: Extremely short back/sides faded to the skin contrast with longer bangs swept to one side.

Color: Platinum all over brightens the hair. Dark sideburns at the temple add dimensional framing.

Styling: Work styling foam through for a piece finish. Backcombing the roots builds height.

Short Spiky Pixie Haircuts for Damaged Hair

This spiky-cropped pixie allows new undamaged hair to take the place of split ends. The shattered texture disguises frizz from damage, while the longer fringe provides movement.

Cut: Uniform close-cropped layers remove damage evenly. Slightly longer bangs sweep across the forehead.

Color: Platinum blonde brightens the hair while lowlights add a dimension that damage can flatten.

Styling: Work lightweight gel through damp hair and blow dry upward roughly for extreme texture.

Curly Messy Blonde Pixie Cut with Dark Roots


This curly pixie allows curls to take center stage, removing damaged ends and keeping length in the crown. Dark roots provide depth against the light blonde.

Cut: Tightly cropped back/sides shaved close to the nape. Longer layers are left at the crown for curl definition.

Color: Beige blonde brightens the hair while dark roots serve as an edgy contrast.

Styling: Scrunch in curl cream on damp hair. Diffuse upside down for volume. Embrace texture.

Pin-up Style Pixie Cut with Headband and Highlights

This retro pin-up inspired pixie has rolled sides that remove damage along the hairline while keeping the top long. Victory rolls and a headband playfully accessorized.

Cut: The nape and sides are tapered very short. The bangs and crown are left longer to sculpt rolls.

Color: Subtle golden highlights boost shine and dimension against one-dimensional damaged hair.

Styling: Curl fringe under and sides smoothed back into sculpted rolls. Add sparkling hair accessories.

Asymmetric Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This curly asymmetric pixie allows texture to shine while removing damaged ends. The longer side sweeps across the forehead, drawing attention upward and creating flow.

Cut: Closely cropped back with longer layers left on one side to encourage sweep forward.

Color: Soft beige blonde flatters skin tone. Subtle cinnamon highlights boost dimension.

Styling: Define curls with curl cream. Fingerstyle longer side across the forehead.

Ashy Blonde Pixie Haircuts for Damaged Hair with Purple Highlights

Cool ashy blonde softens this pixie while vivid purple highlights create surprise pops of color. The tapered cut removes damaged ends.

Cut: Closely cropped back and sides to erase damage. The top is left longer for styling options.

Color: Smoky blonde base with hand-painted bright purple highlights throughout the top layers.

Styling: Blow dry the longer top forward with lots of volume. Finish with holding spray.

Blonde Balayage for Shaved Pixie Haircuts for Damaged Hair

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Hairstyles for Damaged Short Hair

Half-Updo for Pixie Cut with Dark Roots

This half updo is ideal for growing out a pixie cut, disguising awkward stages. The voluminous pouf boosts fine damage-prone hair. Dark roots provide an edge.

Cut: A grown-out pixie with tapered sides. A short fringe sweeps across the forehead.

Color: Beige blonde base with striking dark brown roots showing.

Styling: Curl fringe under. Tease the crown into a poofy half-up style.

Messy Pixie Short Haircuts

This razored pixie cut removes damage with its short lengths while creating a piece of shattered texture that appears full. The messy styling pumps up the volume.

Cut: Uniformly cropped layers with lightly razored ends for movement. Short fringe sweeps messily.

Color: Light ash brown provides a flattering neutral base. Subtle cinnamon highlights add warmth.

Styling: Work texturizing gel through damp hair and scrunch. Air dry for naturally imperfect texture.

Disconnected Pixie Haircuts for Damaged Hair

This spiky disconnected pixie removes damage with its close cropping, while chic disconnection between lengths disguises thinness. Height on top balances the proportions.

Cut: Tapered sides and back. Abruptly longer razor-cut layers on top add movement.

Color: Bright platinum adds luminosity against dull damage. Dark lowlights contour contrast.

Styling: Work volumizing mousse through damp hair. Lift roots while blow drying for extreme height.

Blonde Pixie with Undercut Hairstyle

This platinum blonde pixie has an undercut back to remove damage. The longer curly layers on top provide bounce and movement to balance the short lengths.

Cut: Shaved undercut on back/sides. Long layers on top styled with height for shape.

Color: Bright white blonde makes hair appear thicker against the close undercut.

Styling: Sculpt height on top and backcomb piece fringe lightly upwards.

Natural Short Afro Haircuts for Damaged Hair

Subtle Balayage for Natural Short Afro Hairstyle

This curly balayage afro flatters natural texture while removing damage on the ends. Soft highlights add dimension without dryness. The shape is shapely.

Cut: Uniformly cropped into a rounded afro shape with tapered sides.

Color: Dark cocoa brown base with buttery caramel balayage ribbons throughout.

Styling: Define curls with curl cream. Lift lightly at the roots while diffusing.

Tapered Teeny Weeny Natural Afro Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This tapered teeny weeny afro pairs closely cropped sides with a rounded curly top to remove damaged ends. The tight coils maintain density on fine hair.

Cut: Closely tapered back/sides. Length builds gradually on the crown.

Color: Dark chocolate brown provides a beautiful contrast against the skin.

Styling: Massage curl cream into coils. Lift lightly at the roots for height.

Short Taper Cut Hairstyle for Red-Damaged Hair

This vibrant red curly tapered cut removes damaged ends while leaving length on top for definition. The curl pattern shines thanks to the removed density.

Cut: Tapered closely cropped back/sides allow top length for coils.

Color: All over rich cherry red hue for fresh renewal.

Styling: Smooth curls with curl milk. Lift roots gently with fingertips to boost height.

Bowl-cut Haircuts for Damaged Hair with Tapered Side

This bowl cut tapered on one side sculpts the afro into a flattering round shape. It removes damaged ends while encouraging perfect coil formation.

Cut: Tapered side leading into rounded crown mimicking a bowl.

Color: The inky black shade provides beautiful contrast on the skin.

Styling: Massage curls with moisturizing defining cream. Let air dry.

Short Taper Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This tapered teeny weeny afro has a striking silhouette. The extreme disconnect between shaved sides and full curly top removes damage along the hairline and nape while optimizing top curl potential.

Cut: Skin faded back/sides. Length builds dramatically through the crown.

Color: Inky jet black provides beautiful framing.

Styling: Lift curls lightly at the roots while diffusing for added height and roundness.

Slick-back Fade Cut with Headscarf

This razor-faded cut creates edgy textural contrast to remove damage along the hairline. The top is slicked back into a chic headscarf accessorizing the taper.

Cut: Extremely short tapered fade cut to nape. Longer hair on top slicks back.

Color: Rich ebony black hue.

Styling: Smooth longer top pieces into a low slick back pony. Wrap with a colorful headscarf.

Baby Bangs Crop Haircuts for Damaged Hair

Short Shag Haircuts for Damaged Hair

This short razor-cut shag removes damaged ends while creating a bold texture that appears full. The piece bangs disguise sparseness and thin areas.

Cut: Heavily razored layers cut to the same short length for density. Textured fringe sweeps to one side messily.

Color: Ashy medium blonde brightens the hair and makes shafts appear thicker.

Styling: Work texturizing paste through the ends for an undone finish.

Tapered Twa Hairstyle for Natural Hair

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Protective Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Protective Thin Long Braids

These long, thin braids protect fragile strands by minimizing manipulation. The braided style allows hair to grow undisturbed, while bead accents stylize.

Style: Slickly separated micro braids extend down the back past the shoulders.

Color: Natural dark chocolate brown hue. Metallic gold beads provide subtle bling.

Maintenance: Spritz braids with moisturizing spray daily. Re-braid loose pieces as needed.

Protective Hairstyle for Damaged Hair with Headwrap

This slicked-back style secured with a colorful headwrap protects fragile strands by keeping them tucked away. The vibrant scarf dresses up the look with minimal manipulation.

Style: Hair is slicked into a low ponytail and then wrapped fully with a headscarf.

Color: Rich chocolate brown hue shows at the hairline.

Maintenance: Refresh slick styling daily. Replace scarves to switch up colors.

Protective Box Braids with Beads

Thick box braids with gold beads protect fragile hair by eliminating the need for heat styling or harsh chemical processing. The braided style allows hair to grow while looking chic.

Style: Chunky box braids extend just past the shoulders. Gold cylinder beads provide an accent.

Color: Natural brown/black hue.

Maintenance: Moisturize braids daily. Re-braid any loose pieces. Avoid wetting often.

Natural Puffy Hairstyles for Damaged Curly Hair

Protective Thick Box Braids

Thick blonde box braids protect fragile curls and encourage growth by minimizing daily styling. The braided style safely secures hair while injecting light against dark roots.

Style: Chunky box braids graze the shoulder blades. The platinum blonde color creates contrast.

Color: Dark cocoa brown roots into platinum blonde braid extensions.

Maintenance: Moisturize braids daily with oil sheen. Re-braid loose pieces. Avoid wetting often.

Pink Colored Taper Twa Hairstyle for Short Hair

This tapered pink towel protects fragile curls by removing damage on the ends. The temporary color injects vibrancy while keeping hair from processing. The Bantu knot accentuates the round shape.

Style: Tapered cut with pink temporary color. Curled into topknot bantu knot accent.

Color: A vibrant pink hue is applied temporarily to the natural dark brown base.

Maintenance: Refresh color weekly. Remoisturize hair daily focusing on ends.

Medium Long Twists with Hair Cuffs

Defined medium-length twists protect fragile curls while elongating the look. Hair cuffs stylize the twists with metallic shine. Avoiding tight styles relieves tension on strands.

Style: Medium-length chunky twists accented by gold hair cuffs.

Color: Natural dark espresso brown/black hue.

Maintenance: Moisturize twists daily. Redo loose pieces as needed.

Kinky Curly Twa Haircuts for Damaged Hair

This rounded kinky curly weeny afro allows fragile curls to take the lead. The short lengths remove damage and create a low-maintenance style ideal for growth.

Style: Natural kinky curls sculpted into a round curly fro shape.

Color: Inky jet-black hue provides a beautiful contrast.

Maintenance: Refresh curls with moisturizing spray daily. Sleep in a scarf.

Protective Style Updos for Damaged Hair

Disconnected Fade with Side Razor Design and Blue Twists

This slicked-back disconnected fade protects fragile strands along the hairline in tight cornrows decorated with a fun razor design. Vibrant blue twists stylize into an updo.

Style: Slick disconnected fade with wave design cut into the side. Blue twists pinned up.

Color: Natural black faded to skin with electric blue twists.

Maintenance: Moisturize cornrows and twists separately daily. Redo loose twists as needed.

Wrapped Up Protective Hairstyle for Afro Curls

This wrapped updo elegantly protects natural curls by tucking them into a high topknot. The styled look keeps strands from snagging and provides relief from daily maintenance.

Style: Bantu knot wrapped into a high-top knot.

Color: Dark espresso brown provides a beautiful contrast.

Maintenance: Moisturize hair daily. Refresh the topknot as needed.

Half-Updo for Natural Curly Hair

This half up half down style provides a protective option for fragile curls wanting length. The voluminous pouf on top disguises any thinness from damage while chicly showing off the natural texture.

Style: Top section pulled into a messy knotted bun. The bottom layers are worn and curled down.

Color: Rich ebony black hue.

Maintenance: Moisturize curls daily. Refresh half-up style as needed.

Faux Locks Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

These jumbo faux locs protect fragile natural curls by keeping them tucked away. The full-bodied locs encourage growth by avoiding daily heat styling and allowing hair to rest.

Style: Long jumbo faux locs graze mid back. Underlayer tapers to nape neatly.

Color: Dark chocolate brown provides a beautiful contrast.

Maintenance: Moisturize locs daily. Reinstall new locs as needed. Avoid overwashing.

Medium Tapered Twa Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

High Puff Hairstyle for Curly Hair

This voluminous high puff allows fragile curls to be piled on top, keeping ends tucked in safely. The elevated round shape shows off texture without risking snags or matting from rubbing on shoulders.

Style: Curly afro hair teased high into a topknot puff.

Color: Radiant ginger copper tone creates impact against dark skin.

Maintenance: Moisturize curls daily. Refresh puff height at roots when needed.

Long Protective Dreadlocks

These long freeform dreadlocks allow fragile strands to grow undisturbed in their twisted pattern. The organic texture helps hair reinforce strength over time while looking artistic.

Style: Freeform dreadlocks extend down the back. Curly bangs frame the face.

Color: Natural salt and pepper blend.

Maintenance: Soak locs weekly in diluted shampoo to cleanse. Palm roll loose hairs back in.

Side Swept Long Protective Braids

This elegant braided style protects fragile strands by keeping them neatly secured off the shoulders in a side sweep. Avoiding loose movement minimizes the risk of snagging and damage over time.

Style: Thin neat cornrow braids swept over one shoulder into a low ponytail.

Color: Natural dark espresso brown provides a beautiful contrast.

Maintenance: Moisturize braids daily. Re-braid loose pieces as needed.

Bantu Knots Protective Hairstyle for Curls

These chic bantu knots twist natural curls into decorative fluffy top knots. The knots help fragile strands avoid snagging and friction that causes damage. The sculpted design shows off texture.

Style: Sections of curls twisted tightly into multiple topknot buns.

Color: Soft ginger copper tone flatters beautifully.

Maintenance: Mist curls with water and conditioner combo when refreshing knots.

Protective Hairstyle with Braids

This elegantly braided updo protects fragile curls by keeping them neatly tucked away and off the shoulders. The intricate side braids minimize manipulation while looking styled.

Style: Small neat cornrow braids sweep into a collected updo.

Color: Natural dark chocolate brown.

Maintenance: Moisturize braids daily. Redo loose pieces as needed.

Short Natural Afro Puff

This tapered teeny weeny natural allows springy curls to take the spotlight. The short lengths remove damage without losing the afro shape. Piling hair on top protects ends.

Style: Closely cropped back and sides shape round puff on top.

Color: A soft ginger hue creates vibrancy.

Maintenance: Refresh curls with a moisturizing spritz. Relift roots for height.

Elegant Flat Twist Updo

This chic updo crafted from flat twists protects fragile curls by keeping hair neatly off the neck and shoulders. The elegant styling allows hair to be tucked away while encouraging growth.

Style: Neat flat twists sweep back into an elegant updo.

Color: Rich ebony black provides impact.

Maintenance: Mist twists with hydrating spray daily. Redo loose pieces as needed.

High Ponytail with Braids and Headscarf

This braided high pony secured with a headscarf protects fragile strands by keeping them tucked neatly away. The vibrant scarf dresses up the utilitarian braided style.

Style: Cornrow braids pulled back into a ponytail. Wrapped with a printed headscarf.

Color: Dark chocolate brown braid hue. Colorful floral scarf.

Maintenance: Moisturize braids daily. Re-tie the headscarf to switch up looks.

Twisted Braids Protective Hairstyle for before and after haircuts for damaged hair

Protective hairstyles like braids help minimize damage when hair is fragile by reducing manipulation and friction. Twisted braids add stylish flair while still safely securing strands away from potential sources of harm as hair recovers.

Purple Half Updo for Purple Locks

Vibrant purple box braids twisted into a half up half down style make a bold fashion statement while also protecting fragile dyed strands. The braided foundation allows hair to grow undisturbed.

Style: Thick purple braids sculpted into a voluminous half updo. The bottom layers are left free.

Color: All over vivid purple hue on braids.

Maintenance: Gently moisturize braids daily. Redo loose pieces as needed.

Teal Colored Braids Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Bold teal synthetic braids protect fragile real hair underneath by eliminating daily styling. The vivid color pops dramatically while allowing natural hair to grow safely out of sight.

Style: Waist-length box braids in blue-green teal hue.

Color: All over saturated teal for high impact.

Maintenance: Mist braids with a leave-in conditioner daily. Avoid overwashing.

Fade Haircuts for Damaged Hair with a Side Razor Design and Long Top

Mid fades with longer textured tops remove damaged ends along the hairline while encouraging new growth on top. Hard lines and angled razor art create striking distinctions between lengths.

Balayage Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Balayage Highlights Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

These subtle golden balayage highlights boost the shine and dimension of damaged hair. Concentrating softly painted color mid-length to ends leaves fragile roots untouched.

Cut: Textured shoulder-length layers.

Color: Beige blonde base with golden wheat balayage ribbons.

Styling: Air dry with salt spray for a soft beachy texture and movement.

Caramel Balayage with Headscarf Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This caramel balayage concentrates seamless color painting on mid-to-end sections to avoid stressing roots. A printed headscarf stylishly protects the fragile highlighted lengths.

Cut: Medium-length layers with textured ends.

Color: Dark cocoa base melting into caramel blonde ends.

Styling: Wrap hair in a colorful printed headscarf. Leave out soft fringe.

Curly Messy Balayage for Short-Cut Hairstyle

This curly balayage bob blends coffee and caramel hues on mid-length pieces for a dimension that disguises damage. Short textured layers remove split ends.

Cut: Chin-length curly layers with shattered ends.

Color: Dark mocha base with buttery caramel balayage ribbons.

Styling: Scrunch in curl cream. Diffuse gently with your hands for a messy finish.

Long Textured Beach Waves for Blonde Balayage

Gentle beach waves show off dimensional blonde balayage color on damaged hair while avoiding abrasion from tight curls or styles. Soft waves move freely with minimal friction.

Blunt Cut Balayage for Blonde Damaged Hair

This blunt cut with vivid blonde balayage concentrates bold color on mid-length and ends to avoid the roots. Blunt ends remove splits.

Cut: Thick one-length blunt cut hemmed at the collarbones.

Color: Natural dark base melting into neon yellow-blonde.

Styling: Dry naturally with minimal products. Straight iron only if needed.

Balayage Ombre for LOB Haircut

Buttery balayage ombre concentrated from mid-length down softens this blunt lob while leaving fragile roots untouched. Beachy waves boost movement.

Cut: Collarbone-length blunt lob cut.

Color: Dark cocoa melted into light caramel blonde.

Styling: Soft waves add movement while avoiding tangles.

Short Mohawk with Subtle Balayage Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Long Blonde Balayage with Beach Waves

These easy beach waves show off glossy dimensional blonde balayage color on damaged lengths while avoiding tangles. Concentrating color mid-length to ends leaves fragile roots alone.

Cut: Long layers cut to graze collarbones with textured ends.

Color: Dark blonde base melting into buttery blonde ends.

Styling: Air dry hair naturally or diffuse gently lifted at roots only.

Balayage Wob Hairstyle For Damaged Hair

This curly balayage wob employs strategic color placement and soft waves to boost dimension against dull damage. A center part shows off the painted color.

Cut Wavy shoulder-length layers.

Color: Cocoa dark base melting into caramel and honey ends.

Styling: Diffuse gently with hands while lightly lifting roots for extra volume.

Blonde Ombre Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

Shadow roots help before and after haircuts for damaged hair appear thicker at the crown while ombre color concentrated on lower sections leaves fragile hair around the face untouched.

Bob Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Classic French Bob Hairstyle

A crisp French bob removes damaged ends in a strong clean line while boosting fullness. Angled in the front, blunt in the back removes bulk from thick hair.

Cut: Clean precise lines create a sleek angled bob hitting just below the jaw.

Color: Cool espresso brown provides beautiful contrast on the skin.

Styling: Flat iron hair into a sleek, smooth shape. Add light serum for shine.

Layered Blonde Bob

Layering removes damaged ends on this blonde bob while creating fullness and movement. Highlights boost the appearance of thickness. Side-swept bangs soften the

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Blonde Bob with Disconnected Bangs

This asymmetric disconnected bob has longer textured bangs to disguise damage at the front hairline. Shorter layers in the back remove split ends.

Cut: Long side-swept bangs blend into shorter jagged layers toward the nape.

Color: Beige and wheat blonde brighten hair. Lowlights add dimension.

Styling: Add sea salt spray for texture. Style side bangs across forehead messily.

Free Flowing Bob Hairstyle For before and after haircuts for damaged hair

A blunt free-flowing bob takes weight off damaged ends while keeping hair long around the face for versatility. Tucking sides behind ears conceals thinning hairlines.

Cut: Blunt bob grazing just past the chin with subtle face framing.

Color: Cool chocolate brown provides a beautiful contrast against the skin.

Styling: Air dry hair naturally. Tuck sides back loosely behind ears as needed.

Short Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

This razored messy bob removes damage with shattered ends. Side-swept curtain bangs draw eyes away from thinning hairlines. Texture disguises dullness.

Cut: Chin-length piecey layers with side curtain bangs.

Color: Ash beige blonde brightens the hair.

Styling: Scrunch in mousse gel. Air dry hair for naturally imperfect texture.

Messy Choppy Chin-length Bob

This piece’s chin-length bob is heavily texturized at the ends to remove damage. Messy styling creates a nonchalant texture that appears full.

Cut: Chin-length choppy layers razored at ends for movement.

Color: Milk chocolate brown warms up skin tone.

Styling: Work texturizing cream through ends. Fingerstyle for imperfect pieces.

Classic Chin Length Bob

This blunt chin-length bob provides a clean line of demarcation, removing damaged ends at the bottom. The crisp edge adds polish to fine hair.

Cut: Precisely cut blunt edges hemmed right at the chin.

Color: Smoky blue-black hue adds allure.

Styling: Flat iron hair pin straight. Leave side-swept fringe pieces.

Messy French Bob Hairstyle

This lived-in French bob uses messy styling and piece ends to disguise dull damaged hair. Angling longer in front flatters. Soft color boosts shine.

Cut: Angled bob longer at front hitting at the chin. Textured ends.

Color: Dark chocolate base with caramel highlights.

Styling: Air dry naturally and tousle with hands for an undone look.

Bright Blonde Bob Chop Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This neon blonde chin-length bob erases dull damage with its bright hue. Choppy short layers remove split ends while creating volume.

Cut: Chin-length textured choppy layers.

Color: Vibrant yellow-blonde tone flatters skin while acting damaged.

Styling: Scrunch in volumizing mousse. Air or diffuse dry adding lots of fullness.

Choppy Bob Cut with Fringe Hairstyle for Damaged Hair

This choppy bob relies on shattered ends to disguise dull damage. Short jagged layers remove split ends. Piecey bangs draw attention upward.

Cut: Chin-length heavily chopped layers and short textured fringe.

Color: Ash brown boosts shine against lackluster damaged hair.

Styling: Scrunch in texture cream. Shake and tousle hair while air drying.

Short Messy Bob Haircut for Damaged Hair

This messy textured bob removes split ends while keeping some length to balance fine hair. Uneven choppy ends appear intentionally imperfect.

Cut: Lob hitting just above shoulders with choppy layers.

Color: Soft beige adds brightness and dimension.

Styling: Work texturizing putty through damp hair. Air dry or diffuse for volume.

Crimped Bob Hairstyle for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair

Platinum crimped locks update this blunt bob while removing damaged ends. Crimping boosts texture and strips highlight to add fullness against thin areas.

Cut: Heavy blunt bob hemmed just under the chin.

Color: Platinum base with thin darker blonde strip highlights.

Styling: Crimp hair in small sections. Leave texture slightly imperfect.

Wavy Lob with Deep Part Hairstyle for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair

Soft waves remove harsh curl lines that can worsen damage on this shoulder-length lob. A deep side part conceals the scalp at a thinning hairline.

Cut: Collarbone-length layered lob cut.

Color: Dark espresso brown with caramel highlights.

Styling: Diffuse gentle heat-free mermaid waves. Sculpt the deep side part.

Lob Haircut with Baby Lights

Subtle baby lights concentrated on the mid-lengths and ends soften this blunt lob. Leaving the regrowth alone avoids damage to fragile roots.

Cut: Precisely cut blunt lob grazing collarbones.

Color: Dark espresso brown base with fine caramel baby lights blended underneath.

Styling: Let air dry naturally and flat iron only if needed. Avoid heat at roots.

Blonde Wob with Dark Roots Hairstyle for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair

A wispy wob cut with dark roots flatters fine hair. Volume at the sides creates the illusion of thicker hair overall. Soft waves add movement.

Cut: Shoulder-length texturized choppy layers.

Color: Dark roots transitioning into buttery chin-length waves.

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Blonde Wob With Bangs

This collarbone-length wob has feathered bangs to soften the look. Volume at the sides appears thicker against fine hair. Beach waves minimize tangles.

Cut: Shoulder-length layers with choppy side bangs.

Color: Dark blonde roots melting into light beige chin-length waves.

Styling: Add sea salt spray and scrunch in waves. Air dry.

Caramel Wob Hairstyle for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair

Warm caramel highlights soften dull damage on this web. Side-swept bangs balance asymmetry. Volume at the crown creates fullness on limp hair.

Cut: Collarbone-length choppy wob with side fringe.

Color: Dark chocolate base with fine caramel highlights.

Styling: Add volume at the roots while air drying or diffusing waves.

The Best Haircuts for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair – The Skincare Edit

Background and Request

Priscilla has struggled with hair damage from heavy highlighting for years. She contacts popular hairstylist Kelly seeking advice on the best cut and color to refresh her hair for an upcoming wedding.

Hair Color Journey

Kelly learns Priscilla has been highlighting her hair for over a decade to achieve an ultra-blonde look. She lightened her natural dark brown hair to pale blonde initially. For several years now she has been maintaining a stark platinum hue.

A Decade of Color: Priscilla’s Hair Transformation

Table 1. Timeline of Priscilla’s hair coloring and damage over 10+ years

The Damage Story

Priscilla confides her hair has become incredibly damaged from years of bleach and toner treatments. Her once thick, shiny locks are now perpetually dry and brittle with texture like straw. Her ponytail is barely the width of her pinky finger. She is desperate to improve her health before her wedding.

From Wedding Blonde to White: The Hair Damage Saga

Over the years lifting her hair to extra light blonde shades has caused:

  • Extreme dryness and fragility
  • Translucent thinning texture
  • Severe breakage and shedding
  • Loss of elasticity causing flatness
  • Dull color with a lack of dimension

Consultation and Advice

Kelly assesses the damage and assures Priscilla they can strategically cut and color her hair to minimize visible signs of damage and create a beautiful look for her wedding.

Hairstylist’s Recommendations for Priscilla

After examining Priscilla’s hair, Kelly suggests:

Cut A collarbone-length shag cut with long layers to remove damage while adding movement and fullness. Face-framing fringe softens the forehead.

Color: Transition to a beige blonde single process color closer to Priscilla’s natural shade to allow some healing. Pop with a fun pastel purple tint.

Products: Olaplex bonding treatments to strengthen. Hydrating hair masks weekly to combat dryness. Volumizing mousse for the body.

Suggested Haircut

Consider the Shag: A Stylish Solution for Damaged Hair

Benefits of a Shag Cut:

  • Removes split ends with shortest layers. Long top layers provide movement.
  • Choppy disconnected layers disguise damaged thinning texture.
  • Messy finishes help conceal frays, breaks, and dullness.
  • Razored ends create softness rather than blunt ends prone to splitting.
  • Airy layers take the weight off vulnerable sections prone to breaking.
  • Curtain bangs soften the face and draw attention upward.

Styling Tips

Bangs and Shags: Styling Tips for a Playful Look

Achieve Piecey Texture:

  • Work texturizing mousse through damp hair before air drying.
  • Add sea salt spray after drying for a beachy finish.
  • Use fingers to break up uniform sections.

Air Dry for Volume:

  • Let hair air dry naturally whenever possible to minimize heat damage.
  • If diffusing, only lift roots gently with your hands to avoid pulling on fragile strands.
  • Flip the head upside down while drying to boost volume at the crown.

Enhance Natural Waves:

  • Scrunch in curl cream or texturizing lotion to bring out a bend in hair.
  • Twist pieces around a finger as the hair dries to create soft waves rather than curls.
  • Style short fringe pieces and across the forehead.

Color Suggestions

Adding Warmth: Gold Tones and Cinnamon Lowlights

Warm Up Cool Platinum:

  • Switch to beige and wheat blonde single process color without bleach.
  • Add golden and honey lowlights under layers to inject warmth and dimension.

Flatter Skin Tone:

  • Avoid ash tones to prevent washing out the complexion.
  • Add cinnamon and copper lowlights to create lively radiance.

Have Fun with Fashion Shade:

  • Pastel purple brings depth while still feeling soft and bridal.
  • Concentrate on lower lengths only to prevent damage up top.
  • Use temporary colors for short commitment.

Haircare Tips

Moisturizing for Recovery: Hair Masks and More

Weekly Hydrating Masks – Apply intensively nourishing masks weekly focusing on fragile mid-length to ends.

Bond Builders – Use Olaplex No.3 1-2 times per week to chemically treat damage on a molecular level.

Hot Oil Treatments – Massage natural oils like coconut into hair and let sit 30+ minutes before shampooing out for added moisture.

Leave-In Conditioners – Comb a rich leave-in cream through damp hair after every shampoo to increase conditioning.

Humidify the Air – Invest in a home humidifier during dry winter months to minimize breakage from brittle air.


In summary, dealing with Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair can be discouraging but strategic cuts and protective styles make the most of compromised locks. Knowing how to assess damage points helps determine if a dramatic chop or careful camouflage is needed. Pixie cuts remove split ends while longer layers and disconnects can disguise thinning. For natural curls, tapered shapes, and defined coils prevent matting and friction that worsens damage over time. Color boosts vibrancy against dullness. When in doubt, braids, twists, and styles keep fragile strands safely tucked away while allowing healthy growth. With the right approach, damaged hair doesn’t have to mean the end of great style.

Frequently Asked Questions Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair

Which haircut is best for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair?

Pixie cuts, bobs, and layers are go-to haircut solutions for damaged hair. Pixies remove split ends entirely for fresh regrowth. A sharp bob hitting above the shoulder provides a blunt line of demarcation between old damage and new growth. Long layers give the illusion of fullness and movement to disguise thinning damaged sections. Any cut removing considerable length refreshes the hair.

Will a haircut help Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair?

Yes, strategic haircuts can absolutely help improve the appearance and health of damaged hair. A good cut will remove split ends and thin, brittle sections so undamaged hair can take center stage. Layers, disconnects, and shattered ends can all distract from the look of damage. Removing length gets rid of dead ends so fresh hair can grow stronger. Over time, the right haircuts help damaged hair regain strength.

What haircut is good for hair breakage?

For hair prone to breakage, cuts that remove damaged ends are ideal. Pixies and bobs cut off split sections entirely. Shoulder-length cuts with long layers minimize weight to reduce stress on fragile strands. Disconnected layering avoids dragging long lengths over vulnerable spots. Face-framing fringe pieces soften the forehead without risking abrasion that causes breakage at the crown. Gentle razor-cutting adds softness. Avoid cuts and pulling all hair over the shoulders.

Which hairstyle is best for Before And After Haircuts For Damaged Hair?

Protective styles like braids, twists, and updos are ideal for disguising a damaged hairline while keeping fragile strands safely tucked away. Cornrow braids along the hairline protect it from friction. Twists covered by a headwrap or scarf also minimize abrasion. Styling hair swept off the face in a ponytail or elegant updo prevents combing at fragile edges. Headscarves and headbands stylishly cover thinning edges as needed between protective styling.

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