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Short Dreadlocks Styles for Ladies in 2023

Short Dreadlocks Styles for Ladies in 2023 for Ladies are emerging as one of the most on-trend natural hairstyles for 2023. Far from the long, bohemian dreads of the past, today’s cropped locked looks offer playful edge and feminine beauty perfect for modern women everywhere.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about achieving sleek and chic short loc’d styles along with tips for care, maintenance, accessories, and more! Let’s dive in to the hottest short dread styles dominating 2023.

An Introduction to short dreadlocks styles for ladies 2023

Dreadlocks of all lengths allow women to fully embrace their beautiful natural texture. Short locked styles offer versatility for both formal and casual occasions with minimal hassle.

Benefits of short dreadlocks include:

  • Quicker loc’ing time than longer locks
  • Lightweight, requiring less maintenance
  • Increased volume and movement
  • Fun styling potential for updos
  • Professionalism for work environments
  • Express individuality and personal flair

With the right techniques, ladies with short locs exude approachable edge no matter where life takes them.

Most Flattering Lengths For Short short dreadlocks styles for ladies 2023

While individual preferences vary, here are some of the best lengths to consider for short dreadlock styles:

  • Ear-length bobs: Fun and flirty grazing the shoulders, perfect to show off statement earrings
  • Shoulder-length: Versatile classic length, easily worn up or down
  • Collarbone length: Low-maintenance length between chin and shoulders
  • Above chin length: Edgy, boyish crop loc vibe
  • Temple fringe: Face-framing baby locs around hairline for peekaboo personality

Determine which length best suits your face shape, personality, and lifestyle needs. Remember, you can always trim locks over time into different lengths as desired!

Hottest short dreadlocks styles for ladies 2023

Ready to join the short loc revolution? Here are the trending styles you’ll see everywhere in the coming year:

Textured Crop Loc Bob

Channeling funky punk edge, chopped asymmetric bobs hitting around jawline length gain extra sass when locked. Keep parted fringe dreads shorter to graze brows for peekaboo playfulness.

Tousled Shoulder-Length Coils

Effortless bedroom texture resonates in medium-length coils hitting just below shoulders. Embrace shrinkage for bouncy movement and loosely define slope shape using sea salt spray.

Temple Undercut Pixie

Amp up the attitude by combining a cropped curly pixie cut with shaved sides/undercut and mini locked fringe at the temples. This unexpectedly feminine locked style packs a punch!

Nape-length neck tickler locsSuper short baby dreads grazing nape neck area make a subtle statement.
Earlobe lengthFun flirty bobs hitting at earlobes keep lightness lifted all day.
Curly chin length locksBouncy ramen noodle dreads framing the face beautifully.

Defined Corkscrews

Embrace springy ringlets and tight micro-coils by defining separated strands into fat spirals. Enhance definition with twisting gels on the regular.

Textured Crop Locs

Cropped cuts with stacked short dreads give off edgy distinction. Finger coil ends define while keeping roots slightly imperfect.

The options are truly limitless for individualizing a signature short loc’d look. Have fun playing with textures, colors and embellishments!

Accessorizing Short Dreadlocks

The beauty of short locs allows full creative styling potential with fun accessories. Here are some ideas to try:

Vibrant Hair Jewels

Gold beads, cuffs and chains woven into individual strands add luxe icy flair. Accent face-framing pieces or cluster jewels artistically throughout the underlayers of locks.

Crisscrossed Headbands

Crisscrossing thin elastic bands underneath sections of locks pulls back excess hair elegantly while showing off facials features beautifully.

Patterned Fabric Wraps

Wrap colorful silky scarves or patterned fabrics around the base of locs to cover rubber bands or knots for a perfectly polished bohemian vibe.

Statement Barrettes

Decorate slicked back temples or side parts with dazzling pearl or gemstone barrettes for special occasions. Rhinestone clips also shine.

Metallic Claw Clips

Textured updos instantly turn edgy secured by outsized gold, rose gold or silver claw clips. Show off artistry by incorporating braids and defined coils pinned up in contrast.

Don’t be afraid to turn up your personal style volume by embellishing short dreadlocks! Playful accessories keep looks fresh while encouraging creativity and confidence.

Caring For Short Locs

While shorter dreadlocks require less intensive maintenance than extremely long ones, keeping locks thriving still takes some care and technique:

Regular WashingShampoo every 7-10 days max to prevent dirt buildup and residue.
Moisture InfusionHydrating leave-in conditioners and oils prevent drying.
Gentle HandlingAvoid overly tight styling and aggressive friction which leads to breakage.
formatted correctlyTrim every 8-12 weeks to curtail split ends before they travel up loc’d strands.

Additionally, embracing protective low-manipulation styling truly optimizes short loc retention and growth over time.


Short dreadlock styles allow ladies to embody effortless cool factor while appreciating versatile styling and low maintenance benefits. Debunking myths about professionalism, cropped locs suitable for any environment blossom as a huge trend for 2023 and beyond.

Have fun playing with flirty shoulder-grazing coils, edgy angled bobs, defined corkscrews and other exciting locked-in ideas covered here as inspiration. Express your beauty and confidence through ever-evolving shortened locked-in looks embracing your glorious natural texture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Dreadlock Styles for Ladies

How long does the locing process take for short hair?

Depending on your hair type, short locks hitting shoulder length can form completely in as little as 4-6 months with the right techniques. Super short pixie length dread can loc in just 8-12 weeks! Patience through the initial fuzziness pays off.

How often should you wash short loc’d hair?

Aim to shampoo short dreadlocks once every 7-10 days. Less washing preserves beneficial oils but waiting longer risks buildup. Apple cider vinegar rinses help restore balance too. When working out more, an extra midweek conditioning co-wash clears sweat.

Should you combine products when styling short dreadlocks?

Yes! Layering different leave-in formulas maximizes benefits by blending hydration, hold, and definition. For example, distribute a protein-infused leave-in cream first on damp dreads, then follow with an activating gel containing hold. Finish with oil for sealing.

What’s better for starting short dreadlocks: twisting or backcombing?

Overall, hand twisting proves gentler and leads to neater sections. However, backcombing works well for thicker, courser hair types struggling to loc using just palms. Many find success first backcombing new growth roots between retwists for added speed. Do what works best for your strands!

How often should you get short dreads retwisted professionally?

Plan to visit locticians for maintenance every 4-8 weeks depending on your retwist skill level. New starter dreads require more frequent palm-rolling. Once mature and trained, some retwist their short locks themselves in between, stretching to 6-8 weeks between pro tightenings.

Should you combine shampoos and rinses when washing short locs?

Yes, absolutely! Pre-shampoo with apple cider vinegar rinses to clarify buildup, prevent drying and restore pH balance to strands and scalp. Then lather up with a moisturizing dread-safe shampoo. Finally, skip conditioning cream rinses and seal in moisture using oils only to avoid residue.

How often should you trim short dreadlocks for optimal health?

Plan to dust clip trims removing just 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 inch every 10-12 weeks maximum. Consistent tiny trims prevent splits traveling up the loc shaft while retaining every inch of coveted length possible as your locs blossom. Resist overtrimming just for neatness.

What’s the best way to achieve defined coils and curls on short dreadlocks?

After washing, evenly apply a curl defining cream containing hold along the length of each loc. Then gently wrap longer wispy ends around fingers into spring shapes, pinning horizontally with clips until fully dry. Finish by carefully separating to avoid frizz.

Should you cover short dreadlocks at night?

Yes! Protecting loc’d strands overnight preserves moisture and avoids tangles. Ideal methods include silk/satin bonnets, scarf wrappings, or satin pillowcases. If locs feel dry despite covering, amp up hydrating treatments. Also, loosely pineapple shorter locks on top of head using a scrunchie.

What are the best products for styling and defining short dreadlocks?

The top products for styling short locs include defining gels with hold like Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Camille Rose Curl Maker, twist and coil enhancing butters such as Shea Moisture’s, and finishing oils like Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla hair perfume to seal everything in place with shine.

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