The Half Up Half Down Grow Out: A Flattering In-Between Hairstyle 2024

The half up half down grow out style is a gorgeous look for hair. By pulling back just the top section, it keeps hair tidy and stylish during awkward mid-length stages. Half-up dos are easy, flattering styles that add polish while remaining casual enough for day-to-day.

What is the Half Up Half Down?

This popular hairdo involves:

  • Leaving the bottom half of hair down loose
  • Pulling the top half back and securing up
  • Creating a stylish mix of relaxed yet put-together

Half-up styles are versatile for accentuating natural texture. They can be worn messy with strands falling out for a casual vibe or smoothly slicked for elegance.

Benefits of the Half Up Half Down Grow Out

There are many advantages to wearing half up half down styles while growing out your hair:

Keeps Hair Back from Face

Pulling up the top half prevents loose strands from falling in your face. This keeps hair tidy and comfortable.

Shows Off Healthy Ends

Leaving the bottom half down displays the fresh ends and pretty movement of hair. Half-up styles show off hair at its best.

Easier Styling

Securing half the hair makes styling faster and smoother compared to leaving all hair down.

Accentuates Layers

Half updos are perfect for showing off long layers as hair transitions from short to long. The mixture of textures is beautiful.


Half-up styles work for all hair lengths and textures, making them extremely versatile.

Half Up Half Down Variations

There are many different ways to wear the half up half down look:


  • Low ponytail or bun
  • Mid ponytail or bun
  • High ponytail or bun
  • Top knot


  • Center parted
  • Side parted
  • Deep side part
  • Multiple parts


  • Smooth
  • Textured
  • Messy
  • Piece


  • Headband
  • Barrette
  • Scarf
  • Hat
Half Up Half Down VariationsDescription
Low heightLow ponytail or bun
Mid heightMid ponytail or bun
High heightHigh ponytail or bun
Top knotKnot secured on crown
Center partStraight back part
Side partSide parted updo
Deep side partExaggerated side part
Multiple partsSmall sections pulled back
SmoothSleek polished updo
TexturedUndone textured look
MessyStrands left out messily
PiecyPieces left down intentionally
HeadbandAdded thin headband
BarretteDecorative barrette
ScarfAdded wrapped scarf
HatPaired with a hat

How to Do the Half Up Half Down

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to achieve the Half Up Half Down Grow Out look:


  • Start with clean, dry hair
  • Apply desired products like sea salt spray for texture


  • Create central or side parting
  • Parting determines the area left down

Pull Up

  • Take the top half above the parting
  • Smooth into a ponytail or bun


  • Fasten with a hair tie, bungee, or pins
  • Hide elastics by wrapping strands around


  • Mist with hairspray to hold
  • Perfect flyaways and loose pieces

Style Ideas for Half Up Half Down

  • Boho goddess – breezy waves, headband, face-framing tendrils
  • Romantic – curled ends, ribbon-tying updo
  • Rocker-textured waves, messy knot
  • Polished – straight sleek pony, headband
  • Princess – elegant low twisted bun, braid accent


During the awkward stages of growing out your hair, Half Up Half Down Grow Out styles are gorgeous and practical looks. Pulling up the top half keeps hair tidy and stylish while leaving the bottom down shows off healthy length and movement. This flattering look works for all hair types and frames the face beautifully. Both elegant and relaxed, the Half Up Half Down Grow Out is ideal for a natural yet polished in-between style while you grow your hair out.

FAQ About Half Up Half Down Grow Out Styles

What is the Half Up Half Down Grow Out hairstyle?

The half up half down involves leaving the bottom section of hair down while pulling the top half up into a ponytail, bun, or knot. This creates a cute mixed look.

Why is it good for growing out hair?

Half-up styles keep hair neat while accentuating the pretty movement and flow of the bottom layers. It prevents loose or awkward stages.

How do you determine which section stays down?

Use your parting to divide the sections. For a side part, leave the heavier side down. For a central part, leave an even amount down on both sides.

What textures work best for Half Up Half Down Grow Out styles?

Half up does suit straight, wavy, curly, and oily hair equally. Texture products like sea salt spray add bounce and separation.

What accessories complement the look?

Headbands, scarves, barrettes, and hats pair nicely with half-up styles. Weave ribbons into braids or knots for a whimsical feel.

What face shapes does a half up half down compliment?

Half-up styles tend to suit oval, heart, and round face shapes by framing the face flatteringly. Pull back very cleanly for square faces.

How do you transition from half up half down to fully up or down?

As your hair length changes over time, adjust the sectioning to gradually shift to all up or all down styles.

What products help secure half-up dos?

Opt for flexible hold hairsprays, texturizing spray, or salt spray to hold styles without stiffness. Avoid heavy gels or mousse.

Should half up dos be sleek or messy for grow outs?

Half up styles look pretty either smoothed neatly or left organic and undone. Match your hair texture and occasion.

What length of hair do you need for half up styles?

Half up dos work even with short hair by pulling up just the top inch or two. They are perfect for almost every length.

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