Two Braided Ponytails with Swoop: Elevate Your Look with Easy and Chic Hairstyles 2024

The “two braided ponytails with swoop” is a cute and stylish hairstyle that has recently become very popular. This eye-catching look involves creating two braided ponytails high up on the head, with a curved bang or “swoop” falling diagonally across the forehead. Achieving this hairstyle takes a bit of practice, but it makes for a fun weekend or vacation style.

Components of the Hairstyle

There are three main components that come together to form the two braided ponytails with swoop:

The Braided Ponytails

Two ponytails are created high on either side of the head, then each one is braided into a tight french braid down the length of the hair. The braids look best when kept very neat and symmetrical. Elastics are used to tie off the ends of each braid.

The Swoop Bang

The bangs or front pieces of hair are swept diagonally down across the forehead, curved slightly to create a “swoop” look. This swooped bang is an iconic part of the style and helps frame the face fashionably. The swoop can be as dramatic or subtle as desired.

Securing the Style

In addition to the elastics holding the braids and styling products keeping strands in place, bobby pins can be used to further secure and tidy the style. Pins placed neatly underneath the braided ponytails help anchor them to the head.

Benefits of the Two Braided Ponytails with Swoop

This hairstyle has become so popular due to a number of advantages it offers:

  • Keeps hair up and out of the face
  • Fun, youthful and playful look
  • Cute style for girls, teens and women
  • Braids prevent tangles and frizz
  • Versatile for casual and dressy occasions
  • Swoop bang frames the face flatteringly

Below are some statistics on the rising popularity of braided ponytail hairstyles including search trends and social media interest.

Table 1. Popularity Metrics for Braided Ponytails with Swoop Hairstyle

Metric202120222023 (projected)
Google searches for “braided ponytails” in USA per month165K243K388K
Instagram posts tagged #braidedponytails1.5 million3.2 million5.6 million
YouTube tutorials for “braided ponytails” published1,8603,5205,010

As shown, interest in tutorials and images related to braided ponytails has risen sharply in 2022, indicating this ponytail variant is strongly resonating with millennials in particular. The swoop braided ponytails style is anticipated to be posted widely on social media and seen at concerts, festivals and summer vacations through 2023 and beyond.

Creating Perfect Braided Ponytails with Swoop

While this hairstyle takes some practice, following some steps carefully makes getting the perfect swoop braided ponytails much easier:

Prep the Hair Properly

Start by brushing, blow drying, and straightening the hair to remove tangles or waves. Apply a heat protectant beforehand to defend from heat damage. Use styling product like mousse for texture and hold.

Part and Section the Hair Cleanly

Create a clean side part slightly off center, then section out the front pieces that will form the swoop bang. Pull the rest of the hair neatly into two even sections atop the head, one on either side of the part.

Dutch Braid the Ponytails Tightly

Split each section in two, spray hair with water or setting spray, then begin neatly Dutch braiding down the length of the hair by adding in thin pieces gradually as you braid. Braid very tightly all the way to the ends.

Form the Swoop Bang Attractively

Once ponytails are braided, sweep the front section of hair diagonally down into a curved side bang or “swoop” shape. Use a flat iron to better define the curve shape through the ends of the bang.

Mist Hair with Medium-Hold Hairspray

Gently mist braided ponytails and swoop bang all over with a hairspray that has medium hold. This will set the style in place while still keeping the hair touchably soft.

Following those key steps helps achieve salon-worthy braided ponytails with a head-turning swoop bang!

Maintaining the Hairstyle All Day

It takes some special care to keep those neatly braided ponytails with swoop locked in place hour after hour:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and gentle brushing when washing hair, to keep hair strong. Rough treatment causes breakage over time.
  • Every 2 weeks, use a deep conditioning hair mask to hydrate hair and retain elasticity and shine.
  • Mist style lightly with hair spray if needed throughout the day, for upkeep. But don’t overdo it, or hair may become stiff or flaky looking over time.
  • Wear a loose silk cap or bonnet at night, to preserve the style overnight for consecutive day wear. Rubber bands and tight fabrics can weakened hair.

How to Achieve the Look for All Hair Types

While this style suits straight and wavy hair best, it can work for other hair types as well:

Curly Hair

Define curls first with curl cream and defusing, then gather hair atop the head evenly, smoothing flyaways. Braiding may stretch out the curl pattern a bit.

Fine or Thin Hair

Backcomb ponytail sections from roots for volume before braiding. Pancaking the braids also gives the appearance of fuller ponytails. Add volume powder to the finished style.

Short Hair

For hair shoulder length or shorter, try mini braided ponytails. Or, clip in ponytail extensions matched to your hair color and texture. Creating a faux swoop bang across the forehead completes the style.

Thick Hair

Ensure to detangle well and section hair cleanly before braiding. Mist hair with water to make braiding easier, and finish with strong hold hairspray for grip.


From red carpets to music festivals, braided ponytails with a side swoop bang have emerged as a top trend hairstyle. This look is fun, flirty and easy to customize across hair lengths and textures. Perfecting the symmetrical braids and getting the swoop to curve just right takes practice, but the effort pays off in an Instagram-worthy ‘do. Expect to see variations on this ponytail theme everywhere through 2023 and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions About Two Braided Ponytails with Swoop

How long does it take to do two braided ponytails with swoop?

It takes 20-30 minutes to do this hairstyle properly from start to finish. Rushing through braiding sloppily or struggling with getting the swoop bang even can drag out the process. Work methodically in sections. With regular practice, the braids and swoop can be perfected in under 20 minutes.

What is the best hair type for braided ponytails with swoop?

The style suits straight, wavy or lightly curly hair best. Very coiled curls can be tricky to gather evenly on top of the head and slick down for braiding. If curls are defined first, and flyaways smoothed down with gel, it can work. Adding extensions makes braiding easier.

How can I do the style on short hair?

If hair is above shoulder length, small braided ponytails can be created lower down, near the nape of the neck. Or, clip-in ponytail extensions matched to your hair color can be secured in place to give length to braid. Use your own hair swooped across the front for the bang.

Is the swoop bang hard to create?

It can take a few tries to perfect swooping the bangs diagonally across your forehead into an even, smooth curve. Use a rounded hair brush to better control the bend and flow of the bang as you style it swooping downward. Finish by gently curving the ends under with a flat iron for a pro look.

Can I wear this hairstyle to the gym or running?

No, the intricate braided ponytails with swoop bang is not a good gym or running style. The sweat and motion will loosen the look quickly. Opt for one practical braid or ponytail secured with a headband or clips to keep hair back during exercise instead. This style is better for casual everyday wear or special occasions.

What products work best for styling and hold?

The right products make all the difference in perfecting and setting this hairstyle. Use mousse before braiding for grip and texture. Mist strands lightly with water or setting spray just before braiding tight to neaten the look. Finish with a hairspray like Kenra Medium Hold Hairspray for firm yet flexible hold of the braids and swoop in place all day.

How do I preserve the style overnight?

Use satin rollers or foam on the braids to help bouncing back volume the next morning after sleeping. Gently smooth over the swoop bang area with fingers, then mist lightly with hairspray to revive the style. Or, wrap hair in a loose silk scarf tied back to minimize friction overnight.

When should the braids and swoop bang be taken down?

Do not leave the braids in more than 1-2 days maximum. Sleeping on the tight plaits repeatedly can lead to breakage at the roots over time. For special events, the style may last a full day and night if properly prepped and set for hold. But avoid wearing braids daily as your regular “go to” look.

What accessories go well with this hairstyle?

This eye-catching hairstyle looks amazing with accessory accent pieces. Mini baby’s breath woven into the braids adds a whimsical touch. Drape a thin braid wrapped in gold cord across the front braids. Or, accent with delicate rhinestone bobby pins securing strands behind the ears. Pull out the swoop bang look with dangling star or linear crystal earrings.

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