Hair Memes 2022 : Funniest That Will Have You in Stitches

Introduction to Hair Memes in 2022

Hair memes 2022 took social media by storm in 2022, resonating with millions of people thanks to their hilarious and relatable commentary on bad hair days, styling fails, and the ever-changing landscape of hair trends.

Overview of Hair Meme Popularity in 2022

Hair memes saw a major uptake in views, shares, and creation in 2022 compared to previous years. Some key statistics:

  • The #badhairday hashtag amassed over 200 million views on TikTok in 2022
  • Facebook hair meme groups like “My Hair is a Mess” grew to over 500,000 members
  • The /r/hairmemes subreddit gained 150,000 new subscribers

Experts attribute this growth to increased stress during the pandemic leading to more bad hair days, as well as the relatable and funny nature of hair memes during uncertain times.

Breakdown of Major Hair Meme Trends

Several categories of hair memes stood out from the pack in 2022.

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As shown in the chart above, styling fail memes were the most popular, followed by memes on hair growth struggles, hilarious solutions for bad hair, and calling out unrealistic standards.

Styling fail memes often poked fun at droopy curls, frizzy hair, and clumsy dye jobs – issues familiar to many. Memes about longing for hair growth struck a chord for those missing their pre-pandemic hair. Solutions memes offered silly fixes like using socks or bowls as makeshift hair accessories when regular tricks failed. And callout memes highlighted the gap between TikTok tutorials with perfect hair and reality.

Deep Dive into Top Hair Meme Content Creators

Behind the viral hair memes taking over feeds in 2022 were these top meme creators.


Run by Sasha, a lifestyle influencer based in Brooklyn, the @curlsandconfidence TikTok and Instagram pages quickly gained traction thanks to relatable memes on styling fails and the ups and downs of curly hair.

hair memes 2022
hair memes 2022

With over 2 million followers across platforms, Sasha’s clips like “that one piece of hair that never curls properly” and clever comic mashups touched a nerve for the curly haired community while spreading laughs.


Jenny, a busy mom of three juggling family, work, and her popular online hair community momwithbedhead, created amusing short form videos poking fun at mom hairstyles like the lopsided toddler ponytail or quick messy buns.

hair memes 2022
hair memes 2022

Her viral memes and comics illustrate the constant hair struggles faced by moms without enough time to shower or style their hair. Jenny’s page amassed over 500,000 followers and sparked several mom hair meme accounts like @momhairprobs101 and @momsbadhair.


The @meowed TikTok and Instagram page, focused on funny hair and beauty fails and mishaps sent in from followers, grew its audience 100x in 2022 thanks to highly sharable blunder videos.

hair memes 2022
hair memes 2022

The account’s cringe-worthy hair mistakes like lopsided bangs, patchy home haircuts, and ugly 90s hairstyles gone wrong, fetched millions of embarrassed views and reactions as people faced their hair demons. @meowed inspired many reaction meme accounts in its wake.

Impact of Hair Memes Breaking Taboos

Past the inherent humor of hair memes lies a greater societal impact – they helped break stigma around topics like hair loss, textured hair care, and bad hair days.

Hair Loss and Growth Struggles

Hair wellness memes have brought difficult issues like alopecia, thinning hair, stress-induced loss and slow growth into mainstream discourse. Humor has helped normalize these often emotional battles. @baldgirlchronicles with her meme skits on bald spots and @nothairsadie poking fun at the trauma of hair falling out after pregnancy are examples.

In 2022, searches for terms like “hair loss meme generator” were up 1000%, showing people increasingly turn to humor when facing once-taboo conditions.

Natural Hair Texture Pride

The natural hair community, especially Black women, celebrated their beautiful curls, coils, and texture with joyful memes of hair wins, diva fro moments, and throwbacks to awkward years struggling to style kinky hair based on white beauty standards.

Memes promoted self-love and banned harmful terms; reaction videos with young girls finally seeing those with hair like theirs go viral. All helping normalize natural textured hair as beautiful.

Bad Hair Days as the Norm

Hair memes arguably made it socially acceptable to have a bad or off day with your hair by showing celebrities, influencers, and models – otherwise depicted as perfect – suffer through their own styling fails and frizzy moments.

They humanized the notion that everyone wakes up like Medusa sometimes. Tags like #normalizemovingonwithbadhair freed people from feeling ashamed or staying in over a few strands out of place.

Key Takeaways on the Lasting Power of Hair Memes

While poking fun at the peaks and pitfalls of dealing with hair, memes meaningfully connected individuals and set hair positivity into motion. Key takeaways on their cultural impact include:

Community – Memes built a sense of community and camaraderie by showing others share your hair woes

Confidence – Laughing at mishaps fostered confidence to rock bedhead with pride

Catharsis – Humor offers cathartic relief over stressful hair loss or growth setbacks

Change – Normalizing all hair textures dismantles problematic beauty standards

While the meme frenzy may stabilize from its 2022 prime, hair memes will continue stirring up smiles and shaping attitudes for years to come thanks to the funny, fuzzy, and sometimes frustrating relation people have with their hair.


In summary, hair memes reached extraordinary popularity in 2022 as people bonded over the hilarious and agonizing reality of styling fails, bad hair days, hair loss struggles, and attempts to meet unrealistic standards.

Top content creators like @curlsandconfidence, @momwithbedhead, and @meowed attracted millions of followers through relatable humor across curly dilemmas, mom hair chaos, and cringe-worthy mistakes.

Beyond the laughter sparked, hair memes made monumental progress in breaking stigmas around once-taboo topics like natural textures, hair thinning, and the expectation of perfection.

As memes carry on driving hair positivity and community building, their lasting cultural footprint will be one that normalized simply having a good or bad hair day as an intrinsic shared experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Hair Memes in 2022

What fueled the immense popularity of hair memes in 2022?

Stress leading to more bad hair days during the pandemic coupled with the highly funny and relatable nature of hair meme content, allowed it to resonate widely and take off exponentially in 2022, amassing billions of views.

How did hair memes help break down societal taboos?

They brought difficult issues like hair loss and struggles managing natural hair into mainstream light through humor, helping normalize these often emotional topics people once felt ashamed to discuss.

What were the most popular categories of hair memes last year?

Memes poking fun at styling fails, desperate solutions for bad hair days, the agonies of trying to achieve hair growth, and calling out unrealistic standards set by social media took the top spots in 2022.

Who were the most viral hair meme content creators and what made their content special?

@curlsandconfidence (Sasha) struck a chord with those having curly hair disasters. @momwithbedhead (Jenny) parodied the mom hair juggle. And @meowed compiled cringe-worthy yet hilarious hair blunders that fetched millions of views.

How did hair memes bring people together in community?

They sparked a sense of solidarity, camaraderie, and confidence by illustrating shared hair experiences – assuring people they weren’t alone in their styling mishaps or growth struggles.

Did the meme trend promote any unhealthy beauty standards?

On the contrary, hair memes usually poked fun at and called out unrealistic beauty depictions on social media, helping normalize all hair types and free people from feeling pressured to hide bad hair days.

What do analysts predict about the future trajectory and lasting power of hair memes?

Though the meteoric rise may taper off post its 2022 prime, hair memes are expected to remain evergreen thanks to the perpetual relationship people have with their hair – spanning the good, the bad, and the awkward.

Did any concerning issues arise from the prevalent hair meme culture?

Some critics argue the comedy at the expense of others in cringe-based blunder comps demands more sensitivity. However, content creators say blurring faces and only featuring voluntary submissions circumvents ethical concerns.

How did hair memes boost broader discussions on representation and inclusiveness for marginalized groups?

They enabled more dialogue about respecting natural Black hair and textured hair types often excluded from beauty standards and discourse. Bringing these conversations into the mainstream promotes further acceptance and empowerment.

What advice do style experts offer for gracefully handling real-life hair disasters like those depicted in viral memes?

Hairstylists suggest having go-to tricks in your arsenal like easy messy buns, headbands, hats, or bandanas to conceal bad hair days while prioritizing laughing it off over obsessing or feeling ashamed. A spritz of dry shampoo doesn’t hurt either!

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