Jamie Lee Curtis Hairstyles From True Lies to True Style That Inspire Confidence

jamie lee curtis hairstyles Through the Decades

Over her prolific acting career spanning five decades, jamie lee curtis hairstyles has rocked some seriously memorable hairstyles. From her early pixie cuts to glossy bombshell blowouts, Curtis’ hair has evolved dramatically across various eras and represented her characters flawlessly. Let’s explore some of Jamie Lee Curtis’ most iconic hairstyles decade by decade.

The 1970s: Crop Cuts Define Her Breakout Roles

Jamie Lee Curtis cut off her long hair to sport Mia Farrow-inspired pixie cuts as she rose to fame in the late 1970s. These crop cuts came to define her girl-next-door style.

Key Styles

  • Short layered pixie with side-swept bangs in Halloween
  • Choppy cropped pixie with layered sides in The Fog
  • Shoulder-grazing shaggy pixie cut in Prom Night

Curtis’ cropped cuts were casual and low-maintenance, aligning with her bubbly onscreen persona during her ingenue period. The cuts also stood out as edgy amongst the decade’s predominant long, free-flowing locks.

The 1980s: Sculpted Perms Take Over

With longer, fuller hair dominating 80s beauty standards, Jamie Lee Curtis adopted tighter curls, voluminous perms, bangs and heavier styling as she transitioned into more mature roles.

Key Styles

  • Saloon-style ringleted perm in Trading Places
  • Half-up bouffant perm in Perfect
  • Heavy side-swept bangs with flowing perm in A Fish Called Wanda

Jamie Lee Curtis’ perms varied from tight corkscrews to looser crimps, amping up the volume and showcasing her versatility as an actress.

The 1990s: Choppy Bobs and Pixies Return

As edgier 90s grunge and minimalism took hold, Jamie Lee Curtis circled back to the short crops that started her career. But with added texture.

Key Styles

  • Uneven razor-cut pixie for My Girl
  • Piecey chin-length bob in True Lies
  • Choppy pixie with side-swept bangs in Fierce Creatures

Jamie Lee Curtis sported grungier pixies and shattered bobs through the 90s that complemented her affinity for casual, androgynous style. The cuts showcased her strong bone structure.

The 2000s: Shoulder Length Layers and Feminine Cuts Emerge

Early 2000s style ushered in more femininity, with looser blown-out locks dominating red carpets. Jamie Lee Curtis followed suit with slightly lengthened cuts with texture.

Key Styles

  • Shoulder-grazing shag with side bangs in Drowning Mona
  • Razored chin-length bob for Freaky Friday
  • Textured face-framing layers in Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Jamie Lee Curtis blended some of her signature short layers with a trendier polished finish during this era. Softer makeup also complemented her upgraded look.

The 2010s: Glamorous Long Bobs Take Over

In her later career, Jamie Lee Curtis has favored longer hairstyles, opting for sleek, smoothed-out chin and shoulder-length bobs at events.

Key Styles

  • Stick-straight blunt bob at Knives Out premiere
  • Glossy mid-length bob with side part at Golden Globes
  • Sleek lob (long bob) with flipped ends at SAG Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis’ longer, meticulously styled bobs exude expensive taste and sophistication for red carpet appearances and speaking engagements.

The Evolution of jamie lee curtis hairstyles by Decade

DecadeDominant Hairstyles
1970sChoppy pixie cuts
1980sVoluminous permed styles
1990sGrungy short crops
2000sShoulder-length shags
2010sSleek, blunt long bobs

Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair has transformed dramatically across 50 years in the spotlight. But her cuts have always aligned flawlessly with the beauty trends of each era.


Ever the style chameleon, jamie lee curtis hairstyles has rocked an impressive range of hairstyles that have evolved with the changing decades, both on and off screen. From her trademark pixie cuts to glamorous crimson carpets bobs, Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair always encapsulates her famous characters while staying relevant and on trend. Her adventurous spirit has allowed her to experiment with different lengths, textures and colors while retaining her distinctive beauty. There’s no denying jamie lee curtis hairstyles have become as iconic as the actress herself.

Frequently Asked Questions about jamie lee curtis hairstyles

1. What is Jamie Lee Curtis’ natural hair color?

Jamie Lee Curtis’ natural hair color is a light brown. She often enhances it with blonde highlights.

2. What was Jamie Lee Curtis’ hairstyle in Halloween?

In the original 1978 Halloween film, Jamie Lee Curtis wore a short layered pixie cut with side-swept bangs.

3. Did Jamie Lee Curtis wear wigs for any roles?

Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis has worn wigs for films like Freaky Friday and sequels of Halloween to match the original styles.

4. When did Jamie Lee Curtis first cut her hair short?

Jamie Lee Curtis first cut her hair into a pixie style for her breakout role as Laurie Strode in the original 1978 Halloween movie.

5. What inspired Jamie Lee Curtis’ short pixie cut?

Jamie Lee Curtis’ cropped pixie cut was inspired by the Vidal Sassoon five point cut and actress Mia Farrow’s famous short style.

6. Why did Jamie Lee Curtis stop wearing her iconic short hair?

In the 80s and 90s Jamie Lee Curtis grew out her hair to portray more mature roles. She revived her pixie in the 2000s before transitioning to longer bobs.

7. What decade did Jamie Lee Curtis wear her hair long?

Jamie Lee Curtis wore longer hairstyles like permed locks in the 1980s and sleek, blunt bobs in the 2010s.

8. Did Jamie Lee Curtis ever have bangs?

Yes, jamie lee curtis hairstyles has worn side-swept bangs at various times in her career like in the 80s, 90s and later with her bob styles.

9. Does Jamie Lee Curtis do her own hair?

No, jamie lee curtis hairstyles stylists like Mark Townsend who style her hair for events. She’s not known to do her own hair often.

10. What is Jamie Lee Curtis’ go-to hairstyle now?

In recent years, jamie lee curtis hairstyles go-to hairstyle for public appearances is a smoothed-out blunt, shoulder-length bob with flipped ends.

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