Get the Swoop Hairstyles Tips for the Ultimate Side-Swept Look 2024

Swoop hairstyles are taking over in 2022 as the trendy new way to style your locks. These dramatic side-swept looks are bold yet beautiful, offering tons of variation from edgy to soft. Whether you add bangs, change up your part, incorporate layers or go for an asymmetrical cut, there are so many options to customize the swooping hair trend to your personal taste. Read on for tips, inspiration, and everything you need to know to achieve the chic swooped hairstyle movement.

Why Try the Swoop Hairstyles Trend

There are several reasons the swoop hairstyle is having such a major moment right now:

  • It’s on-trend – Side-swept styles are huge right now, spotted on celebrities and models on the red carpet and beyond. Stay relevant with this hot look.
  • So flattering – Swooping hair is extremely flattering for oval, long, and heart face shapes, as it slims and sculpts the face.
  • Makes a statement – The dramatic side sweep makes for an eye-catching hairstyle that gets you noticed.
  • Fun styling – With so many variations, from messy to sleek, short to long, swoop hairstyles are fun to play around with.
  • Matches any occasion – Dress up a swoop for formal events or wear it casually for everyday style.
  • Customizable – Make it your own! Change up layers, bangs, color, and textures for personalized swooped hair.

Different Ways to Style Swoop Hairstyles

When it comes to achieving the side-swept look, there are endless options. Consider these swoop styling ideas:

Add Side-Swept Bangs

Some of the most popular swoop hairstyles incorporate long, side-swept bangs. They can be cut blunt, wispy, full, and more.

Side-Swept Bangs
Side-Swept Bangs

Change Your Part

Simply parting hair dramatically to one side creates an instant swoop. Go for a deep zig-zag part for extra oomph.

Play With Layers

Ask your stylist for long face-framing layers around the face to encourage side-sweeping movement.

Get an Asymmetric Haircut

A cut with shorter and longer pieces amps up the side-swooping drama. Go for angled or choppy ends.

Add Body & Volume

Use volumizing mousse when styling to get hair to rise for that bold side-swept effect.

Style with a Round Brush

Blow drying with a round brush creates volume and lift for a swoop. Brush sections up and away from the face.

Air Dry Hair Sideways

For natural texture, air dry hair with your head tilted sideways. Scrunch the ends once dry.

Air Dry Hair Sideways
Air Dry Hair Sideways

Use Hot Rollers

Set hot rollers horizontally along the side of your part before rolling hair back for a swoop.

Curl Middle Sections

Curling just the mid-lengths of hair encourages movement toward the face for a swoop.

Add Hair Accessories

Headbands, pins, and barrettes all help accentuate side-swept hair.

Use Styling Products

Sea salt spray, mousse, gel, and dry shampoo boost texture and volume for swoop impact.

Change Part Mid-Day

To revive swoop hair on non-wash days, switch your part to the opposite side.

Swoop Hairstyles Based on Face Shape

The best side-swept styles flatter your face shape beautifully. Here are some tailored swoop ideas:

Oval Faces

The center or side parts work equally well. Add swooping bangs for a framing effect.

Round Faces

A deep side part and layers slim the face. Avoid volume at the crown.

Heart Faces

Long bangs are ideal, swept to the side. Curl mid-lengths to narrow the jawline.

Square Faces

Focus volume at the crown. Soften angles with side-swept chin-length layers.

Diamond Faces

Part hair off-center for asymmetry. Air dry waves add width.

Diamond Faces
Diamond Faces

Celebrity Inspiration for Swooping Hairstyles

Looking for even more swoop-styl inspiration? Check out how some of the top celebrities are wearing the side-swept trend:

  • Kim Kardashian’s deep side part and long layers
  • Jennifer Lopez’s bombshell blonde side-swept waves
  • Meghan Markle’s messy parted lobes with face-framing dimension
  • Ciara’s side-parted braided ponytail with volume at the crown
  • Kylie Jenner’s sleek parted bob
  • Lucy Hale’s piece-y parted curls with side fringe
  • Margot Robbie’s curled-under asymmetric bob swooping to one shoulder
  • Selena Gomez’s soft vintage waves with side-swept bangs
  • Zendaya’s natural texture swept to the side
  • Bella Hadid’s wet look parted straight strands grazing her cheekbones

Take inspiration from the stars and make the swooping hairstyle your own! The options are truly endless.

Unlocking the Charm: Embrace Cute Swoop Hairstyles for a Stylish Look

cute swoop hairstyles
cute swoop hairstyles

Discover the allure of cute swoop hairstyles, a trend that effortlessly blends sophistication and playfulness. From red-carpet events to everyday chic, these hairstyles exude charm and versatility. Incorporating elements like side-swept hair, bangs hairstyles, and fringe styles, cute swoop hairstyles offer a range of options for every personality and occasion. Explore asymmetrical haircuts and experiment with hair parting ideas for a unique twist. Elevate your look with layered hairstyles and stay on top of modern hair trends with chic hairdos.

Channel your inner celebrity with trendy hair looks inspired by the latest stylish hair movements. Unveil sleek and sweep hairstyles that effortlessly capture attention. Dive into hair styling tips and hair fashion trends to keep your locks on point. Whether it’s red carpet swoop looks, soft and sweeping locks, or edgy swoop haircuts, these swoop and curve haircuts present an array of stylish hairdo variations. Embrace the runway-inspired hairstyles and let your hair steal the spotlight with cute swoop hairstyles.

Embrace Elegance: Side Swoop Hairstyles Unveiled

side swoop hairstyles
side swoop hairstyles

Indulge in the grace of side swoop hairstyles, a timeless choice that effortlessly combines sophistication and allure. Transform your look with side-swept hair, infusing a touch of glamour into every strand. Explore the versatility of bangs’ hairstyles and fringe styles, adding a playful dimension to your side swoop. Embrace asymmetrical haircuts for a modern twist, and experiment with hair parting ideas to personalize your style.

Elevate your locks with layered hairstyles and stay on-trend with chic hairdos that make a statement. From trendy hair looks to celebrity swoop hairstyles, ride the wave of stylish hair movements. Arm yourself with hair styling tips and stay ahead of modern hair trends. Dive into sleek and sweeping hairstyles, unveiling the charm of swoop and curve haircuts. Discover hairdo variations that suit your personality, from red carpet swoop looks to soft and sweeping locks. Let your hair exude confidence with edgy swoop haircuts inspired by runway styles.

Captivating Beauty: Swoop Hairstyles in Pictures

swoop hairstyles pictures
swoop hairstyles pictures

Immerse yourself in the world of swoop hairstyles with captivating pictures that showcase the endless possibilities of this stylish trend. From elegant side-swept hair to chic bangs hairstyles and playful fringe styles, the visual journey unfolds the versatility of swoop hairstyles. Explore asymmetrical haircuts and get inspired by creative hair-parting ideas that add a personalized touch to your look. Dive into the layered hairstyles that provide depth and texture, enhancing the allure of swoop hairdos. Witness the charm of trendy hair looks, including celebrity swoop hairstyles that set the bar for modern hair trends.

Follow the stylish hair movements captured in the pictures, and glean valuable hair styling tips. From sleek and sweeping hairstyles to swoop and curve haircuts, the visual feast unveils various hairdo variations suitable for any occasion. Admire red carpet swoop looks, embrace soft and sweeping locks, and consider edgy swoop haircuts that mirror runway-inspired styles. Let these swoop hairstyles in pictures be your guide to a world of beauty and inspiration.

Effortless Elegance: Swoop Hairstyles for Guys

swoop hairstyles for guys
swoop hairstyles for guys

Discover the pinnacle of modern style with swoop hairstyles tailored for guys, bringing a touch of sophistication and individuality to every look. Elevate your appearance with side-swept hair, adding a subtle yet stylish charm. Experiment with bangs hairstyles and fringe styles to find the perfect swoop that complements your personality. Embrace asymmetrical haircuts for a contemporary edge, and consider creative hair parting ideas to personalize your style. Dive into layered hairstyles that provide texture and depth, creating a chic and trendy vibe.

Draw inspiration from celebrity swoop hairstyles to stay on top of modern hair trends and stylish hair movements. Arm yourself with valuable hair styling tips to achieve the perfect balance of sleek and sweeping hairstyles. Explore swoop and curve haircuts, showcasing various hairdo variations suitable for any occasion, from red carpet swoop looks to soft and sweeping locks. Embrace the edgy swoop haircuts that mirror runway-inspired styles, showcasing your unique sense of fashion and confidence.

FAQs About Mastering the Swoop Hair Trend

What hair type works best for swooping styles?

All hair types and textures can achieve gorgeous swoop effects. Straight or thick hair needs proper layering and volume-boosting products to get movement and flow.

How often should you change up your part for a swoop?

It’s best to stick with one dramatic side part for your swoop style for 2-3 days, then switch to the opposite part on non-wash days. Too much back and forth can damage roots.

Is the swooping look still stylish for 2022?

Yes! The side-swept swoop hairstyle shows no signs of going out of fashion. It’s still a gorgeous, modern look for 2022 that flatters most face shapes. Feel free to customize it to suit your hair type and personal style.

Can those with short hair swoop their locks?

You need at least shoulder-length hair to achieve a dramatic side swoop. But extensions like clip-ins can give shorter hair extra length for styling. Also, try amplifying your natural texture.

How do you get volume at the crown for swooping?

Use volumizing mousse at the roots when styling, and lift hair up with a round brush. Backcombing or teasing at the crown also helps achieve height on top before sweeping the rest of the hair to one side.

How long does the swoop last between washes?

The swoop style can last 2-4 days on most hair types. Refresh the roots with dry shampoo and restyle any pieces that fall flat. Avoid over-brushing between washes.

Any tips for swooping curly hair?

Enhance your natural curl pattern by diffusing hair tilted to one side. Or, gently blow dry with a diffuser attachment to direct curls into a side swoop.

Can you get the look with thin, fine hair?

Yes! Use volumizing products and curl sections of hair toward the face to get movement. When air drying, flip the hair side to side for the body.

Is there a risk of a cowlick ruining the swoop?

Yes, cowlicks can work against the swoop effect. Use styling products to smooth down stubborn cowlicks around the hairline. Change parts if needed.


From red carpet glam to carefree casual, the swoop hairstyle has endless possibilities. Have fun playing with side parts, face-framing layers, bangs, curls, and asymmetry to achieve a dramatic side-swept look that flatters. Amp up the volume or go piece-y and effortless. Make the swoop your signature in 2022 and own it!

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