Shaved Sides Hairstyles : Edge of Elegance Unleashing Confidence 2024

Shaved Sides Hairstyles: A Bold and Edgy Look

Introduction to Shaved Sides

Shaved sides hairstyles make a seriously bold statement. Also known as undercuts or disconnects, these edgy cuts feature short shorn sides contrasted with longer hair on top. The dynamic look has become popular across men’s and women’s hair trends.

In this guide, we’ll explore different ways to rock shaved sides for an eye-catching style. Learn how to choose the right shave designs, prep and care for two dramatic lengths, and style the longer top layers. With proper upkeep, shaved sides offer versatility whether you want an elegant updo, rocker spikes, or slicked back undercut.

Read on for inspiration to unlock this rebellious look!

Flattering Face Shapes for Shaved Sides

An undercut style helps accentuate and balance facial features. Those with the following face shapes can pull them off perfectly:

  • Oval – The ideal canvas, with harmonic proportions.
  • Round – Slimming effect draws the eyes up and elongates.
  • Heart – Creates balance by sharpening the jawline.
  • Square – Softens sharp angles for a flattering look.

Observe your face shape to determine if shaved sides will complement your features. An asymmetric part can also elongate narrow face shapes. Discuss options with your stylist.

Types of Side Shave Designs to Request

One of the edgiest aspects of shaved sides is the flexibility for creative designs. Some popular ways to shave the sides include:

  • Classic undercut – Shorn around the sides and back leaving length on top.
  • Disconnected undercut – Exaggerated contrast between lengths.
  • Fade – Very short near the neckline gradually blending longer nearing the crown.
  • Partial side shave – Just one side shaved.
  • Geometric or graphic cuts – Lightning bolts, straight lines, etc.
  • Patterns – Arches, waves, zig zags.

Don’t be afraid to unleash imagination with your side shave designs!

Styling Longer Layers On Top

Shaved sides put all the focus on the longer layers left on top. This section allows for dramatic styling.

Voluminous Curls

For natural textures, enhance definition and volume. Finger coil spirals, diffuse upside down, and tease at roots for lift.

Slicked Back Undercut

Smooth longer layers back away from face using a strong pomade or wax. Contrasts tidy length on top with shorn sides.

Textured Crop

Ruffle short bangs with matte styling cream. Sweep across forehead for a piecey, disheveled look.

Faux Hawk

Spike sections upward using gel. Create height down the center parting. Fun punk twist on a mohawk.

Braids, Buns and Twists

Shaved sides let intricate updos take center stage without interference.

Get creative mixing edgy shaved sides with different longer lengths up top. The contrast has a rebellious vibe.

Maintaining Your Shaved Sides

Maintaining an undercut does require vigilance. Here are tips for keeping shaved sides pristine:

  • Visit your barber every 2-3 weeks for a quick clipper shave. Catch growth early.
  • Use surgical spirit after shaving to prevent bumps or irritation.
  • Shampoo just 1-2 times per week. Use moisturizing products to prevent dryness.
  • When growing out, get progressively longer guards to blend lengths.

Regular trims ensure your bold cut makes the statement you intend. Book those standing barber appointments!

FAQs About Shaved Sides Hairstyles

How short should you go with side shaves?

For dramatic effect, opt for:

  • No guard closed on clippers for 1/8 inch buzz
  • No. 1 guard for 1⁄4 inch buzz
  • No. 2 guard for 3/8 inch buzz

Longer guards can blend the transition if desired. Discuss options with your stylist.

How often should you shave the sides?

Maintenance is crucial! Aim to have sides re-shaved with clippers every 2-3 weeks maximum. Any longer than that, the cut begins looking awkward and overgrown.

What hair types work best for shaved sides?

Coarse, thick hair provides striking contrast with shaved sides. But any hair type can complement the look when cut and styled properly.

Should you cut shaved sides wet or dry?

Always cut hair in its natural dry state. Wet hair appears longer due to shrinkage. Cutting hair dry avoids surprises.

How do you sleep with shaved sides?

If hair is short overall, simply sleeping on a soft satin pillowcase will suffice. For longer hair, loosely tie up top layers into a bun or twist. Use a bonnet or scarf as needed to protect styling.

How do you style the top layers?

Focus styling efforts on longer layers using gels, waxes, mousses, etc. Go for volume, height, texture. Precision style parts and updos. Keep shaved sides smooth.

What products work best for shaved sides?

Strong hold gels, waxes, and pomades keep longer layers styled as desired. Avoid frizz and flyaways. Also use moisturizers for the shorter buzzed sides.

Can women rock shaved sides hairstyles?

Absolutely! Shaved sides transcend gender. They allow feminine updos as well as edgy disconnected cuts on women. Express yourself!

What face shapes look best with shaved sides?

Oval, round, heart and square faces tend to be most balanced with undercuts. Very narrow face shapes sometimes appear elongated.

How do you grow out shaved sides?

Use clipper guards for gradual increments of length. Get trims every 2-3 weeks to blend. Avoid mullets! Eventually the contrast blends into one longer style.


Shaved sides offer edginess, artistry and versatility. Contrast longer pretty layers on top with buzzed sides and graphic line designs. This rebellious look makes a statement and brings out your inner bold confidence.

When maintained diligently, shaved sides allow for diverse styling options. Formal updos, messy texture, slicked back undercuts – anything goes! Compliment your facial features with the perfect tapered shape.

Now you have the info and inspiration to commit to buzzed sides. Choose creative shave designs that express your personality. Keep sides closely trimmed. And style gorgeous curls, crops, braids or spikes on top. Turn heads with this edgy style!

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