Dreads with Fringe: A Guide to Styling Bohemian Bangs with Textured Dreads 2024

dreads with fringe serve as a distinctive bohemian hairstyle that allows you to embrace your natural texture. While dreads traditionally do not incorporate shorter face-framing pieces, adding a textured fringe offers an edgy complement. Fringed dreads fuse free-spiritedness with individual flair for a trendy modern look. From chopped bangs to braided tassels, explore creative ways to work bangs into your dreadlocked style.

The Allure of Dreadlocks Paired with Bangs

Here’s why incorporating fringe takes dreads to the next level:

  • Adds feminine balance for long dreads by framing the features.
  • Allows you to play with layers and texture.
  • Provides face-flattering hair without sacrificing length.
  • Looks stylish yet effortless.
  • Offers endless styling versatility.
  • Creates a textured yet defined finished look.
  • Makes a bold statement and shows originality.

Blending the two contrasting elements results in an intriguing fusion hairstyle.

How to Cut and Style Fringe with Dreadlocks

Want to add bangs to your dreads? Here’s how to do it right:

Measure and Section Off The Fringe Area

  • Lift dreadlocks up and away from face and forehead.
  • Determine desired fringe length and thickness.
  • Neatly clip-back dreads to section off the fringe area.

Cut The Fringe

  • For a straight fringe, cut in a blunt, straight line above the brows.
  • For layered fringe, point cut vertically using thinning shears.
  • For side-swept fringe, section off and cut the fringe an angle.
  • Remove any stray hairs around the hairline for a clean look.

Blend with The Dreadlocks

  • Carefully unclip dreadlocks and let them fall naturally.
  • Check that the fringe complements the dreads nicely.
  • Use small elastics to loosely tie back top layers of dreads if needed.
  • Adjust the parting to integrate the fringe with the dreadlocks seamlessly.

Styling Options for Dreadlocked Fringe

Once your fringe is cut, get creative styling it with your dreads using these ideas:

Pulled Back Dreads – Slick back dreadlocks in a low bun or ponytail while leaving fringe down framing the face.

Headband – Conceal the fringe and show off your face by wrapping a printed headband across the forehead.

Side Braid – For boho flair, sweep the fringe section into a braid extending from one temple.

Twisted Fringe – Define the bangs with small twisted coils similar in texture to the dreads.

Straight Bangs – Let your blunt fringe fall naturally over the brows for a bold look.

Tousled Fringe – Embrace effortless chic with fringe styled loose, piecey, and undone.

Fishtail Fringe Braid – Intricately fishtail braid the fringe for romantic style.

90s Inspired Scrunchies – Scrunch up and hold fringe back with vintage scrunchies.

Best Fringe Lengths and Cuts for Dreadlocks

The right fringe cut should complement your dreads beautifully. Here are flattering options to consider:

Brow-Skimming Bangs – For classic elegance, cut blunt bangs hitting right at the brows.

Side-Swept Fringe – Longer fringe cut at an angle and swept to one side adds asymmetry.

See-Through Bangs – Super thin, wispy fringe brings out eyes while showing off hairline.

Choppy Bangs – Piecey, jagged ends on the fringe contrast with smoothed dreads.

Curtained Bangs – A 70s vibe comes from super long, face-framing fringe.

Tousled Fringe – Skip the straight cut for an undone fringe with natural texture.

Temple Fringe – Subtle wisps of fringe starting further back at the temples.

Chic and Trendy: Synthetic Dreads with Fringe

synthetic dreads with fringe
synthetic dreads with fringe

Elevate your hairstyle with the perfect fusion of texture and flair by opting for synthetic dreads with fringe. Explore the versatility of dreaded fringe styles that seamlessly combine edginess with a bohemian vibe. Whether you’re into stylish dreadlock bangs or prefer fringed dread hairstyles, this look adds a unique and fashionable touch to your appearance.

Tasseled dreadlocks and textured fringe with dreads create a dynamic and eye-catching effect, giving you a one-of-a-kind style statement. Embrace modern dread fringe styles that incorporate braided fringe with dreads or layered fringe for a chic and contemporary look. From face-framing fringe to forehead fringe, the options are limitless, allowing you to express your individuality through fashionable fringed dreadlocks. Discover the perfect blend of creativity and style with synthetic dreads and fringe for a truly distinctive and trendy aesthetic.

Dynamic Style: Embracing Dreads with Fringe Bangs

dreads with fringe bang
dreads with fringe bang

Infuse a touch of bohemian flair into your look with the captivating trend of dreads with fringe bangs. From stylish dreadlock bangs to fringed dread hairstyles, this dynamic style offers a unique and fashionable way to express your individuality. Tasseled dreadlocks and textured fringe with dreads create an effortlessly chic appearance, while unique dreadlock fringe variations allow for a personalized touch.

Explore options like forehead fringe or face-framing fringe, adding an edgy and modern twist to your dreadlocked style. The incorporation of fringe into dreads, whether braided or layered, provides an extra layer of creativity. With fashionable fringed dreadlocks, you can effortlessly showcase your personality and stay on-trend with this captivating fusion of dreadlocks and fringe bangs.

FAQs About Pairing dreads with fringe

Should your dreads be mature before adding fringe?

It’s best to wait until after the initial dreadlocking process is complete before cutting in fringe. Letting your dreads fully set and tighten gives you a better idea of the final length and appearance. Mature, established dreads better blend with fringe.

How frequently does dreadlocked fringe need trimming?

Plan to trim your dreadlocked fringe every 4-6 weeks to maintain the length and shape. Because the ends may become wispy as the hair naturally dreads, regular trims keep the fringe looking full and polished. Avoid letting it become too unruly.

What’s the best fringe length for round faces?

Longer, side-swept fringe that reaches closer to the cheekbones helps slim round faces. Curtained bangs also flatter round shapes by elongating the face. Avoid very short, blunt fringe which can accentuate fullness.

Can you still tie up dreadlocks with fringe?

Yes, you can still pull dreadlocked hair up into ponytails and buns even with the addition of fringe. Just be sure to leave the face-framing fringe loose and hanging down around the face rather than pulling it tightly back.

Should fine hair avoid fringe with dreadlocks?

Not necessarily. Those with fine hair can still rock dreadlocked fringe but may want to avoid very short, blunt bangs. This can look too severe and choppy with thin hair. Softer see-through bangs or side-swept fringe work best for fine or thin hair types.

How to match fringe to dyed dreadlocks?

When dreadlocks are colored, you’ll want fringe to complement the dyed shade. See your stylist several weeks after coloring dreads when re-growth occurs. They can dye the fringe pieces to match your dreaded lengths and tips exactly.

Should men grow dreads with fringe?

Fringe with dreadlocks creates a more feminine look. Fringe on male dread styles risks looking somewhat unkempt. However, some guys with an edgy style can pull off long side-swept fringe draping messily over one eye for added edge.

What’s better – fake or real dreads with fringe?

Real fringe cut to match the texture of your dreads integrates most seamlessly for a cohesive style. But clip-in dreadlocked fringe pieces can allow you to temporarily try out the look without cutting your actual hair. Change up synthetic fringe colors and lengths.

Can you still use hair accessories dreads with fringe?

Absolutely! Headbands, scarves, hats, flowers and other accessories look beautiful in dreadlocked hair and can keep fringe from falling in your eyes. Use bobby pins or mini elastic bands to neatly sweep fringe pieces back and incorporate accessories.

How do you sleep with dreads with fringe?

Silk pillowcases prevent friction that can tangle the two different textures overnight. Secure longer fringe pieces in bobby pins or hair elastics before bed. Avoid direct pressure on the hair by loosely pineappling dreadlocks up to preserve the fringe shape.


While less common than traditional long, flowing dreadlocks, the addition of textured bangs or fringe offers a playful yet practical way to expand your styling possibilities. With careful fringe shaping and integration, dreads with fringe can enjoy face-framing fringe along with artfully tangled locks. Embrace the contrast of lengths and textures. And as your fringe grows out, don’t hesitate to re-cut it to keep your dreaded fringe on point!

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