Three Fishbone Braids Black Hair: Elegant Styling and Tutorial 2024

Transform your black hair with elegance and style through our tutorial on “three fishbone braids black hair” Discover the art of braiding with these unique and intricate three-strand braids, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Explore diverse black hair braiding styles and protective hairstyles tailored for you. From three-part fishbone braids to creative designs, our guide offers trendy braided hairstyles that showcase the natural beauty of black hair.

Unleash the potential of your locks with our step-by-step fishbone braid tutorial, perfect for achieving the chic and stylish appearance you desire. Elevate your hair game with the elegance of three fishbone braids, combining tradition with a modern twist for a truly timeless and captivating hairstyle.

The Appeal of Three Fishbone Braids Black Hair

There are many reasons why three-strand fishbone braids make a great style choice for black hair:

  • Shows off hair length by pulling it into defined, flowing plaits.
  • Allows you to add decorative extensions for even fuller, longer braids.
  • Keeps hair neatly tucked away and minimized for a sophisticated look.
  • Provides a textured braided pattern that stands out.
  • Lasts for weeks at a time with proper aftercare.
  • Offers a quick, cute style for various occasions and events.
  • Versatile to dress up or down whether going casual or formal.
  • Suits all face shapes and ages.

With just three larger cornrows, this braid style maintains simplicity while still making a statement.

How to Do three fishbone braids black hair

Doing fishbone braids yourself allows you to customize them exactly how you envision them. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Section the Hair Cleanly

  • Start by detangling, moisturizing, and parting hair neatly into three even sections.
  • Use the comb end of a rattail comb to create precise parts from forehead to nape.
  • Ensure the three sections are of equal width and symmetrical.

Begin Braiding Downward

  • Working on one section at a time, begin braiding straight down following the hairline contour.
  • Maintain consistent cornrow tension that is firm but not too tight.
  • Smoothly incorporate hair into the braid as you proceed downward.

Transition Into the Fishbone Pattern

  • Once the straight foundation cornrow is established, transition it into a fishbone pattern.
  • Start taking smaller diagonal slices of hair from the sides and incorporating them into the braid.
  • Angle the pieces so they intersect the main braid from top to bottom.

Complete the Length

  • Continue the fishbone braid pattern all the way down to the ends.
  • Ensure the braid remains tight and neatly sculpted.
  • Finish off with a clear elastic band and optional decorative beads.
  • Repeat the process on the other two sections.

Maintain Tension

  • Check for any looseness throughout the braids and neaten as needed.
  • Make sure they are pulled taut throughout the duration of wearing.
Braiding TechniqueTime
Sectioning5-10 minutes
Cornrow Foundation10-15 minutes/braid
Fishbone Pattern10-15 minutes/braid
Securing Ends2-3 minutes/braid

Incorporating Extensions for Full, Long Braids

To maximize the length, volume, and fullness of fishbone braids, adding extensions blends seamlessly while allowing you to achieve runway-worthy braids. Here’s how to integrate them:

  • After sectioning out hair, clip in extensions matching your hair color and texture. Focus on the mid-shaft down.
  • Take care to completely conceal the bonds as you cornrow and braid. Smoothly incorporate real and faux hair.
  • Use extension hair when taking pieces to join into the fishbone pattern.
  • If bonds begin peeking out later, use mini braids or cuffs to cover them.
  • Remove extensions carefully when taking braids down to avoid damage to real hair.

The right extensions allow you to experiment with extra-long braids while protecting your natural hair from over styling and tugging.

Unique Styling Ideas for three fishbone braids black hair

While a basic three-fishbone braid look has simple elegance, you can also get creative with accents and embellishments. Here are styling ideas to try:

Swept Across Forehead

  • Braid the first cornrow straight back, then angle the other two diagonally from the part to frame the face attractively.

Decorative Partings

  • Jazz up basic straight parts by incorporating zigzags, curved shapes, or geometric lines.

Hair Jewels

  • Adorn braid ends or parts with decorative gold and crystal beads, cuffs, or hairpins.

Mix Up Braid Sizes

  • Do two standard fishbone braids and one extra-large showstopping braid.

Fishtail Side Braids

  • Pair two fishbone braids in the back with fishtail braids on each side of the head.

Jumbo Feed-In Braids

  • Lead into the fishbone braids with two chunky feed-in cornrows at the hairline.

Caring for three fishbone braids black hair

To help three fishbone braids last for weeks and keep hair healthy, be diligent with proper care:

  • Gently shampoo braids only 1-2 times per week. Use a moisturizing cleanser and fully rinse out.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner spray along the braid length while avoiding the roots.
  • Do not scrub or pick at the braids. Handle delicately when washing and styling.
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase and keep braids loosely tied up to prevent friction.
  • For itching and maintenance, use an applicator bottle to target skin and roots with oil.
  • Take braids down carefully when ready. Never rip out or cut; this causes damage.

Proper care keeps both natural hair and extensions protected. This allows you to retain length and ends up saving time and money.

When to Get Fishbone Braids Redone

With proper maintenance, three fishbone braids can last 4-6 weeks on average. Here are signs it’s time for a touch-up:

  • Braids appear loose, frizzy, or messy
  • New root growth exceeds an inch
  • Braid ends look unkempt or are starting to unravel
  • Itching and irritation of the scalp occurs
  • The Hairline feels too taut or braids cause pain
  • Bonding glue from extensions is visible
  • Overall style just looks dated and in need of freshening up

Plan to re-braid every 1-2 months not only to look polished but also to give your hair a break and prevent damage from leaving braids in too long.

Modern Styling Inspiration for three fishbone braids black hair

Need fresh inspiration for rocking three fishbone braids? Here are some chic modern styling ideas:

Micro Braid Accents

Frame the face with micro braids, then begin the fishbone braids further back. This adds elegance.

Cornrow Faux Undercut

Do fishbones on top, then cornrow the bottom section close to create a faux undercut illusion.

Crisscrossed Partings

Angle each of the three parts diagonally across the head for visual interest.

Jumbo Feed-In Braids

Lead into the fishbones with chunky cornrows starting at the hairline.

Faux Hawk Shape

Curve fishbones into the shape of a faux mohawk for an edgy style.

Elegance Redefined: Fishbone Braids for Black Hair

fishbone braids black hair
fishbone braids black hair

Dive into the world of sophisticated hairstyling with fishbone braids, a timeless and elegant choice for black hair. These intricate braids, also known as three-strand or triple fishbone braids, offer a unique twist to traditional African American braided hairstyles. The fishbone braid patterns create a stunning visual effect, enhancing the natural beauty of black hair. From three-cornrow braids to three-part fishbone braids, the versatility of this style allows for creative and stylish black hair braiding.

Our fishbone braid tutorial provides insights into achieving this look effortlessly. Explore trendy braided hairstyles for black hair, including protective styles and fishbone braids with extensions. Unleash your style with three-section fishbone braids, combining intricate designs with natural black hair braids. Elevate your appearance with these elegant and stylish braided hair designs, showcasing the beauty of fishbone braids for women.

FAQs About Three Fishbone Braids Black Hair

How many packs of hair do you need?

For medium-length and thickness hair, plan to use 2-3 packs of 18-20 inch braiding hair to achieve full, long fishbone braids. Adjust amounts based on your desired braid length and volume.

How long does it take to complete the braids?

It takes 1-2 hours total to neatly section out the hair and complete all three fishbone braids. Work time varies based on hair thickness and length. Adding extensions, embellishments or unique partings can lengthen the process.

Do I have to maintain edges when wearing fishbone braids?

Yes, be sure to have your edges cleanly maintained, lined up, and gelled when getting your hair braided in any style. The exposed hairline finishes off the look. Use products like edge control gel to keep edges slick and in place.

Can I wear fishbone braids in a ponytail?

Yes, fishbone braids can be slipped up into a ponytail or bun. This instantly transforms them into a whole new look. Just be gentle tying hair up to avoid tugging braids too tightly at the roots.

How can I sleep comfortably with fishbone braids in?

Tie hair into a loose scrunchie or wrap a satin bonnet at night. This prevents friction that can loosen braids. Use a satin pillowcase as well. Avoid direct pressure on braids that can flatten them.

Will fishbone braids cause hair loss?

Fishbones are a protective style. But any tightly pulled hairstyle can potentially lead to traction alopecia and thinning if worn excessively tight for long periods. Keep braids snug but not overly tense. Also, take periodic braiding breaks.

How often should I wash fishbone braids?

Wash braids once every 5-7 days using moisturizing shampoo and lukewarm water. Avoid over-washing, which can loosen the style prematurely. When washing, gently pat braids clean and avoid rubbing vigorously at roots.

Can I color or highlight my hair with fishbone braids?

It’s best to wait until after taking braids down to color or highlight hair. Trying to process hair while woven tightly together makes application uneven. The braid tension can also lead to increased damage from lightning.

What’s the best way to take down fishbone braids?

Never cut braids out, as this can rip and damage hair. Carefully unravel each braid slowly using your fingers or a tail comb. Apply conditioner or oil to help loosen and reduce pulling. Take your time section by section.

Can fishbone braids damage my edges?

If braids are done too tightly over an extended period, the tension along the hairline can potentially cause some hairline damage or thinning. Avoid this by keeping braids snug but not overly tense. Also, periodic breaks from braiding are recommended.


In summary, three-strand fishbone braids offer a chic, versatile braided style for black women’s hair. The intricate plaits can incorporate decorative accents, extensions, colors, and various parting patterns to show off creativity and personal flair. While protecting hair from manipulation, they maintain a neat, elegant look perfect for any occasion. Just be sure to prevent excessive tension, moisturize hair regularly, and give your locks periodic breaks from braiding. With the right techniques and care, three fishbone braids provide the perfect balance of beauty, versatility and protection.

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