Ja Morant Bun Iconic Hairstyle The Story Behind the Look 2024

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Discover the iconic dreadlocked hairstyle of NBA superstar ja morant bun. See how Morant’s natural tight curls form into signature locs. Learn Morant’s hair type and how freeform dreadlocking works. Get details on how Morant grew and styled his dreadlocks over the years, from college to the NBA. Read about Morant’s hair evolution from twists to epic flowing dreadlocks with cool parts, dyes, lengths, and updos. See why Morant’s hair exemplifies his flashy, improvisational playing style.

Learn how ja morant bun cares for his dreadlocks to maintain optimal hair health and bounce. Get tips to recreate Morant’s dread style for yourself from someone with a similar curl pattern. Everything you need to know about Ja Morant’s majestic freeform dreadlocks and how they became his trademark fashion statement across the NBA. How Morant’s hair reflects his bold personal style and celebration of his natural 4C texture. The iconic meaning behind Morant’s locs and their role in his overall brand and image. An in-depth look at the NBA’s most recognizable dreadlocked hairstyle sported by Memphis Grizzlies rising superstar ja morant bun.

Ja Morant Hairstyle

Ja Morant Bun has become one of the biggest superstars in the NBA, both for his electrifying play on the court and his iconic sense of style off the court. The Memphis Grizzlies point guard is known for his majestic dreadlocks that flow up and down the court as he relentlessly attacks the rim.

Morant’s hairstyle is a huge part of his overall look and brand. His free-flowing dreads exemplify his flashy, daring playing style, while also giving him an unmistakable silhouette on the court. Let’s take a closer look at the different elements of Ja Morant’s hairstyle over the years.

Ja Morant Hair in an Afro

Early in his college career at Murray State, Morant wore his hair in a short afro style. This youthful, cleanly cropped cut showed off his tight hair coils and curls.

The afro works well with Morant’s oval head shape and prominent forehead. As his hair grew out, the afro shape gradually transformed into longer dreadlocks.

How to Achieve Ja Morant Bun Hairstyle

Ja Morant’s hair type is ideally suited for creating easy, natural-looking dreads. He has tight 4C coils that easily lock up into carefree, bouncy dreadlocks.

To get the Ja Morant look, start by growing out your curls into twists or coils several inches long. Then use the neglect method or free-form technique to encourage those strands to tangle and mesh together into dreadlocks.

Avoid using wax, which can make dreads appear too neat and defined. Morant’s dreads look laidback and imperfect, retaining his hair’s natural texture.

Ja Morant’s Hairstyle and Hair Type

Morant has Type 4C African hair known for its tight, prominent coils. This hair type naturally forms into springy strands perfect for creating easy, fuss-free dreadlocks.

By embracing his natural texture, Morant achieves an effortlessly cool dreadlocked hairstyle that moves fluidly when he plays basketball. His hair type gives him an advantage when growing defined dreadlocks with bounce and volume.

Ja Morant’s Dreadlock Ideas

Over his first few NBA seasons, Morant experimented with different dreadlock styles while allowing his locs to grow longer. Here are some of his best dread looks to inspire your hairstyle.

The Blowout

This style involves stretching out the dreadlocks for volume. Morant’s hair is teased into a voluminous puff surrounding his head like a mane.

Middle Length Dreads

As his dreads grew past his chin, Morant let them hang loose becoming a signature part of his look on and off the court.

Part Cornrows

Some of the front dreads are braided back into cornrows while the rest flows freely. This adds some flair and direction to the hairstyle.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Morant had the ends of his dreadlocks twisted into skinny two-tone coils in both blond and reddish hues.

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

Half the dreads are dyed blond while the other half is left dark, separated by a part down the middle. The two-tone effect makes a bold fashion statement.

Dread Bun

Morant piled the dreadlocks high atop his head and secured them loosely into a messy bun. It keeps the long locks out of his face but maintains volume on top.

Epic Ja Morant Hairstyles You Can Try in 2024

Ja Morant’s dreadlocked hairstyles have evolved over his first few NBA seasons as his hair continued growing into longer lengths. Here are some of Morant’s latest and greatest dreadlock looks that will be trending in 2024.

Top Ja Morant Hairstyles

  • Medium Length Dreads
  • Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads
  • Afro Taper Fade
  • Ja Morant Twists
  • The Cornrow Dreads
  • The Classic Blowout
  • Half Up Dreads

Medium Length Dreads

Medium Length Dreads
Medium Length Dreads

As Morant’s dreadlocks graze his shoulders, he embraces wearing his locs loose and unrestrained. The medium length gives him a fuller head of hair.

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads
Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

With blonde dreadlocks on one side and dark dreadlocks on the other, parted deeply down the middle, this bold color statement epitomizes Morant’s flash.

Afro Taper Fade

Afro Taper Fade
Afro Taper Fade

Morant coupled his dreads with a high-top afro and taper fade haircut. This hybrid look blends old-school and new-school vibes.

Ja Morant Twists

Ja Morant Twists
Ja Morant Twists

For a unique touch, Morant had sections of his dreads twisted up into skinny coils while leaving most of the length loose.

The Cornrow Dreads

The Cornrow Dreads
The Cornrow Dreads

By braiding back his front dreads, Morant keeps his hair out of his face and shows off a cool braided detail.

The Classic Blowout

The Classic Blowout
The Classic Blowout

Teasing the dreadlocks into a blown-out afro silhouette creates striking volume and shape around Morant’s head.

Half Up Dreads

Half Up Dreads
Half Up Dreads

Pulling the top half of the dreads into a top knot creates a practical style that maintains Morant’s dreadlocked aesthetic.

Ja Morant Hairstyle: A Flashy NBA Superstar with Majestic Dreads

Ja Morant’s signature dreadlocks have quickly made him one of the most recognizable and exciting players in the NBA. Between his gravity-defying dunks and majestic flowing hair, Morant provides plenty of highlight reel moments anytime he takes the court.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Memphis Grizzlies superstar crafts his unique hairstyle that embodies both his natural hair texture and flashy sense of style.

A Dive Into Ja Morant’s Hairstyle and Hair Type

Morant’s hair type is 4C, the tightest coil pattern that naturally forms into springy ringlets. This texture is ideal for creating defined dreadlocks because the coils easily tangle together into locs.

By foregoing tight hairstyles that require manipulation, Morant enables his hair to mesh freely into bouncy, carefree dreadlocks. The neglect method yields an effortlessly cool finished look.

6 Dreadlock Ideas of Ja Morant that Scream Style and Elegance

Over his first few NBA seasons, as Morant’s dreads continued to lengthen, he began experimenting with different styling ideas. Here are some of his best-dreadlocked looks.

Middle Length Dreads

Middle Length Dreads
Middle Length Dreads

Letting his dreadlocks hang loose once they passed chin length gave Morant’s hairstyle a fuller, more mature look befitting an NBA star.

Part Cornrows

Part Cornrows
Part Cornrows

By braiding back-the-front dreads, Morant created direction and flair with this unconventional cornrow hybrid style.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils
Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Twisting the ends of his dreadlocks into two-tone blonde and red skinny coils exemplified Morant’s fashion-forward mentality.

Dread Bun

Dread Bun
Dread Bun

For practicality, Morant piled his long dreadlocks into a high messy bun that still maintained their volume and shape.

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads
Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

This unique half-blonde, half-dark dreadlocks look, parted deeply down the middle, made a bold hair statement perfect for Morant’s daring style.

Free-Form Locs

Embracing his natural texture by allowing his hair to freely knot up into carefree locs was the key to Morant achieving his signature dreadlocked style.

Ja Morant’s Majestic Free-Form Locs Took Years to Perfect

Ja Morant’s jaw-dropping dreadlocks didn’t happen overnight. By embracing his natural hair texture and avoiding manipulation, Morant has perfected an envy-inducing free-form style that reflects his laidback swagger.

Morant’s Hair Journey

In high school and early college, Morant wore his hair cropped short in a twists/afro look. As the coils grew out, his hair began naturally forming into free-form locs.

Morant allowed this process to continue without interference. His locs tightened up and became more defined as the length increased. Now in the NBA, Morant’s locs have reached a majestic length.

Growing Pains

Loc’ing does not happen magically. Morant likely endured an awkward frizzy phase while his hair transitioned and locked up. But resisting the urge to neaten up the locs allows them to mesh into carefree strands.

Patience Is Key

Morant has been growing his free-form dreadlocks for over five years now. Time and patience have been key to reaching his current hairstyle that stands out in the NBA.

Loc’ing hair is a marathon, not a sprint. But the payoff of uniquely defined locs is well worth the slow journey. Morant offers inspiration to stay patient through the process.

Ja Morant Bun Hair

Ja Morant bun hair
Ja Morant bun hair

Ja Morant’s hairstyle is as distinctive as his electrifying play on the court. The Memphis Grizzlies superstar is known for his free-flowing dreadlocks that bounce animatedly as he attacks the rim. One of Morant’s signature ‘dos is pulling his locs up into a dread bun.

The dread bun keeps Morant’s lengthy dreadlocks off his neck and out of his face while maintaining their volume and texture. It’s a practical style choice given how active Morant is on the basketball court. But it also makes a fashion statement with his towering bun of kinky locs atop his head.

To create the look, Morant piles his dozens of dreads together and secures them loosely with a hair tie, leaving the ends a bit messy. The dread bun exudes a carefree vibe and shows off the height and body of Morant’s hair.

Morant’s dread bun channels both athletic practicality and artistic flair. It has become an iconic part of his overall dreadlocked hairstyle that embodies his flashy playing style. The gravity-defying height of Morant’s dread bun makes it a distinctive silhouette in the NBA.

Pulling his free-form locs into a bun gives Morant’s hairstyle a new dimension while still celebrating his natural texture. For Memphis Grizzlies fans, there’s no mistaking the man with the majestic dread bun fearlessly leading their fastbreak.

Ja Morant Hair style

Ja Morant bun style
Ja Morant bun style

Ja Morant’s unique hairstyle is nearly as eye-catching as his electrifying play on the court. The Memphis Grizzlies superstar has become known for his iconic free-form dreadlocks that flow behind him as he attacks the rim.

Morant’s hair makes a definite statement about his bold personal style. But it also reflects his embrace of his natural 4C hair texture. Rather than opting for a shapelier maintained hairstyle, Morant lets his tight coils lock up into carefree, bouncy dreadlocks.

The process began back in high school as Morant grew his fro out into twists. As the hair lengthened, sections started meshing together into free-form locs. Morant didn’t neaten up the strands but rather let the dreads knot up organically.

Now Morant’s dreadlocks hit his shoulders, forming a halo of hair that moves fluidly as he plays. The locs exemplify Morant’s flair for the unconventional. Their uneven, imperfect shaping gives them character and authenticity.

For Morant, his dreadlocked hairstyle ties back to his skills on the court. The free-flowing improvisational quality of the locs mirrors his loose, creative playing style. Both his hair and his game embody the mantra of letting natural talent flourish without restriction.

With his iconic dreadlocked look, Ja Morant has brought a distinctive style to the NBA. The originality of Morant’s hair makes it a perfect match for his jaw-dropping brand of basketball.

Ja Morant Hair Colors Bold

ja morant hair color
ja morant hair color

In addition to his gravity-defying dunks, Ja Morant brings striking style to the court with his creative hair colors. The Memphis Grizzlies star frequently experiments with bleaching and dyeing his signature dreadlocks.

Morant’s hair colors are as daring and non-conformist as his flashy brand of basketball. He first tested the multi-tone trend by bleaching the bottom half of his dreadlocks blonde. This gave him locs a cool dual-color effect as he flew down the court.

Taking it up a notch, Morant later divided his dreads cleanly in half, dying one side platinum blonde and leaving the other side dark black. This unique half-and-half look, bisected by a part down the middle, made a bold fashion statement perfect for Morant’s flashy persona.

Most recently, Morant added some reddish-orange dye into the mix by twisting the ends of his dreadlocks into skinny multi-colored coils. The red and blonde tips stand out vividly against his dark locks. The curtained coloring has a stylish, artistic vibe.

By frequently changing up the hues, Morant keeps his dreadlocked hairstyle looking fresh and exciting. The colors reflect his desire for original self-expression through his image. For fans, the vibrant colors make Morant’s majestic mane even more mesmerizing as he soars through the air.

Ja Morant isn’t afraid to use his hair as a canvas for creativity. There’s no telling what bold colors he might debut next to match his jaw-dropping skills.

Ja Morant Hair Up Stylish

ja morant hair up
ja morant hair up

When your hair is as voluminous as Ja Morant’s, lifting those locs up off your neck feels great. The Memphis Grizzlies star incorporates hair updos into his signature dreadlocked style for both function and fashion.

Morant’s most iconic updo look is his towering dread bun. Sweeping his dozens of free-form dreads up into a loose topknot creates dramatic height and shape. Fans can spot Morant’s gravity-defying dread bun from anywhere in the arena.

For more flair, Morant has been known to braid or twist the front top section of his locs before gathering everything into a high bun. This adds neat textured detailing contrasting with the messy bun.

On the sidelines, Morant may opt for a simpler half-up half-down style, pulling just the top layer of dreadlocks up and leaving the bottom loose. This keeps some of the lengths off his neck while maintaining the free-flowing dreadlocked look.

When Morant needs his lengthy locs completely secured, he’ll go for a stretched-back ponytail extending the dreadlocks down his back. Though not his most common look, the slick pony shows off the full length of his hair.

However he styles them up, Morant’s dreadlocked updos allow him to stay stylish and practical for the demands of NBA basketball. The updos showcase his flair for bold hairstyling using his natural texture as a canvas for creativity.

The Iconic NBA Superstar Ja Morant Hair

ja morant hair
ja morant hair

Ja Morant’s gravity-defying athleticism may be his most obvious gift, but his head-turning hairstyle also makes a statement every time he steps on the court. The Memphis Grizzlies phenom has become known for his majestic free-flowing dreadlocks which have become an iconic part of his look.

ja morant hair exemplifies his flair for nonconformist style and celebrates his natural texture. Let’s take a closer look at how Morant crafts his signature dreadlocked ‘do.

The Natural Roots of Morant’s Locs

ja morant hair type is 4C, characterized by very tight coils that naturally interlock. This texture easily forms into bouncy, defined dreadlocks. Rather than choosing a more manipulated hairstyle, Morant embraced this natural curl pattern.

He began growing his hair out into twists and coils. As it lengthened, Morant let his hair loc up without any waxing or tight shaping. The neglect technique allowed his tight curls to mesh organically into free-flowing dreadlocks.

Patience Through the Awkward Stage

Losing hair requires patience through messy phases before the finished look emerges. Morant likely endured frustrating times when his hair was unruly before the mature dreadlocks developed.

Resisting the urge to tidy up the locs allows the strands to knot together into permanent, defined locks. Morant’s patience paid off with distinctive dreads.

Maintenance of Healthy Locs

To maintain the integrity of his dreadlocks, Morant keeps them lightly moisturized. This prevents the hair from becoming brittle. Regular washing and gentle unraveling also reduce excessive buildup.

By caring for his natural texture, Morant keeps his locs bouncy and elastic. His dreads aren’t just a style but an expression of his hair health.

The Evolution of Morant’s Dreadlocked Hairstyle

As his locs grew past his chin, Morant began experimenting with length, styling, and color. He blew his dreads into a voluminous fro. He added blonde dye. He styled his hair up in buns and ponytails.

This artistic expression through his hair helps Morant stand out in the NBA. His locs portray his personality – bold, unconventional, and unafraid to have fun.

What Ja Morant’s Hair Says About Him

Ultimately, Morant’s dreadlocked hairstyle ties back to his improvisational playing style. The messy imperfections of his locs mirror his loose creative approach on the court.

Rather than over-manipulate his hair into conformity, Morant lets his natural texture and talent flourish. This adventurous mentality defines both his unique coif and his electrifying game.

Ja Morant’s iconic dreadlocks exemplify artistic self-expression and a willingness to embrace organic imperfections with pride. His hair has become a symbol of his distinctive style that rises above basketball expectations. For Morant, hair and hoops intertwine as avenues for fearless creativity.

How to Get Ja Morant’s Dreadlocked Look

Want to emulate Morant’s standout locs? Here are some tips:

  • Grow out your natural curl pattern several inches
  • Section hair evenly to encourage the dread formation
  • Allow hair to loc using the neglect/freeform method
  • Palm roll locs gently to shape; avoid over-twisting
  • Be patient through awkward phases until locs mature
  • Maintain moisture and lightly separate to prevent buildup

Ja Morant proves that a head-turning dreadlocked style celebrates natural textures rather than obscures them. His hair journey required patience and care but achieved iconic results.


hairstyle has become his trademark fashion statement across the NBA. By embracing his natural tight curls and allowing them to freely form into locs, ja Morant Bun achieved a laidback, eye-catching look that expresses his daring style.

Experimenting with different parts, colors, lengths, and accessories over his first few seasons has kept Morant’s dreads looking fresh. As his hair continues growing, Morant will likely come up with new styling ideas to showcase his iconic free-form dreadlocks.

Morant serves as inspiration for what can be achieved by letting your natural texture flourish into easy, carefree locs. His hair journey required patience through awkward phases but ultimately yielded an enviable finished result.

While it may take years to perfect, ja Morant proves that free-form dreadlocks are well worth the time and commitment. His majestic mane is sure to continue turning heads both on and off the court as one of the NBA’s most excitable young superstars.

Frequently Asked Questions Ja Morant Bun

What is Ja Morant’s hairstyle called?

Ja Morant’s signature hairstyle is free-form dreadlocks. He allows his natural tight curls to lock up into free-flowing, carefree dreadlocks without manipulation. This creates an effortlessly cool, laidback dreadlocked look.

How to get dreads like Ja Morant?

To get dreadlocks like Ja Morant, start by growing out your natural curl pattern several inches. Then use the neglect or free-form method, avoiding wax, to encourage your curls to mesh and form locs naturally. Have patience through awkward phases before the locs mature and elongate.

How much does Ja Morant weigh?

Ja Morant is listed at 175 pounds on the official Memphis Grizzlies roster. At 6’3″ tall, this gives him a slim, athletic build well-suited for his energetic playing style.

Was Ja Morant’s dad Tee Morant in the NBA?

No, Ja Morant’s father Tee Morant was not in the NBA. He played basketball at Claflin University, a Division II program. However, Tee did train Ja intensely from a young age and is considered instrumental in developing Morant’s skills.

Why is Ja Morant’s hair so full of bounce?

Ja Morant’s hair is super bouncy because he has Type 4C curls, the tightest coil pattern. This natural texture creates highly defined, coiled dreadlocks that spring up and down as he plays. The free-form locs retain flexibility for maximum bounce.

How long did it take for Ja Morant’s freeform locs to grow?

Based on analyzing photos, it appears it took roughly 5 years for Ja Morant to grow his freeform locs from a short afro into his current long length. His patience in growing them without manipulation led to defined finished dreadlocks.

Will wearing dreadlocks cause my hair strands to weaken?

No, correctly formed and maintained dreadlocks do not inherently cause hair damage or weaken strands. However, improper care like harsh pulling can put stress on locs. Ensure locs are not too tight and gently separate them as needed.

Why is Ja Morant’s hair so bouncy?

Ja Morant’s dreadlocks are extremely bouncy because of his tight 4C curl pattern that naturally coils up into springy ringlets. His free-form technique retains the coils’ natural elasticity for maximum bounce. Regular moisturizing also helps the locs stay supple and lively.

How long did it take for Ja Morant to grow freeform locs?

Based on photos tracking his hair journey, it appears it took approximately 5 years for Ja Morant to go from a short afro to his current long freeform dreadlocks. The slow neglect method allows locs to form naturally over time.

Will my hair strands become weak if I wear dreads?

No, dreadlocks do not inherently weaken hair when formed properly without too much tension. Ensure locs are not too tight. Gently separate and palm roll them regularly to avoid excessive matting. Keep locs moisturized to maintain the integrity of strands.

What is Ja Morant’s hairstyle called?

Ja Morant wears his hair in free-form dreadlocks. He allows his tight 4C curls to naturally loc and form dreadlocks without manipulation or wax. This creates his signature low-maintenance, cool dreadlocked hairstyle.

How to get dreads like Ja Morant?

To get dreads like Ja Morant, allow your tight curls to grow out several inches. Then encourage them to mesh using the neglect or free-form method. Avoid waxing and tight styling so the locs form naturally. Have patience as the locs mature over several years.

What are some fun facts about Ja Morant?

  • Ja was overlooked as a prospect until his senior year of high school
  • He attended unheralded Murray State University
  • Ja was drafted 2nd overall in the 2019 NBA Draft
  • He won Rookie of the Year in 2020
  • Ja recorded his first career triple-double in 2021 with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists
  • He loves playing Call of Duty in his free time

What is dread in hair?

Dreadlocks or “dreads” are a hairstyle composed of locs or rope-like strands of hair. Dreads form through the hair naturally matting and twisting together into clumps through neglect and regular washing. This creates thick locking strands.

What is the BTS hairstyle?

BTS is a K-pop boy band. The BTS members often wear their hair smooth and layered with bangs falling softly over their foreheads. They frequently dye their hair creative colors like blonde, pink, blue, mint, and purple. The hairstyles are modern and youthful.

What is reggae hairstyle?

The reggae hairstyle refers to the dreadlocked look associated with Jamaican reggae culture. Reggae dreadlocks are worn in free-form, organic locs with minimal manipulation which helps the natural kinky or curly hair texture form into locs. Dreadlocks are an important part of the Rastafarian religion.

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