Baddie Natural Hairstyles 2023

Unleashing Your Inner Baddie: Hottest Natural Hairstyles for an Edgy, Confident Look

baddie natural hairstyles is taking over in a major way, with influencers and celebrities embracing this edgy aesthetic everywhere. Naturalistas can definitely channel sexy baddie attitude through strategic hairstyling too.

By playing with volume, lengths, accessories, and textures, natural hair can achieve the sleek yet bold glam baddie look effortlessly. Let’s discover the trendiest natural hairstyles to unlock inner confidence.

The Baddie Hair Aesthetic

Before jumping into specific natural style ideas, let’s define some key aspects of that striking baddie hair vibe:

Big, Voluminous Roots

Lifts, flips, and bombshell height at the crown create drama and allure. For naturals, focus teasing and tension towards the roots.

Sleek, Defined Sections

Embrace your beautiful natural partings and texture by accentuating sections with defined coils, braids, and sculpted polish.

Skin-Framing Baby Hairs

Strategic wispy pieces left out around the forehead and nape nape enhance femininity.

High-Gloss Finishes

Sealing styles with edge control gel gives off high-fashion sheen that dazzles.

Hottest Baddie Natural Hairstyles to Try

Ready to explore options? Here are the top styles and techniques for naturalistas to nail that coveted baddie glam look:

Voluminous Fro Hawks

Tease natural curls skyward into a faux mohawk shape, embracing width and height. Focus height at the crest by smoothing perimeter pieces tightly back.

Goddess Locs

Jumbo, waist-grazing faux locs with gold cuffs interwoven emit regal edge and attitude. Bonus baddie points for pulling the crown into an ariana-style half pony.

Textured Bantu Knot Out

Chunky, imperfect texture makes a statement. Twist hair damp into loose bantu knots first, then gently pull apart into beach waves once dry.

Braided Faux Bangs

Cornrows swept straight back into a braided halo creates the illusion of voluminous hair perfect for sexy flips. Curved side bangs softened with leave-out baby hairs balance this retro yet modern style.

Jumbo Passion TwistsExtra long jumbo twists initiate intrigue with an element of playful edge.
Defined Coil Sculpted UpdoPulling defined ringlets into a low swirling side bun shows off gorgeous bone structure.
Half-Up Knotted TendrilsPretty wispy spirals frame the face while volume gets swept ceremoniously atop the crown for balance.

Slicked Back Ponies

Comb coils tightly back with control paste or gel for fiercely feminine flair. Wrap longer ponytails into buns to accentuate height.

Curly Asymmetric Bobs

A sharp angled shape with curls encourages massively sultry appeal. Show off neck and clavicles beautifully.

Must-Have Baddie Natural Hair Products

Achieving and preserving flawlessly styled baddie hair requires using the right products for slick finishing and fibers that truly last.

Curl Defining Gels

  • EcoStyler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel
  • Camille Rose Curl Maker
  • Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Gel

Volume-Boosting Mousses

  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Volume Mousse
  • Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

Writing and Holding Gels

  • Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie Styler
  • The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam

Caring for Baddie Style Between Looks

Preserve your flawless baddie styles longer by caring for hair properly between styling sessions. Be gentle brushing and handling delicate edges. Wrapping hair overnight maintains volume and slick finishes.

Seeking regular trims every 8 weeks discourages damage and split ends from compromising looks. Also avoid overwashing, which strips hair’s protective oils.


Unleashing one’s inner baddie through hairstyling reveals confident, gorgeous energy every naturalista possesses inside. By embracing voluminous lifts, glossy finishes, and dramatic shapes, natural hair textures translate perfectly to achieve this magazine-worthy aesthetic.

Review our favorite picked styles here for inspiration on YOUR signature baddie look. Have fun exploring edgy hair ideas that channel ambition and fierce feminine beauty uniquely suited to your personality. Go ahead and claim bold baddie status — you already are one!

Frequently Asked Questions About Baddie Natural Hairstyles

How long does baddie style hold for natural hair?

With the right finishing products, baddie hairstyles can maintain their flawless perfection for 3-5 days between washes when well-preserved. Using silk wraps and bonnets to protect hair overnight prevents frizz and disruption to your style.

What if my natural hair texture limits my options for baddie hair?

All hair types and textures offer baddie potential! Those lacking natural volume can tease roots or use hair inserts to achieve lift. Use defining creams to intensify coils or heat to smooth strands into sleeker silhouettes. Discuss wig options for protective relief too.

Why use gel on natural hair attempting baddie styles? Doesn’t gel cause more frizz?

When used correctly, gel provides necessary grip and control to slick down flyaways and sculpt natural texture into smooth polished shapes suiting baddie allure. Avoid gels with alcohols/fragrances, and focus application only to sections needing hold instead of all over.

How long does achieving baddie hairstyles take for busy naturals?

Baddie style lies opposite quick-and-simple. Expect the initial sculpting process each new day to take 45-90+ minutes styling, drying, and finishing for perfection. Get touch up products to refresh between full styling instead of starting totally from scratch daily. Extend looks by covering hair nightly.

What’s the best way to lift roots without damaging natural hair?

Gentle teasing boosts crown height perfectly to complement longer lengths without ripping delicate strands. Use picks to carefully lift roots up in desired direction before smoothing perimeter pieces tightly around lifted sections.

Should baddie naturals avoid trimming hair to maximize length?

No way! Consistent dusting trims every 8-10 weeks are crucial for discouraging split ends from sabotaging your luscious lengths achieving baddie superiority. Removing just 1⁄4 inch keeps hair healthy for retaining maxi length goals long-term.

How often should baddie naturals deep condition their hair?

1-2 times per week, apply intensive overnight masques under heat caps to ensure hair stays restored, elasticized, and highly moisturized despite demanding styling and treatments. Focus moisture efforts on oldest, most porous mid-length strands at risk for dryness or breakage.

What causes baddie hairstyles on natural hair to lose their hold quickly?

Humidity introduction is the number one culprit for disrupting baddie perfection! Ensure finishers like gels and mousses applied contain anti-humidity ingredients and humectants that retain moisture balance in hair. Refresh slick-backs with finishing spray as needed.

Should baddie naturals avoid hot tools to limit heat damage?

Not necessarily – heat styling helps polish and set sculpted silhouettes essential to baddie artistry and polish. Instead, install heat protectants pre-styling, adjust hot tools to lower settings, and incorporate regular reparative treatments like Olaplex to ensure health.

What’s better for beginner baddie naturals – wigs, weaves, or permanent protective styles?

For those still perfecting their approach, removable wig or weave styles offer the most flexibility to achieve baddie body and art while safeguarding natural hair as you advance your skillset. Ensure proper prep, installation and removal to prevent damage.

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