Unlocking Success: Exploring Earnings How Much Do Sisterlocks Consultants Make 2024

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how much do sisterlocks consultants make is a unique, precision-based approach to creating and maintaining dreadlocked hair. The intricate installation and consistent maintenance requires expertise from specially trained consultants. What factors into the cost of Sisterlocks appointments?

What am I Paying For with a Sisterlocks Appointment?

There are many elements that go into each Sisterlocks session with a certified consultant:

  • Consultation – Discuss your hair goals, medical history, and styling preferences. Evaluating your hair health and texture.
  • Precision Installation – Creating and attaching Sisterlocks on your whole head, strand-by-strand. Very labor intensive.
  • Customization – Tailoring size, pattern, and styling of locks based on your hair and goals.
  • Education – Teaching you how to properly care for and maintain your Sisterlocks at home.
  • Experience – You pay for the consultant’s extensive expertise and training with Sisterlocks.
  • Products/Tools – The specialized combs, clips, jewelry, and hair products used.
  • Time – Installation can take 8-16 hours, maintenance 2-5 hours.
  • Business Expenses – Consulting room rental, tools, licenses, marketing, insurance, etc.
  • Exclusive Brand – You pay a premium for the licensed Sisterlocks system and methodology.

So in short – you are paying for far more than just the appointment time when you invest in quality Sisterlocks services.

Average Cost of Sisterlock Appointments in Select States

Pricing can vary based on your region, the consultant’s experience level, and other factors. Here are some average costs:

TABLE: Average Sisterlocks Appointment Costs

ServiceCaliforniaFloridaGeorgiaNew YorkTexas
Initial Consultation$75-150$50-100$50-150$100-250$50-100
Full Installation$800-2500$500-1800$500-2000$900-3000$500-2000
Maintenance Retightening$150-300$100-250$100-250$200-500$100-300
Partial Retightening$100-250$75-150$50-150$100-300$50-200

As you can see, New York and California tend to be the most expensive states for Sisterlocks services while Florida and Texas are more affordable. Prices also depend on factors like your hair length and density.

how much do sisterlocks consultants make Cost in Select States

The consultation is a key first step to see if the Sisterlocks system is right for your hair goals and to plan the installation. Here are typical costs:

TABLE: Sisterlocks Consultation Prices

StateAverage Price RangeDetails
California$100-150Higher demand allows for premium pricing
Florida$75-100Consultations tend to be more budget-friendly
Georgia$75-150Price depends on metropolitan area
New York$150-250Among the highest consultation costs
Texas$50-100More affordability compared to coastal states

Expect to pay $50-250 for an initial Sisterlocks consultation based on your location, the consultant’s qualifications, and the depth of the consultation. This visit is an important investment before committing to Sisterlocks installs and maintenance.

Sisterlocks Retightening Costs in Select States

Following installation, regular retightening appointments are needed to maintain the Sisterlocks. Here are typical costs:

TABLE: Average Retightening Appointment Prices

StateAverage Price RangeDetails
California$150-300Frequency depends on hair growth rate
Florida$100-200Humidity impacts maintenance needs
Georgia$100-175Average costs outside major cities
New York$175-350High demand allows for higher prices
Texas$100-250Range based on consultant experience

Retightening maintenance usually costs $100-300 per appointment. Expect 6-12 scheduled retightenings per year to keep Sisterlocks tight and neat.

How Long Do Sisterlocks Last?

With proper maintenance from a certified consultant, Sisterlocks can last for many years. The longevity depends on several factors:

  • Retightening Frequency – Regular appointments (6-12x annually) are vital.
  • Home Hair Care – Following your consultant’s instructions for washing, moisturizing, etc.
  • Genetics – Some people’s hair may be prone to breakage.
  • Styling – Too tight styles long-term may damage locks.
  • Environment – Exposure to harsh weather, chlorine, chemicals, etc.

Sisterlocks can last 5-10+ years with appropriate consultations for tightening and care. Let your consultant know right away if you experience any concerns like excessive thinning or breakage.

How Can I Make the Most of My Appointments?

You invest significant time and money into Sisterlocks appointments, so make sure you maximize the value:

  • Come with clean, product-free hair to allow for thorough tightening and inspection for best results.
  • Arrive early or on time to get the full service.
  • Discuss any changes in medications, health conditions, or products used since the last visit.
  • Ask your consultant to demonstrate proper shampooing, moisturizing, and home care techniques.
  • Request style ideas and tips tailored to your face shape, lifestyle, and goals.
  • Take notes on suggestions for maintaining your Sisterlocks between appointments.
  • Book your next tightening well in advance to schedule at the ideal frequency.

Being engaged and proactive ensures you get the most out of each appointment to protect your investment in beautiful Sisterlocks for years to come.

Can’t I Just Do My Own Sisterlocks?

While it may seem simple, installing and maintaining Sisterlocks properly requires specialized expertise and experience. Do-it-yourself Sisterlocks carries risks:

  • Incorrect Technique – Years of training are needed to learn the meticulous Sisterlocks method. It’s easy to make errors that damage the hair overall.
  • Inconsistent Tightening – Self-tightening often becomes sporadic over time leading to neatness issues.
  • Potential Damage – Pulling locks too tight or improper home care can cause breakage and thinning.
  • Void Warranty – Self-installed locks void any coverage from the licensed Sisterlocks company.
  • Resale Difficulty – If you eventually want them removed, self-installed locks have far less value and are harder to sell than consultant-created ones.

While the upfront costs of a certified consultant are an investment, the value of protecting your hair health and achieving your beauty goals is well worth it!

How Do I Know I’ve Found a Great Consultant?

Not all how much do sisterlocks consultants make have the same experience levels. Here are signs of an excellent one:

  • Proper Licensure – They are licensed by Sisterlocks for training and legally approved to provide services.
  • Strong Portfolio – Examples of their work demonstrate consistently neat, well-maintained Sisterlocks installs.
  • Great Reviews – Online reviews and testimonials point to high satisfaction levels.
  • Prompt Replies – They respond to inquiries promptly and keep scheduled appointments.
  • Hair Analysis – Your specific texture, goals, and needs are evaluated during consultations.
  • Customization – They tailor the installation and maintenance based on what’s best for your hair.
  • Clear Contracts – No hidden fees or surprise charges – everything is agreed upon upfront.

Take time to find the right certified Sisterlocks consultant for you. This is a long-term investment, so choose carefully to ensure the best results and a positive local journey!

How To Become a Sisterlocks Consultant

Many talented hair stylists are drawn to becoming Sisterlocks consultants. Here are steps to get Sisterlocks certified and build your loc business:

Sisterlocks Training Prerequisites

To qualify for Sisterlocks training you must:

  • Hold an active cosmetology or barbering license in your state
  • Have at least 1 year of professional salon experience
  • Commit to purchasing a Sisterlocks trainee kit ($1900-2600 value)

Sisterlocks cannot be legally offered without approved licensing. The initial investment covers your training materials and starter equipment.

Sisterlocks Consultant Training Options

Two paths exist for getting certified in the Sisterlocks method:

Online Training

  • A self-paced online course you complete at your own speed
  • Interactive learning videos and downloadable guides
  • Take the final exam online
  • Lower cost than in-person

In-Person Workshops

  • Attend a 2-3 day intensive Sisterlocks workshop
  • Get hands-on practice with live models

Sisterlocks Training Materials

Sisterlocks trainees receive instructional materials to learn the patented technique including:

  • Sisterlocks Consultant Instruction Manual – Comprehensive guides detailing their approach to precision installation, maintenance, and client care.
  • Training Video Modules – Watch certified consultants demonstrate proper Sisterlocks techniques.
  • Practice Mannequin Heads – This lets you get hands-on experience installing practice Sisterlocks before working with real clients.
  • Toolkit – Contains duckbill clips, rattail comb, measuring tape, and other essential startup tools.

Study materials provide detailed visual guidance so you can become skilled in the nuances of the Sisterlocks system.

Performing Safe Sisterlocks Installations

Mastering safe and proper Sisterlock installation techniques ensures a smooth loc journey for clients:

  • Invest in comfortable salon furniture allowing you to access all angles around clients’ heads.
  • Carefully section clean, conditioned hair using duckbill clips for stability.
  • Create uniform, precision parts using tools like a rattail comb and measuring tape.
  • Use a rounded-tip latch hook to gather small sections of hair to form locks.
  • Master the optimal wrapping method to start new locs smoothly and securely.
  • Learn to gently palm roll locs to encourage even shaping and tightening.
  • Check-in regularly with clients about comfort – adjusting if any pain.
  • Avoid over-tightening locs which can damage the hair follicles.
  • Apply moisturizer after installation to condition and protect new locs.

Patience and attention to detail are essential when learning to properly start and form clients’ how much do sisterlocks consultants make for long-lasting neatness and hair health.

Becoming Part of the Sisterlocks Community

One of the perks of Sisterlocks certification is joining the larger community:

  • Access to the Sisterlocks Private Facebook Group to engage with thousands of consultants and loc enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Local salons may offer apprenticeship programs to train under their top Sisterlocks stylists.
  • Attend the annual Sisterlocks Conference to network and continue building skills.
  • List your updated services and portfolio on the Sisterlocks Consultant Directory.
  • Follow Sisterlocks on social media for the latest technique tips, styles, and news.

The support, camaraderie, and continual learning available to certified consultants help grow your reputation and local business.

Key Skills Clients Look For in Sisterlocks Consultants

To satisfy clients and succeed in this field, cultivate these skills:

  • Patience – Installs and maintenance can be very lengthy services requiring persistence.
  • Precision – Clients want perfect parts and immaculate loc formation.
  • Customization – Tailor consultations and services based on each client’s unique needs and hair properties.
  • Education – Teach clients how to properly care for their Sisterlocks at home.
  • Rapport – Clients appreciate a warm, engaging personality and want a long-term relationship.
  • Availability – Provide schedule flexibility for appointments and follow-ups.
  • Consistency – Ensure consistent results and solid loc maintenance through years of retightening.
  • Business Savvy – Running a smooth operation and managing the financials well.
  • Passion – Genuine enthusiasm for the Sisterlocks brand and loc journeys.

Focus on continually improving these areas to gain loyal clients, 5-star reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Do Sisterlocks Consultants make

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Sisterlocks for deeper insights into costs, maintenance, and the consultant role:

How Much Does Sisterlocks Retightening Cost on Average?

The typical range for Sisterlocks maintenance retightening sessions is $100-300 per appointment. Average costs are:

  • $175-300 – For metropolitan areas like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago
  • $150-200 – Mid-sized cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix
  • $100-175 – Smaller towns and cities with lower cost of living

Factors impacting retightening costs include your local market rates, the experience level of your consultant, the number of locs you have, and how frequently sessions are needed to keep your locs tight and neat.

How Should Consultants Charge for Sisterlocks Services?

These are the best practices for how much do sisterlocks consultants make to determine pricing:

  • Calculate your business expenses (licensing, training, tools, rent, insurance, marketing, etc.)
  • Research rates of other Sisterlocks consultants in your geographical area.
  • Consider your level of Sisterlocks expertise and years certified.
  • Factor in the labor intensity and time required per service.
  • Determine what pricing aligns with your target clientele’s budgets.
  • Offer new client discounts but avoid reducing rates too drastically.
  • Review pricing annually and adjust based on increased material/labor costs.

Are Sisterlocks Really Worth the Money?

The consistent investment in maintenance is worthwhile considering the benefits of how much do sisterlocks consultants make:

  • A versatile, low-maintenance hairstyle that works for many lifestyles.
  • Excellent protective style reducing
  • Excellent protective style reducing daily styling time.
  • Promotes hair growth by minimizing breakage when properly installed and maintained.
  • Small, neat uniform size allows for a range of styling options from updos to hanging loose.
  • Precise grid pattern has a modern, edgy aesthetic unlike traditional locs.
  • Opens opportunities like becoming a certified Sisterlocks consultant.
  • Joining a supportive community of women on similar natural hair journeys.

For those who value how much do sisterlocks consultants make look and community, the maintenance costs are well worth it. However, requiring a long-term financial commitment should be carefully considered.

What Does a Full Set of Sisterlocks Cost on Average?

A full head of Sisterlocks can range from $1500-5000+ for installation. Average costs are:

  • $2500-5000 – Major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York City
  • $2000-3000 – Mid-size cities like Houston, Atlanta, Chicago
  • $1500-2500 – Smaller towns and cities with lower cost of living

Variables impacting full Sisterlocks installation pricing:

  • Regional average rates
  • Your hair length and density
  • Consultant’s experience level
  • Salons with higher overhead charge more
  • Discounts for referrals or new client specials

To keep costs lower, consider consultants with 5-10 years of experience rather than decades. Always get a detailed quote upfront.

How Can I Save Money on My Sisterlocks?

Some tips for saving money on Sisterlocks:

  • Ask about new client discounts or package deals bundling installs and several retightenings.
  • Inquire if they offer payment plans to break up costs interest-free.
  • Get consults and installs on weekdays when some consultants offer discounts.
  • Schedule retightening well in advance to get optimal appointment times.
  • Extend the time between retightenings as your budget allows.
  • Do thorough but gentle shampooing and styling yourself between appointments.
  • Take excellent care avoiding damage that requires pricey emergency work.
  • Get free maintenance tips from consultants during visits.
  • Invest in satin bonnets, soft scrunchies, and other protective hair accessories.

With some savvy scheduling and haircare practices, you can reduce how much do sisterlocks consultants make a bit. But avoid compromising on proper routine upkeep.

Is Becoming a how much do sisterlocks consultants make Profitable?

how much do sisterlocks consultants make certification opens opportunities for a profitable natural hair business:

  • Low startup costs compared to other salon ventures. Mostly just the training, tools, and marketing expenses.
  • No ongoing franchise fees – unlike chains like Supercuts or Great Clips. Allows higher profit margins.
  • Specialized skills are in high demand with relatively few certified consultants nationwide.
  • Long-term repeat revenue from maintenance clients.
  • Higher price point services than basic braiding or styling.
  • A smaller clientele of Sisterlocks wearers enables highly customized care.
  • Can operate as a one-person microbusiness from home if desired. Lower overhead.

Overall, becoming a certified how much do sisterlocks consultants maket can become a rewarding and financially sustainable business model with proper execution.

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