Gorgeous Natural Hair Side Shaved Styles 2024

Natural hair side shaved are edgy, modern hairstyles for black women embracing their beautiful textures. Featuring a closely cropped side undercut with voluminous curls on top, these daring cuts make a stylish statement.

What is a natural hair side shaved?

A side shaved style involves:

  • Shaving one side of the head very short
  • Leaving longer hair on the top and opposite side
  • Creating dramatic asymmetry and contrast
  • Showcasing gorgeous natural curls and coils

This bold look ranges from subtle and sleek to extreme and punk. The side shave allows textures like 3c-4c curls to take center stage.

Benefits of natural hair side shaved

There are many advantages to these edgy cuts:

Lightness and Cooling

Cropping the underlayer reduces bulk and allows airflow to the scalp.

Body and Volume

Curls and coils become bouncier with less weight.

Low Maintenance

Shorter sides mean less styling time required.

Modern Style

The side shave creates an urban, hip look.

Fun Self-Expression

This cut allows you to play with unconventional styles.

Styling natural hair side shaved

There are endless styling options for your look:

Side Partings

Part hair deep on the side with longer hair to accent the asymmetry.

Defining Curls

Let curls spring free or define them with gels and moisturizers.

Creative Parts

Make geometric parts and shapes by sectioning hair.

Added Color

Dye the longer coils a fun color for an extra punk edge.

Fade Lengths

Graduate the shave from longer to shorter for subtler contrast.

Natural Hair Side Shave StylesDescription
Deep side partPart longer side for asymmetry
Free curlsLet curls spring natural
Defined curlsDefine with gel and moisture
Geometric partsCreative zig-zag parts
Added colorDye long coils a fun color
Subtle fadeTapered fade from long to short
Extreme fadeDye long coils are a fun color

Headband Styling

Make your side shave pop by accenting it with:

  • Patterned head wrap
  • Chainmail headpiece
  • Studded leather headband
  • Boldly printed fabric headband
  • Geometric plastic headpiece

Accessorizing the Look

  • Hoop or statement earrings
  • Nose ring
  • Bold cuff bracelet
  • Choker necklace
  • Dark lipstick colors

Maintaining Your natural hair side shaved at Home

  • Use clippers to shave sides weekly
  • Fade length with clipper guards
  • Apply oil or foam before shaving
  • Use a steady hand or ask a friend for help
  • Visit your stylist if grow-out needs reshaping

Inspiration for natural hair side shaved

  • Subtle side fade with loose 3b curls on top
  • Angled side shave with defined 4c coils piled into top knot
  • Extreme buzzed side with asymmetric slicked-back ponytail
  • Nape undercut with round afro shape on top
  • Bleached buzzed side with green long braided coils


natural hair side shaved offer a gorgeous way for black women to express their individuality through unconventional cuts. Removing density in the underlayer allows magnificent curls and coils to take center stage. This edgy look makes a dramatic style statement, while still retaining versatility through customizable shave lengths, creative parts, and fun styling options. Embrace your beautiful texture with these modern cuts!

FAQ About natural hair side shaved

What hair types can wear natural hair side shaved?

Side shaves are stunning on 3b-4c curl patterns and tight coils. They allow the texture to shine.

How short is the shaved area cut?

This varies depending on personal preference. Cropped with a #2 guard is common. Some go shorter with a #1 or bald shave.

How often should you shave/trim the side undercut?

Plan to maintain the shaved area weekly. Use clippers to trim the side regrowth before it becomes unruly.

Is this style suitable for professional settings?

It depends on the workplace. More subtle side fades can look professional when hair is styled neatly.

What face shapes do natural hair side shaved best complement?

Oval and heart-shaped faces tend to be most flattered. Rounder faces may be overwhelmed with such dramatic asymmetry.

Do you have to have natural hair to wear side shaves?

No, side shaves can work with natural, relaxed, or wig/weave textures. The cropped side reduces bulk and showcases the hair beautifully.

Should your makeup be edgy and bold too?

Not necessarily – though you can certainly rock a punk style if desired! Many women keep their makeup and clothing refined for high contrast.

How can you grow out a side shave gracefully?

Either commit to fully growing it out or gradually fade the line of demarcation for a subtle grow-out.

What aftercare is required for natural hair side shaved styles?

Gently cleanse the shaved area and apply a moisturizer or oil 1-2 times per week to prevent drying and irritation.

How long does a side shave style last?

Natural hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. Most side shaves remain sharp-looking for 6-8 weeks before requiring reshaping.

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