shaved sides black hairstyles 2024 : Edgy and Modern Looks

shaved sides black hairstyles 2024 of your hair while leaving length on top is an edgy style statement. Combining very short sides with longer top hair creates dramatic contrast. This imbalanced undercut look works especially well for black hairstyles.

From buzzed sides to artistic shapes, explore unique ways to rock shaved sides as a black woman. Discover flattering ideas along with tips for maintenance and upkeep. Go bold and make a fashion-forward statement with these shaved side black hairstyles 2024.

Shaping and Designing shaved sides black hairstyles 2024

When getting the undercut look, first decide how dramatic you want to go with the shaved sides:

  • Subtle Taper Fade – Just slightly shorter hair tapering down to the neck and ears
  • Classic Undercut – Sides shaved close with sharp disconnect from longer top
  • Dramatic Side Shave – Completely removing hair along one or both sides
  • Geometric Line Designs – Buzzing sharp zigzag, waved or curved line shapes into the sides
  • Two-Tone Color – Dyeing the undercut portion a bold, contrasting hue

You can keep things minimalist or get very creative with the shapes and designs.

Flattering shaved sides black hairstyles 2024

Here are stylish ways black women can rock the shaved side look:

Long Curly Mohawk

Leave the top and middle hair long with tight curls or coils. Completely shave both sides to spotlight the voluminous height.

Buzzed Side Part

Buzz one side close while leaving the other long. Part hair over to the buzzed section for an asymmetrical style.

Short Afro with Fade

Rock a rounded fro with shaved sides that taper down to the neck. Outline the afro with sharp edges.

Side-Swept Length

Maintain medium length hair on top and sweep it dramatically to one side over the shaved portion.

Angled Bob

Go for an angled bob cut to the jawline with one side cleanly shaven. Style the longer side behind the ear.

How to Style shaved sides black hairstyles 2024

Rocking your shaved sides in chic ways is all about proper styling:

  • Let the longer top hair air dry or diffuse dry naturally for best volume.
  • Part hair deeply over to one side, exposing the buzzed side.
  • Use pomade, gel or foam to slick sides of hair back away from buzzed portions.
  • On curly hair, define curls with curl cream and finger coils.
  • Give very straight hair bend and shape with a curling iron or flat iron.
  • Mist curls and waves with shine spray for a finished, polished look.

Take advantage of the contrast by showing off the shortest and longest sections.

Maintenance Tips for Undercut Styles

To keep your shaved sides looking fresh between barbershop visits:

  • Exfoliate and moisturize scalp thoroughly when washing hair.
  • Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner for lengthier top hair.
  • Re-buzz the shaved sides yourself weekly to prevent a grown out look.
  • Use a finishing balm or moisturizer on buzzed portions to prevent irritation.
  • Protect longer hair from heat damage and breakage when heat styling.
  • Visibly check for even blending between long and short sections.
  • Schedule a shape up every 2-3 weeks for clean outlines.

Proper at-home care makes a big difference in maintaining your cut.

Things to Discuss with Your Stylist

To get the shaved sides style you want, discuss these details with your hairstylist:

  • How short you want the shaved portions: buzzed, taper faded, or bald?
  • If designing any shapes, lines or patterns into the sides.
  • How much length to leave on top – short, medium or long?
  • If you want an all-over one length or longer layers on top.
  • If any portion should be dyed or treated with color.
  • Which side to part hair to and if an asymmetric style.
  • Your preferred edge finish: natural hairline or crisp outlines.
  • How often you are willing to come for maintenance.

Communicating your vision clearly will result in the perfect cut.

Inspiration for Shaved Side Black Hairstyles 2024

Need visual inspiration for rocking the shaved side look? Consider these chic ideas:


Buzz artistic swoops, zigzags or angles into one side for added flair.


Color the buzzed portion a vibrant contrasting hue like platinum, red or purple.

Curly Faux Hawk

Rock a curly fauxhawk with tight coils on top and shave the back and sides cleanly.

Geometric Lines

Shave diagonal stripes or lightning bolts into one side for impact.

Edgy Asymmetry

Completely shave one side while leaving the other long and swept over for dramatic styling.

Now it’s time to embrace your bold side and try shaved sides yourself!


shaved sides black hairstyles 2024 of your hair while leaving length on top creates a modern, edgy style perfect for black hair. The high-contrast look makes a dramatic fashion statement and lets you express your creativity.

When considering an undercut, decide how short you want to go on the sides and if incorporating any colorful designs. Proper styling is key, using products to accentuate the longest layers. Maintain your cut by re-buzzing sides weekly and getting regular shape ups.

With the right barber and products, shaved sides can take your black hairstyle to the next level. Embrace this chance to show off your personal flair with a short sides, long top cut.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaved Sides Black Hairstyles 2024

How do you shaved sides black hairstyles 2024 yourself?

To shave the sides of black hair yourself at home:

  • Invest in quality clippers with multiple guard length options
  • Drape a towel around shoulders to catch excess hair
  • Start with the longest guard, buzzing downward sections until even
  • Go shorter gradually, using tighter guards until reaching desired closeness
  • Use the zero guard or no guard for a bald side effect
  • Clean and edge hairline for sharp definition

How often should you get a taper fade touched up?

To keep your taper faded sides looking fresh, schedule a touch-up every 2-3 weeks. This ensures any new growth is buzzed away for clean definition before it becomes too noticeable. Crisp outlines also start blurring after 3 weeks. Regular maintenance is key!

What is the best way to cut curly hair short on the sides?

For cutting very curly hair short on the sides, use clippers with guards to taper sides gradually shorter moving down from the part line. Cut in sections working outwards. Go slowly and check progress often to prevent removing too much density. Leave some weight so curls don’t become too tight. Ask your stylist for a taper fade specifically for curly texture.

Should you cut curly hair wet or dry?

For the most accurate cut, curly hair should be trimmed dry. Curls spring up and change shape as they dry, so cutting dry avoids unevenness from uneven shrinkage. If cutting wet, allow hair to air dry fully first to check the length while contracted. Refine and shape the cut as needed once completely dry.

How do you style very short sides with longer curly hair on top?

  • Define curls on top with curl cream. Finger coil tighter spirals.
  • Let curls air dry or gently diffuse dry for volume.
  • Use lighter products like foams to avoid weighing down roots.
  • Pull top hair up tall to exaggerate height against short sides.
  • Mist curls with shine spray for a finished look.
  • Keep sides cleanly outlined.

What is the best hair product for laying down edges with shaved sides black hairstyles 2024?

The best products for slicking down edges alongside shaved sides are pomades or waxes that offer control without flaking. Look for water or cream-based pomades labeled as “curl defining” or “edge control.” Apply only to the hairline and smooth back for clean polish. Brands like Carol’s Daughter and Mane Choice make great options.

How do you grow out shaved sides without it looking awkward?

  • Get sides trimmed every 3 weeks to gradually taper them longer
  • Use black castor oil to moisturize and support new growth
  • Style longer top hair over sides to disguise grow out stage
  • Pin backs sides or incorporate headbands while growing out
  • Cut sides all one length as hair covers ears to avoid mullet effect
  • Wait 6 months minimum before attempting to grow out an undercut

Should I get a taper or low fade with shaved sides?

For women considering shaved sides, a taper fade generally looks best. It creates subtle shadowing as hair gradually decreases in length moving down the sides and nape. A low fade starts too abruptly and may overly expose the scalp. Ask your barber for a “women’s taper” to get the right effect.

What lengths blend best when fading sides?

For the smoothest, most flattering fade effect:

  • Start with at least 3-4 inches on top
  • Taper down to 1 inch above the ear
  • Buzz to 1/2 inch at the temple
  • Fade down to 1/4 inch at the nape of neck

Gradually decreasing length in this way creates a softer, shadowed fade ideal for black women’s hair.

How long does a shape up last for black hair?

For black hair types, the crisp hairlines and details created with a shape up typically last 2-3 weeks before blurring. How quickly a shape up grows out depends on your individual hair growth rate. Those with coarser or curlier hair that is prone to shrinkage may require shaping every 2 weeks to maintain clean lines. Schedule regular shape up appointments as needed.

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